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  1. Didn't see that episode, interesting!
  2. If you haven't seen square wheels car in action, this video is for you: I tested it on flat and special surfaces. PF: M, LiPo, IR. Isn't much to say more. Rebrickable:
  3. That's an option, I don't prefer it though
  4. Thanks. I agree it would look better without the receivers, but I don't use 3rd party parts. There's isn't much to do with the cables
  5. 29. Wille Loader Features: - Drive (L-motor) - Articulated steering (M-motor + 2x linear actuator) - Bucket lift (L-motor) - Bucket tilt (L-motor) - Front and rear lights (2x LED) - LiPo-battery - 2x IR-receiver Dimensions: 35L x 13W x 17H = 7735, stud^3 Photos: Video:
  6. My entry for TC22: Wille Loader Based on Wille Machines 35L x 13W x 17H = 7735, stud^3 Features: - Drive (L-motor) - Articulated steering (M-motor + 2x linear actuator) - Bucket lift (L-motor) - Bucket tilt (L-motor) - Front and rear lights (2x LED) - LiPo-battery - 2x IR-receiver Video: More photos: Rebrickable page: Sorry for being late, got really lost in time. Thanks the admins for letting me join anyway
  7. Thanks. I also used those parts the same panel way in my another Ferrari F12 Berlinetta alternate. I know this fact. "Ferrari Enzo" is still a common name and less confusing between car and person.
  8. My next alternate model of 42125: Ferrari Enzo Features: - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Independent suspension - Fake engine - Working steering wheel Video: There's much influence of the 8653 set, which is my favorite one. So it's a kind of modern representation I made Rebrickable page:
  9. Here's my replication of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 made with the 42125 parts. Not perfect shaping, but the best panel configuration, to my mind. Coming with the free instruction Features: - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk- Independent suspension- Fake engine- Working steering wheel Video (including instruction): More images: Rebrickable page:
  10. This is my next alternate model of the 42125 set: Three Wheel Car Features: - All wheel independent suspension - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk and tailgate - RWD - l4-engine - HOG-steering Video (demonstration + instruction): More pictures: Rebrickable page:
  11. Thanks. I don't really see a problem here, it's quite a common thing in MOCs in this scale. I can't use another hub or even change anything else in this system, it's all connected. Flipping wheels is also impossible, because there are connectors on the way.
  12. Thanks. When the truck is on the ground, the front wheels are straight too. These are render images.
  13. Thank you! The rear suspension is soft, it doesn't turn into any disconnections, it's checked. I used these connections because it's the most compact.