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Found 29 results

  1. marv

    RES-Q sets reimagined

    The 1998 Res-Q theme was one of my favorite line of sets growing up. Just for fun I decided to rebuild the sets digitally and imagine how they would look nowadays. I startet with the four smaller sets. What do you think? Would you like to see more sets? Do you think it would be realistic for TLG to recreate a theme like RES-Q nowadays? Your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Edit: I completed the series. The album can be found here. 6451: Res-Q Jet-Ski The smallest set of the line. I didn't put too much work into this and just redid 30567: Police Water Scooter in RES-Q colors. 1069: Speedboat The only civilian set. I only did it to complete the series :) 2962: Res-Q Lifeguard I changed the windscreen and turned this into a proper "baywatch" vehicle 6431: Road Rescue The 1998 version was too simple in my opinion. I added an enclosed body to the SUV so all the tools could be transported. The SUV seats two minifigs. 6445: Emergency Evac I had so much fun with this set playing with the rope and the ambulance. I tried to keep the beefy looking off-road truck look and the possibility to load a stretcher in the back as well es the little trailer. 6451: River Response I changed the little vehicle a lot. Now it's an atv seating two minifigs. I kept the shape of the boat but added a proper cabin. 6462: Aerial Recovery Loved this set as a kid. Was the boat and the trike in the original set rescue equipment or did those belong to the diver? I chose rescue equipment for my version. I like how the helicopter turned out and that I even could use the new "porsche bow". 6473: Res-Q Cruiser With the telehandler I went with a more realistic approach. A lot of fire departments and disaster management agencies use them with different attachments. 6479: Emergency Response Center I think the new road plates work great for the pier. For the tow truck I built 4 or 5 different versions. But now I am quite happy how it turned out.
  2. After a long time, I have finally tried my hand at train building, according to my own design. DSB Litra EB (Siemens Vectron) I want to stick to 6 width models to fit official sets Length: 40 studs Width: 6 studs Powered by 9V motor The first three Vectron locomotives arrived in Denmark on 14/9 2020 Siemens must supply a minimum of 42 new electric locomotives to DSB EB (4) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (3) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (2) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (1) by SpinX125, on Flickr For reference: 3202 by SpinX125, on Flickr
  3. Well Guys, i finished my newest MOC,the well known red Pickup from GTA V Character Trevor Phillips.The Canis Bodhi might be one of the most iconic Character Cars from GTA V because it`s a unique Vehicle and it has an interesting little Feature mounted on the Grill. Yes,Trevor had some good Times with Mr. Rasberryjam so the little Bear has to come everywhere. I tried to recreate the Car as good as possible and even added some Gimmicks like a Gun, a Shovel (to dig Holes for Bikers) and an Axe for....well chopping Stuff to Pieces. I also tried some detailing under the Car like the Driveshaft and a Pair of Exhausts. To complete the Pickup,i also tried to make two Minifigs of Trevor himself and Nervous Ron. I hope everyone likes my newest Creation,feel free to Comment and Like. 20161110_154908 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154924 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154931 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154946 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154957 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155029 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155038 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155054 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155119 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155137 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155434 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155442 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr
  4. A while ago i bought the Whomping Willow set as an effort to complete my Hogwarts Collection. A lot can be done better and more detailed on this set, but for now i decided to just give the car a little rework. I know the car was designed by Lego for durability and playability but i really didn´t like that odd roof. So i decided to take matters (and bricks) into my own hands and redesign the car: 20210228_172918 20210228_172819 20210228_172853 As you can see, i incorporated a lot of slightly mismatching colors into the car since the one in the movie isn´t exactly brand describe it politely. The car has dings, dents, and spotty paint. I also tried to detail the interior a bit. It still might not fit 4 minifigs, but at least 2 can be seated and some luggage can be put behind the seats...and yes, the back rests can be adjusted. 20210228_163455 As you know, the car gets quite a beating from the Whomping Willow after it crashes into the tree, so i decided to "demolish" it. 20210228_163132 20210228_163005 20210228_162937 I hope you guys like my version. Comments are apprechiated.
  5. Recently bought the set 76173 (Spider Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage) and when looking that that odd looking muscle car on the box i thought "That could have been done better". So i dumped the instructions and designed my own Hell Charger. 20210324_120403 20210324_120432 20210324_120535 20210324_120611 20210324_120714 20210324_120920 There are also a few more images in this album: You´re guilty! This is also the debut of my new phone being used as a camera. The images might not be the best, but it will do for now. Like and comment if you want, i hope you enjoy my creation.
  6. Some pics of my almost square modular city. The layout consists of a lot of SNOT road and nine 32x32 plates. All modulars are placed on baseplates with plates under the modular baseplate. Sorry for my bad photoshopping skills. Most vehicles are mods or Mocs.
  7. Selander

