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  1. Jeka Jackson

    Hummer H1

    Instructions available at Rebrickable
  2. Jeka Jackson

    A Team Van

    Fantastic van! Great model!
  3. Fantastic trucks! Great models as usual!
  4. Jeka Jackson

    Hummer H1

    Thanks! glad to hear you like it
  5. Jeka Jackson

    Hummer H1

    Thanks! Yes, the rims are chromed. this is Technic & Model Team forum... so, what’s wrong with it’s relation? Thanks! Seems I’ll have to buy 42099 to install new portals))) Thanks! I’m really happy you like it
  6. Jeka Jackson

    Hummer H1

    Hi, mates! I’m happy to introduce you my new LEGO MOC. This is a high detailed 1/14 scale Hummer H1 model. I’ve used scale drawings for its creation. It has 2L motors for AWD, servo for steering. Complete interior. Openable hood, doors & trunk. Easy removable body & body parts. Glovebox openable Some video
  7. Jeka Jackson

    1977 Chevy Van G10

    Thank you all for kind words)
  8. Jeka Jackson

    1977 Chevy Van G10

    I've printed the drawings based on that 49,5 wheels diameter
  9. Jeka Jackson

    1977 Chevy Van G10

    1977 Chevy Van G10 1:14 Scale Weight 1150 gramm without battery Openable doors, pneumatic suspension Rear axle & front independent suspension with positive castor RWD - buggy motor Servo for steering M-motor for pneumo-compressor M-motor for pneumo-compressor shifter SBrick
  10. Jeka Jackson

    [MOC] BMW M3 E30

    Great looking model! Long time ago I've tried to drive the same, it was M3, great senses)
  11. Jeka Jackson

    Show us your Working Place

    Sorry for I've touched the sick theme, I couldn't expect that there remain complexes after opening your doors worldwide
  12. Jeka Jackson

    Show us your Working Place

    Sorry for my frankness, but I wonder, have there even been a woman?
  13. Jeka Jackson

    Mercedes: Smart, G63, Clk Gtr

    Hey, man, that's really great & extremely compact! You know my love to American cars, but I'm impressed with that fantastic model! When will we see other photos & video? The downside is the most intriguing, as I, for example, can't understand how is realized front independent suspension)))
  14. Jeka Jackson

    [MOC] Model Team Cadillac Eldorado

    Beautiful model, nice color, fantastic details!!!
  15. Jeka Jackson

    [WIP] Jeep CJ5

    CJ is rather close to TJ) Good luck with your building model ideas)