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Found 50 results

  1. Hey everyone! For the first time Toronto, Canada is going to have a Truck Trial race . This is my WIP topic for my entry - a 6x6 truck based on the Praga trial truck, as seen below: The goals for this model are as follows: Performance prioritized over looks - a bulkier or uglier design that is more robust will be favoured over a cleaner design. The primary goal is the best possible offroad performance Highly robust transmission and steering - I want to make sure that none of the mechanical functions are going to fail under pressure 6x6 drive with diff locks on all 3 axles 2-speed gearbox Winch My plan for this MOC is to reuse many of my successful design ideas from my most recent Unimog U5000, but with a couple of key improvements: Reusable ideas Robust transmission setup - by gearing down the transmission close to the wheels, pressure is reduced on sensitive components such as universal joints and differentials Gearbox - the gearbox design, based on @Sariel's heavy-duty gearbox idea, was very reliable Pneumatic diff lock mechanism - this was also working very well Features needing improvement Steered hub robustness- the steering hubs on the Unimog were too weak Steering strength - the small linear actuator used for steering turned out to be too weak under the weight of the finished model, as @nerdsforprez originally anticipated (if only I had listened ) The first decision I have to make is how to power the model. Although I was happy with the power output of 2 XL motors with BuWizz on the Unimog, this MOC will be even heavier, so I can either gear the motors down further or power it with 4 XL motors and 2 BuWizz (which is the more fun but more expensive option). I also have to decide how I am going to build the robust front axle I want. I'm leaning towards using the LEGO Unimog portal axle hubs. Despite their poor turning radius, they are probably going to be more robust than any custom portal axle I could possibly build, but if anyone disagrees I would love to hear your arguments . As for the steering mechanism itself, I am thinking of either using a large linear actuator, although it will be difficult to fit in the limited space without limiting turning radius, or alternatively, a large rack and pinion with a worm gear setup. I am leaning towards the latter, but this will be a bit more tedious due to the extra gearing to reduce the speed and the fact that I would like to add a clutch mechanism of some kind so as not to break any components. Here is some WIP for the front axle: I am looking to make this my best trial truck yet, so all comments are welcome and appreciated! I'm looking at you @Zerobricks, you said there was room for improvement on the Unimog and you could give me some advice on my next MOC , so please feel free to do so!
  2. Hey everyone! After almost a year and a half of working on it whenever I had time, my model of a Unimog U5000 truck is finally complete. It has the following functions: 4x4 Drive with 2 PF XL motors Steering with PF M motor and linear actuator Remote diff locks, front and back, using pneumatic actuators Remote 2-speed high-torque gearbox BuWizz power More photos on my BrickSafe: The whole idea of this model was to build a truck that could both travel at a fairly fast speed as well as work very well offroad, which meant it needed a gearbox. It also meant it needed differential locks so that turns could be taken smoothly at high speed with diffs unlocked, and offroad terrain could be tackled better with diffs locked. The main goal of this model was to create a drive train that wouldn't allow any gear slippage or breaking even under tension in low gear. My solution for this was to use @Sariel's heavy-duty gearbox (, as well as the new differentials from the 43109 Top Gear car. However even those differentials can't take as much torque as I wanted to put on them, and neither can the universal joints leading to the axles. For this reason, I decided to speed up the transmission before reaching the universal joints and differentials to reduce torque, then slow it back down afterwards between the diffs and the wheels. This would cause a bit of power loss to friction due to the increased number of gears, but it would reduce the torque on the sensitive components and allow me to send more total torque to the wheels. The result is that the 2 powerful XL motors are sped up 5.01 times or 1.8 times (in high and low gear respectively) before reaching the diffs and universal joints, and then slowed down 11.67 times at the wheels. Therefore the final gear ratios in low and high gear are as follows: High gear - 2.33 : 1 Low gear - 6.5 : 1 The result is that the drivetrain is indestructible and never breaks even when run with a BuWizz on ludicrous mode and the wheels come to a standstill. The most complicated part of this build was fitting all of the functionality in the front axle - linear actuator steering placed close to the pivot to increase the range of motion, lots of gear reduction, portal axles, and a differential locking mechanism. Although the result is quite good in my opinion - thanks @Zerobricks for the custom portals - the final construction wasn't as sturdy as I would have liked, and this was the main issue with the final model. The steering has less power than I would have liked with the small actuator, and the custom portal axles bend outwards under pressure when steering over rugged terrain. Overall however I'm quite satisfied with the final result Thanks also to @functionalTechnic for the advice, and to everyone else who contributed to the WIP thread: Enjoy! - Teo
  3. Hey Eurobricks Technic enthusiasts! After being asked recently if I would enter my latest MOC in a race, it occurred to me that it would be pretty cool if we could have trial truck races here in Toronto, Canada as they have in parts of Europe, like Sariel and his crew in Poland. @2GodBDGlory and I are both based around Toronto, and we decided to try to organize possibly the first Toronto-based trial truck MOC race, so we're calling on all builders in the area to see how many people we can bring together! Everybody is welcome, and any information anyone has that could help us out is welcome as well
  4. Hi, I hesitated if I even should post this MOC here since it is so simple but at the end here I am. I created this truck mostly to have some fun outdoors. It has minimal amount of features and its main goal is to drive over not so pleasant terrain, like sand, mud, snow and even quite deep water. And I can do that without fears, that drivetrain will jamm, gears will skip, motors will get wet and at the end I won't have desire to clean all this mess up. I also very like the closing mechanism of "differentials" covers. It is simple, effective, works like a charm and has satisfying click when closing. This Truck is also testing ground for a couple of solutions I wanted to try out, like drive shafts connected to the axles at the angle, steering controlled by rod or way of suspension for both front and rear axles. Nevertheless please enjoy the video, use the instruction and check some details below if you want to know more. Instructions: Some details and main functions: dimensions LxWxH: 37,5x13x15cm weight: 1132g 6x6 drive (3xPF L motors) steering (PF servo) suspension on all axles completely secure bottom of the truck with panels easy access to all "differentials" via openable covers Couple of highlights why this truck can be fun to build and to play with: Drivetrain - it is very solid, so you won't hear skipping gears, if wheels aren't spinning, then you either broke some part or stalled motors. It is also super easy to use different gear ratio or different number (1/2/3), type (M/L/XL) or even technology of motors (PF/C+). What is more, removing all electronics takes only couple of minutes and truck is ready to taking the shower to clean all evidence of you off-road madness Construction - it is very rigid and solid, you can lift it up by almost any part of the frame and body Off-Road Design - all gears are protected so you don't have to be afraid that they will jamm due to sand, mud, snow, stones etc. And even if something get inside "differentials", it is super easy to open covers and clean this up. Last but definitely not the least - ability to drive through deep water - UP TO 8CM! It over half of the height of the truck. 8cm of water and your electronics is still safe. Internals of the truck: P.S. I know it is rather ugly, but it brings fun! :)
  5. I had not built something mine since a long time and I started again with hard things. These are tatra axles with ackerman steering and perfect geometry, I achieved this because the two drive axles do not match the steering parts but the price I have to pay is unestable wheels and having to put the transmission up. I always had used only one drive axle but these wheels allow me more distance between them so I am trying. The red gears are for the transmission, it has rubber suspensions but it is only a tatra WIP so everything can change and I already have seen things to improve. The rear axles are very easy to do so I let them for the end. My others Tatras was smallers but the steering system was similar so being bigger this one I think it will work too or not here it is the fun .
