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  1. My next alternate model of 42125 set: Old Truck Size: 41L, 19W, 16H, cm Weight: 800g Parts: 956 Features: - Opening doors, tailgate - 4l-engine - Dependent front suspension with shocks - Dependent leaf spring rear suspension with Panhard rod - Working steering wheel Video: More ptohos: Instruction:
  2. paave

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Thanks! Yes, it's not hard to put 11L liftarms there, but there are reasons not to do. With these gaps it's easy to turn on/off the battery, just using the antenna, so no disassembling and extra parts needed; the tower shape looks more rounded; the design is more clean; and generally, moderate level of gaps is a common thing in official technic models, and I personally like it Never happened during the tests. They may touch a bit, but it doesn't turn into accidents. To be more safe, some rubbers can be used to get the cables together in the center
  3. My new creation: Lighthouse Size: 12L, 11W, 53H, cm Parts: 400 Weight: 600g Features: - Working lights - 360° rotation - Opening door - PF: 2x LED, M-motor, LiPo-battery, IR-receiver Video: The instruction is free, it's inside the video. Check the Rebrickable page for the inventory: More Photos:
  4. Since the 42125 Ferrari set has blades... The features are: - Rotating propellers - Collective pitch control - Folding blades Video: More photos: Rebrickable page:
  5. This is my alternate model for the 42125 Ferrari 488 set - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Scale: 1:10 Parts: 1181 Size: 45L, 20W, 12H, cm Weight 988g - Independent suspension - Working steering wheel - Fake engine - Opening doors with limiters - Opening front part of the bonnet You can find the building instruction on Rebrickable:
  6. paave

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Awesome work, @steph77! I like the seats Isn't the rear suspension too hard now with these short arms?
  7. paave

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    It's stronger when connected, chassis + body. But separately yes, not perfect I got those from the 9398 crawler
  8. paave

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Thanks! I just put what I wanted, as it wasn't meant to be a copy of a real car
  9. paave

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Thanks! Good luck! Looking forward to the photos
  10. paave

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Thanks. I suppose, it would be too heavy for the shocks. By the way, I was inspired by this photo: It's Plymouth Belvedere 1968
  11. Classic Police Car Parts: 1490 Size: L49 W22 H18, cm Weight: 1357g - Independent front suspension - Dependent rear suspension - Opening doors, bonnet, trunk - Doors with locks - V8 Engine - 4-speed gearbox - HOG-steering - Modular construction Video: The instruction is inside the video. Rebrickable page:
  12. paave

    [MOC] Ferrari F8 Tributo

    Thanks. Black rims look more serious for me
  13. paave

    [MOC] Ferrari F8 Tributo

    Thanks. They are quite rare, so I don't use them anymore Thank you. I like gaps For me those panels look fine, as it's the simpliest decision and they have right angles