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    Volvo dump truck, with tipper bed from set 4434. Rear Wheel mudguards need to be attached to the bed....
  8. Been a while since I posted here, but finally got bored enough to whip out the old camera. This one has been sitting on my desk for some time but in short: Front changed as well as interior and the biggie - an actual engine in the rear. More in the Flicker album No tutorial for now. May do one at a later date.
  9. This is basically the counterpart to Mister E´s Car, of which both are inspired by "70639: Street Race of Snake Jaguar". The Ice Ninja with the titanium Heart gets a hot rodded,mean looking van that was once used to carry big blocks of ice or ice cubes (the predessor of modern freezer trucks) The van contains many notable parts and design cues from Zane´s old motorbike like the azure blue intakes on the sides,the huge wheels in the back and the falcon shaped mascot above the windscreen. IMG_20180701_121444 IMG_20180701_121506 IMG_20180701_121512 IMG_20180701_121524 IMG_20180701_121537 IMG_20180701_121549 The rear compartment has enough room to store a whole arsenal of ninja weapons. The weapons are mounted on a slide out plate and can be attached to the rear for easy access for Zane and the other ninjas,just in case Ninjago needs some saving and crime fighting. IMG_20180701_122025 IMG_20180701_122130 IMG_20180701_122727 Hope you guys enjoy this wicked ride, comments are always welcome
  10. Selander

    MOC: Scania cab and chassis

    Here is a brand new take on a 6wide Scania truck. It's been a number of years since my last Scania and a bunch of new elements has been released since then..... No modified elements, but some black stickers to replicate front mudguards in a Scania-like-way....
  11. badchriss

    Tribute to Syd Mead: The Metrokab

    Small tribute to a great industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist who left this world just two days ago. He was a great influence on many works of science fiction (Blade Runner for example). This cubicle on wheels is based on the Metrocabs that roam the streets in the ever so rainy Los Angeles in Blade Runner. IMG_20191231_205609 IMG_20191231_205516 IMG_20191231_205701 IMG_20191231_205645 IMG_20191231_205632 The MOC itself might be a bit older, but i decided to make a few new pictures of it (still getting familiar with my pop up photo cube) Has Syd Mead, his works or his style ever inspired you? Well, how about a big roundup and show all your cyberpunk and/or near future-eque MOCs
  12. Long time since posting any trucks.... well here's a new vintage style timber transport truck inspired by Volvo F88, Hope you like it, comments and proposals welcome
  13. IMG_20180701_120744_1 I got the Idea for this MOC from bying the set "70639: Street Race of Snake Jaguar". I bet i´m not the only one who thinks that most sets that contain buildable bikes have the bikes way too large. Also,i´m more of a car guy and so turned the mean rides from this set into even meaner rides....on 4 wheels!!! Mister E´s muscle car features the same colorscheme as his old bike and the gang,while sporting a spiked bumper,exposed engine and a pair of shakotan exhaust pipes. Behind the drivers seat,there´s enough room for two swords,a place to store one of the oni-masks and a red flag shows exactly for what gang his (mechanical) heart beats. I hope you guys like this MOC, comments are always welcome. IMG_20180701_120757 IMG_20180701_120803 IMG_20180701_120814 IMG_20180701_120836 IMG_20180701_120913 IMG_20180701_120921
  14. A few days ago i got the smallest of the new JW sets for cheap,and of course bought it for the parts,the minifigures and the dinosaur.I already had other plans for this set which involved turning that weird looking oversized chunk on wheels into a better looking offroader. Thanks to the trapezoid shaped hood and the new fenders,it really looks like a Jeep Wrangler,which would fit the Jurassic Park theme quite well. I used most of the parts,a bunch of additional parts and the stickers to make it look like an official set. I really like how the rollcage turned out,i used pieces of the rigid hose,droid arms and those holders and shafts with clamp. The netshooter was removed,instead someone can stand on the truck bed and fire with the tranquilizer gun. IMG_20180630_152925 IMG_20180630_152947 IMG_20180630_153003 IMG_20180630_153019 IMG_20180630_153043 IMG_20180630_153055 IMG_20180630_153305 Well,happy dinosaur keeping,hope you like this MOC...comments are welcome.
  15. Whenever there is something broken or needs to be replaced,communal or private Repair Services rely on their own Fleet of utilarian Vehicles to get the Job done. The Waterworks Van was kinda inspired by a very similar looking Vehicle from GTA V.A generic blue Step Van with spare Pipes on the Roof and a bunch of Traffic Cones mounted on the Bumper 20170408_154930 20170408_154945 20170408_154958 20170408_155010 20170408_155026 I once found two of those old printed Panels from the Set 6422 "Telephone Repair Service" and instantly wanted to build a classic boxy Van around them. These Vehicles might not be pretty to look at (and they become even worse when in a rough Shape) but they get the Job done. 20170311_185022 20170311_185034 20170311_185048 20170311_185059 20170311_185110 Groupshots with other classic Step Vans i made 20170408_155150 20170408_155228 I hope you enjoyed them both,Comments are always welcome.
  16. badchriss

