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  1. Danifill

    [MOC] Tangerine 4x4 RS

    Really nice thing! I love the way you did the body line. What gear ratio does it have? Seems to be pretty fast. :) I think the front part is more similar to Peugeot 205‘s rally version (IMHO).
  2. I think 62s are pretty small for this option, but I’ll try it, probably it is really better. Thanks! I just realized that I cant fit paired wheels in front, they will rub the body behind the first wheels. So, maybe I should rebuild front arc first.
  3. Thanks! Of course, they would fit perfectly, but it is hard to get them where I live. Maybe I should try using 62.4x20, but I have only two yet, I really want to get them soon. :)
  4. Yup, I know, axles are not strong. I wanted to make chassis without hubs, so that was a mistake. I didn't use small cylinders, because they werent strong enough (also I had only one of them).
  5. Yes, lifting mechanism is simple. I tried to put the wheels the other way, but I figured it out late and the bodywork was already pretty wide for this option, my bad. Big thanks for your remark! :)
  6. Hello! This is my new creation. It is a forklift that nearly copies the real one despite several moments like unpaired front wheels and proportions in some places. So, it has 4 functions that are controlled with one Buwizz and a Lego receiver: drive (Xl motor), traction steering (servo motor), fork lift (M motor) and fork tilt (2 pneumatic cylinders, 2 L motors for pneumatic pump and switch). It can lift up to ~900 gramms, in video I used two filled battery boxes, which weighs ~200 gramms. I use a pulley system for lifting. Also, it has kind of an interior with a decorative steering wheel and a seat. Chassis look:
  7. Might be 1.5 kg, I didn't actually remember. I mean that it is not heavier than 2 kilos. :D I think its about 20 studs wide and ~45 studs long. I didn't make any exact counts here too.
  8. Thanks, I dont have any electronic scales. It might weigh ~2 kilos, can’t say exactly.
  9. Thanks! :) Yes, it is flimsy. Probably, the solution is to replace an actuator forwards and the whole boom to the center.
  10. Im using there M motor and gear connections are not safe enough. So, I think I could do it better. :) Actually, I did kind of a support, but then I removed it, because it made some troubles with building. I think I had make another one and there is no actual reason for not doing this. Also, extended boom looks very strange. :D
  11. Hello! This is an experiment. I tried to make all four axles turnable with a drivetrain. Nasa's crawler transporter was the inspiration, but this MOC is mostly my own idea. It's steering system is not that reliable, but drivetrain is pretty strong. I tested it with a ~3kg load. It has some details such as a ladder, stickers, lights, cabin and other decorations. All is controlled and powered by 1 Buwizz. I hope it turned out ineresting! P.s. sorry for the frames on photoes. :)
  12. Thanks! Thats actually a good question. Some panels (and other body parts) are from other sets, but I dont know what about chassis parts, I dont remember (there are some parts like 36 teeth gear). Anyways, most of the parts are from 42082 set. :)
  13. Hi! This is my new creation - all terrain tele handler. It has 6 motors and several functions: drive (2 xl, gear ratio: 3:1), all wheel steering (L), boom raising (M), boom extension, light and fork lifting (M). It drives very well, but the boom isnt very strong. All is controlled with 1 buwizz. The body have some detalization like a ladder, interior, exhaust, lights and stickers.
  14. Hello! This is my new creation! It is a British off-roader Argo Avenger 8x8. It has no blocked differentials, so gears are cracking and the model goes bad. But I mostly tried to make the body similar to the real one! Sorry for the different wheels, I failed to buy other wheels. Video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB_sMk8FwOw. Here are some photoes: