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  1. 2: 10 5: 6 4: 4 7: 3 1: 2 8: 1 Actually I fell in love Seasider’s custom sticker of technic pin flying over the mars:)
  2. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    Nothing has changed in using parts and building results. Just a few parts were connected before they should be in older 24-25 steps photos. Perhaps builders who noticed that may jump step 23 to 26 and follow the rest. Don’t worry, I see you built it perfectly right. Thank you for building!
  3. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    I am very sorry, I rechecked instructions again and noticed that I have used wrong photos for step 24-25. I just fixed it. If you have already copied early version of instructions, please check the (tiny) differences and use correct photos. Turns our concentration on working became lower than in my 30s...
  4. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    3810g is more than 1kg heavier than the old one. The inclination in the last part of video is 40 degrees. Surprisingly there was no gear clicking in that scene. I think because all wheel (8 pairs of bevel gears) equally shared the load.
  5. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    This odd suspension linkage was necessary to make chassis narrower because steered axles with portal hub move wheels deeper toward the center of frame. For years I’ve been searching how to conquer terrain and gravity. And I’m still looking up your 8 XL powered FOX 8x8x8. This is yet another answer to it.
  6. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    Thank you! For me sharing MOC is purely enjoyable. Making money is not. Even though I’m not rich at all. The truth is, I’m a stubborn cynic who wants to go against the grain.
  7. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    I’m sure that will lead to even more clicking because it is much heavier and putting larger tires.
  8. Hello everyone. This is my second Tatra model.Comparing to previous Tatra 813 Trial Truck built in 2014, it is bigger, heavier and a little bit faster. Weight: 3810g Length: 62.4cm Width: 24cm Height: 25cm -Powered by 2 SBricks -6 L motors for propulsion -2 M motors for steering -M motor for 2 speed gearbox -Working steering wheel and V12 engine -Openable doors, front grill and roof hatch The model was specifically inspired by a unique truck of Jansa Team participating at real truck trial events. I tried to replicate overall look as possible without using any stickers. The cabin became one stud longer than it should be. Also using many system parts was somewhat compromising as a Technic builder. This time I omitted offset axles because symmetrical structure was more robust and efficient. Each side of half axles are independently driven via two parallel drive shafts. That enables slightly smoother turning than previous one adopted single drive shaft. Body parts are removable by pulling out both seats and two 5.5L axles behind the rear bed. When I completed the chassis early in 2018, it never came to my mind that LEGO would officially release "game changing" planetary wheel hub. Admittedly those bulky half axles using portal hub look outdated in 2019. The core of chassis contains bunch of L motors which I called 'Six Pack Abs'. The gearbox is simple yet packed 16 gears into tiny space between L motors. Although suspension mechanism is not like real Tatra, pairs of swing half axles move like real one. That realizes good off-road capability. The steering angle of 1st axle is twice as 2nd axle. Two hard-coupled M motors move 13L gear rack via dual pinion gears. For more powerful steering, I did not use white clutch gears. Consequently geared down motors keep rotating and make clicking noise when gear rack reaches end position. After all, this MOC ended up to be just a big truck driven by old technology. (Strangely it sounds like aged Tatra 813 in modern truck trial events...) Still I am happy with the result and sharing another massive 8x8 model. If you like it, feel free to put colorful stickers on it, make alternate cabin design or build more accurate chassis with new hub parts. Building instructions available on Rebrickable.
  9. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Dacoma 4x4 Redux

