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Found 27 results

  1. After Sir Peter Nash OC, Baron of Swanly (architect), completed his sugarcane mill in Mooreton Bay, he stayed in Mooreton Bay for a while. He met the head of a Public Nautical School from a neighboring island who was eager to open a dependency in Mooreton Bay. "Our youth are the future and deserve the opportunity to be trained for service in the merchant marine." Peter was happy to participate in this and designed a beautiful school building for these smallest Corries in Alicentia. --- Will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Mooreton Bay. Completing GoC task 5.2 Higher Education with this build. Property type: Royal Education Dimensions: 114 x 98 studs Total parts: ~19,500 Credits: - Source of inspiration: based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (Harbourmasters Office) - Design minifigures: The Minifig Co
  2. To raise the settlement level of Port Woodhouse, this (currently) Large Town needs a Royal Factory. Baron Nash (architect) is of course the right person to contribute to this! To also provide the naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova it has become a Guarded Cannon Foundry. This is where the guns for Corrington's fleet are made. At this moment a few more guns are being loaded on board of corvette "Sémilliante". A class 6 vessel with 24 guns (24 x 8lb longgun). The ship can accommodate 140 crew members. The ship was made in William Parker's shipyard. One of the greatest ship designers of Corrington! --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Factory will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Port Woodhouse. Class 6 Vessel "Sémilliante" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Completing GoC task 4.2 Purser's Network with this build. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 226 x 130 studs Total parts: ~48,000 Credits: - Architecture style: Sleepless Night (Flickr), Andreas Lenander (Flickr), @evancelt - Design crane: Rydan (Bricklink), modified by @Bricksbypidy - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  3. Peter Nash (architect) had already gained a lot of experience in designing factories. The sugar cane industry was also not strange to Peter. The step to this design assignment in Mooreton Bay was therefore a small one. This suger cane mill is a factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw sugar or plantation white sugar. As you can see, the sugar cane goes in on one side of the factory and the raw sugar bags come out on the other side. --- Will be donated to the Crown, and licensed as a Royal Factory building to Mooreton Bay by @Ayrlego(???) @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 130 x 84 studs Total parts: ~14,700 Credits: - Overall concept: partly based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (see picture below):
  4. To further expand Corrington’s grip as the greatest imperial power, a Trading Company enlisted the services of renowned architect, Peter Nash, to construct infrastructure to facilitate the rum trade based in Jameston. Mr. Nash quickly designs and completes an office building to serve as the headquarters for the rum trade, a warehouse to store rum before it is shipped, and an inn to house local workers. From the balcony of the newly constructed office building, Mr. Nash appears satisfied with the work completed ashore. Before the rum can be transported, vessels are needed to convey the cargo. Two vessels cruise into port. Coincidentally, HMS Carolina was in the vicinity, sailing to fight in the ongoing Lotii War. Feeling a sense of national duty to bolster Corrington’s commercial endeavors, HMS Carolina dispatches Lieutenant Palmer and Sailing Master Bowles to survey the vessels. Having been in the service for less than a year, Lieutenant Palmer relies on the experience of Mr. Bowles to properly survey the ships. Gazing at the shore, Palmer takes in the bustling activity on land. Large, ow-driven carts move the copious amounts of rum to the awaiting ships. An off-duty soldier indulges in the abundant rum just outside of the inn. Several curious citizens of Jameston marvel at the new ships in the quay. Mr. Palmer: “All is well Mr. Bowles, we must make haste to our ship before the war against the Lotii ends” Mr. Bowles: “Aye aye, sir” --- Collab build by @DeathCap and @Bricksbypidy! Will be licensed as a Royal Commerce building to Jamestown by the ETTC (@Ayrlego). (Sold to the ETTC) Completing GoC task 6.3 Sweet, Sweet, Corrington with this build. Property type: Royal Commerce Dimensions: 162 x 90 studs Total parts: ~31,700 Credits: - Design Inn, Office, House, landscaping and rendering: @Bricksbypidy - Design Warehouse, Vessel Class 4, Vessel Class 2 and storytelling: @DeathCap - Design carts: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy
