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  1. I present my new creation mini spider crane. Small model with working functions. Instructions: More pictures:
  2. @Yevhen Because I'm make short chassis truck and heavy model crane (similar to the model Palfinger PK92002). Something like that:
  3. Thanks all! @efferman Thanks for the warning. I'm mesure model few weaks ago and I'm obvious confused number. Right scale is 1:15. Wheels are little smaller than orginal model. Measures are (in mm): length 500, width 165, height (cab) 210.
  4. Hello After long time I present my new creation Scania XT truck with Palfinger crane in scale 1:15. I start this project almost 2 years ago. Truck is remote controlled by PS4 controller (2 Sbricks). RC functions: -PF Servo motor-steering, -PF XL Motor- drive, -PF L Motor-Gearbox and middle differential lock/unlock, -PF L Motor- Crane rotacion or middle outrigger leg, -2x PF M Motor-Crane And many other manual functions. Crane lenght 70cm. Modular build. Each segment work independently. Crane and chassis need only batterybox. In cabin are no PF elements. More pics: For now is no building instructions. Sticker are custom made.
  5. blaz62

    How your building style has changed

    In 2011 form this: To this:
  6. Hello everyone Today I will show you my new creation, security camera. This is a little different creation. It is build from 99% Lego bricks. Only non Lego part are phone (Sony Xperia S), camera (Sony HDR AZ-1) and batteries. Camera is powered by 2 M motor, one for rotation and one for tilt. Phone and camera are connected via Wi-Fi. VIDEO:
  7. blaz62

    [MOC] MAN TGX tractor truck with crane

    Amazing design, look like real! Sticker also made detail on new level. Are print on normal print paper?
  8. blaz62

    [MOC] Soda machine

    I will but curently have only 2 pumps. I'm build many version of pumps and I think this is the best. Is not the smallest but is fast. In this verson pump is stationary and only piston move up and down. Crank make from rotation to linear. Now fill 1dcl glass betwen 10 and 20sec.
  9. Hello everyone Today I will show you my new creation, soda maschine. Maschine you can fill up to 3 diffrent drinks. Working system is very simple. High presure from compresor fill bottle and the only way out is hose to glass. Only non-Lego parts are hose and bottle (and soda ).
  10. blaz62

    [MOC] American fire truck

    Thanks! I made tank by myself with empty chocolate box (ferrero rocher). On the top I'm drill hole and gluded bottle cap. For water and air I'm drill two more hole. In one on top is connected pump. This push compresed air into tank. Air push water into another hose which is on the bottom to canon. Canon have maximum range almost 1m. For longer range I should use few more mini technic pump and that will be make higher presure. On this truck I'm use 2. @Richard Dower Yea truck in not the fastest, but in so small scall I couldn't make faster. Water is heavy and if I make faster gear ratio truck wouldn't drive so well. Here are some pictures:
  11. After a long time since I started make water pump for fire truck I finished this project. Water tank in only non-Lego parts (and hode and batteriy ) Truck have 4 PF motors. One XL motor is for driver, servo motor is for steering, L motor is for pump (2 pneumatic pump) and M motor have 2 functions. First is canon rotation and second is winch. Between these two functions you must switched manually. And one under the "hood".
  12. blaz62

    [PORSCHE] 930 Turbo

    Thanks! Here is full video of model. For contest is been max length 1 min.
  13. blaz62

    [PORSCHE] 930 Turbo

    Thanks, this means me a lot! @Sylvian Yea i try to make copy of orginal suspensions, but car is to narrow and so I could not insert differential betwen.
  14. blaz62

    [PORSCHE] 930 Turbo

    Thanks KamalMYafi I try difrent tings but none of them are works.
  15. Hey I present my creation for contest. I made 930 model or 911 turbo in scale 1:12. Model have full suspensions, 4 speed gearbox with lever betwen fornt seats, steering wheel with 2,5 turn radius. Video: Better quality pictures: I chose orange colur by random and don't have any connection with porshe set. And i don't have this set (this parts i'm buy separatly form bricklink and some are form unimog set).