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Found 6 results

  1. mechamike

    MOC: Archer Friends Army

    To meet the increased military threat from Fabuland, and with the situation in Lego City escalating quickly, Heartlake City has decided to purchase the Archer artillery system to increase the defence capability of the Friends Army forces. "Nothing smells victory like burning white phosphorus stuck on the plastic of the enemy" -General Emma Archer the next-generation self-propelled gun, with barell exended to shell out peace and democracy. The "heart" of the system is a fully automated 115mm/L52 gun howitzer and a remote M151 Protector controlled weapon station (for any close encounters #metoo). All mounted on a modified 6x6 chassis of the Volvoo A30D, all-terrain articualated hauler painted in your favourite colour, The hauler features big rear mirrors for those pesky parallel parking situations when you need to stop quick for a ice cold strawberry vanilla sparkle milkshake. (Warning: Burning cities in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.) Archer with friends, A reloading vehicle to extend the fun and a M1 Abrams for company..
  2. Inspired by official lego model 8264 Hauler with enhanced functions: * Openable hood with fake 3-piston engine (driven by front wheels) * Independent rear swinging suspension * Articulated chasis with big and small turntables in the centre - HOG controls turning, tilting of the model copies surface it runs on * Bigger manually operable dump bed with automatic closing back side via string * white bodywork, black cabin, gray dump bed There is no motor and battery box (as in original model), I wanted to have all functions operated manually, it gave me place to create exhaust system behind the cabin Except parts from 42043 set, you would need at least 30cm string 74 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) details and instructions: more pictures: Model sturdyness tested by 3 years old child :)
  3. 3 years ago I've decided that I'm getting tired of building medium-scale trucks and want to try something larger. Here's the result: Truck: Dimensions: 98 studs long / 29 studs wide / 43 studs tall Weight: 5.7 kg Motors: 14 Functions: drive with 2 PF XL motors on two rear axles a 4-speed sequential remotely-controlled transmission connected with a gear stick in the cabin, which moves as the transmission shifts front wheels steered using a virtual pivots steering system so that they can fit under realistically-sized mudguards fake engine with a rotating chain belt and 2 rubber belts, driven by the propulsion motors bypassing the transmission steering wheel rotating as the front wheels are steered left and right cabin doors independently opened by motors left and right sear independently adjusted forward/backward by motors remotely locked/unlocked fifth wheel openable sleeper with interior and interior lighting fake microwave with internal lighting and rotating turntable in the sleeper (yes, seriously) lighting kit by Brickstuff with 38 LEDs, featuring remotely-controlled turn signals, emergency lights, and automated reversing lights Trailer: Dimensions: 132 studs long / 30 studs wide / 22 studs tall Weight: 3.07 kg Motors: 3 Functions: remotely-controlled heavy-duty flip toe ramps remotely-controlled parking outriggers lever-operated winch LED beacon by Brickstuff Special thanks go to Brickstuff for all the lighting, Chrome Block City for beautifully chromed and engraved pieces, and Seven Studs for the awesome "Angry Hamster" hood ornament. Thank you guys! Photos and detailed description:
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to present you my new creation, the Volvo A25d 4x4 remote controlled. The functions and characteristics are: -4x4 drivetrain powered by one XL motor; -Steering is achieved with a medium motor and one small linear actuator; -Tipper bed controlled by pneumatic and compressor by another medium motor; -Full articullated and big ground clearance. I am very happy with the way I found for the mechanism regarding the tipper bed in which it is only required one motor to operate simultaneously and synchronously the compressor and the pneumatic switch. Since there is a differential between the two, when the motor starts, the power goes to the easier side which is the pneumatic switch. When the switch reaches its end, then the power goes to the compressor. The same is true the other way around. This mechanism is realy helpfull when trying to reach dificult and/or distant places from the battery box because you have the advantage of the lenght of the pneumatic tubes. The link to all the images is here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558887 Meanwhile, I am editing a short video to show you these functions. I hope you like it.
  5. marceriusLV


    This is my first RC MOC. Built for small event in May 2014. Specs: 4x4 3 differentials Drive - XL motor Steering - M motor Pneumatic suspension on both axles Autovalve + compressor - M motor Dumping - M motor PF lights Work in progress: Design of the rear part was rushed, so there was room for improvements. Rear pneumatic suspension worked bad. Thanks to TGBDZ for helping with bodywork and dump bed. And for fun you can check it in action in 2 part video Part 1 Part 2 More pictures here
  6. I started to make a standard 6-axle European truck, and crossed the 200 part limit before it was 1/4 finished So I started again, in a way smaller scale, and this is the result: The features are fairly simple: -Articulated steering from the gear on the roof -Articulation around the x-axis between the cabin and the rear -Rear axles suspension -Dumpable bed (mini LA) by turning the exhaust on the front High resolution pictures available in the %20contest%20Eurobricks"]Bricksafe folder I haven't decided if this will be my entry in the competition yet, but it might if I don't get around to building something else