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Found 22 results

  1. NOTE: I changed things on my Webserver so images may be broken - if anyone wants to see things let me know and ill dig them up - these forum boards are not entirely friendly on edits. - Sorry! (Pictures are still there - just have to go the the trouble of fixing them.) - And it appears these stupid boards won't render the images upfront - but they load when you click - sigh. UPDATE - The Hinge fixes worked - its stable as it can get - enough that you'd be at the level of the UCS Star Destroyer or X-Wing or any other model in terms of how much a model can take before it starts having issues. Currently working on redoing instructions to get it up to current design specs. PIcs below are still accurate - only the hinges are twice the strength and the stand does a better job keeping it stable. Instructions are updated up to the stand - got an another 200 pages to blitz through before I can post the current iteration. Should be done tomorrow. Future plans are improvement on the panel wings to not looks so fragile - cockpit strengthening. Going to need help with Q/A on instructions and anyone whose released a design - PM me and give me some pointers - total newb here - want to do it right. Reminder - not charging for instructions - these will be free. I will however accept donations (to put towards Otana - the "other" monster project) Would really like to see someone build this thing to really get a sense of cost/design. Also just might send this up to Lego Group. Any comments about that? Much thanks. PS: Bug thanks to the Technic gents who helped me puzzle out a stronger hinge design - which turned out to be a "Well duh" problem and not a disaster. ==== UPDATE 2: Instructions/Parts List are done. (2 Files - 54-55MB - 1 PDF/1 CSV) *Again - please respect the work done here - don't go running off with it/etc - for everyone to enjoy* I'll be looking into making the manual look pretty with a cover/end cover/credits/graphics. Decal has been created for this design - TIE Pilot not included in design - just a random thing I snagged for display purposes. ---- <TIE Pilot isn't included in the design - thought it would be cute> As I said before - still updating instructions and parts list. So stay tuned. UPDATE: I Added LED's - still need to clean it up but here it be. ============== This is my second MOC (albeit first one to be "finished" to the point of building) There's history behind this design that ill save for later - I'll just focus on the meat and potatoes. Here's the pictures from - ill look into a rendering version in a while. Cleaned up the Cockpit <-> Main Core area - not sure if that area is stable but it certainly looks good (Stability in the little bits that decorate it) And the Stand itself 3421 Parts as of this posting (With stand) 20” x 19” x 19” (51cm x 47cm x 46cm) (Think - Between an A-Wing/TIE Fighter UCS in size terms - also not including stand so it may be a pinch taller/longer) This MIGHT support mini figurine in the pilot's seat. Bit of Lore (My Take on it) The TIE/d or "Defender" was Grand Admiral Thrawns answer to the X-Wing Space Superiority Fighters. Essentially the first of its kind to be Mass Produced with not only Shields - but a Hypderdrive with exception of modded TIE/i (Interceptors) and Darth's TIE Advanced (bit of a debate?) Point is - this was designed out the gate to be more inline if not exceed the trouble that X-Wings bring with them - and the ability to not require a Mothership to "Get around" thanks to the Hyperdrive. It also sports additional weaponry. Packing the lasers and ordinance that is typical of a TIE Interceptors (4 Laser Cannons - dual launchers) - this also has 2 ion cannons to make it a formidable ship (taking a page from the Y-Wings/B-Wings). - Also sporting a Tractor Beam to make it easier for its quarry to be killed. Carries more ordinance as well. Bit of a debate on speed but its essentially an Imperial X-Wing with bigger fangs. Bottom line - this TIE would have been the nail in the alliances coffin if it had been taken seriously as it could fill a Bomber role that the Y-Wings did - Tarkin however would block this project citing its too expensive and prefer to keep to his doctrine of throw many cheap TIE's at them and not bother cleaning up the mess. We all know how that turned out. Thrawn would have cleaned house if he had the backing of the Empire - but alas - he was essentially ignored and the TIE/d was only on field in limited numbers - and still feared overall. Again - just my take on it - I'm a big fan. (For some reason they say it has "Chin cannons" - it doesn't - don't care what they say - don't give a damn - I reference the TIE Fighter Game and similar games :P) That said - in my honest opinion - this was the King of TIE's - the Apex predator of the Empire for Space Superiority. Vader even grinned behind his mask when he got to fly one - a rare moment indeed (Thrawns books as source) But alas - too little too late - and the rest is history - for now? (We shall see) FAQ: This is a UCS Scale like model - not a play thing - not very tolerant with tampering. Yes there will be a Stand - and you can purchase a decal for it - ill dig up a link when I get there. Cost? - Instructions will be made available for free when they get done. This thing set me back about 2K USD (maybe less now that it's refined? Not sure - happy to take estimates for anyone brave enough to build this beast) - I'll accept donations to put towards my Otana project - but I don't intend on making profit off this for the main reason as to how this project came to be. It did take 1000 hours plus to build this thing out - and it will take a lot of effort to build instructions for it. Build - there's half a dozen "super rare" (not ultra?) parts Id estimate that may cause some trouble - namely the Cockpit hatch up top and the Window - then you have some decorated tiles inside for looks - and maybe some other parts. I'll audit to remove these variables as much as possible. Majority of the bricks are Black and Grey with some slight alterations. Feel free to substitute where you like if you see fit to do so. Stud.IO file will be made available on request when I get around to releasing this thing propper - so just ping me if you want a copy. This will also produce a parts list as well. Will it work? I'm 80-90% Confident it will. Doesn't this look like _____ model? - Yes - it does - the Mocopolis model is no longer available because that design was fraudulent - a total rip off. I actually bought instructions and this became a 3-4 month long nightmare. I suspect that designer will not be allowed to come back let alone claim credit for an "impossible" build. Hence why I'm releasing for free. More details below. Bottom line - this model WILL work - and is legitimately possible to build....I hope. (Going to find out for sure!) I intend to build this in real life very soon - need to these parts off my desk so I can move on to other projects lol - so I'll be sure to take pictures during construction or rather "reconstruction" - keep reading for answers to THAT question. As I said - I'm confident it will work this round. Update: Updated the Cannons - so now they don't freely spin looking awkward//broken/odd. Shrunk the length by an inch or so - more parts - but better looking. PS: This forums engine has very retarded caching - the images have been updated but it won't load the images - if you load the images in a new tab/window you'll see the updated pics. MVP's - Special Thanks to @Monkeyulize for helping to redesign the core body/pylons/TIE Panel main struts from ground up - creator of the gorgeous TIE Phantom -> Big thanks to "Darth Soban" - a Homeworld MOC'er enthusiast whose been giving encouragement and check-summing me the entire time. @ForgedInLego for helping me solve the Cockpit "sagging" problem or at least giving me the best shot. And lastly @Kdapt-Preacher for majority of my sanity checks and feedback overall since the beginning. Who has a fantastic collection of minatures -> This community is just full of genius that allowed the best chance for this "Salvage" project to come to fruition. Now as to the background as to why this is a thing - ill just tag this as spoilers - happy reading if you wish. Things left to do: 1: Rebuild Core body/Pylons 2: Rebuild Cockpit / Reinforce Cockpit sagging 3: Rebuild Tail Section 4: Rebuild Stand to accommodate new body and polish remaining areas. 5: Parts Audit/Colorization (ties into 4) (In Progress) 6: Test Build/Construct in Real Life (In Progress - Bricks ordered) 7: Did it work? Is it stable? Corrections? 8: Release final version of 2.0 Model and publish (In Progress) 9: Instructions (1.0 Version done) - Need to go back through and fix and adjust/polish! 10: 3.0 Version? - TIE Panels need rebuild due to ugliness - Feedback from other MOC'ers Big thanks to everyone who helped out! Here's hoping it will work this time!\ PS: This began as a "rant rave for bad moc'ers taking money into fixing this thing and making it work - so bear it all with a grain of salt. ==== Real life build progress: Day 2 Progress Looking great - and its holding structurely quite nicely - very rigid. May have to make some changes to the dressing that covers the spine - its too think with the current build so I removed some plates to make it nice - that and it wasn't fitting so nicely. Or I may keep it as is. There's some opprotunities to change some parts to make things better/easier however - and I've made those notes in the manual error list. The next step is the make it or break it point! Next is the cradle/stand being modded for the body - and the outer panels. Found a oops in assembly process and may need a change in parts for the "caps" (center hubs) on the panels - but not enough to cause concern for now. Off to sleep - here's hoping next post I make in terms of updates is good news that the new TIE Defender is legit (albeit not quite perfect) is build-able. ==== Reported "oopses" on the instructions: Fixed - its live Ready - needs to be "compiled in" Manual Corrections: (In progress)
  2. The Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser is a Star Wars warship well known from the lost Katana Fleet of the Thrawn Trilogy. At 600 meters, it was roughly half the length of a Venator and could be configured with varying combinations of turbolasers, point defense cannons, and missiles. Most of these would be located in the hull "blisters" similar to Mon Calamari ships. I was recently acquainted with the cruiser as I'm reading through the Thrawn Trilogy (Half way through the second book at the moment). Not the most sophisticated-looking ship, but a fun one to design nonetheless. As usual, it's designed to 1:2600 scale. Some additional views in the spoiler below...
  3. UPDATE! Deadline has been extended to June 17th. Thrawn. One of the Empire's most brilliant tacticians. His ability to discern his enemies actions and reactions was legendary. He earned his reputation because time and time again he was able to predict what his enemy would do. One of his methods for learning about his enemy was by studying their art. "I've been studying the tactics of the Rebel General Belcoze who's been giving us so much trouble. Do you see these two paintings? One was painted by the General's cousin just last year. It's an original that is fetching millions of credits at auction. The other was painted by Belcoze when he was six, over twenty years ago. It was found at the back of an old closet when the Empire raided his family's home. There's no way General Belcoze's cousin could have seen this painting before making his own. Now, the Iktotchi species is known for their precognitive abilities, but this example shows that General Belcoze is particularly gifted in this area. So when we try to ambush him, he'll expect it. That's why I want you to send a second group of soldiers to ambush his ambush." "We have you now General Belcoze!" "I was expecting you." "So were we." Now it's your turn! Build two MOCs depicting Thrawn learning about his enemy and triumphing over them by studying their art. The first MOC should be no smaller than 16x16 square studs and should show Thrawn learning about his enemy through studying their art work. The second MOC should be no smaller than 32x32 square studs and should show how Thrawn's knowledge allowed the Empire to be victorious. Rules Only one entry is allowed per person. Both MOCs should be shown in the same topic. Entries without 2 separate MOCs will be disqualified. There is no maximum size limit, just the minimums. Thrawn must be present in the first MOC. He may be present in the second but is not required to be. Some lenience will be allowed if you want to participate in this contest but do not own a Thrawn minifigure. Creativity will count heavily if you depict Thrawn without the actual minifigure. The contest will run from 1st May to 17th June, 2017. As long as it's still June 17th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified. There must be at least 10 entries for the prizes listed below to be awarded. If there are fewer than 10 entries, there will still be prizes, they will just not be the same as are listed in the prizes section. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win prizes. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Digital entries will be allowed. All digital entries must use only existing pieces in existing colors. All digital entries should include a link to the digital file to ensure only existing piece colors are used. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Watto’s Junkyard forum, the title prefixed by, "[Thrawn] - entry name". (For example, "[Thrawn] – Out-thinking the Iktotchi".) A link must also be included in this thread for your entry to count. Post pictures no larger than 1024x671, but you may link to bigger pictures. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on two pictures (the intention is one for each of the two MOCs entered for this contest). All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Lego logo in any picture. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. For each category EB members will vote for their favorite entry in each category. Prizes (may change, but probably won't) First place will win 75105 Millennium Falcon Second place will win 75140 Resistance Troop Transport Third place will win 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank
  4. Now that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe is officially defunct, it seems highly unlikely that we'll ever get an actual minifig of fan-favorite Grand Admiral Thrawn. Like many people, however, I saw the possibility for a satisfying "purist" custom version of the character (overlooking the rank pips, of course) when the exclusive Yularen figure came out last year. Since then I've since seen numerous variations on this idea, but I thought I'd try my own hand at it. Thrawn's head is Cad Bane, while Pellaeon is Yularen's head on the Star Destroyer captain's body from 75055. I wanted the design of the uniforms to match, and these do! The rest of the vignette is very minimalist, with a window borrowed from 75093. (And yes, I realize that the gold epaulets on Thrawn are not mentioned in the novels, and that there is some debate about gloves. I decided to use the original novel covers as my inspiration.) EDIT: Updated with official Thrawn minifigure plus black boots:
  5. Spongebob456