    [MODs] - Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Anyone remember last Year´s Spider-Man: Homecoming Sets?They were quite nice had some neat Playfeatures and a great Collection of Minifigures.But as a MOCer,they also looked kinda bland and lackluster.So i bought them both and modified the Bank from "ATM Heist Battle - 76082" and the white Van from "Beware the Vulture - 76083". As for the ATM Set,i added 2 additional Floors and a flat Rooftop so the whole Thing resembles a classic New York Tenement Building,although a very small one (Greenwich Village maybe...) Anyway,i wanted to keep the Playset Characteristic so i left it as a not very deep Facade instead of a real Building with hundreds of Bricks. 20170709_200350 20170709_200358 I even added a small cast iron Fire escape Ladder (i mean,what are New York Tenement Buildings without Fire Escape Ladders?...i know,a Deathtrap :D) 20170709_200405 20170709_200411 Well,this 100 Dollar Bill is out of Comission :D 20170709_200418 The Sideview shows that the Building is still kept very small and that the Playfeatures are still usable 20170709_200444 Next Modification was the white Van from the aforementioned Set.I wanted it to be 6wide and make it more look like an actual Ford Econoline (even if the Grill hints more to the 2008 Model instead of the older one that was used in the actual Movie Scene) I wanted to use most Pieces of the Set,even the stickered ones... 20170723_192338 Well,the Grille sure looks a bit like a modern Ford Econoline,even if the Hood is a bit krinkled and damaged..well,what´s a proper getaway Car with a few Bumps and Bruises? 20170723_192403 20170723_192412 If you are following a Criminal in a High Speed Pursuit,always be sure to have a bit of Distance.First,the Criminals driving Style might be a bit "shocking" and second it could happen that the rear Hatch pops oben and reveals a second Criminal with a big Gun. 20170723_192349 20170723_192431 The Inside of the Van with Shocker,the masked Crook and the stolen Goods.... 20170723_192536 I hope you like my small Modifications,Comments are always welcome...
  17. Ninjas in tricked out Hotrods?Why not?This wild Ride belongs to the Ninja with the Titanium (and everything else) Heart,Zane. The loud Pipes and the growling Engine might not be very stealthy,but this hotrodded Van is definitely cool like a Ninja. Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #2 Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #1 I tried to incorporate some notable Parts from Zanes Bike out of the recent S.O.G. Ninjago Sets and thought about how a mean Custom Car for Zane would look. Well,the Renderings show pretty much how the final Model will look. So,what do you think of it?
  18. Welcome the newest Addition to the Traffic of tomorrow....well,actually i made this Car a while ago but forgot to post it. It´s a sleek and fast Coupe with long Tailfins and an overall Design that was inspired by the roaring 1950s. The People of Lego City will sure turn their Heads when they see this Baby glide past them. 20170723_191842 20170723_191859 20170723_191923 20170723_191934 I hope you like my newest Creation. Comments are always welcome.
