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  1. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Daphatty, I used two pins on each side with my design, as well as a brace in the middle. It's still completely together and looks great. I've just been looking at it - all this work on the new UCS has inspired me to revisit my old model! The LXF file for just the engine mod is still available here: (LXF) (XLS) as well as on my topic for 10179 mods:
  2. Fair enough. I might post more about this in the Mod thread, when I get the time. The differing degree of droop between the two sides was the thing which bothered me the most, and I agree that it was worse on the cockpit side.
  3. I do own the original UCS Falcon, and over time I noticed a droop of 5mm at the front of one of the mandibles, and 3mm on the other. This may class as "slight" or "severe" to different people, but it bugged the heck out of me. I corrected this problem by rebuilding the frame supporting the mandibles to make it very solid: consisting of 2 rows of side-by-side technic beams, pinned together, sitting on two layers of plates, with a row of liftarms on the bottom. I attached it securely to the framework around the forward landing stand with more plates, technic box beams and pins. The result does not droop :-). Since the new UCS uses a very similar structure to the original, I suspect that something similar may be necessary there.
  4. [MOC] Freighter Wars: YT-1210 The Canary

    This model is great. I love the look of it - so like the Falcon, but so different. I enjoyed the backstory, and I appreciate the time, effort and attention to detail that's gone into building this. One thing I especially like is the docking rings. Thank you for sharing the breakdown on flickr - I'm always looking for ways to modify my own hunk of junk, and these look great. Did you design them as drop-in replacements for the 2017 UCS?
  5. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I'm glad someone has started a topic for this. I really, really like the new model - especially the cockpit corridor and the gun turret platforms. Some of the reworked details are brilliant – I love the use of tank tracks for detailing! However, it has shortcomings, many of them copied straight from the old UCS - mandible equipment access bays still in the wrong position (but smaller). - front hull dome is still squashed as a result. - Engine vents are too large - lack of detail on underside. - large internal framework, no space for a full interior. - no landing pad hatches - Docking ports are too small I corrected many of these issues on my 10179 mods. LXFs are still available here. These mods can probably all be used on the new 75192 to one degree or another. I am revisiting my mods. I plan to borrow ideas from the new model. I'm not going to buy it… I can't afford it, and I already have a Falcon which I like a lot. As a starter for ten, here is a photo of my work-in-progress modified gun turret platform, with the following features: - accurate window size (8 studs wide, not 6: dish taken from UCS TIE fighter) - accurate red markings (cut up stickers from old republic cruiser) - more accurate old grey and dark grey markings (still WIP...) - more accurate size, position and detail on the turret. BTW the dish is held in place with minifig hands pushed into cut hoses and shoved into the undersides of the arches.
  6. Yes, it most certainly was. I do hope they've fixed that issue.
  7. I like this model a lot. It's a huge improvement over the original UCS model. I don't plan to buy one - I already have a heavily modified original UCS model with full interior and accurate details. However, I feel inspired to get hold of the new pieces and start improving my model all over again. There are some excellent ideas in this set. I especially like the smooth cockpit corridor tube, and I think the gun turret platforms look great.
  8. [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Krispy's 1.4 version, from my own dropbox: A-wing - 1.4.lxf?dl=0
  9. Well, I dunno how mortesv did it (and he's entitled to be coy since he's selling us the instructions) but I did find a much simpler way. Here's how it looks: Lots of 2-stud wide plates - any size will do, but the longer the better: some technic beams, and 1 x 2 - 2 x 2 brackets (all the same orientation). The only "trick" was to put some of the brackets right under the docking port connectors, for added firmness. And yeah, it was pretty strong. I swung the engines around by the spine as well. Didn't think of the Mjolnir joke though - good one! :-).
  10. Thanks for the kind words. Thank you especially @EKae for taking the time and trouble to reverse-engineer this model - I really appreciate it.
  11. Thanks bricksmarlin. I forgot to mention - I used your photos of the escape pod section to build my own. Thank you for that - it was very helpful!
  12. I've just finished my build of this model, barring a few parts (levers, technic half-pins and robot arms, all in white) which are coming from Poland, hopefully sometime this month. It cost about £150 for the white parts, minus some from my collection, and a few key grey pieces. I think I bought about half the model. I didn't use the internals from EKae's build, so I can't comment on those, and I corrected some issues as I went along (starting with the one that ecmo47 flagged up a few posts ago). I built some landing gear. The Rebels Concept Art for the Tantive IV showed the landing gear positions. I decided to move the gear under the engines to a more solid point. Here is a shot showing the landing gear - the stack of round bricks in the middle is the "passenger lift". Here is the model beside my heavily modified UCS Falcon, for size comparison. The mini falcon is to scale with the Tantive IV.
  13. Thank you bricksmarlin, that's good to know. I see from your pictures that you used the shorter part, and it looks good. Thank you also for the breakdown of the sides of the model: very helpful. My bricks have all arrived, except for the white robot arms and levers from Poland, so I should be able to start building this weekend.
  14. I'm very happy to do so :-). I wouldn't bother with the 3941 (round bricks): as Mortesv said, they aren't necessary. The 4275/6 (old style flat hinges) show a little bit on the LXF (as you can see if you look closely) so ideally should be in white or grey if you insist on using them: but I think that the panels they attach are incorrectly positioned (should be closer to the center line) and I personally plan to do something else. What? I don't know yet. "I'll think of something." Each to their own! I probably won't get around to building the rest of the fleet this year, so in the meantime I'm opting for a slightly more "grounded" display. I think I see what you mean about maybe needing an extra foot or two - it might be a little nose heavy. We'll see.