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  1. Congratulation to winners! I think all goes quite fare. That what great and my first contest. Unfortunately I couldn’t make to first 10. But at the first time I hit 20. So for me it’s great result already.
  2. Well, as for me I am a new member and to the begging of contest I have 0 post. But when u make wip theme, then if u pay little attention to topics of other contestants I easily got lots of post, so I think it is not a problem at all to reach 50. So let the rules be as it is. btw it very pleasant that people cheer each other, it’s great!
  3. Great MOC. Welcome to EB. I like old style cars very much! Think about to get azure parts!
  4. Cool! First public moc and 20th place! Thx every1. I am very happy about this!
  5. It’s 62 entries but still not much votes. Come on dudes!
  6. Thx! I broke my brain about this part. Tried so many variations. I hope some day azure lovers will get all elements in this awesome color!
  7. How long voting will last? I mean first and second stage?
  8. Very hard choice, checked them all several times and still not sure... we’ll let it goes how it goes. 40: 10 24: 6 29: 4 30: 3 35: 2 52: 1
  9. Bad news. Very pity that U can’t enter the contest. But don’t worry about that, we surely know that u are great builder!