  5. At the opening party of the Primary School in Queenston, Peter Nash (architect) met a wealthy man. Among the locals he was known as 'Padre Azúcar'. This wealthy farmer owned several estates in the Queenston area. He wanted to expand his sugar cane plantation on a vacant lot. A beautiful hacienda had to be realized here. And so it happened... The hacienda consisted of two building parts, interconnected with a covered outdoor area with lovely yellow inner walls. From the gallery, all around, there was a beautiful view of the sunlit courtyard with the most exotic flowers. In the middle, on the Mediterranean tiled floor, was the center piece of the hacienda, the fountain (based on a design by @evancelt). Various arched passageways provided access to this Royal hacienda. The entrances were secured by Royal Guards (that belongs to royal builds... ) There were as many as 1,000 sugar cane plants outside the hacienda (displayed on this build). Although it was not easy to see due to the high crops, several workers were at work. Although... all of them... there was also one sleeping under the palm trees. Various carts drove back and forth with sugar cane. A flourishing trade in Queenston was a fact! --- Will be licensed by @Ayrlego to the Crown, after a 'financial contribution' for @Bricksbypidy. @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Completing GoC task 14.2 Bastion of the East with this build. Property type: Royal Plantation Dimensions: 130 x 186 studs Total parts: ~36,000 Credits: - Fountain: @evancelt - Hand cart: @ Barthezz Brick (Instagram) - Cart with cow: @ Peter.g.Keith (Instagram) --- I had some issues with rendering the macaroni tiles...
  6. Location: Arlinsport Type: Royal University Corrington is well known for its appreciation of the sciences. So when Terra Nova was first colonized by the Crown, scholars and academics alike followed. It came as no surprise that the University of Tiberia was soon established in Arlinsport. While not as prestigious as some of the universities in the mainland, it has become a beacon of academic excellence nonetheless. The university is centered around four main colleges: Smythe College of Natural Sciences Prometheus College of Alchemy and Applied Sciences Zumbro College of Political Thought and Philosophy LaCoursiere College of Fine Arts and Music Together with some smaller colleges, these form the academic body of the University of Tiberia. Many of the finest thinkers, architects, explorers and artists in the New World have seen their stories begin here. The University has a massive garden complex, a large football stadium, and 15 different halls of varying size. Several laboratories are on the campus, developing technologies ranging from fertilizers to explosives. There are 4 large residence halls, but there are several fraternity and sorority houses that are considered part of the university. Additionally, other University owned buildings are located throughout Arlinsport, instead of on main Campus. The University has a soccer team, a rowing team, a math bowl team, and several other sports teams, and features a dozen clubs. The universities colours are red and white, with a lion centered on the banner. While it has no official name, most students refer to it as Tibby the Tabby - the mascot of the university! Banner Description: Help us to build a royal university in the city of Arlinsport! The college is being built retroactively IC, so your builds can focus on an earlier part of your character's story. Were they a class clown? A teacher's pet? Take this opportunity to fill in some backstory for a character or characters, or show college students today, in 618! Build Description: Builds should show any part of the college campus. This can include dormitories, fraternity/sorority houses, classrooms, gardens, offices, laboratories, or libraries. Your build must be of excellent quality, and low quality builds will not be accepted to the project. This will be decided upon by Corrish leadership. LDD is allowed, as well. Style Guideline: The University of Arlinsport is constructed of red bricks, with white accents, similar to Harvard. However, interior scenes should not be considered held to these standards. Remember, a creative entry is more important than fitting the style of the project. However, several outbuildings exist throughout Arlinsport, and these do not have to fit the style guidelines. Map guidelines: If you have a great idea for one building in particular, please post in this thread to reserve the building. Classrooms, Libraries, and other interior scenes, as well as garden scenes do not need to be reserved. Please name the hall you have selected, as well as the building number. If you change your mind about building, please announce so in the thread. University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr Administrative and Faculty Hall Ceremonial Hall and Auditorium Maximum Main Library Hall of Engineering (Prometheus) Hall of Alchemy (Prometheus) Hall of Applied Science (Prometheus) Hall of Fine Arts (LaCoursiere) Hall of Music (LaCoursiere) Hall of Biology(Smythe) Hall of Mathematics (Smythe) Hall of Anthropology(Smythe) Clock Tower Hall of History (Zumbro) Hall of Politik (Zumbro) Hall of Philosophy The Great Gardens of Tiberia Carriage House Dormitories Dining Hall Lesser gardens Fraternities and Sororities Groundskeeping Fieldhouse Queen’s Stadium Payment: For Every 100 Studs contributed, 10 Dbs are to be awarded (rounded). Payment will be distributed when the project is finished. Rewards: Building anything that is accepted gives you the right to say any and all of your characters have attended the University of Tiberia. Building at least 250 approved studs gives you the right to say that any and all of your characters