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  1. @1gor Tyre are for tatra suspension system great, because are not flat. Working on Volvo. But i didn't think that will take so long this project.. @MajklSpajkl I will probably add some axles maybe 10x10x4 configurations but first need more bricks for axles. There I will change the gear ratio. Hubs for now work okay. When I finished testing I washed them well with running water. I starting modified to the road version. different angle of suspensions and other tires.
  2. When I got Off Road Buggy set (42124) in my hand and saw new tyres I instantly get idea for new creation. I must make new Tatra truck. The only question it was if would be the 815 model or the new Phoenix. Then I remembered that I made my first version of Tatra Phoenix model 10 years ago and now it is the time to fix the problems of that model... This is my new model of legendary Czech brand of trucks Tatra. The model Phoenix is in trial truck version. This is full RC with Buwizz 2.0 brick and 2 Buwizz motor for drive. These motors make the vehicle very powerful (watch the video). Also the new tires give it good features and appearance. Specifications:-Full independent suspension (front axle hard springs, rear axle soft spring)-Modular desing (chassis, cab, superstructure)-Detailed interior-The door can be opend-The superstructure is not only for the design but also serves to protect the cab from tipping over 360 degree view Instructions are also available:
  3. @trekman I tried to make some system (with gears) to lift, but silo is to heavy. Large LA will be great for this. @Ngoc Nguyen You make my day
  4. Thanks to all. My first question is been what can i make from new part? I had few diffrent ideas but in the end this was the best. Also parts list wasn't the best. Set have so manj diffrent colures and that was also little challenge to put this in right places.
  5. I present to you mine new alternate model for 42112 Concrete Mixer Truck set->silo transport truck. The creation consists of a trailer truck and a silo. Silos can be loaded onto the trailer via the mechanism. "Concrete" bricks can be load in silos and unload with silo door. Truck have the same fifth wheel as Mack Anthem (42078) set. So you can attach trailer from that set and also other trailer in that scale. Functions:-HOG-Steering, -workable 4-cylinder inline engine, -adjusting the angle of the rearview mirrors,-locking mechanism of fifth wheel, -trailer landing legs, -stabilization legs for unloading, -silo decomposition mechanism,-silo door can be opening and closing. Instructions are available:
  6. Thank you all! @Zerobricks Yes like a mini unimog for narrow streets.
  7. Hello I present to you my new creation. Small multi-purpose vehicle. Inspired by Hako Multicar vehicles. The vehicle is designed so that different upgrades can be installed on it. In winter you can plow the roads with it, in summer you mow the lawn or install a crane on it. The cabin can be raised and below it is a »fake« 4 inline engine. For difficult terrain, you can lock the center differential with the lever from the cab. On the front, it has a panel for connect attachments. Functions: - steering all 4 wheels - full suspensions with solid axle - Differential lock: first and last axle-full lock no differential, middle-switchable with a lever from the cab - raising and lowering the front panel for attachments -working »fake« 4 inline engine -cabin raise -rear view mirror adjustment -cabin detach The chassis itself is not very interesting, I started making three different connectors. Container transport module. Simple and stable installation on 4 points. For more stability it has two more support legs on the back for unloading / loading. The container is unloaded by operating two large linear actuator. The bodywork itself stands with the help of the foot even when not on the vehicle. Functions: - raising and lowering the stabilization legs - raising and lowering the container by two large linear actuator - the container can be disconnected Crane module. Big crane for small truck. Behind the cab you can mount crane with which you can lift various loads. Crane has two articulated parts and one extension. Two support legs provide greater stability at work. Functions: - Raising and lowering the stabilization legs - Crane operation - Work basket with tilt adjustment option Snow module. What would a Multicar vehicle be without a snow plow? Double snow plow which has the function of adjusting any angle of the plow. The double plate can be changed to one or act as a separate one. It now has a salt and sand spreader installed. This rotates as the vehicle moves.Functions:-plow angle adjustment-raising and lowering the plow-spreader operation More photos you can find here I also made instructions
  8. I made little modification of front mask and added v8 motor instead straight 4.
  9. If it's collision then you must do something wrong. For help you can use these pictures.
  10. New version on instruction in on. I'm also dropped the price of instruction. @amorti I returned the purchase price to you. Steering work vell as you can se on video. It took me quite some time to get it done. The first axis acts on the torsions system of axle and the last rear on axis bending. But you can’t expect the same as with a spring suspensions systems. If i make a mistake in the instructions does not mean that the car is bad.
  11. I apologize for the inconvenience. I made a mistake in the instructions not in model. Insted of middle two 6632 parts must be one 4142822 part. I strictly created these model separately of other bricks. I apologize again and I will refund you and thank you for the warning!
  12. 25. Trophy Truck Made only from Corvette ZR1 (42093) bricks. Functions:-Hands of god steering -Full suspensions-independet front suspension with positive caster in front axle and solid axle in rear. -Detachable body -You can open car hood
  13. I present to you mine new creation B model of 42093 set and creations for TC18 Contest-Trophy Truck. This car is made only from Corvette ZR1 bricks. It's been a challenge for me to make it full suspensions car without any springs. But i think i did well. Size 30x15x12 I'm also wanted to make a roll of cage but I had no more right parts. Functions: -Hands of god steering -Full suspensions-independet front suspension with positive caster in front axle and solid axle in rear. -Detachable body -You can open car hood I also made instructions:
  14. I present to you mine new creation. Pneumatic version of Palfinger crane. Model PK 37.002 TEC7. Crane have 2 pneumatic cylinders V2 2x11. Other functions: -Crane rotation -Two boom extension -Two stabilizer -Extension stabilizer supports -Ready to mount on vehicle. -Crane Outreach is 50cm. The stabilizer can be removed. I'm also made instructions: