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  1. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Episode 1 diorama model

    Hello there, some time ago I started to build a Star Wars diorama. It is the first diorama of this series, because I want to build all episodes. In this model are two main scenes of the first episode. On one side you see young Anakin screwing his Pod Racer on Tatooine. On the other side, you can see the battle on Naboo between Qui-Gon-Jinn and Darth Maul: If you are interested in the model, you can check it out on rebrickable at the following link: There I have posted the model with instructions.
  2. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] update from the LEGO city

    Hello there, after a long break, I wanted to get back in touch and show an update or the current state of my LEGO city. Since my last post, the city has grown significantly. You can see the current state directly in the first picture below. The river has been extended and got a rock wall on one side, which extends to the river mouth. On the other side I have started some time ago with the construction of the city park. It will be the central place of the city. Currently I'm working diligently to expand the park and add many small details. To give you an overview, especially about the park, I have also attached a few pictures of the park: I still make a YouTube video for each progress. So if you are interested in how the city has grown or how it will progress in the future, feel free to check it out. The latest video about the park can be found here: I hope you like the update. Please let me know what you think about the current state of the city.
  3. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Fire truck engine

    Hello there, this time I would like to present you again a new vehicle, which I have built. Since last time the fire station has already found its way into the Lego city, today follows the first vehicle. It is a classic, american fire truck engine, as you know it from several movies. Very typical with the big bumper and the engine and pump control in the middle of the vehicle. I also made sure to build the whole thing in minifigure scale as much as possible. Also the minifigures find their place inside. As always, there is also a build video to go along with it. Feel free to have a look. Of course, there are again pictures with descriptions of the vehicle below. The fire truck with the typic red lights and the high cabin structure. Also nice to see is the middle part with the control panel for the pumps. From behind you can also see the signal lights for the back traffic. Hoses are transported on the roof. I hope you like the model. Let me know if you do .
  4. Simons Brick World

    The bridge is completed

    Hello there, today again a small update to the Lego city. This time I sat down and finished the bridge over the future river. The middle part is kept quite thin to lose as little space as possible under the bridge. To make sure that the whole thing fits exactly into the 32x32 modules again, the bridge is exactly 64x64 blocks in size and so it fits into 4 standard squares. The details on the bridge (streetlights, people, cars, etc.) will be added later. Of course there is also an update video for this construction progress. Feel free to watch the video. Also, as usual, I've included a few pictures of the city and the bridge. The bridge from the side with the first module of the promenade. And the whole again from the other side. At the moment still quite empty but for it a quite large extension of the city. I hope you like the extension. Let me know if there are any points of improvement.
  5. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Detroit River Lighthouse

    Thanks for your ideas. I definitely will add a base for this lighthouse in the later city position. And I also add more details, when the exact position and sourrounding area is final.
  6. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Detroit River Lighthouse

    Hello there, this time there is another small MOC, which will probably find its way into the LEGO® City in the future. Since the city is to be held in the American style, of course, the lighthouse must look "american". After some hours of google searching I decided to build the small but unique lighthouse at the mouth of the Detroit River in Lake Erie called the Detroit River Lighthouse. (For those who are interested, here is the link to the Google Maps location:,-83.1542341,13157m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x883b17a06b2e116f:0xc0f09b00e975d5ec!8m2!3d42.0004134!4d-83.1404758 ) The lighthouse is build without a baseplate and without modularity, because the exact terrain around the lighthouse has not been determined yet. I hope you like the model. As always, there is also a speedbuild video. Please have a look at it. Otherwise, under the video again some pictures of the model are shown. At first a picture from the original building. The LEGO Lighthouse Another view with the shed in front. The whole model shown from the other side with the big door. I hope you like the model. Let me know.
  7. Simons Brick World

    bridge & waterfront for the city

    Thank you guys for your great support. @Faefrost You're right in your argument. The new streets also have this technic connection holes. You can easily add your own parts to it.
  8. Simons Brick World