graduated from the University of Tiberia with Bachelor in any field. Building at least 1000 approved studs grants you the right to say any and all of your characters have graduated from the University of Tiberia with Masters in any field. Building at least 2000 approved studs grants the right to say any and all of your characters have graduated from the University of Tiberia with Doctorate in any field. The altogether best entry gets the title "Dean of the University of Tiberia" And rewards an additional 100 Dbs The best entry by a foreigner gets the title: "Multicultural Diplomat" and rewards an additional 100 Dbs. Only to be awarded if 3 or more foreigners enter. The most humorous entry in the challenge (as decided by leadership) earns the title "class clown" and awards 50 Dbs. The Best Microbuild of the map gets an extra 100 Dbs Entries are to be judged by Corrish Leadership upon the completion of the project. Goals: 10,000 Studs: The University is considered finished. 20,000 Studs: A holiday in Arlinsport to celebrate the anniversary of the University, and a raffle among the participants for a 200Db prize. 30,000 Studs: To Be Announced The Goal of the Project is to have 10,000 Studs by September, and to Be Finished by next march. However, these are nothing more than friendly suggestions. Ask questions below! Current Builds: Namerens in the Library 48x48 Alchemy Classroom 24x24 All-faiths Chapel 18x12 Administrative Building 32x39 Total Studs: 4344
  7. NEW MODELS WILL APPEAR IN THE REPLIES TO THIS THREAD Models now included in this thread: 1. Gungan Bongo 2. Sith Infiltrator 3. Nubian Royal Starship 4. Wookiee Catamaran 5. Firespeeder 6. Porax-38 (P-38) Starfighter 7. Homing Spider Droid 8. Hardcell Transport 9. Lucrehulk-Class Battleship 10. C-9979 Landing Craft 11. Droid Tri-Fighter 12. Geonosian Starfighter 13. Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (SPHA-T) (NEW) Hello again everyone I hope everyone is safe and well. It is time to open up another thread with MINIs from the neglected prequels. GUNGAN BONGO First up, the Gungan Tribubble Bongo from Ep. I. I had the model from the original LEGO Star Wars video game in my collection for a long time: I had been meaning to build one myself for a while as this just looked so big on the stand next to Jar-Jar! The lockdown gave me the time and the opportunity. I decided to use the 2x2 transparent domes (astromech head) for the bubbles. I have seen a lot of models use transparent dishes but they just look too flat in my opinion. In essence, for the most part, this is a scaled down version of the model above with some newer parts. There are no clever techniques or anything like that but it looks quite striking on the stand with the Jar Jar minigifure and adds some colour to the collection. SITH INFILTRATOR Secondly, The Scimitar (again from Ep. I), also known as the Sith Infiltrator, which was a heavily modified Star Courier and the personal starship of Darth Maul. Like the Bongo I had previously had a LEGO version in my collection, a modified version of the Microfighter convention model from years ago. Again, this just looked big on the stand so with time on my hands I built my own. The nose section is not built using the normal wedge plates technique as there is not the correct size or gradient for this scale (nose is 4 studs wide). Instead I have used the 1x4 plate with offset and 1x8 tiles to create the dagger shape. A 1x3 plate holds the nose construction in shape towards the nose. There is also a 1x1 round plate with hole on a jumper plate underneath the 1x6 dark grey tile holding that in place. Apart from that no clever techniques really. The bottom dish is held there by the stud on a technic half pin which is in the holes from the round plates. And yes, I know the top dish is cracked (it is old) if you have spotted that. I have tried to hide this with the colour picker function in paint – I will have to order another from bricklink. I love how this one looks on display with Darth Maul and his probe droid. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  8. Years ago I shared this build - The updated build is a complete rip-apart and rebuild of that one, save the engines which are nearly the same. I've abandoned the System-scale 'must fit minifigs' into my current builds, especially for such a swoopy, curve-heavy shape of a ship. Instead, I tried getting the overall shape as close as possible, without worrying about throwing heaps of parts at it. The result is a build that is what, about 250-300 parts? For your limited budget. It is GREAT to get this ship on the shelf. You can't have a complete Phantom Menace without it. I don't have instructions for this but I think you can see from the bottom and top there's nothing too fancy. And maybe there are some angles where I can make better choices. But I can't figure out what to do about the windscreen. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate transparent part at this scale and I'm not feeling using 1x2 grill plates. So for now the viewport is... not there. A down side (besides having no interior) to this scale is that it doesn't scale well with existing system scale N-1 starfighters, which are about the same size.. Lots of fans love this iconic ship. It's time for Lego to make one at or around the $100-$150 mark.
