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  1. It certainly looks good! But from the outside it's not a Mustang at all) and the body shape is more like a Porsche or Audi TT) More can be achieved on such a scale!) Good luck!
  2. I noticed something, maybe Cosmo TLG series won't be taken into account since. The article of the cosmo sets starts at 78, and the first half of the year of the usual technique ends at 71, we still have 6 unoccupied articles! Perhaps Lego has prepared a surprise-a dressing down) and will send out 6 more sets of ordinary equipment!)
  3. Yes, but do not forget that we already have 14 sets + 1 Polybag, this can be said to be a standard set of sets of Techniques for the year! So I don't think they'll dump a few more sets in 2024)
  4. About the large size, rate my charger!=)
  5. I would increase the back part by another spin, it is necessary to be more authentic)
  6. Thanks! For a serious test, you need another buggy motor and a Buviz) After all, this is more of a shelf model)
  7. Thanks! You can be sure that the chassis turned out to be strong, the rear part showed itself well in tests, nothing crunches, does not break)
  8. In the first version, there was no "crunch" of gears in the video, but the motor did not have enough torque to overcome some irregularities and grooves, the motor simply stopped, the gears did not scroll, and when I put the planetary hubs, it easily began to overcome all the irregularities) But the model is still not for trial, the cabin is very heavy, almost 1.5 kg presses on the front axle.=)
  9. In the photo of the bottom, everything is very clearly visible, an ordinary box, which is directly powered by the motor. I wrote above that I put planetary hubs on it after this video, now it does not go as fast as in the video, but it can overcome more difficult obstacles, if there is time, I will definitely record a new video in nature)
  10. Haha) Thank you so much! Thanks! I tried very hard) Since Sariel's Ural was far from ideal, I decided to show how to assemble such trucks))
  11. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! URAL 4320 6x6 The legendary Soviet truck, which has been produced since 1977 to the present! I started collecting in parallel with Dodge at the beginning of the year. Initially, I put ordinary hubs on it and drove around the house very well, but before photographing the finished model, I decided to test it on the street, as a result, it was very hard for the engine, (the old version is on the video) after which, over the past week, I went through the chassis, put the portal hubs, abandoned the fake engine and moved the buggy motor under hood (to make a direct gimbal on the gearbox). As a result, it became slower, but more passable! Description: -Drive Buggy motor -Steering Geek Servo -Managing RCbrick -Permanent ALL-wheel drive 6x6 -Bridges with planetary gearboxes -2x high-speed transmission (the lever is duplicated in the cabin) -The steering wheel turns with wheels -Doors, hood and tank open -Detailed interior and under-hood space -Weight: 2.6 kg Length: 68 cm. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lego_muscle_garage/ Join my group in VK: https://vk.com/legomusclegarage All photos on the link: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Michael217/ural-4320-6x6 All photos on the link: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Michael217/ural-4320-6x6
  12. Tests of the new chassis have been successfully completed! The buggy motor accelerate the heavy body from the system very well, and in conjunction with the Gikserva, it's just a fairy tale! The control is as smooth as that of the RC model!
  13. But this part has an angle of 90 degrees, and both ends are in a flat grid, that is, they can be connected, and in this new frame, the two ends cannot be connected by a straight beam.
  14. These parts are 100% consistent with the 42126 set. But we are talking here about the fact that the length of these frames is not equal to an even number of pins)))
  15. TLG could connect a small power supply from the train and an m-motor.