  6. First and foremost this is not my MOC. As promised in his thread, I finally found the time to build @PTNYC’s Rocket Crawler. Now, I don’t call it the Rocket Crawler, and made some modifications (discussed below), but other than these this is his build. Also, I am creating a new thread for this and other builds as I am also building his Chili Crawler. I did this years ago, and I loved it. One of the more fun Lego models to drive out there. HOwever, I took it apart; so I had to rebuild it with minimal changes. Original video can be seen on my YT video. I plan on doing more videos with these two beasts and some comparisons. At this point, I do not know which, the Rocket or the Chili crawler will be superior. The Rocket has 2x the power, but also tons more weight as well (need to get an official weight). It will be interesting to pit them against eachother. My money is on the Rocket, with a longer wheelbase and likely (unconfirmed) better power-to-weight ratio. But as for now, here is my version of PunkNYC’s Rocket Crawler. I call it the Bully Crawler. This thing really is a beast. Really the only differences I made were to the body/appearance, the tires and hubs, and added planetary gear system inside the tire hubs. Final gear ratio is 3:1 x 4:1 = .0833. If we take information from philohome then the final RPM output for each axle would be approximately 31 (unloaded). ANother reason for this new post is that I wanted to share a few principles of rock crawling for Lego. I know these principles from personal experience with the sport. Not with Lego or RC Crawlers, but with rock crawling in side-by-side vehicles. One is the advantage of having good, strong steering. In crawling, it is often necessary to begin at one angle, only to turn against that angle while locking your brakes so that your tires bend into the rock as you turn. This can cause immense pressure and an exceptional power steering system is needed. In the video I am posting this can be demonstrating when at the top of the “hill” (minute 2:26) I am steering one direction that is about to steer me off the hill, but then I stop, (vehicle is locked so it doesn’t roll backwards) and then turn the other direction. Because the vehicle is locked in place and I am bending the tire against the obstacle I am creating something like a “pinch” technique. Not only am I increasing traction as I increase the tire’s surface area over the rock but I actually am pinching the obstacle against the front and back tires (because they are staying in place). I tried to climb the obstacle in question multiple times without this method and I could not make it. Using this method however the crawler was able to overcome it handily. Another principle, at least in Lego crawlers with no brakes, is to have the drivetrain so heavily down-geared that it is near impossible to turn motors from the tires. This serves as brakes for going down hairy slopes. If one is not cautious about going down, with a good crawler the greater impediment may very well be going down a mountain rather than going up! In minute 3:58 of this video one can see how well this is demonstrated. If the gearing did not stop the vehicle, even though I was giving no power, it would have easily tumbled down my little “hill”. In another video I did years ago with my modified Chili Crawler I had an incident where this was even better represented. My Crawler was going down a slope (minute 2:36), and one tire even became airborne, but because of the intense resistance in the drivetrain when power was cut off it stopped dead in its tracks, stopping what would have easily been a failed attempt at de-escalating that obstacle. Here are the two videos. Enjoy!
  7. Howdy folks! Now this one has been a very fun build for me, as I never attempted to build a vehicle inspired by the Mad Max movie series, although I always wanted to. This was also a hell of an opportunity to use many of the odd parts that you simply cannot put on a normal vehicle, so I am thrilled to present to you, the frightening Gator Mayhem! As you can see, it's and odd blend between and alligator and a trial truck, thus it has 2 animal-specific functions (biting and hitting with the tail), 2 car-specific functions (driving and steering) and of course, 2 tank-specific functions (rotating and firing the turret). What I can tell you is that my two boys just love to play with it, shoot minifigures and eat them all, so I suppose my goal was reached. Functions-wise, I think it's pretty packed, as I managed to squeeze 6 motorized functions, a working V24 fake engine (two connected V12, placed diagonally), working steering wheel and fully openable doors, so you can exit the truck in a flash. This MOC took around 3 weeks to build, almost every day for 2-3 hours, so I can assure you that my dedication has grown a lot, but my wife's patience also reached a new level Technical specs & functions: - 4x4 Drive (XL motor) - Steering (L motor) - Open/close gator mouth (M motor) - Swipe gator tail left/right (M motor) - Rotating turret (M motor) - Firing the turret (M motor) - Turret capacity: 5 missiles - controlled by: 2 BuWizz bricks - a functional V24 fake engine - working steering wheel - openable doors - Length: 72 cm - Width: 30 cm - Height: 30 cm - Weight: 2.8 kg Official YouTube video, made for the [TC17] competition: First batch of photos I took in my kitchen/studio, enjoy the show! Second batch of photos were taken outside, in the most post-apocalyptic environment I could find nearby: As usual, for more detailed photos and many others, please check my Flickr album, below: Cheers and best of luck to all competitors!
  8. I have a small question to ask yourself: do you know sites that sell lego technic metal gears? I've had enough need since my Tatra truck has already broken two in half .. the problem is that I do not notice when they break because it happens suddenly. I realize after several minutes that lacks a gear since my truck is powerful enough to continue to advance with little difficulty. I hope that has not already been made ​​any discussion of this topic.
  9. Hi! A few weeks ago I started doing some prototypes on a tracked trial vehicle. It will probably have 2 long tracks with pins in them, skid steering using 2 L or XL motors and one BB. Goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, have a bodywork wich looks kinda like a ripsaw(not EV2), be able to climb some not really steep hills and descend them as well, float on/over the snow. Acheived goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, I will come back with some photos of a smaller prototype to get the idea.
  10. Hello! I have built yet another mini trial truck, this time I tried to replicate the Russian Gaz 66 off road truck: To use the model team tires I had to make it very compact, and as a result I had to use a chain to transfer power to the driveshaft, which I do not like. I used leaf springs (flex axles) in my live axles, which both makes it very compact and gives it tons of suspension flex. 4x4 - M motor Steering - M motor Leaf spring live axles Video:
  11. Good day. This is a trial truck using 1 XL motor for drive, 1 M motor for steering and powered by BuWizz. The drive is powered through a worm gear to 8t gear, creating a powerful 1:8 reduction. It uses model team wheels , they don't have the best perfomance, but it is good enough. For the bodywork I was inspired by ГАЗ-66 (gaz-66), although it isn't an exact copy. Both doors can be opened, the seats and steering wheel are adjustable LDD model available here: download
  12. 4 years since my last tatra and a few months since I don´t build for myself so I started with something simple, a 4x4 tatra. My goals are simple, fun, easy to build and robust. The steering in tatras is the funny part to do because is almost impossible to make it perfect, mine it was... but with inverted ackerman steering , I can do three things to solve it, leave it this way because it will work, turn the steering but the chassis will be less simple or use the steering I used in my old tatras. The suspension uses rubber bricks and I don´t know yet what motor I will use and neither the look, tatra dakar or t815?.
  13. Presenting the 8258-B Crawler, Designed and built as an entry for the 'Crawlify your set' contest [AMS1] I'm a huge fan of b-models in general, but the 8258-B has always been one of my favourites due to great looks and an easy to modify. Or so I thought... In the end, I reckon about 85% of the chassis has been custom built. There are two L motors situated just below the cabin. One powers the front axle, one powers the rear. Both axles have differentials because, being independently powered, loss of traction is a lot less likely and it saves my poor pieces from becoming mangled. Because the 8258-B is rather small (read: narrow) I had a lot of trouble designing a front axle that could house a servo motor without limiting the range of suspension travel. Eventually I gave up and ended up modifying this axle to accommodate a differential (well deserved credit to the amazing @Madoca 1977). However with that said, I have made sure the bodywork stays almost 100% true to the original. The only alteration I had to made was to the rear wheelarches to make room for the balloon tyres: Original wheelarch Modified wheelarch: Also, the front winch kept scraping on obstacles I was trying to climb over so I switched this out for a bullbar, however the two are easily interchangeable. Anyways, here's a video of this thing in action. As always, please let me know what you think. Whether it's praise, criticism or telling me off for building ANOTHER red and black model (I have other colours, I swear!!), I'd love to hear it. More images can be found in this bricksafe folder. Enjoy =)
  14. I got this idea a while ago, when I first got Sbricks. Why not make modular, expendable system of axles and chassis pieces in order to create a system for offroad truck construction. Here is what I sketched up in LDD. First we have a basic axle. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, independet suspension and steering with servo Because we need a minimum of 2 axles, I designed a double chassis holder with two battery boxes: If we combine 2 axles with the double battery holder, we get the most basic configuration, a 4x4x4: In order to expand on the system I designed a single battery chassis extension: Finally we can combine the three basic modules into a 6x6x6: Or even a 10x10x10: In theory there is no limit how far you can go, but I think anything over 12x12 might cause too much strain on the chassis. Important details: - Axles are designed for Claas wheels, which are not in LDD, hence the wheels above may look small - Each axle can use any kind of a combiantion of number of springs and hardnesses for best flexibility and weight support - Each axle is meant to also house and S brick, which allows you fine steering angle control in order to support any kind of configuration or steering mode (only front, only rear, all wheel steering, crab mode) - For now this is still a concept, so I will relase the LDD file once I build, test and polish the concept
  15. Hello Community Today i started a BIG Project. I´ll try to build it as near as possible to the original. Thanks to IVECO they show the details of this truck on their Webpage. (I found it only in german) Functions planned: AWD Pendular Suspension It has leafsprings in real life. I know leafsprings are possible. But not in my scale i believe... But i´ll try When i can´t reaplicate them i will use springs instead 3. Because my last big project failed because of the weight (and broken universal Joints ) i will build in only 1 BB, 2XL, 1 Servo Tires: I think these tires look great and fit the tireprofile realy well. Wheelhubs: I made some heavyduty Wheelhubs for my truck. LXF Updates coming soon. Improvements, Suggestions and Critic are welcome!