    Thrawn's Office

    Hey guys. Here is my miniature scale MOC of Thrawn's Office as seen in Star Wars Rebels. I only had a limited number of pieces available to me hence it's small size but I think it looks pretty cool as a small model. My first ever MOC, even if it is just a hollow box. Let me know what you think, even if it is just so simple. :) IMG_1306-min by Spongebob 456, on Flickr IMG_1300-min by Spongebob 456, on Flickr
  6. Results! Congratulations to the winners! In first place we have @Thebeeze111 with entry #6: Stolen Kyber. He wins 75105 Millennium Falcon In second place we have @LucasLaughing with entry #7: The Serpent and the Bird. He wins 75140 Resistance Troop Transport In third place we have @naugem with entry #13: The Hidden Enemy. He wins 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank Fourth place was only 1 vote away from tying for third! Congratulations @Umbra-Manis! You win the consolation prize of a Clone Trooper Lieutenant! All winners, place PM me your name, address, and phone number so TLG can send you your prize! ---------------------------------------------------------- Voting is now open! Each picture has a link to the right to the original thread. Please go to each thread before voting as there are more pictures from the members that may help you make a better choice. Please vote for your favorite entry by listing the number of that entry. Each person is allowed to vote twice. You can vote for 2 different entries or the same one twice. For example: Or: Only those who were members before the contest ended on June 17th 2017 can vote. If you were not a member before June 17th then you can't vote. This is to prevent accounts being created for voting. First place will win 75105 Millennium Falcon Second place will win 75140 Resistance Troop Transport Third place will win 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank You cannot vote for your own entry! Voting will close at the end of the day on the 28th of June. As long as it is still the 28th somewhere in the world, you can still vote. Votes cast after that hour will not be accepted. - 1. DarthsDonuts54 - Triumphing Through History - 2. greg3 - The Last Asogian - 3. Gubi0222 - Shadow Strike - 4. Darth Stripy - Downfall of Phoenix Squadron - 5. dulsi - Lessons From Endor - 6. Thebeeze111 - Stolen Kyber - 7. LucasLaughing - The Serpent and the Bird - 8. Commander Beltar - Insurrection on Sullust - 9. Oky - The Route to Victory - 10. Kim-Kwang-Seok - How 2 Catch a Ghost - 11. Umbra-Manis - Deception is But a Delay - 12. Auron_Shale - A Sense of Integrity - 13. naugem - The Hidden Enemy
  7. Auron_Shale

