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  1. Quick lil' monster. I like the geometry of the front too..
  2. Surprised me too that you didn't fit (at least) into the runner ups. Well built, well presented model you made. On my list you are in the top 3 if it helps.
  3. Congrats Ilea, I'm happy for you.
  4. What dark things are just coming up from the deep.... I'm proud of you. I didn't see this coming.
  5. Oh, the hasty me... The "half" slipped my attention. Can I take it back?
  6. There is a different way to get black bushes: And due to the nature of this topic I'm really really ashamed.
  7. Great looking concept. Real badass . And the colorscheme is spot on. Frame is so familiar from somewhere, but I can't recall.... Charger is a fabulous extension for the subject.
  8. [MOC] VW Golf GTI MkI

    Oh, you've built my childhood ido l.... And the way you did it, just wow. I love it.
  9. Nice curves all around, amazingly caught details.
  10. @Didumos69 Thank you for posting them. @mocbuild101 Thanks, I like to build in small scale, there wasn't many gearbox on the "market" in this size. Just filled the gap.
  11. Purism

    Where should I sign this? I agree. I still hold my opinion though, with a coding we could ease the tension and avoid being missunderstood.
  12. Purism

    @J_C I used to build Revell plane model 1:144 scale a lot, I might have been infected back then and make me do thing these days like this: When I realized that the emptied 36T gear fits perfectly (like...two lego pieces ) on the outer circle of the differential I couldn't resist to go forward with the experiment. While I consider this my biggest sin, I forgive myself as both parts are still in production, (so I replaced them from bricklink) and never used the modified part in published build. I know it doesn't save me from burning in Lego hell, but good to know that all the official designers gonna be around me in the flames...
  13. Purism

    @Jeroen Ottens It is great to hear an insider about the subject, especially with the regret on the V-engine holders design. Now I know who should I blame.... Yesss!!!! Justification at last!!!
  14. As it is a thread under your management and you have more experience shaping topics I'd be honored if you do it for me. Not to mention it is shaping up to be a busy weekend that is why I could not make a specific timing on it. Two of my gearboxes have their own topics here and there is one under the 8880 evo too. Thank you in advance.
  15. Continued to follow your build and the outcome is really satisfying by every meaning. After reading @Meatman's comment I had a look on google to check the engine bay of the real one and I don't see the problem. By proportion your solution is much closer to the reality than the standard lego engine would be. Overall it is a well recognizable model from every angle, one of the best captured bodywork ever. (for me at least)