    bridge & waterfront for the city

    Hello there, there is again an update to my digital LEGO city. This time I dared to bring some water into the city. I have long thought about how I want to design the water. My final result is a design with transparent tiles. To make the riverside a bit more appealing and above all usable for a city, I also built a walk near the water with a retaining wall directly next to the beginning of the bridge over the river. But have a look at the current progress in the update video or in the pictures below. Have fun Here you can see the new part of the city with the bridge and the wall for the walk downstairs. The detail from the river side the bridge and the promenade with stairway to the street. At the edge of the river the water beats lightly against the wall and some water lilies and plant remains collect here. Finally, the overview of the new modules with bridge approach and retaining wall. The delivery truck is inspired by a well-known company and should further support the US character of the city. I hope you enjoyed the update. Feel free to write me if you have any other ideas or suggestions for improvement.
  9. Hello there, after the summer break I finally continue with the digital city project. This time I brought the fire station into the city. This lines up directly with the bookstore and completes the block of houses. I also continued to expand the street system. A new crossing was added and the side street by the fire station is also new. To make the expansion look a bit more lively, some new minifigures have also found their way into the city. This time I also tried a new tree building technique that I had seen on the Internet. Again, there is an update video of the construction. I would be very happy if you would stop by my youtube channel I packed the current pictures of the construction progress below the video and add a short explanation to each picture. At first the complete overview of the current city layout. Newly added is the building of the fire station, as well as the intersection on the far right and the side street. Here you can see the current expansion with the fire station and the new roads. All new minifigures and the greened mid strip are also well visible. Here in detail the new trees from technic connectors in different angles. The trees are optimal especially in narrow places. I hope you enjoyed the update of the construction progress. Feel free to let me know. Also, feel free to write me what I can improve or otherwise include in the city.
  10. Simons Brick World

    Your minifigure for the city

    Hello there, the digital city is growing. For this I need a lot of minifigures. If you want to help fill the city with life, you can add your own minifigure to it. What you need to do is simple. Just create a digital minifigure. The figure should be open in .io format. You can either add the download link of the figure here below the post or just send me a private message. The figure can of course hold objects in its hands or do small things. Thanks a lot for your help. I am looking forward to many different minifigures from you. If you want to know what the city currently looks like, feel free to check out the latest update post: Thanks for your support.
  11. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] station 19 inspired fire station

    In the future I definitely plan to build fire trucks. Not sure, if I rebuild the station 19 trucks. I will collect some picture of the show trucks and try some builds.
  12. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] station 19 inspired fire station

    Hello there, The city is growing. Because of this, I build this fire station building. If you know the TV-Series station 19, you may notice some parts of this TV fire station in the lego model, because I added some details and layouts from the station 19 and converted them to the lego fire station. I also did a speedbuild video of this building. Feel free to watch it. Below the video I also added some pictures of the fire station and also the description. The ground floor with the entrace hall. The workspace for the incoming emergeny calls in the right corner. A trophy showcase by the stairs and a tribute wall on the opposite. The Captains office and sleeping area on the left. From the machine hall you can also enter the equipment room. If you go upstairs, you will find the kitchen and dining area. A storage room right behind. A seperate relaxing room is also located on this floor. The upper floor is equipped with the locker room, a small toilet and the showers. A gym also find it´s place in this building. I waive a sleeping room, because I created this as a volunteer fire department. In case of emergency, the firefighters will come to the station. Only the captain will work in the building. Therefore, the sleeping room in the ground floor is needed. I hope you like the MOC Tell me, if you have ideas and suggestions.
  13. Simons Brick World

    The Red Barn Woodshop

    Wow i love it. Its so detailed. Great Job.
  14. Simons Brick World

    The city project keep growing

    Thanks for your support. Im happy you like it.
  15. Simons Brick World

    The city project keep growing

    Hello there, after a short break, I can now show you the new update of my digital city project. This time i added the new book store to the city and expanded the roads. I also changed and added some details you told me. Therefore I changed the subway entrance to an emergency exit and added the road construction site. Feel free to watch the building video below. I´m happy if you do cause it would help my little channel to grow a bit :) Below the video I also posted the current pictures of the city. The city layout in the overview. The new book store on the right, with the expanded streets in front. The expansion. In the left, the changed emergeny exit for the subway. Also nice to see the dimensions of the road construction. The road construction in detail. From the left: The Light arrow, the generator and then the open part with pipes. In the mid the workers put there unused equipment and the dirt from the hole. I hope you enjoy the new added part of the city. Let me know if you do and tell me if there are points of improvement :)