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  1. I have recreated this model. Now there's Turbo version with roof and spoiler: Made instructions for both Cabriolet and Turbo:
  2. Thanks! I might try to rebuild it later with some fixes possible.
  3. You compare the pictures from different angles, but actually yes, there's something with the roof. I noticed this, but putting it even a stud lower makes it look totally wrong. The overall looks for me has more priority than 100% proportions.
  4. Thanks! I prefered the simpliest decision with the reverse panel, it looks more harmonical and finished for me. The real thing is actually curved too, just not as much as the panel I used. I didn't want the whole rear looking totally flat. You can actually see the line in the door section. In the front I chose to put the 5x3 panel vertically, because I wanted it to look different than other Ferrari MOCs you could see from other people, who put 7x3 panel horizontally, so the line is possible to create. It was just about originality.
  5. I'd like to present a new MOC of mine - Ferrari F355 Scale: 1:10 Size: 43L, 21W, 13H, cm Weight: 1429g Parts: 1410 Video: Features: - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Pop-up headlights - Independent suspension - Remote control with Power Functions - PF: 2L, Servo, IR, LiPo You can find the instruction on Rebrickable page:
  6. Thanks! These panels are used to replicate the deepenings in the body, same as the reverse ones put on doors. I find it the best solution.
  7. Here's my replication of the classic Range Rover 3 door Info: Scale: 1:13 Size: L35, W15, H16, cm Weight: 1069g Parts: 1085. Video: Features: - 4x4 - Dependent suspension - Panhard rods on both axles - Opening doors, bonnet, tailgate - Adjustable seats - Modular construction - Remote control with PF: 2L, Servo, IR, LiPo. Original truck: Building Instruction can be found on Rebrickable:
  8. My next alternate model of the 42125 set - Dune Buggy It's a replication of the well-known Meyers Manx dune buggy. Also the BF Injection in the GTA games. Size: L35, W19, H13, cm Parts: 665 Weight: 610g. Features: - Opening bonnet and trunk - Full independent suspension - H4-engine - Working steering wheel. A width is 2 studs shorter, than it's in the original set, so I used the floating differential suspension system. Working well. See the video: Instruction is available on Rebrickable:
  9. My next alternate model of 42125 set: Old Truck Size: 41L, 19W, 16H, cm Weight: 800g Parts: 956 Features: - Opening doors, tailgate - 4l-engine - Dependent front suspension with shocks - Dependent leaf spring rear suspension with Panhard rod - Working steering wheel Video: More ptohos: Instruction:
  10. Thanks! Yes, it's not hard to put 11L liftarms there, but there are reasons not to do. With these gaps it's easy to turn on/off the battery, just using the antenna, so no disassembling and extra parts needed; the tower shape looks more rounded; the design is more clean; and generally, moderate level of gaps is a common thing in official technic models, and I personally like it Never happened during the tests. They may touch a bit, but it doesn't turn into accidents. To be more safe, some rubbers can be used to get the cables together in the center
  11. My new creation: Lighthouse Size: 12L, 11W, 53H, cm Parts: 400 Weight: 600g Features: - Working lights - 360° rotation - Opening door - PF: 2x LED, M-motor, LiPo-battery, IR-receiver Video: The instruction is free, it's inside the video. Check the Rebrickable page for the inventory: More Photos:
  12. Since the 42125 Ferrari set has blades... The features are: - Rotating propellers - Collective pitch control - Folding blades Video: More photos: Rebrickable page:
  13. This is my alternate model for the 42125 Ferrari 488 set - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Scale: 1:10 Parts: 1181 Size: 45L, 20W, 12H, cm Weight 988g - Independent suspension - Working steering wheel - Fake engine - Opening doors with limiters - Opening front part of the bonnet You can find the building instruction on Rebrickable: