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  1. Danifill

    Lego Technic F1 Lotus 98T MOC

    Thank you! I really like Lotus cars too, I also have a model of Lotus 49, I built it several months ago. :)
  2. Danifill

    Lego Technic F1 Lotus 98T MOC

    Replaced some pins and axles:
  3. Danifill

    Lego Technic F1 Lotus 98T MOC

    Haha, that’s right! I’d love to have a diff there anyway... Thank you!
  4. Danifill

    Lego Technic F1 Lotus 98T MOC

    Thank you! Sounds good, I’ll fix it soon then. :) Thanks! Do you mean to push them inside of the nose? If yes, then I have no idea yet, but I can slightly change an angle of them. I have black 3L pins as well, so I can try to fit them too.
  5. Danifill

    Lego Technic F1 Lotus 98T MOC

    Thank you! I really like F1 cars of this period too. Especially Lotus and McLaren. :)
  6. Hi! This is my new creation - Lotus 98T! I tried to recreate the real car in a small scale with some simple functions: working fake V6 engine (no differential due to the lack of space) and steering with a steeering wheel. All functions work smoothly, but the model is mostly for a showcase. As you may have noticed, it has some custom stickers that recreate the original 98T's livery (I didn't make the lines, because I didn't want to cover all car in paper :D). I hope you will like it! Some photos: Thank you!
  7. Thanks! There are some creators that have used this placement before... Antoine ddp for example, if I remember correctly. :)
  8. Thank you! I’m happy that you found it recognisable. :) Thanks! Do you mean wheel axles? I could make them shorter, but I wanted to keep them (wheels as well) in place while drifting. :D I can post this car with shorter axles later, when I will be able to do this.
  9. Hi! This is my new creation. It has two functions: steering (servo motor) and driving (buggy motor, fast output). It has RWD unlike the real car, it is also widened in the rear, so it's more like a mod. There is an openable roof part for easier access to Buwizz. As you may have noticed, it has custom number plates and a VW logo. There are some "illegal" connections, but it doesn't look that bad to me. The model is very maneuverable and fast, it is also pretty fun to drift! I hope you will like this little car! :D Here is the video: Some photos: Thank you!
  10. Danifill

    Lego Technic Scissor lift MOC

    Thanks! It can lift well, but not high enough at all. Springs are helping a little, but the main problem that there are no an extra actuator in the middle.
  11. Danifill

    Lego Technic Scissor lift MOC

    Thank you! Actually, I didn’t even know about extendable platforms in real models, wow! I appreciate your help. :) Also, how much does it wobble in real life?
  12. Hi there! I'd like to present my new creation to you - scissor lift! It has three functions: driving (4WD, by 2 XL motors with 3:1 reduction), steering (Servo motor) and lifting platform (2 L motors). All is controlled with Buwizz. Folded model's height is ~18 cm, maximum height is ~44 cm. I placed some shock absorbers between several scissor parts, because actuator's length wasn't enough to fully extract it without absorbers. Also, it sligthly removed wobbliness. It is not maneurable, but the drivetrain is strong. it has some details like ladder and a dashboard. Most of scissor lifts in real life are more compact, but I also saw pictures of long ones that were a source of inspiration. i hope you will like it! :) The video is here: Some photos of it: Thank you a lot!
  13. Ok, thank you! Here is the wider version: Sorry for the quality of the photo. :)
  14. Thanks! Edit: I saw your MOCs, they are pretty cool! I think you could do that van better than you think. ;) Thank you! Sorry, do you mean arches are wide for this wheel setup? Edit: Yes, I forgot to say that I wanted to keep axles the same width, thats why it looks like this. I’d like to replace this arches with blue pneumatic tubes, but they are of different length. :)