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  1. This is the new model of my hubless bike, I have changed the driving hub with the gears system. This model was created as I found out that the part#78442 - Gear Rack 6x6 Curved has the same diameter as the part #77107. The steering also got slanted mounting point, the structure for the steering system also getting more sturdy. Turning angle is a bit big due to the limited movement of the fork. The overall design was inspired by the shape of a Ranchu (gold fish) What do you think ?
  2. Thank you. Nice build, red also looks great.
  3. I have modified the steering structure in order to adopt the 'return to center' feature of the PU L motor, it has a lot of consideration to make this happened with the small size. I also build a display turntable to show the model, I'm planning to make the instructions later.
  4. Thank you. Video added. I have modified the steering structure, now it can use the 'return to center' feature of the PU L motor. Please check the video.
  5. I 'paint' the render model in other color :
  6. Thank you. It will be a problem to position the IR module when you built with power functions, maybe it can be place in top of the front bonnet. The other option is using a buWizz. Video & instruction will be available soon.
  7. Your final model is very nice. I agree with you, the small size car model is very interesting & challenging to built. I hope the part#71708 & 80286 will be available in more color in the future, this will help a lot to create a good looking model. Currently only the white one is the only one that have complete parts that very useful for creating a small model.
  8. Thank you. Thank you. Some of the new part are not available in dark azure, so I try to replaced it with medium blue. The only complete color available is white as you can see in the second picture.(build with Stud.io) Thank you. I will try to make a short video later.
  9. The steering can not auto return to center due to the use of the clutch gear and control by the PU remote controller, but it gives a very small turning radius of 30cm. I have tried to use the 24T gear before I replaced it with the clutch gear, it can not stand the torque from the driving motor since it has been gear down to 3:1.
  10. Thank you for your interest of my model. You can find more picture by hovering to the right/left side of the picture & click the arrow to see the next picture in the album of my Flickr. Thank you. Thank you.
  11. This is my first attempt to build a small RC model car based on a real car. The model is powered by 2L PU motor & small PU hub. The turning radius is 30cm I try to matched the color as closed as possible with the dark azure for the parts in medium blue. The white one is the most complete parts available for the model. Please share your opinion & suggestion to improve this model. Thank you. Blogged by : https://thelegocarblog.com/.../boring-except-when-its-not/ Building instructions : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-107750/Legoku/toyota-corolla-se20-coupe-1970-1978/ This is the real build : This is the virtual build with Stud.io :
  12. Please try to use the Lithium one (energizer ultimate lithium), it gives more power to the hub.