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  1. They look pretty good (Definitely better than the white ones on this model) The white ones could be cool on some supercars though.
  2. After a lot of troubles to unbuild parts of the truck, I finally managed to add two air tanks. This was a real pain, because the trucks is strongly built in every directions. So getting access to the pneumatic tubes to reroute the pipe from the pump in the tanks was a real nightmare. If anyone is interested in this mod, I can give details on how to do it. And a quick upgrade : I've added a cheese slope in white, because the door had a hole there. And I modified the antennas from LBG to Metallic Silver.
  3. I think that there's always going to have some "problems". Yes front-paging the voting topic will make more votes, but as Jim said, these person will probably vote for the coolest looking one… even if that's not the point of the contest… I quite like this idea, this would allow to have entries that follow the rules more closely. Because in some cases, with two stage voting, a perfect entry according to the Jury might not end up in the top 10. And one last thing too, concerning the WIP topic, as many have said, some finished project appear a few day before the deadline. I feel that the presence of a WIP topic should be somehow mandatory. Because as I understand these contests, they are also here to make the forum live, so WIP threads allow for that. But on the other hand, a WIP can be frustrating, if there little to no answers on it. This might lead some people to think that their model isn't good, and they might give up on it…
  4. Congrats to everyone, this has been a very interesting contest. As I've already said, choosing the entries was really hard, this shows IMO the level of the presented MOCs. Even if I haven't scored a lot of points, I'm satisfied with my MOC. Moreover, this contest makes me want to do more studies remake (I might do a modern interpretation of the space shuttle one day)
  5. This top ten is full of very great entries. One thing I'm a little bit disappointed in is that the scale factor was not enough taken in account IMHO. Don't get me wrong, the space mega figure is a great mod, but I feel that It doesn't follow the "rules" of the contest. Again, I'm maybe nitpicking, but that's what I feel… (I have nothing against any MOCs, everyone did a great job )
  6. Wow I love the use of the shock absorber in addition to the pneumatic. This has so much function packed in. If I count right there is 5 servo motors in it ? And the switch to manual is just top notch.
  7. I just found this mod on Rebrickable : (Image from time-hh on rebrickable) This should allow to lock the bonnet only using spare parts. I don't have 42129, so I can't test, but this seems promising…
  8. The vote was effectively hard to make… I personally made a spreadsheet. I tried to value the close to original criteria the most. So an entry that isn't the same color as the original lost some points in my ranking. Same for scaled up models. While they are impressive and well executed, they don't imo totally follow the spirit of this contest. I've also looked if the model was not just a studies replacement of the studded version. Then, I've looked at the looks and the functionality. But for the vote I've mainly used the first criteria to decide. And concerning the voting system in general, I also think that only 6 entries are hard to choose from so many great ones. But I don't really have an idea on what to change to make it better…
  9. Well, that's one more empty shell… No 4WD in an "off-road" vehicle is a shame imo… (Or it's a Baja Truck, but this doesn't look like.) You can alway use a McPherson strut. But this requires a brick built wheel holder. Other than that, thanks for the review, even if there's not a lot to review
  10. I think that the new version isn't implemented yet… If you check rebrickable parts list, they use the old one. The only set using the "new" one is the zeros for now. But I think it's confusing, as the instructions clearly show the new version of the part…
  11. 37: 10 38: 6 27: 4 36: 3 19: 2 10: 1 That was really hard to choose only 6 entries. There is some really great MOCs in this contest. Good luck to everyone
  12. I noticed that too, it's on every picture on the box. My perfectionist side is screaming
  13. I'm curious to know how you managed that, from what I could see, it looked quite hard to make. If I understand correctly, you placed a manual and a motorized pump in the truck at the same time ? Overall your mod seems pretty great, I thought of using the space in the sleeper to fit a motor/ several motors, but this would be for a RC mod.
  14. Oh yeah, of course, a LBG one might even look better :)
  15. Maybe, where ? I'm not sure to understand of what part you think of…