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  1. Thanks! That’s probably because of the weight of the model, also the BuWizz I own is pretty old already, so it might not be at its full potential as well. It went well on a regular road surface with buggy motor, but the off-road was tough for it! L motors aren’t that “hungry”, so it was a nice choice for me. :)
  2. Hi! This time I decided to experiment with suspension once again. The goal was to make a simple model with a high travel suspension for off-road driving with some decent speed. So, it has two electric functions: driving (2 L motors) and steering (Servo). It has working suspension on all wheels: front independent with a positive castor and a rear live axle suspension. I used regular yellow 6.5L shock absorbers and they work pretty good, I'm happy with the suspension travel! Anyway, it could be a little bit smoother if it was heavier, but the weight had to be low. Firstly, I tried to use a buggy motor for driving, but it was constantly cutting off, so I decided to put 2 L motors directly to the wheels. Surprisingly for me, it works much better! It also has a detailed interior. The body part is not that pretty to me in some places, I'm not really good in building simple exteriors yet. :D I hope that you will like it! Video link: Photoes: Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Yes, I’m from Russia. :)
  4. Ok, I see. Sometimes I can change my mind several times about the exterior of a model before the final iteration, or just abandon it, so I get your point. ;) Interesting to see what you will come up with.
  5. Thanks! I really like building in this scale - pretty challenging yet not that massive. By the way, what car are you working on now? Good luck in building it! I’m glad this model brought you some memories. :)
  6. Thanks! I made the door very simple for structure rigidity, so it’s not openable. However, I could do something with the roundness indeed, probably I can make the upper part one stud wider, so there will be place for a straight door, that also will make the roof a little wider, which is also needed, I think.
  7. Hello! This time I'm presenting this Volvo car model. Finally, it has a suspension in a small scale - front rubber band one and rear live axle one. There is a buggy motor for propulsion and a Servo for steering. BuWizz 2.0 is powering all the electric functions. The whole body is very sturdy (despite some parts in the front), so it can handle some load. Also, I need to say that the suspension is working pretty realistically to me, so it is a success for me. :) Pretty simple model, but very fun to drive it around! It also was a good challenge to keep it recognisable in such scale. I hope it turned out great and you will like it! :D Video link: Photoes: Thank you!
  8. Very nice model! You’ve kept the V8 era vibe and managed different colours very well. Pretty unusual to see a third-party set alternative to me, but I really like it. :D
  9. A little update on this model! - removed the water tank and beacon lights - changed the livery (removed stripes; black bumper; red wheels) - replaced yellow dampers to grey ones in the rear - added some decorative extra lights on the roof Now the suspension setup works properly and the whole performance is now much better!
  10. Of course you can stay here, there is no problem! It will be interesting to learn something new here. :D
  11. Thank you very much! By the way, these U-joints are working really well to my surprise, none of them ever broke in this chassis. In my previous GAZ MOC same U-joints were more fragile, probably because there weren’t any portal axles.
  12. Thanks! Seats are pretty good for Technic guys, though they are a bit small for this scale. :D Thank you! :)