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  1. Attika

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    good stuff makes me proud
  2. Attika

    [MOC] Unimog U400

    I haven't been around for a while, yet I came back just in time to see something incredible. Such a density of perfection. Kudos
  3. Very interesting concept on every level. Drivetrain, suspension, both quite unique solutions (at least for my eyes) and the bodywork makes it pretty. I'd love to see it on video.
  4. Attika

    Lego Mini Tatra 815-7 8x8 1/18

    Looks nice, drives nice, solid job again, congrats. I perfectly understand the way of your thinking. My first build with the new hubs was also a tatra with buggy motors. It is mini compare to mine at least. Besides, building a driven tatra suspension in this scale is more of a challenge than using solid axles. (I suppose)
  5. Attika

    Technic SUV, Chassis and Axles

    HOG means "hand of god". It is simply a steering output outside of the body to enhance playability, regardless that you use gear rack, or not. Nothing to do with each other as a matter of choice. Would be easier though, if you share the current state of the build. A technical question. Are you building it digitally only, or you have a hard copy (plastic) on your desk?
  6. Attika

    Technic SUV, Chassis and Axles

    Looking forward to see the developement.
  7. Attika

    Technic SUV, Chassis and Axles

    I quite like the axle design. While the way they are connected to the chassis, raises the question: Is there anything to keep the axles centered? Beside that, I'd recommend to move the shock absorbers closer to the axle, preferably right above the half axles to avoid the tilting effect when the suspension is compressed. Also worth to connect them close, or top of the wheelhubs, so the structure of your axle not involved in carrying the weight.
  8. It's a unique idea, nicely executed and packed in the theme adorably. You've got no reason not to be proud about this project.
  9. Hi @Dimitry Very pleasant modification of the original. A bit more detailed description would definitely help the audience to appreciate the work behind it. I can see a number of studless beams replacing the original ones. The detailed exhaust system is surely a nice touch. Same on the engine. Noticed the HOG is imprisoned. Why did you keep it? Are there any changes under the hood? I mean the gearbox, suspension?
  10. Wow guys, you two should work together. Same idea, same editorial tools, even the title!......what are the chances... On the other hand, that box deserved the dedicated video for sure.
  11. Attika

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    It's the cheapest available on ebay. Here is a link: I suppose you should check out the relevant videos from @rm8 as he has probably sources with easier accessibility, even maybe local in Russia.
  12. Attika

    [MOC] 1966 Classic Batmobile

    It is well beyond fantastic. You!re on fire mate. A week since the Ford hit us! Don't stop!!!
  13. Attika


    Looks pretty sick. For a couple of days I skipped it on youtube, as it looked on the thumbnail pic like a modified Arrma Infraction. I had to face the reality here and realise it is your work and made of lego.
  14. Attika

    grego18f's MOCs and ideas

    Great mod indeed.
  15. Attika

    [MOC] 4x4 Volkswagen Beetle

    Very clever build, I like it a lot. Suspension is a piece of cake in itself.