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  1. paave

    [TC18] Ferrari F40

    Made the building instructions:
  2. 41. Ferrari F40 - Opening doors, trunk, bonnet- Pop-up headlights- Working V8 engine- HOG-steering- Removable and modular body Video: More photos in the topic:
  3. paave

    [TC18] Ferrari F40

    Thanks for your positive feedback
  4. paave

    [TC18] Ferrari F40

    Thank you! No, there isn't space for that
  5. Video: - Opening doors, trunk, bonnet - Pop-up headlights - Working V8 engine - HOG-steering - Removable and modular body Building instructions:
  6. Thanks! I made the free instructions:
  7. This MOC is a mix of LEGO City 60196 and Bell Osprey. It was funny, I had started to make it just before knowing there would be Osprey set for this year - Tilting rotors - Rotating propellers - Rudder, elevators and flaps control - HOG-steering + rudder - Suspension - Opening front and cargo doors
  8. Pneumatic Grab Machine is something like futuristic excavator with grab function - Pneumatic cylinders - Manual pump control - 2 M-Motors for drive - PF Battery Box - IR receiver
  9. paave


    Thanks! Postapocalyptic cars are not only about fancy weapons and such, as I see it. I tried to keep the Interceptor spirit as well, but supercharger doesn't fit to electric car. I think, it's enough modified to regular Cybertruck, isn't it?
  10. 12. MAD MUSK CYBERTRUCK Classic Mad Max V8 Interceptor style, it's all black, got 2 doors, one seat and instead of fuel tanks there are solar panels and batteries for energy. - 4x4- Leaf spring suspension- PF: 2L, Servo, IRv2, LiPo- Opening doors, hood, tailgate- Doors with locks and springs- Removable body
  11. Hello. Here's the Cybertruck. Classic Mad Max V8 Interceptor style, it's all black, got 2 doors, one seat and instead of fuel tanks there are solar panels and batteries for energy - 4x4 - Leaf spring suspension - PF: 2L, Servo, IRv2, LiPo - Opening doors, hood, tailgate - Doors with locks and springs - Removable body And the video:
  12. Here's my camper truck - PF: XL, Servo, IR, LiPo - Leaf spring front suspension - Leaf springs and shocks at the rear - Opening doors, luggage hatch, roof hatch - Adjustable seats - Descending door ladder - Retractable side "tent" - Transforming roof sleeper - Removable body. Don't ask me, why there's no interior.
  13. paave

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Not enough space, and I really wanted an extra wheel to fit the trunk, because usually there is no possibility for that in such small mocs
  14. paave

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Thanks all. It's indeed inspired by Dodge Charger 1970. Now there's building instructions:
  15. Hi! There's a third version of my muscle car: - PF: XL, M, IR, LiPo - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Independent front suspension - Leaf spring rear suspension - Working supercharger - Rubber return to center mechanism - Adjustable seats - Removable body. Video: More photos: Building Instructions: