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Found 15 results

  1. "How's it looking back there, boy?" The captain asked as he looked at his little rumstained blueprints. "Oh this is strong!" "The castle?" the young man asked. "No! The rum!" the captain replied. And it was. He had heard Emile Perrault's rum was good, but this far exceeded his expectations. "But now that you mention it, how does it hold up?" "It's almost done," the trooper answered. "Just need to finish packing this bit down... and... there! She is finished!" "It looks just like the plans!" the captain shouted, a tad drunkenly. "Want some rum, boys? Is the little waterfall working? WAIT! Should we add rum to it?" "Let's just let it be..."
  2. *Your entry has earned 20 XP* Some crazy old wizard in the sand
  3. The Maestro

    Oasis Retreat

    After being forced out of his home by the Kaliphlin Civil War Badr the Botanist fled the capital, and took refuge by an oasis, the perfect place to continue his work. He lived a lonely life, but he was at peace. That is until a messenger from his former university stumbled upon his simple abode. Finally he builds for Kaliphlin! Fist official build of the year, I built this in early February, but only got round to posting it now because of school (and trying to stretch out my builds to make it look like I post regularly. A new sub-genre for me and I thought it was about time I branched out. Also two things have arrived in the mail (a while back now but till of great importance). a) Kingdom Come: Deliverance, look it up if you haven't heard of it. It has become my number 1 game and if you love anything medieval, you should consider this game. I mean it doesn't only look amazing, but the game play is great as well. b) I finally used up my CBC prize and got some Brickwarriors stuff, which has given me some much needed inspiration. I don't love using custom stuff, but when trying to make stuff realistic, its kinda a must have. C&C needed and hope you enjoy :)
  4. Just passing time with LDD and I somehow created a Blacktron III shadow speeder. (I think it was inspired by the Snow and Sand Speeder sets, such as 75204) The wings on the rear were exchanged for more menacing Batman ones, and the colors of the fold-opening windscreens changed to trans-yellow. The ship is 100% build-able, and would feature a printed 2 x 2 curved slope with the "B" from this online store called Brick Builder's Pro The rear of the ship features the engines and invisibility device cooling fins. Both canopies open up to place figures inside. The needed figures would be the Rench alien figure's suit from SP3, with the new Nexo Knights heads from this year's energy Vampire baddies and the helmet from Series 10 Paintball player CMF. Any thoughts on this idea?
  5. soccerkid6

    MOC: Evening at the Beach

    Another build for ABS Round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. This build started off with the hot rod, and I then decided it needed a bit of setting and sand seemed like a good choice. After that, a sand castle seemed an obvious choice for an extra use of the seed part. And the car does roll smoothly. More on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  6. Vaionaut

    [MOC] Helmfire III

    Hi, here's a small starfighter I built some months ago. There are nearly all sand blue pices I own used. Don't know how I came to the idea of the two helmets, but I think they give it a special touch :) Hope you like it ;) Helmfire III by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  7. Mr Greeble

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Hi all, I've recently made some of the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road. Thought I'd post this one. I used a reference picture from production shots, but modified some things. Reference is here. Comments and criticism welcome.
  8. LittleJohn

    Trekking Across the Desert

    I've had this built for a while now, but keep forgetting to post it. Aymeri and his men trek across the desert back to Katoren. C&C welcome
  9. Seeking Out Ancient Allies Battle of the Deep Sands (WZ5:I10) For the Desert King! Charged with seeking out some of the Desert King's ancient allies, Nimue and Dark travel to the heart of the Dune Sea to the den of the great Manticore, where he has been slumbering for several hundred years. Nimueh: "I was assured he is fiercely loyal to the ancient king and would not eat us... Let us hope he wakes from his lengthy rest in a good mood." A renewed alliance with the Manticore would ensure the region's fealty to the Desert King, and lend a powerful friend to fight in the battles to come. With this in mind, Nimueh and Dark approach the beast's lair. The whole build: Thanks for having a look All comments/critiques are always appreciated. Oh, and for the next warzone I'd pick E12...
  10. Aymeri and his men take back the supplies, that were stolen by the Ulandian advance guards: Figless: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  11. The one on the left hails from the town of Mediellan in the center of the White Dune Sea, near Onu-Koro. This matoran staunchly defends his hometown from violent rahi under the Makuta's influence. His name is Naiit. The other, Lelan, is a rug merchant in the iron and adobe landscape of the shoreside city of Dondo. Comments? Criticisms? I welcome all!
  12. soccerkid6

    Imperial Barracks

    [pid][/pid] 244A This is my first build in the Pirate theme. It was a lot of fun to build and I plan to do lots more Pirate builds. The barracks has a full interior, and the doors can open. The Imperial Barracks sits on a corner of the Imperial Fort. Any C&C appreciated.
  13. The Dune Sea Heading north on our journey from the waterlogged marshes in the Akhenaten delta, where the Qar-Akhen river meets the Southern Ocean, the landscape quickly turns arid. Here we find the Dune Sea, with its great sand dunes stretching for leagues. In some places among the dunes there are sources of water so the area is not completely uninhabited, but the ever-shifting sands mean that the settlements usually have to be abandoned when they are swallowed by the dunes. One such settlement in the western part of the Dune Sea is depicted in the postcard below. The beauty of the landscape is usually enough to attract the occasional tourist. A less known highlight is that the sand dunes also offers great possibilities to ride wooden boards down the slopes, something that the local people have used as a means of transportation for hundreds of years. While maybe not as fast as skiing down the slopes of the Rakath Mountains, this offers southern Kaliphlin’s best opportunities for the speed enthusiast! Another painting of just the ruins and sand dune: Previous stops on the tour of Kaliphlin: Day 1 - The Withered Woods Day 2 - The Jungles of Gorr Day 3 - The Lone Mountain Day 4 - The Qar-Akhen Marshes
  14. potnoodlelover

    Never look back

    Never look back (Syndicate Sponsorship Contest Entry) by NOISY~BOY, on Flickr I havent posted on here in a while, so here's another FP for yall. Enjoy.