    Thank you for your kind words! Actually this gearbox was inspired by rm8’s idea of assisting rear axle by another motor. It is always interesting to make it simple, effective and reliable. Some models without instructions are still in my to-do list. I will fix or improve them like I did for Dacoma truck.
  10. Hello everyone! Thanks to the purple Titanian, it took 18 months for coming back from yet another dark age in my life. Now I am here with yet another pickup truck. Design was inspired by Ford Raptor, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra. Dacoma 4x4 Redux Weight: 1360g -Powered by Sbrick -2 L motors for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -M motor for two speed gearbox, (sort of) limited-slip center differential and lockable rear differential -LED for headlights -Openable hood,doors and tailgate Video: This is an improved version of my Dacoma pickup truck and TLC 80. I could not finish building instructions for them because they had fatal drawbacks on their drivetrain. In low gear, bevel gears in center differential often skip and pop out by the torque of propulsion motors. To make it reliable, it was necessary to reduce the stress on center diff while handling higher torque in low gear. The gearbox works sequentially. (1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 1) 1: High - 2: Low - 3: Low with rear diff lock In low gear, center diff works like limited-slip diff. In high gear, two L motors are coupled and rotate center differential together. Front and rear axles are driven via open center diff. In low gear, only one L motor rotates center diff. Another motor is connected only to rear axle. (In other words, it just supports rear half of drivetrain.) Which means rear half of axle in center diff is (nearly) locked. That means front half of axle in center diff is locked as well. Maximum suspension travel is not as long as older Dacoma truck. But new one articulates better thanks to softer front suspension. Years ago I happened to get some rare blue parts from old sets. So I could build it in blue. With a few tweaks, it can be built in white, orange or black. Building instructions: I hope you will like it. And I will work hard not to take a long time for sharing next model.
  11. Will you be moving your moc plans

  12. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    At first I thought putting fourth gear into differential would prevent gear skipping because of tighter meshing than three bevel gears. But I noticed that floating fourth gear was just lying on two inner bevel gears, which means there would be no tighter meshing between them. Then I realized that the point was not the fourth gear but inserting a piece (with pin hole) between two inner bevel gears. That piece can hold both axles almost in line. (Of course it also prevents gears sliding inwards.) Thus, inner three gears would hardly disengaged. ...At least on paper. Actually higher XL torque broke the theory. But I think it is still a better way to reinforce 4L differential. Also 1L technic brick is better than 1L liftarm because its slightly thicker and square shape leaves less room around it.
  13. Madoca 1977

    [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    You always give me inspirations. Especially I like the way of pure technic (without slack) building. Thank you for sharing great ideas! In this case, I used a shock absorber instead of rubber bands for 90 degree stepper.
  14. Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted on this forum. In November I tripped to Russia again for participating LEGO event held in Moscow. This year, my friend Rm8 gave me the opportunity to make video review of my models together at his studio. You might have seen the review of Jeep Wranglers. And this is the other model that I first had a presentation to Russian builders in the event. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Weight: 1520g -XL motor for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -M motor for front winch -M motor for two speed gearbox and center/rear differential lock -LEDs for front and rear lights Everything started from the issue of center differential in the drivetrain of my previous Pickup. After driving on serious off-road I found that bevel gears in center differential got damaged and often slipped. So I tried to find the way to reinforce gear meshing in 4L differential. In conclusion, I still have not succeeded. Every attempt was not strong enough for transmitting the torque of geared down (3:1) XL motor. In extreme situation floating fourth bevel gear was pushed out by the force of twisting differential housing. I was even hoping new red 4L differential could hold four bevel gears tightly in it, but it does not. So I used the second one in the picture above. (just insert 1L technic brick for holding both side of axles tighter) While attempting several ideas of transmission, I was building another 4x4 model using three differentials. Eventually it became the most advanced version of my SUV models yet being over complex and less reliable. The main feature is sequentially working gearbox and diff lock system. I used Didumos69's Compact 90 degree stepper idea for switching four modes. (0→1→2→3→0 ...) 0: high gear 1: low gear 2: low gear with center diff lock 3: low gear with center/rear diff lock You can see it working in the second half of this video filmed by Rm8. I used M motor instead of Servo motor for switching modes because there was no space for it under the driver's seat. It is necessary to stop motor rotation when stepper axle comes to the right position. Actually this model is too heavy for real off road driving. Center differential often suffered the load, and it was a little bit tricky to operate sequential mechanism precisely from a distance. So I built a lighter and simplified version only using XL and Servo motor. It has softer rear suspension, manual gearbox and center/rear limited slip differential. (Weight: 1260g) Ironically it worked better than fully equipped version even lacking diff lock system. Thanks to soft suspension it has better axle articulation. All four tires well kept contact with the ground. I put it on rocky surface just for taking pictures. Actually it could not climb over those rocks, though. I am making building instructions for both versions. I hope you will like it!
  15. Madoca 1977

    Lego Gaz 34 soviet truck

    The performance is amazing! And the way you used actuators is very clever. I've never seen like this before.