    [Thrawn] A Sense of Integrity

    Ensign Valon stepped cautiously through the doorway leading to Thrawn’s private meeting room, nestled among the labyrinth that was the Chimaera. He barely had time to celebrate his graduation from the Imperial Academy before his presence was requested by the Grand Admiral. His anxiety skyrocketed all the more for it. Did Thrawn know of how he hacked into the Academy database to alter grades? It wasn’t his fault that Outer Rim cadets were given such a harsh grading curve, falsely justified as a means to ‘prove their mettle’. He simply set things right. Valon gulped, lost in thought. Sliding into his chair, he took notice of the meeting room. It was as cold and sterile as any room aboard a Star Destroyer, save for a small statue placed across the table. It seemed oddly familiar… “Ensign Tak Valon, I presume?” The Grand Admiral had found his way into the room while Valon was preoccupied, much to the young Ensign’s shock. “I assume you have some inkling of why you sit before me now?” “N-no, sir, I do not.” Valon lied, knowing, if he were caught, this wouldn't bode well for him. He was just relieved he was holding it together, especially in front of Imperial High Command. “Oh, I believe you do, Ensign.” Thrawn stated, placing one hand upon the statue and effortlessly sliding it across the table, just in front of Valon. “Would you happen to know where this artifact came from?” Valon pursed his lips tightly. Out of all of the possibilities, he was called in front of Grand Admiral Thrawn to identify a statue?! “Is something the matter, Ensign Valon?” Thrawn frowned. “N-no sir, not at all.” Valon cautiously responded, taking the same care in holding the statue, studying it as Thrawn was studying him. “Well, I can’t tell for certain, the markings are faded, but this looks like it must be from…” Tezlyk X. It had to be Tezlyk X. The memories returned to him with the force of a disruptor rifle. He had spent countless hours in his youth exploring deserted temples, tinkering with discarded robots in childish fantasies to reenact their own ‘Clone Wars’. “This does appear to originate from Tezlyk X, Sir. Is there anything else you need?” Valon stated, mindlessly pushing the figure towards the Grand Admiral.“As a matter of fact, I do, Ensign. “ Thrawn rose from his seat, his pure white tunic reminding the young Valon who he was talking to. “This Tezlyk X resides within the Outer Rim, and seeing as you originate from there specifically, I can assume you know Sy Bisti?” “I do, sir.” Valon’s anxiety went into orbit, unsure what Thrawn was leading to. If any of the rumors about the Grand Admiral were true, his unexpected methods usually came in quick succession of the prior. A barely noticeable smile grew upon Thrawn. “That is good to hear, Ensign, because as of this very moment, we are on the hunt." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Remind me again why we needed disguises to go ‘hunting.’ Valon muttered, adjusting his façade, an old pre-Clone Wars flight suit. “With all due respect, we have the firepower on the Chimaera to glass the insurgent hideouts”. “That may be true, Ensign, and given your education, it may also be the most viable option,” Thrawn replied, prepping his own concealment. It was a blending of eras and cultures: an ancient Pantoran gladiator helmet coupled with battered Coruscanti Senate armor. “A short term option, at best. Tell me, what do you know of the Hydra?” “Well, it’s an Imperial I-Class Destroye-.” Before Valon could even finish, Thrawn cut him off. “While I applaud the interest in our Navy, I’m speaking of the myth. “Oh, my apologies,” Valon shot out. “Well, as I remember, it was akin to a serpent, and immortal?” “Precisely, Ensign. And what a better analogy to pair with insurgents. A vile, serpentine thing.” Thrawn locked his helmet into place, the gold finish clashing violently with the blue tones of the senate armor. Perfect for blending in with smugglers. “Now, we must move on. We have a great many locations to investigate before nightfall.” After several hours of traversing between the harsh wastes of Tezlyk X, they had finally reached a destination of merit. The moment Valon laid eyes upon the decrepit temple, memories flooded back akin to a raging current. The temple had stood for over a millennia, and yet appeared as if time stood alongside it. The entire front of the ‘ruins’ reached high into the unforgiving glance of a harsh sun, embedded glass catching the sharp light, sparkling like crystals. The only major deformity that caught Valon’s eye was the ancient clock, but that could be explained away by a malfunctioning droid, stupidity, and some death sticks. He emphasized the ‘could be’, and made an effort to push that out of his mind. Yes, it seems like some things never change. Thrawn’s voice crackled through the headset implanted in both their helmets. “Ensign, I suggest you attempt to hack the access panel, to the left of the door. Speed would be appreciated, we need to act as if we are simply entering the access code. I was under the impression that this was a speciality of yours?” Valon gave a worried glance, grateful that Thrawn could not fully see him. “Beg your pardon, sir?” Thrawn turned to face the Ensign. “Your report from the Academy, of course. Your excellence in the System Integrity courses. The report is correct in that, would you agree?” “Ah, yes sir. Well, I’ll get to work on that.” Valon let out an extended and inaudible sigh of relief. For yet another moment, he feared Thrawn was leading on about altering his grades. For the time being, he was safe. Valon strode over to the control console, opening the terminal to begin a barrage of clicks and taps. The program to open the door was legacy code from the Separatist army, and within a few short minutes, it was overridden. “Almost… there we go!” Valon exclaimed, taking a step back to join Thrawn while the entrance hissed and squeaked, its age very apparent. Three figures stood in the newly formed opening of the temple, each one a reminder of what the Empire was calling enemies as of late: ragtag smugglers, castaway pirates and self-proclaimed ‘heros’. One stepped forward, clad in a breathing apparatus, most of it lying underneath the cloth covering the being’s forehead. “Ah, if it isn’t Nuodo!” The being proclaimed in Sy Bisti, its voice guised under the layered voice encryption. “I take it you’ve brought the product, as promised?” “Of course, Iaelox, one crate of standard issue blasters, complete with power cells” Thrawn replied, one hand reaching for a beckon call situated on his wrist. Valon wanted to speak up, he wanted to inquire why Grand Admiral Thrawn, of all people, was aiding in the supply of insurgents. But he held his tongue. He was, of course, the Grand Admiral, and his authority outranked him in every way. “That sounds about right, yeah,” Iaelox snorted out, suddenly taking notice of Valon. “What’s up with the new meat, Nuodo? Last partner get too cocky for your liking?” “He’s currently attending to other matters,” Thrawn said, activating the beckon call. “This one here goes by Ooland Freyr.” The smuggler turned to face Valon. “Ooland, ey? Where you hail from? Sounds like an Outer Rim name to me.” “It is, actually from an Outpost not far from here. Ever hear about the T’Shax caverns?” “Of course,” Iaelox answered. “If you don’t know that, can’t be a tried and true Tezlyxian, can you-“. He found himself unable to continue, as the sound of thrusters at full power became increasingly louder. Thrawn’s cargo made its sudden descent, halting just short of slamming into the ground below. “Well then,” Thrawn articulated, “I believe discussion of payment is in order?” "Of course, of course. Let's just get everything accounted for, then we'll discuss credits." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The hissing emanating from the closing door marked the end of Valon's debriefing. While the Grand Admiral explained the basis of what had transpired, he had kept the true motives tucked away. The young Ensign had not a clue, his only concern still revolving around his transgressions at the Imperial Academy. But the doors opened just as quickly as they shut. "I've brought you the effects from Tezlyk X, Grand Admiral." Thrawn turned to face the elderly gentleman, clad in a similarly pristine white tunic. "Excellent, Yularen, you may place them beside the statue." The Colonel did as much, taking a seat across from the Grand Admiral. "I still have no idea why you insist on these covert operations," Yularen stated. "You have no need. We have some of the greatest infiltrators among our ranks, yet you assert you must be involved on the field." "Well, Colonel, surely you must know of the idiom, 'if you want it done right..." "Yes yes, I understand all of that. And while we're on the subject, what is it you're hoping these outings will achieve?" "Colonel, I thought after all these years, you would trust me a mite more than that." Thrawn retorted, his fingers interlocking as his chin nestled upon them. "Those 'shipments' I've been supplying to the insurgents? All of them contain trace elements of a mineral commonly found from the bowels of Scarif." Yularen gave a quizzical look towards the Grand Admiral. "Why would that be beneficial to us in any way?" "As you may know, Scarif is one of the most heavily guarded planets under Imperial occupation, you and I both know why." Yularen nodded, slowly beginning to connect the dots. "And I assume there's something unique to this mineral?" "Precisely, Colonel." Thrawn smiled, sitting up to adjust his posture. " The mineral itself is in no way illegal, but upon adjusting certain scanners in Imperial checkpoints, its unique properties allow it to be detected even through the most resilient of smuggling compartments. Allowing us, in a way, to trace multiple insurgent cells at any given time." "Simply amazing." "Indeed, Colonel. In a sense, if we were to liken this to a hydra, I've essentially poisoned its blood stream. Instead of attempting to tackle it head on, which would encourage the insurgents to grow in numbers, it will reduce them to a mere shell of what they once were. More easily kept in line." "Well, that's all well and good, but that doesn't explain why you chose Ensign Valon for your recent operation. Last I heard, the Academy was about to repeal his status, due to the recently uncovered hacking of the Academy grading. In fact, why isn't he sitting in the brig right now?" "Well, Colonel, that's why I had you bring these items. I'm assuming you've noticed how these statues are so similar in design. Simplistic,with faded hieroglyphs covering their torsos. But one thing caught my eye." "And that is?" "Well, the blast marks, of course. When I first discovered them, it seemed only natural to search for the source. Hence the helmet in front of us." Yularen nodded. "Yes, the helmet recovered from the scrap droid at one of the temple sites." "Well, with these scrap droids, specifically, they are able to emit a highly concentrated laser from the view piece, similar to one of our higher powered blasters. And this specific model was found across multiple temple sites, along with these statues. The ballistic markings do match up, which led me to assume they were used for some form of target practice." "And this has to do with Ensign Valon how, exactly..?" "Well, it may appear to be separate at first glance, but note this. The programming used within the still functional scrap droids have many similarities to the coding style of the Ensign. This young man may have altered records, a very severe transgression, I might add, but his talents should not be wasted rotting in a jail cell, Colonel. This coding, in a sense, is his art form. I merely want to encourage it. Hence why I've 'suggested' that he be assigned as my aide for the near future." "Trying to fill the gap left by Commander Vanto, are you?" Yularen asked, now understanding. Thrawn took a long and thoughtful look at Yularen. After a moment, he simply stated "Perhaps I am, Colonel. Perhaps." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's a link to the album for more photos!
  8. TheBeeze