  9. sander1992

    Fright Knights

    Hi everyone, I have build a landscape of 1 by 1 meter based on the Fright Knights. The landscape will be shown at Lego World in the Netherlands in October. In the landscape is a ruin on the right back corner, which is based on set 6087. The Castle is based on set 6097 (of course) and I wanted the rocks be similar to those in the catalogs from 1997. In the left part of the rocks is a dragon head that can move forward and back. If it moves forward the mouth will open. It is powered by PF. On the top are a few small houses, which are based on the houses in the Lego Game: Lego Racers. In the front is a forest which is the territory of the Dark Forest. The Royal Knights are attacking the Fright Knights. For more pictures, go to my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  10. This model was originally a @hachiroku model of the the Nubian Royal Star-ship from Star wars Episode I (The Phantom Menace), as seen here. I followed his instructions and gave it my own twist with bulkier engines, elongated fuselage and a blue color streak or three, along with bumblebee stripes for the official neo-Classic Space look. Speaking of engines, these "glow" trans-orange whereas the original model didn't have any afterglow color. I also added radar dish pieces to them, as it wouldn't be classic space without these parts, would it? The ship is owned by Classic Space Ambassador and vintage 1978 white-suited astronaut Jenny, who uses the ship to conduct meetings with just-discovered worlds to talk to them about membership in the Lego Space Congress. They don't have to join with the Classic Space forces, as they can represent themselves (in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds) or join another force such as the Roboforce Alliance, M-Tron Company, Futuron Generational Holdings, Neo Nexus Force, The UFO and Insectoid Leagues, among many others. Usually, Jenny travels with a flotilla of other ships representing a smorgasbord of interests such as those listed above from across the Milky Way. (and beyond!) to each new world, where they each have five Galactic-standard minutes to state there case for their league, and why the world in question should join them. The world can then vote to join a established group, not join any and remove itself from the forum completely in self-imposed seclusion, or join the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. (This league of last resort is a patchwork of rebel colonies, drifting moons, mining asteroids, and separate worlds that is sadly the dumping ground for "everyone else" in the Space Congressional system. It is so fractured that they don't even have a appointed leader, but several semi-leaders of different categories of their members. As no-one is above anyone else, it's pure chaos in that section of the bureaucracy!) The inside of the ship, with one part missing from under the glass dome at the rear (the stellar map of the Lego Galaxy) In front of the cockpit is a storage area for cargo or consumables and the loading ramp. The ship has two forward-facing laser blasters under the main wedge shaped-front end, and three landing legs. The cargo area lifts away, while the passenger area roof folds open 90 degrees or so. This ship seats three figures, too. As usual, the Classic Space logo goes on 4 x 2 nose slope piece. There are two of these little helper bots to populate the inside of the cargo bay of Ambassador Jenny's ship. They are identical, and fit nicely in the space if the antenna is folded in front forward when stored inside the ship. (Only one of the two droids is shown here next to Jenny.) Hopefully this will be built at some point in 2020, as soon as I can find funds... but until then, parts are slowly being accumulated from my storage containers. Any thoughts?
