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  1. Touc4nx

    [TC15] Red Baron

    Hello everybody, After a week off, I continued building the plane : I started to build a bit the edges : I also linked the elevators to the pilot place, and made a system that replace the elevator to the middle position: I added the first wings + comparison to the lego model: That's it for today, as soon as I have the time I will make a render for the updated mechanism.
  2. Touc4nx

    General Part Discussion

    Ok I didn't know, but I can't find where it should have been, even after looking at he instructions online
  3. Touc4nx

    General Part Discussion

    Hello, I had a question since I bought this set : What is this part ? Because I can't find it in my parts...
  4. It seems really nice, and quite compact. But there is no drive in it, however the implementation of the suspension in this design might be easier. Anyway it's a clever design, I will test it as soon as possible...
  5. I managed to put dive into the idea The axle that have the yellow gear is drive and the tan 28 tooth gear is for the steering Edit : axle that link the chassis and the moving part with the differential is too weak, maybe it should be replaced by a turntable... I have made An .lfx for this to make it moree clear : LFX file
  6. Touc4nx

    [TC15] Red Baron

    Progression of the mechanism : Yellow is for the rudder. Blue is for the elevator Trans-clear is for the structure Without the structure :
  7. Ok, thanks for the precisions, I will try to include suspension and drive to It when I will have the time.
  8. Really interesting idea, I'm searching a way to use them in a pickup front axle, but the radius is quite big, and it leads to some issue with the force that you need to apply to the wheels to rotate... During my searches I found this video by @nicjasno It might help to reduce the force you need to turn, but I'm not sure if it will reduce the size of the fender... I was thinking that too, I think I should be created.
  9. Touc4nx

    [TC15] Red Baron

    Hello again, Some updates : I have made an 6 cylinder radial engine. I tried for a long time without any success so I decided to look online. My version is heavily inspired by this video : I also started to make the engine cover : That's all for today.
  10. I have a question, are we allowed to build in an 80's technic style, for exemple with these studded beams ?
  11. Touc4nx

    [TC15] Red Baron

    It's what is planned Thanks, it's always good to learn new things
  12. Hello everyone, Here is the Topic that I will use for the [TC15] contest. I will be making a remake of the LEGO 10024 Red Baron. For now I have made a prototype of the bottom wings : They are almost as wide as the LEGO model. I have also made a prototype for the moving part of the wings ( I don't know the exact name of these...) I will probably do the 6 cylinder engine next.
  13. It seems to be an interesting contest, I will probably apply for it. It might be a good challenge for me as I mainly build some 4-wheel vehicle
  14. Touc4nx

    Axle Collection Thread

    To replace 92910 Technic Steering Ball Joint Large Open with C-Shape Pivot Frame ? It's what I made first, but in my setup this axle is made to transfer speed, without much torque. (it's used to drift )