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  1. Hi, I'm glad for your interest and don't give up waiting for the instructions, however I wouldn't go so far to define "soon". Lately I'm a bit busy and that is combined with the mess of moving house right now. But I'll try my best to make an instruction before the first snow hits us this year. There is an lxf file above somewhere made by fellow brickers, that's slightly different from my original model as some connections couldn't be done on the digital designer. Long story short: I'll do it, but right now all my legos are in boxes. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
  2. oops I don't know how could I mess up the numbers... I blame the busy week behind me. Corrected them above as of course I thought about 90's not 45's. Speaking of 3+R and other reverse combined gearboxes: If there is a reverse gear there should be a neutral too. In case if we are chasing the realistic solution.
  3. Without saying it is impossible my thought on the subject is quite pessimistic. The rotary catch has been designed to work on 90 degree basis, what means it can take 4 phase only. When I've built the centered gearbox with the 120 degree connectors, the engagement, disengagement wasn't really accurate due to the corrupted angle (120 instead of 90). Although it was working on the display model but I'm sure under stress (torque) it would show the signs of slipping. By the way it's a pleasure to see @BusterHaus using these connector too. The reason I still think it is possible: I can picture a type of gearbox where the gear changing involves not just turning the rotary catch, but changing the position of one of the axles around it. As I see it there is no other way to cheat the 4 phase nature of this new part. And even if it would've been built, I assume it's practical value would still remain really low. I hope someone will proove me wrong.
  4. Bad news, no difference. it sits up on the outer collar and that is exactly the same as the DBG Good news:
  5. Meatman posted a video from Paul on the 2. page of this topic. It uses only one rotary catch. I've used the phrase "based" on it, cos when I built it I found that one of the axles can be eliminated. And another pic in this topic gave the idea to use the 20T clutch gears that takes the 12/20 ratio inside the box. The reason I'm trying to lower the number of axles is to reduce friction. Also I insist to keep the ratos (0.2, 0.33, 0.66, 1) as practically I find these useful. In the meantime I've built a chassis around to test it and it works surprisingly well. Awaits for an outdoor test as the livingroom turned out to be small.
  6. Well, while the conscious me wasn't gonna go for symmetry, the subconscious me just could not let it go. The strange mixture of this psychological nonsense resulted in a non practical but symmetrical layout. Please take it as a thought experiment: A little change that I left out the 20T clutch gears from this version. (still based on Pauls layout)
  7. Yeap @Didumos69, I follow your fight towards perfection. I had little expectation towards this rotary catch for first, but after just testing that setup under stress, I have to say I'm happy wit it. From where I'm standing this gearbox is considerably smaller then the old type, more durable and reliable and since the last pics, I've changed the servo to an M motor with a back to center part (hockey spring or what is that). Sticked an L motor on the input and abused it to find the weak spot. It didn't let me down. (yet) Regarding that clutch gear. It's ok there, always rotates the same direction as the axle. Those AWD gearboxes you've mentioned, if you remember mine had an asymmetric input, only the output was centered. And from all of my gearboxes that was the only axle ever in center. So your fight for symmetry is rather personal. So will be the victory
  8. Hi everyone, I could not resist to take my turn on this topic, however what you'll see here is based on @Paul Boratko's gearbox. I've really appreciated that it's offered the good old ratios. I don't build digitally, so I've made a dummy frame for the mechanism. I hope it gives you the view to clearify what is going on in there: It uses only four axles plus the selector axle and there is only one 16T clutchgear involved in forwarding torque. (I know @Didumos69 it is one more than ideal ) Some pics in the proper housing: The red connector is the input, yellows are the output, the white ox thingy is the limiter (1-4). There is a knobwheel too that indicates my attempt on the motorized stepper: Looks awful doesn't it? Well I couldn't get rid of my old stepper idea... That's it. Works well all around, but I wouldn't say it is the proper (final) execution. Meant to be a proof of concept and I hope it inspires some upcoming ideas of yours. Have a lovely weekend.
  9. Nice work there @IRONDUCK. You and @Void_S made a fantastic job. Thanks guys. Shame on me I was busy/lazy to make proper instructions. Speaking of illegal connections I know it is a headacke when it comes to digitalizing a model, but I'm a well known outlaw and I don't build digitaly. In fact latelly I don't build much at all. Hereby I grab the opportunity to say thank you to @Jim for placing this build to the HoF. Also kudos to @Didumos69 for pushing this HoF thingy. Sorry for being away so long (and it's not even over yet), one day I'll catch up with myself and -as a famous robot once said- I'll be back. Keep building guys! @Bublehead I'm looking forward to see your version...
  10. Quick lil' monster. I like the geometry of the front too..
  11. Surprised me too that you didn't fit (at least) into the runner ups. Well built, well presented model you made. On my list you are in the top 3 if it helps.
  12. Congrats Ilea, I'm happy for you.
  13. What dark things are just coming up from the deep.... I'm proud of you. I didn't see this coming.
  14. Oh, the hasty me... The "half" slipped my attention. Can I take it back?
  15. There is a different way to get black bushes: And due to the nature of this topic I'm really really ashamed.