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  1. Simons Brick World

    City Update Nr.3

    Thanks for your compliments. I hope this project become a lot bigger in scale and supporters over the time. I like the idea of building digital and show the people that they can also build big lego parts and mocs without money or space. Yes its the studio 2.0 software. The best for building digital in my opinion.
  2. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Irish pub

    Hello there, the city is growing and we need more buidlings. Because of this face, I created a new MOC, that will find it´s way straight up to the city. The house contains a pub in the first floor of the building. Above in the 2nd and 3rd floor, two similiar shapes of apartments are located. I will explain the details in the pictures below. If you wanna watch the speedbuild video from this MOC, youre free to click the following link: The pub in the first floor, with a big bar, a lot of pictures on the walls and a small room for storing beer and stuff. The apartment in the second floor. With TV, sleeping room and a bathtube. The apartment in the third floor. Similar in shape with the other one but with different furniture and a shower instead of the bathtube. The whole building in overview. On the roof i planted an air condition. I raised up the entire building by one brick, so add the connectors for our city connecting system. I hope you like my creation. Let me know. Let me also know if there are points of improvement
  3. Simons Brick World

    City Update Nr.3

    In the middle I will plant a lot of green. Trees bushes, grass and flowers. And there will be a lot more life in this city in the future. I also planned to add cars on the street.
  4. Simons Brick World

    Another Lego city project?

    The 3rd episode is out now I added traffic lights and other small details in the city. Here you can find the update post:
  5. Simons Brick World

    City Update Nr.3

    Hey there, this is the 3rd update of my digital city project. Because the streets where empty all the time, I started to bring some life into the city. I added traffic lights, street lamps, trash container, bicycle stands and other cool stuff. I also created some small stories on the street like the skateboarder who's racing through the city. Some of the impressions are shown on the pictures below the video. If you're interest in watching the update video feel free to watch it on YT: I hope you like the new addings. Let me know if there are other things I can add or improve.
  6. Simons Brick World

    First crossing in the digital LEGO city

    I recorded the new episode today and your wishes will be fulfilled
  7. Simons Brick World

    Starting the Digital City Project

    The new episode is out now. Watch the building process:
  8. Simons Brick World

    Another Lego city project?

    The new episode is out now. Watch the building process:
  9. Simons Brick World

    First crossing in the digital LEGO city

    Hello there, work is going on. Last time I started with the digital city project and added some MOC houses. This time I build a crossing, to expand the city. This crossing connects the 4-lane road with a smaller 2-lane road. The crossing contains a pedestrians crossing in each direction. On the 4-lane street, there are also small traffic islands for the pedestrians. If you wanna watch the building video, you can watch it von YouTube. Thanks for your support. Right under this video, I posted a picture of the current construction progress I hope you like my work. Tell me if there are any points of improvement.
  10. Simons Brick World

    Another Lego city project?

    It's on. I started the project. If you wanna see the post in the forum click:
  11. Simons Brick World

    Starting the Digital City Project

    Hello there, I finally started a long planned project. All the time I wanted to build an intire Lego City only in a digital way. In previous posts, I showed you some of the MOC´s I now used for the first street section. The whole project is planned to become a video project on YouTube (like many other real build Lego cities before). But for those who wanna read the building process only on this side, I will post the progress from every episode also here. So you can´t miss any information. If you wanna watch the first episode, you can click the link below: (Right under the video, I explained the progress of the episode) Episode 1: At first I had to raise all the older buildings by one brick, to add technic connectors (like the modular buildings from Lego). I hope this will help me in the future, if I build the city in the real world and want to seperate some parts for maintainance. After the leveling, I build the first street in front of the houses. It´s a 4-lane street with 2 lanes in each direction. In the middle i placed a green stripe, to put trees and bushes there in the future. I also want to add some life (people, cars,...) in the next episodes. I hope you like it. Let me know
  12. Simons Brick World

    Another Lego city project?

    Hey there, I know there are countless posts on Lego cities. So why would you need another one? Let me explain my Plan: I started building MOC´s in 2020 and I love it. In the past, I posted some of the MOC´s here in this forum, like the pizza restaurant and die bakery & barber building: Now I had the idea to build a completely digital lego city from the individual houses. I could build an american themed city with moc buildings and digitally replicated lego sets .And because you don't need space to build, you would be unlimited in size. Why I only build MOC´s digital: I have noticed that many people are enthusiastic about Lego and would also like to build entire landscapes or cities. But since lego has now become very expensive, this is no longer possible for everyone. In addition, a Lego city requires a lot of space, which many people do not have, for example, in small apartments. I want to show these people that you can live out the Lego passion and create great things even without much money and space. You only need a PC an your imagination. For my MOC´s I always use the Studio 2.0 software from Bricklink. Can you tell me, if this is a good idea? Please give me feedback and tell me if I have not considered something. If you like this idea, I can imagine to post here regularly about the progress and also record the whole thing in videos on Youtube.
  13. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Pickup Truck Minifigure Scale

    Hello there, this is my newest model of a pickup truck. The truck is 6 bricks wide so it fits to the old street baseplates and on MOC streets. I tried to build it in minifigure scale. For all those who wanna rebuild the model, you can watch the building video on YouTube. Feel free to check it out. Under the Video you can see some rendered pictures from the Truck. Build in Studio 2.0 The small 1x1 brackets in dark bluish grey are not official available. I recolored them only for the picture. In the building video, I used parts who are available.
  14. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Barber & Bakery City Building

    Hello there, after a short break I wanna present you my new MOC Building. This time I build 2 houses side by side on a 32x32 baseplate. In the first floor a small bakery and a barber find it´s place. The floor with the stairs to the upper floors is in between the two. In the second floor I placed an apartment and a small doctor´s office. In the top floor is another small apartment with a big roof terrace. Let me know, if you like the building or tell some points of improvement. If you like the pictures below, feel free to watch the building video on YouTube: The bakery with a big sales counter and 3 round bar tables. The floor upstairs in the mid with the yellow entrance. In the right building you can see the barber salon with the chairs and a counter in the mid. The doctors office on the right with a waiting room and the treatment room. The apartment is empty because the residents are moving. There are only a few moving boxes left in the apartment. The apartment in the top floor with a dining area, a kitchen, the bed in the corner and a small bathroom. Also on the top floor: The big rooftop terrace. You can see a lot of plants, outdoor furniture, a bbq grill and a raised garden bed.
  15. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Police SUV

    Hello there, I wanna present you my newest MOC creation. This week I build a typical american Police SUV Car. Often seen in US Cities. I hope you like the small details like the indicators on the front sides or the light on the mirrors. If you wanna watch the building video, visit my small youtube channel: