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  1. Attika

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Point taken, and it is a fair point. Yet I still expect a smaller ratio. This is how stubborn I am. If you're right, it's gonna be painfully slow. We'll see anyway.
  2. Attika

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I know I'll need 13 of them. 12 to use, one to find out what's the end of it. The only report I met told it to be not too different, but slightly bigger than the current mold. He claimed it had metal gearing, but only on "how it felt" he had no visual or any other backup on that. I expect something similar planetary system, what they aready use in the PF motors. That doesn't feel plastic so much as it is. And it is an existing, more less prooven system. He also said it had 1 to 4 reduction. Giving the fact that the whole post sounded like a description given by my 8 year old niece, I would say that is a lot. I expect 1 to 3. That ratio has a big tradition in TLG. And you don't need stronger joints behind a 1to4 reduction, do you? On the geometry: given that they use the 56x34 rims (as much as that single blurry picture assumes) I guess it keeps the 5L setup , so the steering linkage geometry remains the same. It could and must however grow in some direction, so it is either taller than 3 stud, or/and become "deeper" so the wheel gets further from the kingpin. If it will fit in the porsche rim, I'll be the happiest nerd on the globe. Disclsure: All the above is speculation, built on high hopes and an unprofesional report from Idon'tknowwho. I have no idea about the stronger joints, yet it is a crutial point to support the hub.
  3. Attika

    [Moc] Svetruck 16120 Forklift

    Vi taler ikke dansk (we don't speak danish) (yet)
  4. Attika

    [Moc] Svetruck 16120 Forklift

    @Bjarne I've just googled the real thing as I wasn't familiar with this brand. You've done a great job on the apparence. I'd love to see it in work. Is there a plan for a video, or something? I guess it would help to gather supporters too. The one thing that bothers me is the lift height of the forks. 10cm if I'm not mistaken. The real couterpart has a telescopic mast. Didn't you want to recreate that feature on your model? You just envy the enthusiasm of newcomers , don't you? Don't worry, I feel your pain, Bro.
  5. Convincing experiment, very out of the box kind as well. I spent some time to find the source of the anomaly. I had the gearbox driven by an L motor. I held my finger lightly on the central diff to imitate the resistance that coming back from the drivetrain. All I can think as the source of the problem after your latest test is the lenght of the axle between the stepper and the rotary catch. In my case it was 8 stud. That might be unrealistic in a proper build however. Looking forward to see what comes out of this idea and sorry if my doubts were holding you back. In the other hand the world would have been poorer by a video where a supercar is pushed and pulled with a freshly designed seq. stepper. It must be one of a kind...
  6. As I figured, the reason is the number of connections. On the slack of the bevels, and lego being plastic, it looses some degrees on the output. The loss is proportionate to the resistace applied. You can try yours without gearbox. Just apply some resistance with your thumb on the output saft and see if it can complete the gearchange. Nevertheless it is a remarkable concept. I should say: Not bad for a prototype. I've got something to play with this evening.
  7. Kudos, great idea. Can/will you use it in the diagonal drive project? Size matters I suppose. Edit: I've built it and tested. For me it tends to fail as it meets some resistance from the output side. Edit 2.Hooked it up on a gearbox with the rotary catch and having a hard time around the 4th gear on a loaded drivetrain. Could be just this particular setup though. Did you run any test under load?
  8. Attika

    [MOC] RC drift car

    Looks cool, runs well, no reason to not to give a . As someone who has been experimenting on drift cars, I have to say you harvested the most what is possible in this size with this build. Stickers look good, but the mandatory belly shot doesn't reveal much.
  9. Yes, the teeth are straight, but due to the torque there is a minor "deformation" that makes a slight angle between the two parts. If it wasn't there we wouldn't have the problem of disengagement under torque in the first place. But it is plastic, not metal so we have it. Too bad. It was working on my (unpublished) 4 speed sequential "supercar". Although I have to admit it was equipped with 2 buggy motors and those have different caracteristic from the PF XL. So it is a fair point. Taking your priorities in consideration you may be right to gear it down.
  10. I'm not a fan of that idea. Once it is messy, or it becomes that in short time. Second, the same friction that causes the problem- by definition- helps to keep the engagement stable under higher torque. And that is where the problem becomes layered: Without lubrication the engagement kept in more-less by the friction between the ring and the c.gear. If you lubricate it, this friction is eliminated so your ring wanna slide out from the c.gear and the ring will get forced against the orange rotary catch. As it is a stationary part, it will create friction on the rotating ring and this friction grows by the torque applied on this system. So lubrication is a trade-off in my view. Just release the throttle for a fraction of a second at the gearchange and it is sorted. Just like in real cars. Disclaimer: It takes a while to master which fraction of that second is when you take the gas off.
  11. When it is in 4th gear -being the quickest- puts the drivetrain under the highest torque. When I say drivetrain, I mean the "ring-clutchgear connection". So when these two are forced against each other, it takes more muscle for the changing mechanism to pull it out. I suppose your shifter is just around that limit with it's strenght to accomplish the task. If you take the throttle off in the time of that gearchange and it goes well, it's a sign of this phenomena. Edit: I'm talking about the former, failing shifter, not the newly posted. Idon't know that yet.
  12. Attika

    42100 - Still a toy?

    42100 has 2 hubs, 7 motors and 4000+ parts for 450 42099 has 1 hub, 3 motors and 958 parts for 230 So for a bit more than half price you get less than one third of the stuff. Is it really the Liebherr we should be thinkering about? On the subject For me this excavator isn't one toy, but 4108 separatelly usable piece (of toy) that happend to come in a form of a mine machinery. But if some of these parts are ending up being built into my camera stand, they suddenly turn into a tool. So I dunno.
  13. I love it. For cleaning sticker residue: WD40
  14. I had doubts, you 've pooved me wrong. So business as usual. Nicely done.
  15. Cool project, I understand the frustration that drove you to get on with this. I'm one of those who didn't even bother to buy this set due to the problems you've listed and because it is too blue for me. Currently I'm working on a same size MOC and came across the same issue on spring strenght. I've been using one of my old developement from an unpublished MOC that was way lighter than this current one. Could not support the weight, so I redesigned it into a pushrod (like) setup. Took me about 5 hours to get it and that made me thinking if I could do it why TLG had to release the Chiron with the flawed design. Anyway, they know better. About the ride height adjustment First I appreciate it very much, however there is one thing I'd like to mention regarding this setup: If you are using one wormgear only then the angle of the two 24T gears will not be the same. There is a 7.5 (360/24/2) degree difference between the left and the right part due to the lack of symmetry of the wormger. It is minuscule, so I don't think it needs to be addressed as a problem. I was just gonna highlight the existance of this anomaly around the setup. I've been trying to use the same setup but with 8t gears around the wormgear and that resulted even bigger difference (22,5 degrees 360/8/2) what renered it useless for me at that time. It's great to see you started from scratch. Patching up a flawed design always gonna be a patched up flawed design, glad you didn't choose that.