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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, EB friends, long time no see. The first time to build a Lego car entirely by Studio 2, locked at home for a month because of the COVID, a new experience. This model is Tianjin Dafa tj110 taxi, the original version is Daihatsu Hijet s70 850, I made the Dakar minivan, again. Two chassis, one is Buggy motor and the other is L, uses front twin A-arm independent suspension and a rear four-link solid axle. Dimension:L29 x W15 x H16cm,Weight:1100g Instructions for free Buggy motor version: Thanks ;)
  2. Buggy only from parts of 42077 set looking like Baja Class One Unlimited Buggy or Dakar SSV more photos for all 4 versions here >> using 84% of parts from 42077 dimensions 40x21x16cm 2 main objectives: 1) maximalize suspension travel 2) prepare RC version manual HOG version: * HOG front wheel steering * front suspension, axle with positive caster * rear suspension ***v1 linked wheels + 6-piston engine connected to rear axle via loom bands ***v2 independent suspension for left and right wheel, dummy engine without movement 2 RC versions: * bigger tyres *** 54120 Tyre 94.8 x 44 R Balloon *** 92912 Tyre 94.3 x 38 R * servo motor for steering * enough space for any kind of battery on co-driver's seat *** 8881 Power Functions Battery Box *** 88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box *** 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box *** Buwizz *** CaDa * 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick) * motors for propulsion: *** 2x 99499 Electric Power Functions Large Motor *** 42908 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor (+ 32270 Technic Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel needed!) * dummy engine without movement Version with 2L motors and BuWizz weights 1121g Any combination of power and motor configuration is working my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  3. Hi to everybody! It's been a while since I posted something now here we are. Little prefaction, in the last year both time and motivations are dropped down, this Moc was almost ready in may 2017 and it took me a bit to find the desire to do pics video and instructions.....the instructions are not ready yet, but they are at a good point. IMG_2348 by Lucio Switch, su Flickr Now about the Moc, this is a sort of a Dakar Truck, it's a lot simpler compared to my usual Mocs, the idea behind it was to use the Claas Tires, trapezoidal panels...and don't use the parts of my Crane Truck, furthermore, to make it light (or try to do so), I added less details then usual. So it's son of a lot of (personal) compromises. It is driven by 4Xl Motors, 2 for the front axle and 2 for the rear and it's steered by a servo motor. 2 M motors are used to run the pump and to actuate a pneumatic valve. It's powered by 2 Li-Po battery and controlled by 2 SBricks. 6 pairs of Led are used for the lights. One small pneumatic pump, a pneumatic valve and 2 small pneumatic cylinders make up the pneumatic system. The truck has live axles with Anti Roll-bar, the differentials are lockable pneumatically. It has openale door, tiltable cab (with some interior details), and a door in the back to acces the battery. That's all, I hope you like it!
  4. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Octan Racing T1+

    New year, new moc What happens in January since 1979 ? The Dakar Rally (ok...and the Monte Carlo too) So, 1st MOC of the year its a T1+ based pick up What its a T1+ ? Its the new that FIA has given to the new rules for the most evolved cars like the Toyota Hilux , Minis (the new Hybrid Audi its a T1U) All started trying a solution to put the spare wheels underneath the cabin like the official Toyota´s and Mini´s Its has a functional front suspension system. Fragile, ok, but it works. And have some direction too The rear suspension works too, and the rear it´s for me the best part of the MOC (and yes, the real pick ups´s rear are very "empty")
  5. Trophy Truck just from 42077 set (+ Power Functions motors and battery or Buwizz)looking like Baja/Dakar Trophy Truck or Stadium Super Truckusing 88% of parts from 42077dimensions 46x24x21cm3 versions:v1 servo + 2x L motorsv2 servo + 2x buggy motors + Buwizz (for best performance)v3 manual HOG2 main objectives:1) maximalize suspension travel2) prepare RC version manual HOG version:* HOG front wheel steering* front suspension, axle with positive caster* rear super soft suspension 2 RC versions:* front suspension, axle with positive caster* rear super soft suspension* bigger tires*** 54120 Tyre 94.8 x 44 R Balloon*** 92912 Tyre 94.3 x 38 R*** 23798 Tyre Tractor DiA. 107X44* servo motor for steering* enough space for any kind of battery behind cabin*** 8881 Power Functions Battery Box*** 88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box*** 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box*** Buwizz*** CaDa* 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick)* motors for propulsion:*** 2x 99499 Electric Power Functions Large Motor*** 2x 42908 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor* 8869 Power Functions Control Switch (to invert one of motors when using with LEGO PF)Version with 2 buggy motors and BuWizz weights 1407gAny combination of power and motor configuration is workingWith standard lego battery it is slow and runs mostly on flat surface and small hill, on the other hand Buwizz runs smoooth on any obstacle my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  6. Hey guys! I'm new here and just got back from the dark ages! Though, reasonably early as I classify as a TFOL! Anyways, this is my first moc and I managed to build it in a day! Because my collection is reasonably small I am incredibly proud of it :D Please watch the video and give me feedback! Thanks guys!