    [THRAWN] - Stolen Kyber

    High above the ancient world of Jedha, the Empire is slowly starting to encroach on the rebel stronghold. Strong pockets of Rebel Insurgents still hold a commanding presence over Jedha City. The Empire has decided to slowly work its way into the city through means other than warfare as a direct conflict with Saw Gerrera's forces might have unforeseen circumstances at this early point in the game. The Imperials have been planning their full scale assault with Admiral Thrawn having full control of the strategy for when they decide to invade. Lieutenant Shrike- Admiral, Your presence is requested on the bridge. Thrawn: Tell me, what seems to be the issue Lieutenant? Lieutenant Shrike- I was not told sir. The Emperor requested you personally. Thrawn: The Emperor?........ Hmmmm so he decided to pay us a visit prior to our invasion. Very well, I am on my way. Walking through the entrance to the deck, the Admiral walks right into the conversation. Emperor Palpatine: Director Krennic only a fool would be so unwise to let something like this go unchecked for so long. Krennic: My lord this was just brought to my attention. The Kyber project was under the command of Governor Tarkin. Darth Vader: Perhaps you should spend your time trying to fix the problem instead of pinning it elsewhere Director. Emperor Palpatine: Admiral Thrawn, so good of you to join us. Thrawn: Reporting as ordered my lord. We are honored by your presence. Emperor Palpatine: Admiral, Director Krennic has a problem that we need to solve quickly and quietly. Thrawn: What seems to be the problem my lord? Emperor Palpatine: As someone of your stature is well aware, we've been developing a new weapon to obliterate our enemies across the galaxy. The weapon is powered by Kyber crystals, and that is why we are preparing to take hold of this planet as it maintains a plentiful supply of Kyber. In order to speed up the process of his development, Director Krennic decided he would start using smugglers to remove large portions of Kyber from Jedha City under everyone's noses. A group of rebels intercepted a large shipment of the crystals and have taken them somewhere outside the city. Thrawn: *Looking at Krennic* And, in what way, do you feel I can be of assistance? Emperor Palpatine: Your skills have been quite invaluable on the battlefield Admiral, perhaps you can propose a solution to this mess as well? Krennic: *Getting Angry* Emperor, I have everything under control. I just need more time. Darth Vader: If that were true, we would not be having this meeting director. Thrawn: I can solve this problem my lord. Krennic: This is Absurd! Thrawn: I will need all of your intelligence on this situation brought to my war room immediately Director. Krennic: *Brushing past Thrawn* So be it Admiral. The Admiral returned to his War Room to review the materials and found some interesting materials. It is likely that the smugglers were in on the grab by the rebels given that A. not one smuggler was killed in the exchange and B. they were paid upfront by the empire and probably turned another profit from the rebels. The intel obtained from the Director indicated that the band of smugglers who were moving the Kyber were all Rodians. Admiral Thrawn dispatched a team of bounty hunters to Jedha to investigate the outskirts of the city to try and find the Kyber. By using bounty hunters, they could blend in and not draw any attention from the rebels that normal imperial troops would. The bounty hunters were transmitting images to the admiral as they trekked along when suddenly he stopped and yelled into the commlink to stop Greedo, one of the bounty hunters assigned to the job stood outside the building and waited for instruction. Thrawn: *Into the Commlink* That's it, the rebels and the kyber are there. Greedo: This can't be the place, this is a watering hole for all of the local scum run by.... Thrawn: RODIANS. Greedo: Yes, Rodi... how did you know that? Thrawn: Greedo, it appears they left their welcome flag outside. Did they not? Greedo: Yes rodians leave a string of dishes in an elaborate pattern strung up on cables outside their homes to let others know they are welcome. Thrawn: Yes, a nice artful gesture. One that will be their end. You know what to do. Greedo entered the bar with his pistol drawn. His fellow bounty hunters Bossk and Dengar scaled the wall with hopes of getting into the bar from the upper level. The two climbed in shoving aside a band that was playing and instantly found one of their marks, a rodian rebel who was already raising his blaster when they dropped him. Greedo made his way through the bar taking out a single rodian as well before engaging a group of rebels trying to flee down a ladder who were already taking fire from Bossk and Dengar above. Some of the rebels managed to get into a basement tunnel . Pao: See! I told you those Rodians were no good to us. They were into some kind of trouble and brought bounty hunters here. Before they could do anything another bounty hunter, 4-Lom, caught them totally off guard and started blasting away killing two of the rebels while one managed to slip away just before Bossk arrived. Bossk: *into the commlink* Admiral Thrawn, we got the Kyber. When do we get our money? Thrawn: When the empire is back in possession of the Kyber. I am dispatching a recovery team now. I'll notify the emperor. -----------------------------------------------------
  9. LucasLaughing

    [Thrawn] The serpent and the bird

    On a small planet, in the far edge of the outer rim, a group of Nediji mercenaries looking to make a name for themselves have seized an important tibanna gas refining facility. Imperial ground forces have assaulted the facility twice – and twice have been beaten back. The Empire would prefer to keep the facility, and its gas, intact, so rather than ordering a TIE Bomber strike, the sector governor requests the help of master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn. Tell me captain, are you familiar with the Nediji species? No … Thrawn: I am not surprised; they rarely stray too far from their home system. Captain: Well, they seem to have strayed this time. Sir. Thrawn: So they have, Captain. The Nediji are a fascinating species. They are avian, and although they are no longer capable of true flight, they are astonishing jumpers and use their wings to glide great distances. They hunted every other flying predator on their planet to extinction thousands of years ago – and most of the land based ones as well. But there is one adversary they have never been able to defeat. Thrawn: This is a replica of one of the oldest known works of Nediji art – it depicts an unnamed hero, capturing a serpent in its talons. A serpent, the ancient enemy, who slithers into the nest at night to take the eggs. The Nediji have been fighting this battle since the dawn of their species. The message of this piece is clear, but look – see how detailed the snake carving is. The Nediji hate the serpent, but they also know him intimately. Thrawn: Here, we have another telling look into their psychology. Most primitive species create gods in their own images, and most of them create devils in their images as well. True, the devil figure is often a grotesque caricature of the species, but the species is almost always recognizable behind the mask. Not the Nediji, though. Their devil is a serpent, through and through. Thrawn: Finally, lest we think that this obsession lies solely in the past: a few years ago there was a Nediji film maker who saw some success making holofilms for human audiences. Her first hit was a monster holo. And her imagined monster? Not some winged beast. Not a tentacled space alien. The same ancient enemy. This is all very fascinating, Grand Admiral, but I fail to see what it has to do with our current situation. Thrawn: You fail to see, and that is why you fail militarily. Of course the Nediji defeated your ground troops. They have spent the last several millennia fighting, fearing, and studying the serpent. The serpent that slithers on the ground, and is killed from a perch. The Nediji are unprepared for an enemy that flies as well as they do. Send in your jump troopers. Have them deploy from a drop ship at medium altitude and attack the facility from above. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir, we’ve defeated nearly all the mercenaries. A few are making a “last stand” at the top of the refinery, but our second wave of jump troopers are 30 seconds out. Our ground troops just landed unopposed on the beach, and have started clearing the refinery's interior. We’ll have control of the facility shortly.
  10. "The rebels forces on the home planet of the Gand have proved to be quite a nuisance to the lesser ranks of the empire. No longer. The deceased 'artist' known as Thrulsis spent the last 10 years of his life as an employee of various local governments on the planet. His purpose was to beautify the cities. This was all the records indicated when the planet was placed under more stringent imperial power 2 years ago. However, there is a hidden past to this artist. Every one of his pieces was actually a model of a building of other structure he designed during a past career as an Architect. Imperial obtained records conveyed none of this, and for a reason. Many of the structures he designed were in use by rebels at one stage or another. And I suspect one of his designs, found here in a museum in the core, to be a prison. And not just any prison, a prison which can hold force sensitives. It was likely intended for insane findsmen, but I suspect right now it holds a missing inquisitor." Later... "The sculpture was indeed another hidden structure, deep within a cave system. However, the contents yielded only a few suicidal rebels and another model of Thrulsis'. It would seem they attempt to throw us off permanently with this chase of models and deception. It will not. I am more persistent than their best findsman, for deception is but a delay."
  11. Imperial Art Museum by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Welcome to the Imperial Art Museum! Located at the heard of Coruscant, this large building houses art pieces from artists from all over the galaxy for the citizens of the Galactic Empire to enjoy (at the cost of a hefty entrance price). Some of them were submitted willingly, while others were taken by force or confiscated from the rebels. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an imposing statue of Emperor Palpatine as well as some stormtroopers who are standing guard. Imperial Art Museum interior by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr This is usually not a meeting place for the military, so when Lieutenant Garr received a note from Grand Admiral Thrawn to meet him here, he was very surprised. Nevertheless, he did as the admiral requested and went to the museum at the time that Thrawn told him to be there. As he walked through the large entrance and past the information desk, he could see the blue skinned admiral standing in front of a large abstract sculpture in the center of the room. It was a gaudy structure comprised of several suspended colorful orbs and tubes. Garr approached the admiral and saluted him: "Grand Admiral, sir! You wanted to see me?" Thrawn responded without taking his red eyes off of the sculpture: "Ah, Leutenant Garr. Thank you for joining me. It was brought to my attention by Imperial High Command that you have been having trouble with the insurgents in the K'hali System." "Y-yes," said Garr nervously, looking down like a scolded child, "we have been trying to catch the rebels in that sector for weeks now, but they somehow always manage to get away." The K&#x27;hali sculpture by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Thrawn paused for a moment, then he said: "I have called you here because I would like you to take a look at this sculpture. It was confiscated from a rebel transport leaving the K'hali system. Tell me, lieutenant, what do you make of this sculpture?" Garr was confused at the sudden change of topic, but then he replied: "Well, it just looks like a bunch of random orbs and tubes to me, sir. To be honest, it looks quite ugly." "It may seem that way at first glance, lieutenant," said Thrawn calmly, trying not to loose his temper at Garr's insolent remark about this piece of art, "but there is always more to art than meets the eye. Does the constellation of these orbs look familiar to you?" Garr shook his head: "No sir." "Well, it should, given that you have spent the past few weeks chasing around in it." "Uh... pardon, sir?" Garr asked confused. "The K'halii people are known for being explorers and expert cartographers," explained Thrawn. "When compared to Imperial star maps, the orbs in this sculpture match up perfectly with the planets in that in that system. This sculpture is an abstract representation of the K'hali system." "Wow, you're right," said Garr enlightened, "but what are the tubes all about?" "Excellent question," said Thrawn. "The tubes match all of the known Hyperspace routes in that sector. That is, all except this red one." Thrawn pointed at the red tube. Garr said: "Interesting! What does it mean?" "Is it not obvious?" Thrawn replied. "The K'hali rebels must have found a so far undiscovered Hyperspace route which they are using as a secret escape route. It is my theory that they intended to deliver this sculpture as a secret message to other rebel cells to inform them of this route." "Ingenious!" said Garr amazed. Thrawn finally turned to him and said: "Lieutenant, I want you to take an Interdictor cruiser and set a trap for these rebels along this route." "Yes, sir. Thank you," responded Garr and saluted the Grand Admiral. Then he left the museum as quickly as he could to carry out his orders. Thrawn by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr A few hours later, the trap was set. Thrawn had returned to his office on the star destroyer Chimaera, and watched from his holo-table as the rebel cruiser was pulled out of hyperspace in the middle of the K'hali system, unable to escape. The trap was sprung, and once again Thrawn's great skills of deduction and knowledge of art have lead the Empire to another win. The rebels' secret hyperspace route ultimately became the Empire's route to victory. Thrawn back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Behind the Scenes Here is a view of the second build without the photo-edit treatment. You can download the LDD file here. Thrawn 2 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr A close up of the Interdictor hologram. Interdictor hologram by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr A few more views of the Imperial Art Museum: Imperial Art Museum exterior by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Imperial Art Museum interior 2 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr One side of the museum features sculptures of various war heroes from the Clone Wars including a statue of General Grievous which was taken from his lair after his death, one of a Mandalorian warrior, one of a Jedi knight, and one of the great Gungan General Binks who single-handedly defeated the Trade Federation on Naboo before he became a senator and helped Emperor Palpatine rise to power. There is also a statue of the popular podracer Sebulba on the other side. Statues by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  12. Commander Beltar

