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  1. Lego Gaz 34 soviet truck

    The performance is amazing! And the way you used actuators is very clever. I've never seen like this before.
  2. Luckily I often see this car in my hometown because I'm in Japan. Even though it was designed 30 years ago, it still looks very cool especially among modern rounded shaped hybrid cars. You captured every details even in small scale with Technic parts! Thanks for sharing! By the way, my current private car is peaceful FWD Mazda 2. I've never tried drifting cars.
  3. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Sure it looks better using 4L axle. But, as Paul pointed out, it won't be capable of tough offroad driving. I wish LEGO would produce at least 4.4L axle with stop.
  4. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    I do remember your trial trucks using linked suspension! Mine is much smaller, lighter and unstable. When climbing steep slope, the front section of the Jeep lose weight. Then the force of twisting front axle by motors lift the front section sideways. That makes the model rolling to the side easily. Connecting modern steering wheel hubs to C-frame (with differential) made front axle inevitably bulky. I chose U-joints rather than wheel hub because of simplicity and higher ground clearance. Of course there might be another solution using old (small) wheel hub like this beautiful Jeep. But I wanted to avoid using discontinued parts. Besides, I liked unusual idea of using actuator holder together with C-shaped pin connector.
  5. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    The move of front axle does not affect steering angle. Wheels could be used inside-out. That would be narrower looking, but 5.5 axles were sticking out to much. For those who can cut axles or use non-official parts, putting wheels inside-out is better way.
  6. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Thanks! The truth is, I remembered your Jeep Lower Forty and used your technique in a smaller scale.
  7. Hello everyone! This is another Jeep which I built while leaving some unfinished projects on the shelf. For three months I have had no time for LEGO mainly because of my nursing job. (Did you see Wolverine taking care of Professor X in the movie "Logan"? I do something like that ) I really needed to take a new step forward for my motivation. Instructions of former two MOCs are still work in progress. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Jeep Wrangler Weight: around 1100g (with hardtop) -2 L motors for propulsion -M motor for steering -Front and rear open differential -Linked pendular suspension without shock absorbers -Openable hood, doors and tailgate with lock -LED for headlights -Detachable body The chassis is not realistic at all. It was new to me to build the suspension without using shocks. It even doesn't have sway bars. Suspension travel is long enough for this scale. It worked fine when driving over small obstacles. But on a steep incline (40+ degrees), it became unstable and tended to roll over sideways. That move was understandable because it had no anti-roll mechanism. I tried to put the battery box close to the center as possible for better weight distribution. Passenger seat was sacrificed for it, but the whole model with hard top is still slightly rear-heavy. Jeep Wrangler is known as one of the most modifiable vehicle on earth. So I made a few options such as 2-piece hardtop, tube doors, bumpers and another color scheme. But the best way is building more realistic chassis for this body. Unfortunately I could not make it this time. Maybe in the future... Building instructions for red version with those options above available at Rebrickable. I hope you will like it!
  8. 6x6 truck VS

    Will you post the video or picture of underside view? I do want to know how to lock differentials.
  9. [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    I am not sure if I could explain correctly... See the picture below and check the video 1:40~1:46. 8T gear is just for making tiny space. When diff locked, red changeover part is positioned almost vertically, but not exactly vertical because of the space made by a tooth of 8T gear. Which means red driving ring is not fully pushed against DBG 16T clutch gear. That means DBG 16T clutch gear is not pushed against outer liftarm. So, 8T gear could be replaced with any other parts of same diameter.
  10. [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    Thanks! Actually Unimog tire is close to the right size on this scale. I know it looks like "lifted" because fenders are too far from tires. But I left that space on purpose for better suspension travel. Bigger tire makes the space shorter like the real model. I think that is why oversized tires (last photo) looks rather similar to real Jeep.
  11. [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    Thank you, everyone! Maybe I made a mistake. Obviously bigger tires look better. Fortunately the drivetrain was capable of crawling with 107mm tires. So It would be possible using same chassis, big tires, and different body.
  12. [MOCs] Pickup & Hatchback

    Bad news: I decided to modify front part of the chassis for newer wheel hub. So I need to restart taking pictures of building process. Good news: Instead of instructions, I shared another 4x4 MOC. Sorry for late.......
  13. Hello! My latest MOC is a re-creation of unusual Jeep model. Jeep Mighty FC Concept -Weight: 2125g -2 XL motors for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -M motor for 2 speed gearbox -M motor for locking rear differential -M motor for winch -3 LEDs for front and rear lights -2 SBricks powered by one rechargeable battery box -Portal axles -Openable doors and tailgate -Shallow bed with fold-down sides -Detachable roof -Alternative tube doors The chassis is not realistic, but has decent offroad capability as heavy Lego model. My goal was to make a sturdy and powerful crawler having propulsion motors and gearbox on the center of its chassis. Which means the drivetrain contains two universal joints - weakest points - for transmitting the torque to front and rear live axles. To save U-joints from damaging, I adopted two stage reductions after differential on both axles. The gearbox is similar one to my previous FJ40 Crawler. I doubled the pair of 8T/24T gear for higher durability. High gear is three times faster than low gear. You may wonder why rear ball joint is connected lower than front. That is for avoiding body roll caused by high torque of hard-coupled XL motors. Seeing from the gearbox, the rear output rotates in opposite direction to the front one. So the front and rear axle are equally forced to rotate in opposite direction to each other. Thus the center chassis with heavy body does not easily roll left or right even when climbing steep incline. ( least on paper. I admit the complete body is a little bit too heavy to prove the theory above.) Steering angle is good, but turning radius is not so good. Because of the lack of center differential, it cannot handle different rotating speed of front and rear axle in tight turning. On slippy surface, like in the video, it can be steered without any problem. Rear differential can be locked instantaneously. The role of 8T gear on top of red changeover part is to make a tiny gap between 16T clutch gear and driving ring in locked position. Thanks to the gap, 16T gear is not pushed against outer structure. That helps to decreasing the friction. Front winch is powered by M motor geared 9:1. I used two pairs of 8T/24T gear instead of worm gear. It is smoother and surprisingly powerful. The hook can be manually pulled out by switching the lever under right seat. The body looks a bit squarish comparing to the real Mighty FC. Maybe I could replicate trapezoidal shape of its cabin. But I thought angled pillars and roll cage would be wobbly. So I decided to build simple yet sturdy. Instead of realistic appearance, I managed to realize easily detachable roof and doors. Although the whole MOC is built for using Unimog tires, Claas tires also fit well. But the maximum articulation of axles would be smaller because bigger tires possibly touch the chassis and fenders. It would be necessary to limit suspension travel or slightly modify the chassis. I hope you will like it! I will make building instruction. But I have to finish the instruction of Pickup first.
  14. From the beginning, I have been mesmerized by this project. It was exciting to see the developments achieved by you with many builders involved. Every single element of entire model became perfectly realized as what studless (yet classic) Technic supercar should be. It looks the true successor of 8865 and 8880!
  15. [MOCs] Pickup & Hatchback

    Of course not. But they didn't care. I really dislike their so-called products. Annoyingly they've demotivated me again and again. What makes me sad is seeing dirty pictures on our beloved Lego community. So please, please don't post images.