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Found 7 results

  1. After finally getting the 8081 Extreme Cruiser and enjoying the build, i just had to make it remote controlled. There's so much space in this chassis! And small offroaders are always a win (Unfortunately i neither have a good camera nor a nice photo-studio, so the pictures aren't that nice.) Everything fits nearly seamless, except for my horrendous cable management: (original on the left, MOD on the right) For propulsion i used two L-Motors geared 25:28 to the wheels, steering is done by a servo. As i built this mod from my own parts, i didn't use the original Technic Gear Rack 1 x 2 with Ball Joints. The result is a convoluted mess with far to much slack. But it works well enough to drive over other peoples feet Here's the belly shot: The servo is located above the L-Motors. To insert my steering solution, i had to ditch the original fake V4. The Battery Box fits perfectly in the boot. And replacing it doesn't take more than opening the boot lid. to take it out. (It's positioned on short axles) And finally i remodelled the front a bit, closing some gaps and installing glowing lights In the end i'm really glad, that i searched for this model even though it's relatively old. It's a nice build, a good parts pack, very modable and still nice to look at. @moderators: i started this thread because no such topic existed and i didn't knew in which of the other 8081 topics i should put my post. Feel free to move/merge it.
  2. Touc4nx's corp is proud to present you the remastered edition of 8081. This remastered edition include a totally new suspension setup, made of one rear live axle and independent front suspension with negative's caster angle. The springs orientation were kept as close as the original one. It means that the front spring ar mounted almost horizontally. The bodywork was modernized and has now a smoother look. Doors and trunk are openable. And the steering wheel is working. And Touc4nx's corp is glad to show you their last advertising :
  3. Greetings, i want to introduce my MOD of official set 8081, made for @Thirdwigg's and @rm8's fan contest. Warning, pictoral heavy post ahead. We all know about bug hit in SUV market - Daytona Extreme Cruiser - city suv with v-4 under hhe hood, stylish body and good offroad perfomance, while being rwd only. We heard that new generatiopn is under development now. Soon maybe we see spy photos of prototypes on their test drive... But lets look back, in the past, to see what lies in roots of Extreme Cruiser. What allowed Daytona automobiles to test new ideas and engeneering soutions... Meet the Daytona Omnis R2 It was produced in early 80-es in small quanities and today it become a rare classic. Underrated, but classic. View from all sides: As it sucsessor, it features openable hood, doors and trunk Under the hood supercharged v-4 engine could be found. Also unique front suspension can be seen too. Rear suspension is regular live axle. Car have spartan interior which aside of front seats has also small rear bench, making car 2+2 seats formula Lets look on Omnis from below You can see vehicle's 2+N synchronized transmission and suspension, which has long travel and soft shock absorbers, ensuring comfort and smooth ride even on off-road. Examples of suspension travel Hope that you enjoyed our little demonstration. LXF file with model - Daytona Omnis R2.lxf?dl=0 Really hoping to see your comments and suggestions on my mod.
  4. 8081 Extreme Cruiser & PF Modification PF Mod Ever wanted to see the Extreme Cruise be taken to the EXTREME. Then watch this Extreme Cruiser as it goes over the roughest terrain. Edit: Edited the video due to loud intro music
  5. Don't MOC too much, but found I have set eligible for TC5 contest. So gave it a try. Here is what I came up with on a first try - Rat Rod. No specific copy, just basic similarities. Functions: 1. independent fron suspension 2. drag type rear suspension 3. steering controlled from driver place 4. working powerful V8 inline 4-cylinder fake engine, connected to rear wheels 5. openable suicide type doors Still, quite a lot of (good) spare parts left, but I'm tight on some very basic pins.
  6. MrTekneex

    [TC5] Beach Buggy

    Hi everybody! For this great contest I've think to create a C-Model from set 8081 8081 Extreme Cruiser: a beach buggy. Pics coming soon.
  7. Extreme cruiser S / GT spec My another modification of one of my favourites technic sets 8081, which I do recommend to every technic car-building beginner;) Real 4WD i have already made. You can watch it here Now it is time for make it low! Get low! Lets begin with S spec version EXTREME CRUISER S (sport) This is a street-legal version with RWD and civil tires 62.2x20. In comparison with original 8081 set it differs by: modified and lowered front independent suspension rear suspension live axle type, like on the 9398 crawler with torque tube and two stabilizing links. Live axle is normal for ford mustang, so it is not so wild, like it can seems. I think this type of suspension is most optimal and compact. Thanks for torque tube, TLG. shock absorbers was substituted to yellow hard version (from 8070). Front receives two independent absorbers instead of one soft. sport exhaust pipe with doubled mufflers sport aerodynamic bumpers with air intake holes. Side skirts also appeared. new front grill with. Number plate is disappeared. Such cars usually can be seen from the back;) spoiler on the third door street-legal tyres 62,2х20 Ground clearance is normal for city using. Ok, say "goodbuy" to this piece of .... It was developed for grandmas:)))) Moving to next version "GT spec". EXTREME CRUISER GT (gran turismo) As you can understand this version is more angrier than S, for real muchos, that know what GT means:) This model is mainly for track days, but of course, you can go for pancakes on it. it differs from S spec by next things: suspension is lowered 1 stid, at the same time its amplitude was decreased. It is really hard, my camera feel sick after driving on it. It can be more harder if you replace shock absorbers by 6L liftarms. widered wheel arches and side skirts (Wide-body), red line on bumpers; sport low profile tyres with wide wheels; larger spoiler for speeds 250+! GT still can be used as everyday car, cause drivers seat is here. No, you cant place your mama at passenger seat. Car also includes dashboard with turbine pressure indicator;) all doors are still openable. Sorry for many photos, but i like it. Ok lets move to serious things. Kids can go sleep, cause nothing interesting comes next. Front suspension Rear suspension: And this GT is with suspension from S spec with increased clearance. For "perfect" russian roads;) Evolution of 8081 *-foto from Kostya Bazdirev's review. Best 8081 review in my mind ОБЗОР Do you think it will stand on shelve? No way. Buggy motor is waiting to burn some rubber. IR v2 receiver, LiPo battery help them at this fun deal. Of course, servo will help us to prevent car wall crash at first 2 seconds of play;) Ok, those who no sleeping yet, my family video: Forget to say: no drift today. But second Buggy motor is waiting. dont forget about 4wd There is nothing new in this model, but it is fun and fast. I was bored reading 25 pages about coming sets. So relax:) and feel free to comment