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  1. Thanks! It is held by the soft axle on the left, it allows some sort of an angle. Looks wobbly, but holds nicely.
  2. Thank you! I had to use axles on the fenders as other parts (like the connector you referred to) would collide with the sides. I don’t think that I’d like the option of fitting a liftarm in the pillars, but I definitely have to try the round brick idea in the future (or as soon as I get to the van again)! Thanks once again. :) Edit: just found a couple of those round bricks actually, they fit perfectly! I’ll consider that in the 3D model of this van.
  3. Hello! After being inactive for quite some time I managed to build another model - VW EuroVan T4 RC! It features some RC and manual functions: - RWD (unlike the real model), driven by a buggy motor (slow output) - steering with a Servo motor - suspension on both sides (independent rubber suspension in the front and live axle in the back) - working headlights and taillights - openable bonnet with some minor detailing underneath - easy acces to the BuWizz module through an openable door on the roof - everything is powered by BuWizz 2.0 Model's chassis is supposed to be an improved version of one of my previous creations, this time it got better steering stability. I kept the wheels bigger along with the arches, as it provides better performance. All in all, it turned out pretty fun to drive! (However, the ground clearance isn't the best, so I prefer keeping it indoors :D) Video link: Some photos: Thank you!
  4. Awesome model! I've built it recently - all functions work smoothly, except some minor things (the axle with a worm gear slides out a little sometimes, but it doesn't really affect anything; the sides of the bonnet aren't attached to the top part fully, so they can rotate individually in some particular places, still doesn't affect the playability that much). The exterior part is great too. Due to lack of some parts I had to change several places in the model using the parts I had. Edit: I also have to point out that the steering system is really impressive. :D Some photos: Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for that, I forgot that the diff has 28 teeth… :D Just got those parts tho, so it should be much easier to make such reductions in the future. So, here's the render of its transmission. Green axles are the ones connected to the wheels through the hubs. I hope that helps!
  6. Thank you! Slow output of the motor is geared down by 3:1 firstly, then it goes to the diffs, and after that to the portal hubs (also 3:1). I might be wrong with the total gear ratio calculations, but I retried it and got 54/5 :D (probably, I messed up because the older version of the model had a different gear ratio, I might have taken it from there) Edit: about lubrication - I didn’t disassemble the model yet, but usually there isn’t much plastic dust left. Thank you! Yeah, the steering in this scale is still a great quest for me. :D I could make the buggy motor not sticking out tho, but the L motor and the BuWizz are right by the sides of it (the pump is right next to it as well), so I didn’t find a better way to do that. Probably, I could place the motor in a different orientation, but it would most likely require more gears to use for transitioning the torque.
  7. Thank you for the feedback! Steering is one of the main problems here indeed. The axle itself is pretty compact and rigid, but I still can’t find a proper way to reduce the steering angle with the portal hubs in my models. Yes, I guess I can make a render of that. I’ll publish it here relatively soon. :)
  8. Hello! This creation took quite long to make, but here it is - MAZ 5316 scalemodel. It has several functions and features: - Driving by buggy motor, 4WD (gear ratio is about 63/5) - Steering by servo motor - Remotely controlled differential lock using pneumatics. For the pump I took inspiration from the Sariel's one. (Single L motor) - Working headlights and taillights - Tilting cab with a fake decorative engine underneath it - Openable doors with rubber band locks - Easy access to the power unit (BuWizz 2.0) - Working suspension on all axles (Live axle suspension) - Custom stickers and other details Overall, the model turned out to be a pretty good off-roader, though it weighs over 2kg. Snow made it harder for the electronics, but the performance was still nice. Also, I'd change the tires in case of driving it on snow. :D Dimensions are very similar to 42129, but the scale is bigger. The main problem of this model is that the pneumatics work inconsistently because of the length of the tubes. Also, steering angle is a bit too wide. 3D model is in process right now, so there is a very slight chance of me starting to make the instructions for it. Video link: Photos: Thank you!
  9. Just built this truck and it's really nice! The functions are smoothly working and there is a lot of space to play around with different solutions. In this case I added some minor changes and redesigned the front of the cabin. I also added working front lights, which is a pretty nice addition in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this awesome model! Here are some photos:
  10. No problem! It had some crashes already, the only damage was to the front lights and the front part of the bonnet (they fell off), also the side mirrors can fall off easily too, obviously. The bumper itself just moved a little (very easy to fix) but didn’t come off. I assume that it passed the crash test successfully. :D
  11. Photos are now resized, sorry for that. Thank you, the place is indeed very nice! :D Thanks! It happened to me as well, it should be fine now, I guess.