  16. Hello Guys :) Being working on a MAN GTS 6x6 Truck. Here´s the LDD Im having a few Problems with the last axle tho. It is powered through the 2nd axle. I think it will be very weak. Do you guys have some Solutions how the last axle can be as powerful as the 2nd? Without doing big Upgrades on that what i have done till now?
  17. Hi everybody! Today I present to you my first experience of construction Trial Truck! During this year I was looking for your ideal 4x4 chassis. And in the end I came to this building. In the final, which turned this freak on 4 wheels medium size range (80-82 mm). The main idea of ​​this project was the task of the displacement of the center of gravity down and forward is not at the expense of detail, as well as the compulsory use of the portal gears on both axes for high permeability and stability of large CG. The power installation in the form of two twin L motors located in the rear axle, where through the reduction gear torque is distributed to the axle gears back and forth, and then the rotation of spreads on all wheels through a gantry gearboxes. This arrangement limits the transverse rear axle moves up one degree of freedom. Yes, the rear wheels are posted on the obstacles, but discomfort on the track it does not deliver. Servo motor for steering is mounted on the front axle, which also lowers the CG and the sprung mass model. Power - LiPo, management - Sbrick. Number of pieces - 875 pieces Weight - 950 grams More photos you can find on my flickr and blog
  18. Hi all! Some days ago, there was a little talk about an international Truck Trial race in Zblj's topic. So, the competition happened, it was a great time, to meet each other again (most of us were in the first international TT meeting, in Keszthely, 2011). It was a bit of special event. The idea came from Mihai Dreve (Braker23 here), He planned a trip to Hungary, and asked us about a TT race. Then Zblj joined us, and became an international event with 3 countries: Romania, Slovenia, Hungary. I'll be advertise here, if there will be another international TT meeting, organized by us (Hungarian Lego Truck Trial Club / Malug). This was the third international Truck Trial themed meeting in Hungary, in 7th of May, 2016. The location was the edge of Budapest, the Harmashatarhegy. It's our usual and most used place for TT, has many advantage, like large area, large variety of terrain, hills, stones, logs, etc. Generally, our TT club is mostly private, it's a closed discussion (rules, location, day) usually, and we only publicize the advertisement (with final rules, etc.) of the race. We know about the possible participants, they are in the discussion. Luckily, Agrof, and Lipko could also join us, so this event became a little Eurobricks meeting, too. Special thanks to Agrof for the awesome first prize! Can be seen at 18:21 in the video below. Thank you, Peter! I put every important information, moments, good photos, shots, trucks, builders, results, and as many fun, as I found - in this video: Watch in 1080p, with fullscreen: Hope you will enjoy the video. More pictures, galleries will arrive soon, I'll put them here. I made another version of the video, with the original sounds, if someone needs, ask me in pm, and I'll send the dropbox link. Comments, questions always welcomed.
