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Found 5 results

  1. Well Guys, i finished my newest MOC,the well known red Pickup from GTA V Character Trevor Phillips.The Canis Bodhi might be one of the most iconic Character Cars from GTA V because it`s a unique Vehicle and it has an interesting little Feature mounted on the Grill. Yes,Trevor had some good Times with Mr. Rasberryjam so the little Bear has to come everywhere. I tried to recreate the Car as good as possible and even added some Gimmicks like a Gun, a Shovel (to dig Holes for Bikers) and an Axe for....well chopping Stuff to Pieces. I also tried some detailing under the Car like the Driveshaft and a Pair of Exhausts. To complete the Pickup,i also tried to make two Minifigs of Trevor himself and Nervous Ron. I hope everyone likes my newest Creation,feel free to Comment and Like. 20161110_154908 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154924 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154931 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154946 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154957 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155029 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155038 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155054 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155119 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155137 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155434 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155442 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr
  2. My other LEGO animation: "Grand Theft Auto" - LEGO Stop Motion Animation LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" LEGO Stop Motion Film-"I Will Get You..r......Hot Dog" LEGO Short Film--"The Bad Day Not Too Bad"
  3. Good day! Today I present you my newest MOC - ProLaps Golf Caddy (Cart) from GTA V . I wanted to build this vehicle since May of this year when I first seen it in a video, but newer got into starting it. I used reference pictures from GTA wiki . Not 100% accurate, but I tried my best on it. Propelled by 1x m-motor without diff and 1:166 gear ratio ; steered by another m-motor with working steering wheel. Powered by a large BB and cotrolled by a V1 receiver. Video coming soon . Scroll down for video Bricksafe gallery My LDD is glitching a lot , so I don't know if the digital model will ever be finished. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear your opinion on it
  4. Hi guys, has been a while since I visited here, but wanted to try this contest out. I plan to do the Willard Faction (Similar to the buick GNX) from GTA V. (Image below) I've come up with an idea for the hydraulics which allows a significant amount of lift, as well as there to be suspension involved. Here's a potato quality video to show you what I mean. Ignore the ugly yellow wheels, if the project gets far enough i'll BrickLink some! Hope you guys like it! -ender
  5. Good day! This was an experiment for me ,I combined system and technic bricks in one model, something I never done before. This resulted in a failed replica of the original, but served as a good lesson to me. In the last three years I haven't built anything from system, and my pre-2013 creations were really bad. The model I tried replicating was a Vapid Police Cruiser from GTA IV videogame. Fortunately there's a whole wikia dedicated to GTA ,so finding resource information was very easy, there even exists an image of the police livery . For those not familiar with the game , here's a picture of how looks the car: And this is how ended looking mine: I see a lot of errors, most of them are because of my limited resources but others are because I have very small experience building bricks. On a bright side I managed to fit these functions: Drive and steering Working steering wheel Detailed dashboard Opening hood(bonnet) ,trunk and doors Stickers Working front lights Adjustable seat ^probably the most boring underside you have seen in your life^ Bricksafe I haven't made a video yet, I have planned something unusual I hope my camera will be able to film like I want to. LDD is at 90% 100% I hope this isn't too bad to post here , please post your recommendations about the combination of both building styles , because the connectors in system are killing me . I promise the next time I will post something better than this! Vote in the poll, it will help me making better creations :)