    [Thrawn] Insurrection on Sullust

    (Think I am done editing it.) On the edge of the Mid-Rim, one of the Empire’s top refineries and manufacturing planets have been experiencing trouble from Rebel Insurgents. With Imperial High Command growing tired of the insurrection and have dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to deal with the troublemakers. Grand Admiral Thrawn has received the file to a Sullustan coordinating the attacks, Deb Niumn. Thrawn had also requested that any major pieces of Artwork from his home should be transported to his command ship immediately. Having believed he has found the answer, he has called the commanders of the garrison stationed on Sullust together. Imperial Commander: Excuse me, Grand Admiral? What is this. Thrawn: Ah, Commander, this is a sculpture of a sector on Sullust. It was ripped out of Niumn’s wall. Most of his other belongings speak of his life and job, however this speaks of motivation. Because it resembles a geographical area, I presume where his original homestead use to be, as the wall this was taken from was actually placed into his recent home. And according to scans of the planet, this is where one of our newer refinery facilities is located. Imperial Commander: Very well then, I won’t question where you get your ideas from, but where does this leave us? I’ve heard rumors of a major attack coming soon. Deb’s attacks have started on the outskirts of our facilities with smaller strikes, but he has been making his way closer to the major locations, and he has been stepping up his attacks. Thrawn: Yes, I am well aware of this. I know his method of choice is- gas yes? As he was an explosive miner who preferred Tibanna.. Imperial Officer: Yes Grand Admiral, he utilizes Tibanna mainly. Thrawn: Ah yes, Tibanna. Highly unstable. Even for a Sullustan to breath... His previous attacks have a certain, ‘style’. He distributes the Tibanna before igniting it near the exit. Now here is what you will do and why if you want to stop him. Imperial Commander: I’m listening Admiral. Thrawn: Based on previous attacks, he will take a small team with him. I would like the majority of your troops to be unaware of the impending attack. It would give us an advantage, less possibilities of Niumn hearing of this plan. Please dispatch your top Unit to the central Dispersion Channel along the facilities core pipeline. Make sure that that Channel is turned off, obviously. I believe that Deb will be using the maintenance platform near the south east to gain entrance to Ventilation Center, as it is located very close to that location and would be the most efficient way to distribute the Tibanna. Now, once we are fully aware that they are indeed within range of the Ventilation Center, lock down the entire lower deck, including the air shafts, which would stop them from even attempting to continuing their operation. Then send your squad in. Prisoners or not, is up to you. Imperial Commander: Very well Grand Admiral, I will execute your plan to the best of my ability. However I must ask, how do you know this will be his strategy? Thrawn: Commander, it’s quite logical. The map that we see here, as I mentioned before, is where our new facilities are. This spot in white is actually marking a natural cave system, after reading some of Niumn’s notes, he had spent much of his childhood near those caves. And when we moved into the system, our new facility utilized those caves rather than mining new areas, meaning the entrance that he will use, he has been there before. Imperial Commander: Very well. I will inform my choice Unit. === Later === Now it is believed that the Sullustan's attack is coming, Thrawn and the Imperial Forces spring the trap. Due to the nature of keeping as many troops out of the loop as possible, there was a small troop crowd gathering near the Maintenance Platform after hearing the heavy Tibanna canisters being lugged around below them. Niumn: (Translated) Hurry my friends, we must move quickly. I worry the Imperials will hear. It is only a few more corridors down this way. Sullustan: (Translated) Make sure your masks are on too, friends. Let's go. Thrawn (Via Comm): You may now spring the trap commander. Imperial Commander: I see. Trigger the full lockdown on the lower levels. Now, Unit 1702, move in. *Alarm* *Alarm* Niumn: (Translated) What? Impossible! There was no way that they knew were were coming this way! Sullustan: (Translated) No! We must- the door and even the other vents are sealed! *Over Intercom* Imperial Officer: You are under arrest by the Empire. Attempt no resistance. You're attacks are at an end. Minutes Later: Thrawn: There you have it commander. Now I must return to the front on Lothal, there is quite a more troublesome group of rebels to be dealt with over there. Imperial Commander: Thank you Grand Admiral. Good luck out there. --====--====-- Report: Mission Completed. Thanks to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the rebel insurgents were dealt with quickly before the new Refinery could be destroyed. ^ woo! Thanks Lucas. Actually spoilers not working for me had been since EB updated months ago. The reason I guess it didn't work was because I always type up my major posts (like this one) in advance on Word before posting. Before the update I could just type {spoiler} {/spoiler} with brackets of course, on Word. apparently now I can't do that, but at least it works now! And that concludes this build, I probably wrote way too much compared to my photos, but oh well, hopefully I captured Thrawn well, I think I did. Maybe we will be able to get to 10 entries on this contest? I don’t think I’ll win, but might as well help out since this is a quick whip up, oh right, let me attach the file to this build. I believe all the parts are available in the colors (Well the prints, technically they are available if you remove the prints… but hopefully that isn’t enough to disqualify it, if it is, please tell me!) Also the program says there’s a few parts that don’t exist, most of them are minifig parts since has way less minifig parts compared to LDD (Since I imported it) also there may be some parts that have that triangle next to them, but I tried to replace most of them. All of them seem to be plausible, the problem was that some of the parts were have the proper equivalents, just when I imported it says that they don’t exist, but they did in LDD so yeah. ~Beltar I will attach it below soon: It was too big to directly attack, so it's on mediafire, hopefully it works. Also it's a .io because I've decided to try to use as often as I can as I prefer it over LDD a bit.
  13. Gubi0222

    [Thrawn] - Shadow Strike

    ShadowStrike After several conflicts around imperial bases on Rodia, Grand Admiral Thrawn visited the main imperial complex of the planet to take control. "Sir we've received a coded rebel transmission about a planned attack. We have not much information, but we know, a small group of soldiers will try get in one of our research base. We don't know which one and what's the goal." "Well. General do we know who will lead the mission?" "Yes Sir, a rodian rebel named Tweel Jaz." "Interesting, Did you know Phoolgee was the home city of the Jaz family. This is a part of the city's destroyed main building. We have a base there, haven't we?" "This painting was paint by the rodian Wonst Blar, is symbolizes the rodian stealth. Our rebel, Tweel Jaz usually lead small raids, so now we know what to expect. Send out probe droids for all the possible entry points of the mentioned place and leave them hidden." "Yes Sir!" The general leaves the room, and Thrawn start to listening an old rodian music. "Sir one of our droid spotted some activity at landing pad 9." "Good. Now, General send out the shadow troopers at the nearest entry and done it quietly. And prepare the units to capture the terrorists. I want Jaz alive." End
  14. LOTHAL SYSTEM, LOTHAL. SENTINEL BASE, ONE STANDARD DAY BEFORE THRAWN'S ARRIVAL... Holo transmission between Governor Tarkin and Emperor Palpatine... Emperor Palpatine to Tarkin: Governor, I received a report on a series of attacks by Phoenix Squadron on Sentinel base. Is this true? Tarkin: My Lord, the report states the truth. Palpatine(angrily): I expected better than this. You should have eradicated them by now, instead of being attacked Governor. Tarkin: But my Lord, the attacks were unexpected, and... Palpatine: Spare me the excuses Governor, I see that you are unfit for the task at hand, that is why I am sending Grand Admiral Thrawn to assist you. Tarkin(protesting): But your Lordship, I can handle this task without need Palpatine: Silence Governor! Perhaps I should send Lord Vader instead. Tarkin(afraid): There is no need my Lord, Grand Admiral Thrawn will be enough. Palpatine(pleased): Then so it shall be, Governor. I expect the situation to be resolved soon. Tarkin(very unhappy): Yes my Lord TRANSMISSION END SENTINEL IMPERIAL RESEARCH BASE ON LOTHAL, MISSILE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, PRESENT TIME.... STAR DESTROYER CHIMAERA, CURRENTLY ORBITING LOTHAL. Assigned by Emperor Palpatine to aid Grand Moff Tarkin in defending the highly important missile base on Lothal, Grand Admiral Thrawn, along with his star destroyer, the Chimaera, have finally arrived in orbit around the planet. Boarding his shuttle, the Grand Admiral is prepared to crush the local resistance, also capturing key members part of Phoenix Squadron. The Lambda shuttle began it's landing procedure as it approached the landing pad. Shortly after landing, Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged from the shuttle, escorted by his usual security detail. Gazing around the airfield, Thrawn spotted troopers rushing to put out flames from the shield generator and the fuel tanks. Tarkin(unpleasantly,to Thrawn): Welcome Grand Admiral, to Sentinel base. We are honored by your presence. Thrawn(to Tarkin): Thank you Governor. Tell me, is there something troubling you? Tarkin(surprised): No, not at all Grand Admiral. Thrawn: We shall get to business then. Tarkin: Yes. Recently, there were a series of rebel attacks on our missile research base. Thrawn(Interrupting): So I heard. Tarkin(angry at being interrupted): Fortunately our defenses were enough to stop them from destroying the launch pad. The Emperor is very displeased. Thrawn: So that's the reason the Emperor assigned me here. Perhaps you can show me a few holo recordings of the attacks. Tarkin(unhappily) : Yes, we captured most of the attacks on the hidden holo cams as well discovering a phoenix insignia burned on a wall. Thrawn: Show me. Leading the Grand Admiral to the missile launch pad, Tarkin showed Thrawn the massive phoenix shaped burn on the wall. Thrawn: Interesting... After leaving the missile pad, Thrawn went to his new office in the research complex. Studying the holo recordings, a smile creeping onto his lips, Thrawn finally understood the motive of the rebels and their true target. Reaching for his comlink, he called Tarkin to his office. Tarkin: Yes Grand Admiral? What is it? Thrawn: Governor, I believe I have discovered the true target of the rebels. Tarkin: Really? What is it? The missile launch pad! That's their target! I will tighten the security there immediately! Thrawn: As I expected. You fell for their ruse. Tarkin: If it isn't the missile, then what is their target? Thrawn: Think Governor. The rebels obviously found the location of the missile. If they wanted to destroy it, the lab would be rubble by now. The attacks were a ruse to make us loosen our security in the laboratory so they can steal the technical readouts of the missile. Tarkin: So do I need to double the security in the lab? Thrawn: No Governor, still, prepare your troops. Tarkin: If I shouldn't tighten the security, why prepare my troops? Thrawn: I assure you Governor, if you listen to me, the rebels will be captured by the end of the day. Tarkin(Questioningly): Okay? So I'll follow your lead then.Thrawn: Good. Bring in some shadow guards as well, Governor. Tarkin : Why? Thrawn: I got a feeling that there will be Jedi present at the attack. RESEARCH LAB, COMPUTER TERMINAL, NEAR THE LAUNCH PAD, EIGHT STANDARD HOURS AFTER THRAWN'S ARRIVAL... HISSSSS... As the cut metal was pushed aside, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren and several troopers entered the laboratory. Ezra: Now that's easy. Sabine: The imperials don't seem to have even tightened their security. Trooper 1: Lieutenant, we found the technical readouts. Ezra: Extract them. Let's hope our luck holds out. Kanan: Be quick. I sense a trap. As the trooper extracted the technical readouts of the missile, the lights suddenly turned on and two squads of stormtroopers ran in, blasters drawn as well as two Shadow Guards and their Shadow Troopers. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Tarkin soon entered the lab, escorted by Senate Commandos. Ezra: Thrawn! Tarkin: Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus, you are under arrest! Ezra(angrily): How did you know we are attacking the lab? Thrawn: I noticed that you found the missile launch pad, yet you did not destroy it.Kanan: And how did you know we will be here? Thrawn: I suspect that your padawan learner left the phoenix mark with his lightsaber, to tell us that Phoenix Squadron was behind the attacks.Tarkin: Enough with the chit chat, trooper take them away! Sabine(to Thrawn): No matter how hard you try, Grand Admiral, Phoenix Squadron will always be one step ahead! Thrawn: I don't think so, rebel scum. In time, it will be I who is the victor. He watched the troopers as they led the rebels away. Tarkin: Your reputation certainly precedes you Grand Admiral. Thrawn: I'll take that as a compliment. Tarkin to Thrawn: The Emperor will be pleased. Not only did we resolve this matter, we captured two Jedi for him as well. Thrawn: Yes Governor, he will be. Also, I received a transmission form the Emperor himself. Tarkin(nervous): what did he say? Tell me! Thrawn: You are relieved of your assignment effective immediately. I am in charge of the Lothal system now and the problem of Phoenix Squadron. Tarkin(very mad): WHAAAT! Thrawn(calm): The Emperor requests you to go to imperial center at once as well. Tarkin(fuming): Oh I will! --------END-------- Pics of the mocs Made a sliding door for the big moc, got a bit stuck in the middle. here is a video
  15. TyGl200


