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  1. Here's my camper truck - PF: XL, Servo, IR, LiPo - Leaf spring front suspension - Leaf springs and shocks at the rear - Opening doors, luggage hatch, roof hatch - Adjustable seats - Descending door ladder - Retractable side "tent" - Transforming roof sleeper - Removable body. Don't ask me, why there's no interior.
  2. paave

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Not enough space, and I really wanted an extra wheel to fit the trunk, because usually there is no possibility for that in such small mocs
  3. paave

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Thanks all. It's indeed inspired by Dodge Charger 1970. Now there's building instructions:
  4. Hi! There's a third version of my muscle car: - PF: XL, M, IR, LiPo - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Independent front suspension - Leaf spring rear suspension - Working supercharger - Rubber return to center mechanism - Adjustable seats - Removable body. Video: More photos: Building Instructions:
  5. paave

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    Made the instructions for it:
  6. paave

    [MOC] Trial Contest Truck

    I have made the instructions:
  7. paave

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    Yes. No idea about Arocs' 'C-model', honestly. Thanks everyone!
  8. GAZ-3309 (3307) is a Russian truck: The model has: - Leaf spring suspension - HOG steering - Working steering wheel - Linear 4 cylinder engine - Opening doors and gates with locks, bonnet - Modular design. Video:
  9. paave

    [MOC] Trial Contest Truck

    Thanks! Now I see what I have built. Wrangler by Madoca.
  10. Presenting another trial truck - 4x4 - PF: XL, Servo, IR, LiPo - Leaf spring front suspension - Double soft shock rear suspension - Panhar rods for both axles - Opening hood - Removable body. Prepared it for the Trial contest in Moscow, but couldn't come there, then participated in the Truck Trial competition in St. Petersburg. You can watch the performance here: Time: 13:41 and 54:33.
  11. paave

    [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Smart design. I would suggest to use these pins in blue as well:
  12. paave

    [MOC] Tundra Buggy

    Thank you! Almost; that's a gulf. Just keeping the original vehicle title. It really exists.
  13. Tundra buggy – an off-road vehicle for extreme arctic adventures - 4x4 - XL, Servo, IR, LiPo - Leaf spring suspension - Opening doors - Removable body. The chassis is modified version of my Trial Pickup Truck one.
  14. Just for fun there is this simple vehicle: - Chain belt for drive - Steering - Hand brake for both rear wheels - Seat suspension.