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  1. Instructions should be updated to fix this problem
  2. That's a really nice shapes on the pop-up headlights I just can't get my head a round how you made them Also, the car looks awsome, can't wait to see the final result
  3. Theres a few more pictures on bricksafe :) But keep in mind it's not finished yet, so all photos and videos will come, when it's finished;)
  4. I have som LLD pictures of the engine and transmission for now. haha, i hoped someone will make it before me as well ;P but yes i also like the A70 but i think the A80 is just a little nicer ;)
  5. Thank you, the car is build around the engine, to make it look as good as possible The car is still a work in process, video and instructions will come, when it's finished
  6. Toyota Supra MK4 A80 So I have been working on this car for quite a while now and want to show off the work and here some opinions. The car features: 6 speed gearboks with realistic gearshift Detailed engine Openable Doors (with realistic doorhadels) openable hood and trunk Hope you like it :) More details and video, can be found on rebrickable :)
  7. The 180x looks nice! :) just about to finished your NSX and my 1:8 supra A80 rolling out i January hopefully, then i only need the r34 to the collection ;)
  8. Cool, can't wait to see how far you come :) I'm also waiting for pieces for my rx7.. the never ending wait
  9. Any updates since the photos above? :)
  10. How is the instruction going? i'm really looking forward to make the gearbox, it will fit perfect in my next car