  19. I need help making a mini 6X6 trial truck, most of it is done but I need help on the front steering. I need one with drive and perpendicular suspension with no springs.
  20. First ... Thanks to Majkl Spejkl for inspiration and sharing the photos of his instructions "INFERNO" prototypes... I present based on the "INFERNO" the HULK - Stronger - Wide - Greener ..... As the name suggests .... Features: - driven by 2 XL motors - steering of a M motor - V6 fake Engine - MajklSpajkl's fantastic Technic to compensate for the axes in the terrain.... :thumbup: :thumbup: All images you see here: http://www.technic-d...e=24&album=1736 Here's the video for HULK: The Original:
  21. Hello! I recently ordered some new tires from bricklink and wanted to make a truck to test them. I originally wanted to do a Man Kat1, but decided to do something smaller, so I tried to replicate a MAZ 535: The real one has independent suspension (mine has live axles), so it is not very accurate, also the wheelbase is about 1 stud too long between the 1st and 2nd axles. This truck features: 4 live axles with "leaf springs" 8wd with an L motor 4 wheel steering with an M motor The steering is a little sloppy (2nd axle) but it's still very enjoyable to drive. I love these tires, they are super grippy and have a deep tread, much better for offroad than the newer ones:
  22. After building the Gaz 66 truck, I went for a slightly longer truck, an 8x8. I tried to replicate the Finnish military truck Sisu E11T just because the wheelbase is long enough, the bodywork is definitely not very accurate though. The length of the u-joints would make it very hard to make it shorter with this design. Axles 1 and 2 are pretty much the same as the front axle of the Gaz, but this one uses 4 19L flex axles for leaf springs, because 8 shorter flex axles would not fit. Features 8wd with 1 L motor 4 wheel steering with an M motor 4 leaf sprung live axles Video: Suspension test: LDD file:
  23. Hi! This is a new chassis I have built, it features: 8 wheel drive by an XL motor 4 wheel steering by an M motor 4 live axles I willl put a winch on it still (any other ideas?). The performance of this thing impressed me a little, because I have only seen 8x8s with 2 XLs or more, so I wasn't sure if it would have enough power. The body will be of the russian Kamaz 6450 truck. I will make an LDD file of this too.
  24. My newest project is inspired by the American King of the Hammers style of off road racing. It is not strictly crawling and is also not strictly desert racing a la the Baja 1000. The vehicles need to be dual purpose. They need to crawl over some pretty unpleasant obstacles and also go all out on open terrain. You can even overtake other competitors during the race. I think this style of Lego vehicle can combine all that has been learned about trial truck and crawlers and combine them. I was most inspired by the appearance of the vehicle at the 1:40 mark in the following video. My KOH truck has the following -2 RC buggy motors -2 V2 IR receivers -2 LiPo rechargeable batteries -2 speed transmission from Sariel -Front and Rear Differential Locks from Sariel -Auto valve inspired from TechnicBricks w/ onboard compressor -RC4WD Rock Crusher H/T 1.9 tires -Triangulated four links front and rear -telescoping drive shafts -9:1 axles -PF Med steering 5:1 with 8t on rack and Ackerman geometry I am currently mulling over Sariel's newer servo actuated three speed transmission. Initial tests showed that two RC Buggy motors had no trouble back driving the servo and so now I need to figure out how to overcome this shortcoming. The two speeds in the current transmission are not that far apart and with its weight the low gear was not low enough on some obstacles. These problems ought to be corrected by the update to a three speed, but it will take some more work to get there. I tried this transmission but the space between low and high was too great without a middle gear to bridge the spread. I am not sold on the benefit versus cost analysis of the locking axles as opposed to axles that contain a spool. I ended up compromising myself and breaking a cardinal rule of not altering parts. The front axle has a 2.5 stud axle and a 3.5 stud axle in it to achieve the track width I wanted. This could be alleviated if I had gone to a 2 stud wider front axle, but I didn't want to change the proportions that much. I don't have many other relevant pictures yet, but I will provide what people ask for. Comments, Questions, Concerns, or any advice is greatly appreciated. v/r Andy