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  1. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Revival

    Fantastic job!
  2. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Nexo Space

    I do not know how I let get away this post ! I really enjoyed your work
  3. howwwww It's gigantic !! E xcellent work mate!
  4. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] SHIP AT-43 ...and a sad story

    Last September I started building this SHIP for the 2016`s SHIPtember and for my LUG exhibition in Braga city in October ! I finished it on the 29th , I just needed to take the photos and publish !! Day 30/9 world collapsed ! My father had just discovered that he had a brain tumor. Worse!! Days later the worst case scenario was confirmed, the tumor was a metastasis of lung cancer ... no cure possible ! Passed away quietly on the January 4th !! Now it's time to return to (ab)normality ! The SHIP was stored in a corner of my garage the last 4 months and every time I looked at her, I felt sad !! So.... this weekend goes to my "space yard" to be dismantled, without having been premiered AT-43 ....AT because of the initials of my father's name (but could also be by Attack Transport) , and the 43 for the year he was born ! I hope you enjoy More photos at my FLICKR
  5. Since I can remember, I always liked transformed cars , but in my country custom a car is almost as criminal as to kill someone... And what better way, safe and legal to customize a car..... if not in LEGO? ... and better than one ... how about four ?!?! The first , the Green Hotrod It began with the viewing of a MOC from Norton74, the T-Bucket, I thought, "I have to do a similar" So, I had to increase "my" challenge, and imposed two conditions: - Use all those green pieces that I rarely use - Do not buy parts in Bricklink First condition: Second Condition: .... ok, ok....just 6 parts So here it is, hope you liked MORE PHOTOS HERE : FLICKR The second car is what they call, in the Custum Culture, a hightech hotrod . It´s a hotrod with more modern lines, more fluid, but keeping the old school mechanics! This model is not based on any car, and has the distinction of being convertible with a 100% functional hood. The third ..... ok, the third has a short history !! Using those wheels !!! :grin: :grin: And finally, the VW!! Since the LEGO launched the type 2 campervan, I intended to change those horrible tires . It looks to me , like it comes equipped with tractor tires But it needs some big changes on the set (removing part of the engine, for example), in order to fit those tires I used ... there I have done this van from zero. It has a look inspired by the trend "German Look" (almost standard body, big wheels, more powerful engines, big brakes....) For those who like VW vans may think, "but is missing some windows"... No, not missing! Simply I chose the "9 windows" model, just because it was the version built in Portugal (VW type 2 panels came from Germany factory ,in parts, and then were assembled in Portugal, cutting two more windows on each side) I hope you enjoy! Nuno
  6. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] - Hotrod pick-up

    It is a old MOC who had never been presented. Making the presentation of chevy pick-up, I discovered these old photos! I hope you enjoy!
  7. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] - Chevy V8 pick-up

    This MOC started as a typical "friday-afternoon-with-nothing-to-do ,lets-store-some-parts"... But the main reason was to try a technique I saw somewhere on the internet. Using two U clips and a T bar, only to make the front wheels can be turned !! After finished, I see that some old chevy pick-ups (55´s) photos, and they have a "step" in the bonnet, thereby the MOC became a Chevrolet. Hope you enjoy
  8. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] - Neo-Blacktron mover

    This MOC started in a parts storage. I looked to a old MOC and started trying to round it !! The trailer was never my idea to do it, but the battery did not fit within the new shell. Is powered by two M size PF engines, one PF IR and of course the battery in the trailer I hope you enjoy! ..and here a picture of how it began
  9. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] - Starfighter MI - 38

    Challenge accepted
  10. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] - Starfighter MI - 38

    This StarFighter born because I wanted do one sf very clean, without any or many greeblies. But mainly I wanted to use the 30249 slopes that I had here unused. Well... I hope you enjoy my 1st MOC presented in Eurobricks. the last exhibition was a small change, the nose is also in lime green now
  11. nunofilipe72

    N-4 "Knight" Deep Space Recon and Science Vessel

    Nice work I like the idea to use the x-pod
  12. nunofilipe72

    Show your Sci-Fi Displays and Collections

    You want to be a optometrist in Portugal ??? man... that is the worst thing you can do.... :laugh:
  13. nunofilipe72

    Show your Sci-Fi Displays and Collections

    This is my collection ...and some of my displays see my gallery