  7. Good Day. I present to you my biggest MOC ever - a futuristic dakar truck. This is a project I have started back in February to make it in time to the arrrival of BuWizz , or that is what I had planned. For propulsion it is using only one buggy motor , what isn't the best idea because the motor ends overheating. But it is possible to install a second buggy motor with a bit of chassis re-design. To fill a bit the huge truck, I installed a X16 engine- courtesy of ZBLJ. The steering uses 1x m-motor , without any return-to-center mechanism thanks to the precise control with the BuWizz brick. The outside design was heavily inspired by 00's sets ( specially 8466) , and I included gull-wing doors with mini linear actuators . m-motors can be installed easily to motorize that function too, but I used two knobs on top of the cabin . The interior was kept simple - two bucket seats and a dashboard. I already shoot some footage , so a video will come soon. For now , here are some photos. 2017-04-30_05-28-06 by Alaxaf, on Flickr
  8. It's lime, mean and fast. It can also go 12 km/h which corresponds to 234 km/h in a full-size truck (scale is 19.5:1). Description and more:
  9. Hey everyone, Here it is, after about half a year of on and off work, my new MOC, a working model of a MAN TGS Dakar Truck. A video showing all the functions: The chassis is entirely LEGO, and has: -Servo steering -4x4 transmission -2x buggy motor drive -live axles on front and back -opening doors -working lights It also has custom stickers, as well as a box for the rear, made of styrofoam board, acrylic stickers, glue, plastic sheets, and regular stickers, which took a while to perfect, but turned out pretty well in the end. Hope you guys like it!
  10. My fastest vehicle yet, this model is designed to take trails at speed, just like the real trucks to on the deserts of the world. I was quite happy with this, it's fast, but still capable of moderate terrain. it is, just like the real trucks, very easy to flip at speed. Rebrickable LXF file Instructions
  11. Another MOC, I think Sariel built one similar in different scale. It has leaf springs, 2 L motors, servo and I will try to put a functional invented V8 engine. I saw very helpful to use the sliding 8th gear in the front axle. It is very fast, I can still slow using 8th gears in the motors. I will try to do the one in the pic of course in technic style. '>
  12. Color scheme close to this as i don't have so much blue and white parts Of course 4x4 . Original car uses two electrical motors, each for front and rear axles. I will use also 2 motors for drive. XL for rear, L for front trouhg reductor, because it has higher speed. Servo motor for steering, of course. Maybe M motor will be also used, because and then it will be placed as generator, but will just drive the engine. Until now, biggest challenge is front axle (maybe just for me), with independent suspension. Some first try When this was seemed pretty OK, created rear axle and and putted together some chassis then theres concept of motors palcement Then theres some concpet of steering trough gears it was not OK, because steering angles was pretty small. Gear ratio wa not main issue, because on one side there was conflict between diffrentiel gear and steering rack. Then i came to this idea And now i can use full possibilites which are limited buy this original connection This red is used, for better control. With this the rack is hold still, theres no gap between those grey L type parts. That was the best part form my collection to use. I tried also smallest gear, but it had some cons. And now biggest challeng - building of cabin. It wont be so hard, if i had smaller wheels, which would be similar to original. I have tyres from 42037-1, but those are with round profile, not square.