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  1. 9 : 10 1 : 6 16 : 4 12 : 3 2 : 2 15 : 1
  2. Touc4nx

    BuWizz Small car competition

    I understand the idea, but that's a bit sad because it means that my votes won't be counted, even if I'm a contestant... But I understand the idea, to prevent some abuse.
  3. Touc4nx

    BuWizz Small car competition

    In the voting topic (this one), are we allowed to vote for ourselves or if we do that the vote won't be count ?
  4. Okay thanks @Marxpek @Anto I tried and it worked. I was just not holding long enough
  5. I tried but I wasn't able to move the joysticks because whenever I touch them it asks me if I want to delete this joystick. And as hard as I try it doesn't work... Maybe there is a special thing to do in order to move the controls ?
  6. Hello, I have an Issue with the Buwizz Application : When I try to use the "customize" option of the app, the different controls stacks together (as shown in video) I use an iPhone 5 SE under iOs 12.0.1 with last version of Buwizz application. If you have any ideas how to fix this please tell me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Touc4nx

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    I like how you managed to control all fonctions (except the gearbox) from the rear of the car.
  8. Touc4nx

    BuWizz Small car competition

    Here is my entry : Good luck to everybody.