  11. A wading pool is the perfect place to practice navy techniques and stage mock battles with miniature ships! Any self respecting Naval Academy needs one. I enjoyed working with the colonial style for this build. Mostly I tried to imitate the great look Capt Wolf achieved for the main campus. Originally I planed on pyramid shaped roofs for the three towers, but since I don't have many dark red slopes and was working with sideways bricks instead, that proved much too complicated! Instead I settled on some castle crenelations, and that way I was able to get some cannon in there! Higher grade clases get down into the water and maneuver the ships so younger cadets can learn! Better stand at attention or Captain Argentum will rap you over the head with his sword handle! (This was back in his glory days.) I enjoyed designing these windows especially. You'll probably see the same basic thing again sometime! Micro ships were the reason I jumped at this scene. I don't think I'd ever built one in dark orange before but the color seemed to work well! Those new 1x1 plates with a bar--you know, that thingy up toward the front--took my typical micro ship design up a notch. Of course I had to do some bigger ships too. And a smaller one... a bit top heavy this... Originally I planed to go for a two story building, but small as this is, it pretty well emptied my white bucket! Here's a shot without the uniformed soldiers (well, except for the guards). I don't know why (it doesn't make mathematical sense) but for some reason there wasn't enough space for one last row of trans-light-blue lengthwise (tried forcing it in a couple times and sent whole rows of tiles flying around my room ). So that gave some wiggle room which I used to curve the lines a little - I think it subtly helped the pool look! Great to have a build this size for BoBS again! I really enjoyed building the pool, the windows were fun too, especially the small ones with quarter tiles (they're attached of course! otherwise they would have been quite a pain!). I did some stuff behind them, like a student walking inside, blackboard and stuff, but sadly it all went to waste in the pictures. Oh well, at least I know it's there. If you'd like to see a few WIP shots of this build, I did a post on my blog. Thanks for checking this build out, hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out @Capt Wolf's additions to the Royal Naval Academy - Part 1, The Main Campus and Part III. The Boathouse. Oh, and in case you were wondering where I got the bright green uniforms...
  12. Naval cadets get more than classroom training. The boat house shelters several small craft that the cadets use for training purposes. Here a couple of cadets bring one of the boats out into the harbor. Teams of cadets compete against each other as they learn to maneuver their craft. The instructors fear they have much to teach the cadets. Once the cadets have mastered the small boats, they can graduate to slightly larger craft that require more skill. Some more views of the build: For the rest of Eslandola's Royal Naval Academy, Part I: Main Campus is here and Part II: Wading Pool is here. All C&C welcome.
  13. In light of the recent news of Eslandola’s disastrous encounter with the Sea Rats (see the latest issue of the KPA ), the timing couldn’t be better for Eslandola’s Continental Council to announce the opening of a Royal Naval Academy on Salida Este. The building shown here contains both administrative offices and classrooms. High-ranking officials are on hand to tour the campus. Eslandola’s colors fly from the mast in the center of the quad. In addition to classroom studies, new cadets engage in physical training. Rear admiral Guzman inspects one of the cannons on display, longing for the smell of gunpowder mixed with sea air... A view from above: Part II: Wading pool Part III: Boat house All C&C welcome.
  14. Not ten months after I gave up the idea of doing a System scale Naboo queen's cruiser with space for minifigs, hachiroku24 knocks it out of the park with his excellent build, Nubian Royal Starship MOC. This video is his build: Using spare parts and wrecking my old build, I pounded my version of this MOC out last Saturday, squeezing some light grey bits from other builds. Even though I've only used about maybe 60-70% of the original build, the result is stunning. A long awaited piece for the Phantom Menace display. I am sorry that I forgot to remove the distracting blue decals from the Mandalorian speeder parts while taking these pics - will take more pictures soon of this build as I try and swap out parts to improve it over time. I was able to get the base pretty close (except the nose) and the top, but took many liberties, especially with the underside and interiors. As for the middle, the original build uses two plates for reinforcement but since I am desperately low on light grey wedges I tried to make it work with only one plate thickness. Really happy with the 4 small interiors - throne room (Queen Amidala from Gungan sub can only lie down with the lid closed), cockpit for Ric Oliee, Droid bay with a little hyperdrive build in the middle and the loading ramp. I sacrificed a bit of slope here to accommodate my interior. Still need to install some landing struts for the underside. Love hachiroku24's use of the flat 3x3 macaroni piece on top and bottom of the cockpit. It really pops from all angles and this build is swooshable as hell! Looks so great next to the N1 cruiser. This is an inspired build, and I'd like to send a special shout out to hachiroku24 for sharing this and other fine builds on his channels.
