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  1. Brickzone52

    [MOC] Liebherr R 9150 Excavator 1:13

    Thank you so much. But we need to say at that point, that the most LEGO Excavator MOCs are motorized. This one`s not. ;-) Its not that bad but honestly, the model is too big for my crib. its much bigger than it looks on the pics.
  2. Oh. My. God!! Much Respect for "powerfunction"-it in that size. Im speechless.
  3. Brickzone52

    [MOC] Liebherr R 9150 Excavator 1:13

    Thanx alot for all the positive feedbacks! :-) Feels really good after that long working struggle. Thank you, but no, no Functions on the Cabin. The only thing the Cabin does is looking good, haha. Not that durable. :-D Its only a Model with no functions, the whole construction is too heavy for my RC-Skills. Thaaanx. IF you could motorize tracks like that, you are a Genius. I mean, look at the Picture 2 & 3, the construction is very stiff. Thank you Sir, will do that later, thanx for the idea. :-) hehe, thanx. i will do that Banana Pics later. OK, that sounds nasty. :-D
  4. Hello Everybody My Name is Dani, im a 36 years old LEGO fanatic from Zürich Switzerland and im a brandnew eurobricks member. ;-) Im proud to introduce you my Liebherr R 9150 excavator in the scale 1:13. Yeah i know, the mining machines from Liebherr are white in real, but i like the yellow Liebherr color design much more. It is „only“ a scale model and has no functions, motors etc, cause the construction is just too heavy. I dont know the wheight exactly, but i think its about 40 pounds, this thing is HUGE. As you can see, i used alot parts, only for the black track-chains about 1200 pieces. I worked on this Monster since 3 years, of course with a lot breaks between. Effort in hours: i guess about 300. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, just ask. ;-)