    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  16. IMG_7883, on Flickr IMG_7884, on Flickr Officer: "General sir, Grand Admiral Thrawn requests your presence." IMG_7885, on Flickr IMG_7886, on Flickr General: "You called me Grand Admiral?" Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Ah General, how nice of you to join me. You're familiar with the rogue Sith Kumutodo?" General: "Of course Grand Admiral, every Imperial officer in the galaxy is keeping watch for him." IMG_7887, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Good. If I may draw your attention over to this carving..." General: "Goodness! That looks like one of the carvings from Korriban." Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Indeed, it is carved in the likeness of those statues. However, this was made from rock not found on Korriban nor anywhere else in the galaxy besides..." General: "Is it from another galaxy?" Grand Admiral Thrawn:"No General, it is from this one. This rock is found only on Utapau in the bottom of its sink holes. This tells us, General, that Kumutodo and his forces are hiding on Utapau at the bottom of a sink hole." General: "I will send our best forces to arrest him immediately Grand Admiral." Grand Admiral Thrawn: "No General, not yet. You see, the actual carving has significance as well." General: "How so?" Grand Admiral Thrawn: "The carving is of an ancient Sith. That's the key." General: "I don't understand." IMG_7888, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “If you would direct yourself over to this holocron, I will explain. You see, this holocron tells us that a tactic used by the ancient Sith was to creep through the shadows and attack their enemy’s rear flank.” General: “I see.” IMG_7890, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Thus, we can expect him to act in this way.” IMG_7892, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Lord Vader shall join you in capturing this rogue Sith on Utapau.” General: “Yes sir.” IMG_7096, on Flickr IMG_7099, on Flickr IMG_7100, on Flickr IMG_7102, on Flickr IMG_7103, on Flickr "I have you now Kumutodo" IMG_7104, on Flickr "Drop your weapon. It is of no use to resist the Empire."
  17. Franklinw1234

    Thrawn Book Characters

    I was wondering if anyone has created any of the characters from the book. I would love to see what characters people have made. If you haven't made any of the characters yet share some of your ideas on what parts we could use. Thank you.
  18. Hello guys, I have finished now the Imperial Shuttle I started already a while ago: Now all of the functions actually work, and the details of the ship have been finished so that everything should look as smooth as possible. The work was pretty hard balance between accurate looks, working functions and durability, and I am now quite happy with the result. ^^ Here is a video showing the functions that include: - 2 x lasercannons - 2 x missiles - Backcannon All of the cannons are launched by pressing different buttons at the bottom of the ship. The mechanisms behind this are rather complicated and they are based on the use of fishing wire that delivers the force to the right place. - Wings automatically turn the landing gear open and close. Also, the white covering plates of the landing gear open and close automatically. The wingcannons also turn up and down automatically, though on the video they are a little jammed. - Boarding ramp and an opening and accessible hatch. - Removable walls, wall and cockpit canopy. - Cockpit seats 4 minifigures, the interior has 2 seats, but can accomodate a platoon of up to 8+ minifigures or even more, if you don't care about comfort. - Samppu
  19. BHs