  15. Sirius91

    Royal Joust is coming!

    Royal Knights are preparing to rivalry. As hosts, they have to bring the glory to thier King and Kingdom! My first entry to Royal Joust Zbudujmy to! (Let's build it!) Lug Collaboration. Another one will be presented soon. Also stay tuned for my friends entries!
  16. Sirius91

    [MOC]Royal Joust

    Royal Joust begins! Knights of all factions came to capital to take part in Royal Joust and rival for chivalrous fame. In a moment we will see a clash of young daredevil who will stand against terrifying warrior. My second entry for Royal Joust Zbudujmy to! (Let's build it!) Lug Collaboration. Stay tuned for another competitions in my friends MOCs!
  17. Good afternoon everyone. I would like to show you a MOC made by me 3 years ago, after was designed by LDD. It is the naboo royal starship, seen on Episode I (The Phantom Menace), used by Queen Amidala & company while they were leaving Naboo from the Trade Federation control. Of course, I would dit it with metallic bricks, but they didn't exist that way. I had to made it with grey pieces. I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! LDD design: Exlusive minifigures: Valorum, Sio Bibble and Queen Amidala. Real MOC: Good bye.
  18. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Royal Factory To make the designs for new WTC shipyard, a medium executive office was constructed downtown. Royal office of ship design by North White, on Flickr Agnes arrived in a coach to talk to the director. Royal office of ship design by North White, on Flickr A secretary greeted her. "hello miss Agnes. How are you doing today?" "It's Madam Mesabi you ugly fool. Where's your boss?" Royal office of ship design by North White, on Flickr "Uh, she's upstairs. you didn't need to be hurtful..." "Excellent. And yes I did." replied Agnes. In the building, designers worked to craft model ships, and too sketch out new ones. Royal office of ship design by North White, on Flickr Agnes stared down the director. Royal office of ship design by North White, on Flickr "So, can you make me a really big ship..." She asked. "Certainly." Said the director. "But how big?" "Big." Said Agnes. FIN This completes the royal factory of Mesabi Landing, which can be found here. Thank you for viewing, and C&C . appreciated.
  19. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Royal Factory A wagon rumbled along the tracks towards the largest building in Mesabi Landing, the royal shipyard. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr The structure was massive, and was built into the harbour, for immediate ship launch. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr The designers, architects, and engineers carefully studied the designs, before relaying the information to the grunts for execution. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Today, 2 ships were under construction, the WTC Robin and the WTC Blue Moon. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Agnes and Mordo walked towards the factory, their usual custom for when a new factory was operational. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Agnes walked to the table with a manifest. "We need you to double your output. We need more money to fund this giant factory." The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Inside, wood was cut, and unloaded, all from other islands that actually had trees. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr A crane lifted materials from the rail cars to the staging ground. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr The ships were almost completed, and the launch was planned later that day. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Finally, a ship was ready. 2 horses got it moving down the rails to the sea. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr Slowly, it moved down the rails. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr It slid down the rails into the water. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr And with that, the WTC had another ship. The royal shipyard by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing this massive build I did. The hard part wasn't building it, but photographing it in my tiny room was damn near impossible. I'd like to license this as a royal factory for the WTC. As this requires a charter, I hereby apply for it. I hope that this build meets the requirements for a royal build. The footprint is 96x96, which is lower than the 100x100 requirement, but I feel this is a little arbitrary, and hope leadership would agree. If you would like it to be 100x100, I can add a 32x32 section to the factory. As for the quality, I have put my best foot forward with the pieces I have, and I hope leadership would allow for this to be considered of royal quality. If it is not, well, I'll just license 3 large factories this month. C&C appreciated, as usual.
