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Found 4 results

  1. I decided to start a new supercar project and after lots of thinkign decided to make an ute just because nobody else made one yet AFAIK. For those who don't know what an ute is, it's when a pickup and a normal or sports car really like each other and end up having a child like this: For this project I set myself the following goals: Unibody construction - The model will have no chassis per-se, the body will be load carrying, something @nicjasno is really good at. Convertible - If you have a sports pickup, why not make it a convertible? This will also force me to make the unibody extremely solid, since there wont be any roof support. Motorized with gearbox - I am using a new high efficiency gearbox idea. Power will be delivered by 4 PF trains motors Realistic suspension - High-gearing solid axle in the back and McPherson suspnsnion in the front Here's the current progress: The gearbox has a total of 4 gears. Wave pieces are used to switch between them. Here's a more detailed view of the setup. As you can see, I used a tilted axle for the overdrive gear: Since the wave selector pieces can't cope with high torque, the gearbox is designed to work with high speed and low torque. That is why it will be powered by the fastest currently available motors - 4 PF train motors spinning at over 2000 RPM generating around 10Ncm of torque. The rear axle is an inverted portal design. It' made to be low as possible so that the bed can be placed nice and low. The axle has a total of 1:12 gear ratio in order to get useful torque from the fast spinning gearbox. Double 24 tooth gears are used in final drive because I expect the car to be quite heavy. So that's the basic idea for now. I will update the topic as I build.
  2. I'm back with my latest model, a lifted bugeye Subaru chopped into a ute! Subarute by VKTechnic, on Flickr First off, the features: Remote control drive with 3-diff AWD, central differential lock through a lever in the cabin, and fake boxer 6 engine Remote control steering with linked steering wheel Opening air-shock hood, doors, and liftgate, all with latching mechanisms Headlights, foglights, and taillights, with an in-cabin switch for foglights Fully adjustable seats, with under-seat lever to move seat forward and back Front McPherson strut and rear trailing arm pneumatic suspension Custom flags representing Axial (maker of the Ripsaw 1.9 tires) and Mighty Car Mods (the main inspiration for the car) Subarute by VKTechnic, on Flickr This model was a fun one for me. After seeing what Mighty Car Mods could do to a 2002 Subaru WRX wagon in less than 3 days, I wanted to take my own spin on the Subaru ute concept. The first main challenge was suspension, as I had to design a McPherson strut with drive, and the rear trailing arm suspension was completely new to me. I did have to compromise -- using CV joints in the suspension meant I could get everything compact, but the off-road performance tanked. Definitely a little disappointing, but I think I made up for it with all the other fun features. Subarute by VKTechnic, on Flickr Every opening feature of the model has a latch on it. The hood has an air shock, and can be released from the driver's side footwell. Door handles were based off an old design by Nicjasno (aka LPEPower), which I managed to slim down to fit within 2 studs of the door panel. The tailgate latch is probably the least realistic since it's activated from the inside of the bed, but I mainly did this to keep the continuity of the bodywork. Subarute by VKTechnic, on Flickr The seats were also something new for me, and it's an area I've struggled with in past models. I did manage to make these seats fully adjustable, with a lever under the seat to slide them forward and backward. Aside from that, the cabin also has a lever to lock the central diff, and a switch for the front foglights. Subarute by VKTechnic, on Flickr Overall, I'm happy with how the model turned out. I think I captured the bugeye look fairly well, and all the manual functions were fun to try out. Of course, it is disappointing that the model didn't perform too well off-road, but I can say for sure that my next model will destroy everything off-road! P.S. I did make a video of the functions, thought it would be short but it turned out to be almost 10 minutes. Enjoy!
  3. Well this is my third MOC. It's approximately a 1977 HZ Sandman panel van. It was the 70's in Australia, so lairy graphics and goodies style fonts were standard. Two kinds of people bought sandman's. Tradie's and surfers. Surfers loved them because you could fit surfboards in the back, without needing roofracks. The other think you could fit easily in the back was a mattress. More than a few Australian children of the 70's and 80's were conceived in the back of a sandman. The real ones look like this: My lego one has the following features: Opening doors, bonnet, tailgate and rear window. Live axle rear suspension Front independent suspension Steering wheel and TOG (tailpipe of god) steering 4 + R gearbox V8 engine (thanks jorgeopesi) Lairy graphics Removable body So the lego one looks like this: 2015-08-23 12.14.28 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.16.36 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.17.05 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.18.32 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.15.58 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr And you can see more on my Flickr: Keen to see what everyone thinks.
  4. Everyone, It's taken me a while to get this up here, but this is my first ever MOC. I wanted to build a car, but I wanted to build something unique. Then when I was flicking through a car book I was inspired. Something Australian (like me) , and unique (like me). A ute. Even more relevantly, they will be stopping manufacture in a couple of years time. My MOC is based on approximately the VE Commodore, which when it is not made of plastic, is still made of plastic and steel and looks like this: It is RC, and uses two XL motors for drive and a servo for steering. No gearbox. That's a bit scary. There's also a fake V8 motor, driven by the two XL's. It also has an opening boot lid using a linear actuator. And the moment you have been waiting for, the pictures. I think my picture taking is improving. It is built mostly from 8070, 42000 and 42029, since I'm still building my parts collection. Lets hear it for cheap red panels. I'm very keen for everyone's feedback. 2014-12-27 18.01.21 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.07.07 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.04.08 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.06.01 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.03.35 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.02.16 by veryrusty82, on Flickr There are a couple of more photos in my flickr album. No video, it's beyond my current skill.