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  1. Attika

    [MOC] 1966 Classic Batmobile

    It is well beyond fantastic. You!re on fire mate. A week since the Ford hit us! Don't stop!!!
  2. Attika


    Looks pretty sick. For a couple of days I skipped it on youtube, as it looked on the thumbnail pic like a modified Arrma Infraction. I had to face the reality here and realise it is your work and made of lego.
  3. Attika

    grego18f's MOCs and ideas

    Great mod indeed.
  4. Attika

    [MOC] 4x4 Volkswagen Beetle

    Very clever build, I like it a lot. Suspension is a piece of cake in itself.
  5. Attika

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    That's a very nice pickup mod there. Kudos
  6. As much as I could see the structure around, here is an idea: Still should be attached from below. The ground clearance grows by a stud on the middle section. Hope it fits.
  7. The 5:1 ratio comes before the differential. Replacing a diff can't effect this ratio, as it appears on the input axle of the differential . When we add the differential and bring it into the math, then the ratio on the output axles of the diff is (5x.071) 3.55:1. In the other case, if we replace the diff with the 12/20, and bring that in the math the ratio is (5x0.6) 3:1 on the output axle again. The ratio for the replacement is still valid: 3 / 3.55 =0.84, but logically, the differential replacement quotient (0.84) shouldn't be applied on a ratio (5:1) what doesn't include the differential. In other words the 4.2 is a theoretical number here. If you compare the motor rpm to any axles on the way down the drivetrain, non will give you this ratio. Sorry if I'm too fixated on this question, my ocd kicks in when being around numbers. Also just realised: "Good point, I will keep it." That makes the math around the replacement rather pointless.
  8. The 5:1 comes as 60/20 x 20/12. With differential (20/28) it goes down to 5 x 0.71 = 3.55:1. If 12/20 replaces the diff, then it gives 5 x 0.6 = 3:1 in my books. I guess the differential is handy if you want to keep the speed while cornering. I'd keep it. I can wait.... It won't fail, just comes to balance with the new XL motors and electronics. Talking of the wish/dream: The main barrier is the overall power difference between 4 PF-L on buwizz vs. 2 "over protected" C+XL's. Just getting my first steps with a borrowed buwizz and it makes a difference, I have to admit. So does the absence of it in this case. If the dream can be rearranged along with the gears, then it'll be ok.
  9. Looks pretty cool. Considering the size of the obstacles, the performance is still great.
  10. Still in my head In case if it "will fail", there's room to play with gear ratios. Had an idea, I'm sure you've been thinking of it too. Reducing the number of gears and keeping the 60/20, what goes 20/12 into the differential. That gives 5:1 before the diff. That's a reasonable step back from 8.33 and still above the 2.77 featured in the original A model. Sort of a"Plan B", I guess.
  11. Oh, come on! That would put me in a very grinchy position.
  12. I keep thinking about it, and this doesn't let me be still: In the original model the same electrics were geared up 2.77 before the diffs. (20/12x20/12). In your setup this number is 8.333 (before the diffs). That is -by the nature of the available ratios- exactly 3 times faster. So we expect to have third of the torque compare to the original. I did not buy the it, but I've had an occasion to play it aroud back in the late summer and it was rather modest on the torque department to begin with. Hence the gearswaps came to be popular. What do you think?
  13. That is an ambitious upgearing there, very peculiar concept. Looking forward to see it on your rug.
  14. Such a beauty! Love that boxy look of it. There's no shortage of power with 4 XL motors, I suppose?