  20. One of the first structures in Brickwall Memorial Park, once you are through the entrance gates, is the bell tower attached to the new Fuerte Unido city administration building. The bell rings every hour, symbolically spreading the message of freedom, prosperity, and cultural exchange, and as a reminder of the Brickwall family's sacrifice in the war with Mardier. Small citrus trees, native to the southern coast of the island, have been planted around the building. It is expected that patrons of the park will be free to pick fruit from these trees, but these newly planted trees are not yet bearing fruit, so this young lady has stopped to smell the flowers... ... and perhaps has met a friend. The caretaker of the bell tower takes a moment to get some fresh air and waves to park patrons below. One more view of the bell tower... All C&C welcome.
  21. Brickwall Memorial Park in Fuerte Unido, on Isla de Victoria (formerly Isla de Medio), is Eslandola's memorial to members of the Brickwall family who fell during the war with Mardier. The entrance is marked by two large white marble pedestals. The pedestals stand astride the Avenue of the Brickwalls, and each also includes a pedestrian archway. Each pedestal is topped by a statue of a heroic member of the Brickwall family. On the left is a statue of Admiral Brickwall Adurnos, who was felled by a cannonball while attempting to break a Mardierian naval blockade. On the right is a statue of General Brickwall Murion, who fell at the Battle of the Bridge of Arbol. A view from above the gate: And a view through the gate to the bell tower in the park (loosely inspired by this scene from my college campus): ------------- All C&C welcome.
  22. One of the most popular places in the Brickwall Memorial Park is the Flower Garden. Very colourfull and romantic, the soldiers residing in Fuerto Unido love to take their girlfriends/lovers/wifes...
  23. The war with Mardier had been costly, but Eslandolan perseverance was rewarded with victory. The cost had been extremely high, however, especially for the Brickwall family, whose many members were the (fallen) heroes of several battles. To commemorate the sacrifice of the Brickwalls and the cooperative effort of all the trade companies, several prominent citizens and merchant families have collaborated on a royal park in Fuerte Unido, Eslandola's seat of government on Isla de Victoria. The city itself stands as a testament to the new unified Eslandola. From here they would ring the message of freedom, prosperity, and cultural exchange. The bells echo from the mountains, and messengers have been sent to all the settlements in the colonies that the next session of the Colonial Council would be held here. Included in Brickwall Memorial Park are: -The memorial gates, serving as the entrance to the park and the Avenue of the Brickwalls -The council hall / courthouse, where the Colonial Council will meet -The bell tower, with city administrative offices -The flower garden, where soldiers returning from war can stroll with their girlfriends -The greenhouses, with all the varieties of citrus trees that populate the island's southern coast -The lighthouse, that beams its light towards the path forward -The tropical garden, a place to study the wildlife and exotic plants of Isla Victoria - The Crystal Caves, where you can experience serenity, while you marvel at natures wonders. Links will be added as the different builds get posted.
  24. Hi everybody, when I started to build a lego ship in summer 2012 the plan actually was to come up with a fourth rate ship of the line around 50 or 64 guns. But it became bigger and I added four guns per gun deck (two each side). So now I have a broadside with 28 guns on the gun decks and 9 guns on the main deck. That makes a 74 gun ship of the line. Not counted were two guns astern and 6 carronades (thanks to Admiral Bejaune for the design) on the poop deck. When it comes to the rigging I first wanted to use the classic Lego prefab ship masts from the old pirate sets. But the ship is too big to use them. I will use brick built masts, but it will last a bit I can show you pictures because I first have to buy round bricks. I hope Dread Pirate Wesley and Imperial Shipyards have nothing against me inspecting the riggings they used on their ships. Sometimes Its better to use wonderful details which allready were built than have to come up with new ones. Now I reached the point of not having any bricks I could use for my project so finally I have to buy some. Do you guys know a good online brick source where i can buy masses of similar bricks? If you are interested in the earlier progress here you go with the link of the old thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=71980 Also my brickshelf folder, which doesn't contain all pictures because its new and I still have problems with uploading .zip folders and I'm just bored of doing it one by one: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=527858 Wellesley! Just a copy of the last post of the old progress thread: Here the latest pictures:
  25. Kaboozle

    Attack on Port Royal

    My first Pirate MOC, based on the scene in Curse Of The Black Pearl. Enjoy!