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  1. Dont know the series, but it sure is a nice and compact recreation. Well done.
  2. Instructions for the manual version have been released on rebrickable:
  3. and brothers-brick....
  4. Model got blogged at the Lego Car Blog. Nice narrative..
  5. Just finished the youtube video for the roadster. Hope you all like it..
  6. Nope, not possible in green. Yellow also not possible because of lack of 1x2 thin liftarms and very limited availability of nr 4 connector (which is really a shame!) Blue should be possible as wel if you replace the big curved panel by beams. Just don't have the parts to try that one out
  7. And here's the red one to complete the series. Pick the one you like most ...
  8. I got the suggestion to change the red interior to white to better match the white wheels. Am quite happy with the results. The red version is also in the making....
  9. Upon request the black version, now in combination with the RC chassis. It also has racing seats.... The RC receiver is hidden underneath the windscreen and especially icw the black version very difficult to notice. It can also be equiped with an sbrick... The chassis is only three studs thick in the back and the middle and as you can see a lot of space is taken up by the 2L motors and the servo.
  10. All, Thanks for the great comments. Suspension I couldn't fit in anymore unfortunatey The RC based chassis structure is only three studs high and needed to be fully self-supporting. Might be easier to add in the manual version as the RC is already heavily packed.. The black version as pictures is in the working. I will share it it's available. Just don't have the red wheels unfortunately
  11. The connectors were indeed a must to make the shell rigid by itself. It made the build much more complicated with lots of variation before it worked, but now I can easily switch bodywork colors and have a manual as well as RC version side-by side by just switching the frame...
  12. All, After more then 2 year without working on a new Technic MOC I am now ready to present my new project: A classic roadster based on a Jaguar XK120. I managed to built it in white and separate the frame and the bodywork completety. Due to this there is also a frame version with full RC. It can be build in red and black as well without major adaptations. More pictures, video and instructions to follow.... Rebrickable instructions: Blog from The Lego Car Blog: Blog from The Brothers-brick:
  13. Nice different model. Track make steering a bit difficult, but I am sure you can improve on that...
  14. Good idea. First I will finetune the rotary version as I think it can be made much compacter (less deep, from 5 to 3 or Max 4 studs, . After that balancing would be the next step..
  15. Here is the upgrade to a rotary variation. Wasn't that hard actually, but requires a reverse of parts that are fixed versus rotating. By adding a turntable and driving that, it can be done. I made a small movie of it (not yet on youtube) where you can see how it works out then. Actually looks less impressive as you cant see the actual cylinder movement anymore (although it is there...)