  19. The "ARV"-Armored Recreational Vehicle ---------------------------------------- The post-apocalyptic Wastelands in the Future can be quite dangerous and treacherous,but what if you have a Family you want to protect and you want to find a better Place to live? Well,just hope you got one of these,the "ARV" (stands for "Armored Recreational Vehicle). A once ordinary Offroad Van,this Allwheel drived Vehicle gets through pretty much everything thanks to the rugged and massive Cage that protects the vulnerable Enginebay and Windshield from Damage. I wanted to try the new flared Fender Pieces Lego introduced this Year and one Thing i immediatly thought of was "rugged 4x4 Camper". The Roofrack holds some Luggage and Sparewheels which are hold in Place by a strong Net. The Grill Area contains a Nod to 2 older Lego Sets,Hero Factory (see the little Badge?) and Power Miners. IMG_20171217_135801 IMG_20171217_135719 IMG_20171217_135659 IMG_20171217_135626 IMG_20171217_135612 IMG_20171217_135559 IMG_20171217_135531 I hope you like this Creation,Comments are always welcome :D
  20. Motorcity - Toxic Waste Truck ------------------------------------- Well Folks here it is,the Toxic waste Truck with Trailer that was inspired by the Artwork and Style of the old Disney XD Show "Motorcity". motorcity-Brandon-2-759x1024 The Truck is a bulky Cab over Engine Semi with a remarkably short Wheelbase (the Lego Model is prone to tipping over without the attached Trailer :D). The Wasteland of tomorrow is a tough Place and so the Vehicles need to be tough,too.A narrow Windshield and an overall armored Appearance make this Truck look rigid enough to survive pretty much everything. While the Truck rolls on conventionally enforced Rubber Tyres,the Toxic Waste Trailer relies on Repulsor Pads for a smooth Ride.Of course the Trailer can only be moved with a Powersource attached to it (most Cases a motorized Vehicle attached to the Trailer will do as a Powersource). The rigid Cage around the actual Tank provides Protection from all sorts of Threads like Road Pirates,Mines or falling Rocks. IMG_20171211_191609 IMG_20171211_191634 IMG_20171211_191704 IMG_20171211_191735 IMG_20171211_191748 IMG_20171211_191808 IMG_20171211_191821 IMG_20171211_191842 IMG_20171211_191906 IMG_20171211_192015 IMG_20171211_192048 IMG_20171211_192428 Hope you Guys like this crazy Build,it was really Fun to design and build. Comments are always welcome.
  21. Well,the "build a futuristic Vehicle"-Bug bit me again and i checked i Folder of cool Scifi Artworks for Inspiration. I found this Artwork of a Toxic Waste Truck with Trailer from the Cartoon Show "Motorcity" and i really liked it,so i gave it a go. motorcity-Brandon-2-759x1024 The Truck itself is pretty much done,but i´m having trouble designing the protective Cage for the toxic Waste Tank. concept concept #1 concept #3 Maybe one of you Guys have a good Idea.It doesn´t have to look exactly like in the Artwork,just a rugged Rollcage similar to the one in the Artwork would be okay. concept #4 I uploaded the lxf File just in Case:
  22. The Armored Ice Cream Van. ------------------------------------ We all remember the Times when we rushed out of the House at the one Moment we heard the Icescream Van Jingle to get a cold Treat. These Times are long gone now,and instead of Happy Go Lucky Times,War has risen in the Wastelands around the abandoned and desolate Lego City. Live is tough,and so are the Vehicles the Scavengers,Pirates and Thugs are driving. This Van was once an Ice Cream Van,you can still see the Loudspeaker on the Roof and the Side Hatch from where you could greet happy Customers. I had a lot of fun building this Thing and i used different Colors of Bricks to get this post apocalyptic Car some Texture.Don`t know where that dark red Sail comes from but i really liked it and so it found its Way on the Van. The Idea for the Armored Van came from a similar Vehicle in GTA V,it even shares the manned Turret from which you can get some Distance between You and those pesky Pirates. I had a lot of Fun building this one. Hope you like it,Comments are welcome... 20170709_180426 20170709_180434 20170709_180449 20170709_180528 20170709_180554 20170709_180602 20170709_180615 20170709_180625
  23. badchriss

    [MOC] Lego City Future - Hovercab

    Lego City Future - Hovercab ------------------------------------ Inspired by the amazing Shapes of Gerald Riedmann`s Work i designed another neat little Hovercar for my "Lego City Future" Scenario. This Taxi Van was build for tight urban Landscapes.Large Doors ensure the easy Entrance of Passengers on both Sides and the Taxi can be piloted by a biological Humanoid and a Droid. The Roof shows a bit of Advertising and the rear End houses the powerful Antigrav Engine. 20170709_181529 20170709_181548 20170709_181554 20170709_181613 20170709_181637 20170709_181645 20170709_181717 This Model was quite fun to build,even if it has some minor Kinks.The dark green Roofs were actually just used until some black or yellow Parts can be found but after a while i really started to like the Color Combination of yellow,black and dark green. Hope you like this new MOC,Comments are always welcome.
  24. Welcome to Gallardo's Garage, here I will be posting up each of my newest city Car MOCs including past cars I've already shared here. the newest car will be added to the end of this first post. Featured New Car: The Dodge Viper ACR (2009) The American Club Racing (ACR) model's upgrades included street-legal racing tires (Michelin Pilot Sport Cups which Michelin describes as "Ultra-High Performance Sport tires"),two-piece brake rotors, adjustable suspension, and significant aerodynamic revision. No engine modifications were made, so power and torque remain at 600 hp (450 kW) and 560 lb·ft (760 N·m) as in the standard SRT-10. The ACR is street-legal! Weight was also decreased by 40 lb (18 kg) by using the "Hardcore Package", without AC, radio, speakers, amplifier, trunk carpet, hood pad or tire-inflator. Its aerodynamic upgrades produce up to 1000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph (240 km/h), or roughly 10 times the downforce the standard Viper SRT-10 can produce at the same speed. The interior was upgraded only by the addition of a beacon-tripped lap timer (Hardcore Edition Only). The Lego version is quite similar, with its aggressive stance, large brakes, and complete aerodynamic package. this Viper is ready to Terrorize the streets of a quite Lego city near you! (well maybe only near me for now). so here it is, The 2009 Dodge Viper ACR, 6w+, 18 studs long! Side view here it is easy to see the large disc brakes. Big thank you to ER0L for showing the tire trick this was adapted from! the signature A-symetrical racing stripes are very easy to see from this angle, running across the entire car length! this last one is for the MOCpages contest, just to prove that yes a Figure can fit in the car completely! (if i remove the stripe on the roof i can give him a helm too) Current cars: KTM X-BOW: (Original thread: X-BOW) Ford GT40 MKI: (Original Thread:GT40) Renault Alpine A442: (Original Post:A442) Pagani Huayra: (Original Post:Huayra) Maserati MC12: (Original Post:MC12) Renault Espace F1: (Original Post:Espace F1) Dodge Viper ACR: (Original Post:Viper ACR) Comments and Critiques are welcomed for all cars!
  25. badchriss

    [MOC] - American Food Truck

    Okay Guys here it is,my newest MOC. As some of you may remember,i designed it a while back on Lego Digital Designer with the upcoming Lego City Pizza Van in Mind. I liked the Ideas and Colors,but the Overall Design of this Food Truck wasn`t to my liking.So i changed it into an american styled classic Stepvan with brightly Colors,on Board Kitchen and Decals. As you can see,i also used some very old Pieces in this MOC,for example that white printed 2x2 Tile or the rear Doors.I kinda liked these oddball Details so i used them. This Food Truck pretty much has the same Features as the regular Set and doesn`t feature any fancy Buildingtechniques. Maybe this is a Start for a whole Series of Stepvans,i sure have one or another Idea in my Mind.... Hope you like my newest MOC,Comments are welcome 20170225_211126 20170225_211150 20170225_211210 20170225_211223 20170225_211238 20170225_211320 20170225_211336 20170225_211343 20170225_211400 20170225_211438