    Grand Admiral Thrawn

    „Here, under the command of possibly the greatest military mind the Empire had ever seen.” Instead of typical descritption, I will use fragments from Timothy Zahn’s so called Thrawn Trilogy, describing the last campaign of the Grand Admiral Thrawn. "Come in, Captain," Thrawn said, his quietly modulated voice cutting through Pellaeon's thoughts. Eyes still closed to slits, he waved a hand in a small and precisely measured motion. "What do you think?" "It's . . . very interesting, sir," was all Pellaeon could come up with as he walked over to the outer display circle. "All holographic, of course," Thrawn said, and Pellaeon thought he could hear a note of regret in the other's voice. "The sculptures and flats both. Some of them are lost; many of the others are on planets now occupied by the Rebellion." "Thrawn (…), for the first time since Pellaeon had entered, opened his glowing red eyes. Pellaeon returned the other's gaze without flinching, feeling a small flicker of pride at the achievement. Many of the Emperor's top commanders and courtiers had never learned to feel comfortable with those eyes. Or with Thrawn himself, for that matter. Which was probably why the Grand Admiral had spent so much of his career out in the Unknown Regions, working to bring those still-barbaric sections of the galaxy under Imperial control. His brilliant successes had won him the title of Warlord and the right to wear the white uniform of Grand Admiral-the only nonhuman ever granted that honor by the Emperor." You have already probably noticed a strange looking hole from one side of the base, unevenness of the flooring tiles in the center and “ventilated” bottom of the base. This was done on purpose, not due my oversight or due to lack of elements… "Pellaeon stared at the invaders, still shifting into their utterly useless defense stance . . . and slowly it dawned on him what Thrawn had just done. "That sentry ship attack a few minutes ago," he said. "You were able to tell from that that those were Elomin ships?" "Learn about art, Captain," Thrawn said, his voice almost dreamy. "When you understand a species' art, you understand that species. (…) Prepare to join the attack." The hologram is achieved by projecting of the image or film on the tilted trans-clear wall, giving the effect of prism. Sorry for rather poor quality of the movie, the shots had to be taken with minimum ambient light and hence the grain. I am sorry, but due to aspects of the background music (Imperial march, huurrraaayyyy), in some countries youtube might block the movie :(. The phone fits perfectly in the base (8x15 studs, with 1, 2/3 brick height). The whole thing on the holographic display looks better in reality. Installation: The movie flick with the battle. Resemblance with old TIE Fighter game is obvious :). And for the ending: Emily Jones, wrong portal!!! So… for the ending: “Still gasping, struggling against the inertia of his stunned muscles, Pellaeon fought to get a hand up to his command board. With one final effort he made it, trying twice before he was able to hit the emergency alert. And as the wailing of the alarm cut through the noise of a Star Destroyer at battle, he finally managed to turn his head. Thrawn was sitting upright in his chair, his face strangely calm. In the middle of his chest, a dark red stain was spreading across the spotless white of his Grand Admiral's uniform. Thrawn caught his eye; and to Pellaeon's astonishment, the Grand Admiral smiled. "But," he whispered, "it was so artistically done." The smile faded. The glow in his eyes did likewise... and Thrawn, the last Grand Admiral, was gone." Full gallery on Flickr
  20. Hello Eurobricks!! I'm new to the forum and this is my first Star Wars MOC. Me and my fiancé have rekindled our lego passion over the past year and after amassing our collection of sets from TLG, we have begun the MOC frenzy now to satisfy our creative side. As I've immersed myself deeper into the SW universe, I recently listened to The Thrawn Trilogy audiobooks, and I must say they are PHENOMENAL and Marc Thompson is an extraordinary narrator. His portrayal of Grand Admiral Thrawn really won me over and now is my favorite villain, although he is now 'Legends' and not official canon. First, I picked up a stunning Thrawn custom Minifig from Christo, and after that I knew I needed an awesome display scene for him. I built this MOC completely from imagination aside from the nostalgic star destroyer bridge viewport. Below I have included an excerpt from the book to give reference to the design: "...The Grand Admiral's new command room was two levels below the bridge, in a space that had once housed the former commander's luxury entertainment suite. When Pellaeon had found Thrawn, or rather when the Grand Admiral had found him, one of his first acts was to take over the suite and convert it into what was essentially a secondary bridge. A secondary bridge, meditation room, and perhaps more..." "It opened at his approach, and he stepped through...into a softly lit art museum. He stopped short just inside the room and looked around in astonishment. The walls were covered with flat paintings and planics, a few of them human-looking but most of distinctly alien origin. Various sculptures were scattered around, some freestanding, others on pedestals. In the center of the room was a double circle of repeater displays, the outer ring slightly larger than the inner ring. Both sets of displays, at least from what little Pellaeon could see, also seemed to be devoted to pictures of artwork. And in the center of the double circle, seated in a duplicate of the Admiral's Chair on the bridge, was Grand Admiral Thrawn. He sat motionlessly, his shimmery blue-black hair glinting in the dim light, his pale blue skin looking cool and subdued and very alien on his otherwise human frame. His eyes were nearly closed as he leaned back against the headrest, only a glint of red showing between the lids." "'Come here captain, lets take a look, shall we?' He touched a switch; and abruptly the art show was gone. Instead, the room had become a miniature bridge monitor, with helm, engine, and weapons readouts on the display circle. The open space had become a holographic tactical display; in one corner a flashing sphere indicated the invaders. The wall display nearest to it gave an ETA estimate of twelve minutes." Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Below you can see how the bottom of the 48x48 plate opens up to reveal the storage below for the interchangeable bases per the text (for interchangeable art museum/tactical bridge command settings) Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Here you can see the use of 1x6x5 swivel door panels to switch from tactical to art displays Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr As you can see, the main display has the holo-displays in the double circle, with other tactical displays on the wall. I used the Avengers tower type of displays - I was actually completed with this MOC with larger 1x4x3 panels, until I saw that design and liked it much better, and those translucent blue pieces are quite rare, and gave it a more holographic look. I will probably use the stickers from the Avengers set for the inner ring just with the buttons and keypad, but am debating on some kind of custom stickers or decals for the display ring, something with maybe a tiny star destroyer readout, or something that will go better according to the text. Additionally, I am torn with how the art museum display looks. While it says there are sculptures scattered around the room and on pedestals, I get the feeling from other excerpts in the book that the art is all holographically displayed as well. That being said, I searched Bricklink for any stickers/details pertaining to art. I am happy with the mix of alien/human art on the walls, but I think I would rather make custom artwork decals and duplicate the holo-display from the tactical command displays, so both interchangeable bases are identical in form, but different content on the translucent pieces themselves. Also I may go with some type of translucent custom minifigs and microfigs if possible, to replace the grey and dark grey sculptures in the middle. I definitely prefer the tactical bridge monitor scene more, considering Thrawn was a tactical genius, although the art section still needs something more to pop, and Thrawn's study of cultures and species' artwork is what gave him the insight on their strategies, enabling him to have the upper hand and be a few steps ahead. I added some more pics below, including the greebling technique on the outer viewport side of the display, making it look more star destroyer-esque. Need to add some greebling above the windows, and I also need to Bricklink another few trans-blue panels to complete the display rings. So it's 98% done, but I still consider it WIP for now. Once it is complete I plan on taking much better pictures to really do it justice. Lemme know what you think!! Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *UPDATE: Below are the pics of the finished product as shown further down the thread: Important changes include: Stickers for tactical holo-displays, redesign of art display scene for more accuracy, and additional greebling on the outside. Enjoy! 012 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 003 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 002 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 004 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 007 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 009 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 010 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 001 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr
  21. Hello guys! I came up with a nice idea, let's see if it starts to fly or not... ;) What I had in mind was to create an awesome Lego-animation trailer about the Thrawn-trilogy (Heir to the Empire) that would be released slightly before the official Episode VII -movie in celebration of the new Star Wars -movie. The thing is that to make it to be awesome, all of the cutscenes should contain only MOCs. Also it should have many frames per second to make a smooth appearance. This apparently sounds very difficult and workful and so it is. Actually there is no one on the Earth I guess that would have all the necessary MOCs for the effort. So what I propose is to make this trailer as a team work. There are many highly skilled builders that have made some fabulous scenes or vehicles of the Thrawn-trilogy already. And of course the ones that could still build one scene in due time, but not all. If enough enthusiastic persons would agree to make this, all it would take would be to animate a very short clip or two by each individual from the scene they have built. You know what they are like in real trailers, something like less than 5 to 10 seconds maximum and cut to the next shot. Of course, there are a couple of key persons that should put here some more effort. - One would be the director (not me) that should have some experience on animating and leading projects. The director should also hold contact to the builders. - Script writer. I can help with this, but in such a big community, maybe here is someone with some professional experience actually? - A semi-professional editor would do good, too, because there should be some vehicles flying around. Then we would need the MOC-builders. Luckily as I said we already have some and I know here are many super talented builders/animators so this shouldn't be impossible. A couple of examples I know: Thrawn's Command Room http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107447 Hyllyard in Myrkr Cloning Chamber in Mount Tantiss http://www.eurobrick...pic=101238&st=0 Vehicles: X-Wing, Imperial Shuttle, TIE-Interceptor, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, Probe Droid Vehicle: Y-Wing http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84780 So, what do you think? Do we have the necessary enthusiasm and are there persons for this project in this forum? If there is something you would like to do, make a post beneath and let's see if this can actually work or not... ;D Personally I can help to make contacts with the people. And I can also provide a busy supply of detailed MOC vehicles. Imperial Star Destroyer and AT-AT on the way as next. -Samppu
  22. We are running the Star Wars Olympics now at our german forum Imperium der Steine, this is my entry to the third round. I also uploaded my entries to round 1 and round 2 here on Eurobricks. I had to build something of my choice from the Expanded Universe. This scene shows the cloning facility in the Mount Tantiss on Wayland, known from the Thrawn Trilogy. I tried to combine the style from Kamino with imperial grey and black. If you don't know anything about the Thrawn Trilogy, I highly recommend to read it, or get the audio book, it is really intersting and exciting. Greets Disco