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Found 43 results

  1. UK Only For sale: Mini Adidas Originals Superstar, set 40486. It's in mint-in-sealed-box condition. The box is also in mint condition. Kept out of sunlight in a smoke-/vape-free, pet-free, clean home. Stock image below. Will accept Paypal payment of £20 plus postage at cost. Interested? Please PM me. Questions? Please post below or PM me.
  2. I am selling the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck minifigures in their farmers' outfits parted from set 10775. The minifigures are brand new and have never been assembled. The image below is just a stock image. The minifigures have been kept out of sunlight in a clean, pet-free, smoke-free home. Minifigure accessories (pitchfork, fruit, vegetables etc) NOT included. £10 for both plus Royal Mail postage at cost. UK only. Interested? Please PM me. Update: SOLD
  3. There’s a red wizard hat up for auction on Ebay in the UK. It’s not in perfect condition but given how rare they are - they were never included in any sets and were probably test pieces for LEGO’s moulds - it may still be of interest.
  4. Hi guys! I'm thrilled to release MiniZip; the adapter that lets you power your lego creations from a 9 volt battery! I am releasing it on Kickstarter to cover the production costs, and I need your help to do so! You can see the full project here: https://www.kickstar...-lego-creations Here's a video about it: Thank you for your support!
  5. Hi all, Long time reader here. I'm selling (part of) my Technic collection. Please see list below. Pictures are available upon request (as they are too large to post here directly). Location/shipping: I'm located in The Netherlands, pick up is possbile (via PM only), shipping within Europe should not be a problem (Im not sure about locations outside Europe). If you are interested, please send a PM. I will update the list frequently. Please be reasonable with offers. :) All sets have been stored either in air tight cabinets and/or storage cases. Thank you! The classics: 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig: complete, with stickers and instructions no box 8880 Super Car: complete, with stickers and instructions, no box SOLD 8880 Super Car: complete, no stickers, with instructions and box 8458 Silver Champion, complete with instructions, no box 8466 4x4 Off Roader: complete with stickers and instructions, no box (Semi-)Flagships: 8043 Motorized Excavator: complete with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet 8053 Mobile Crane: complete with instructions, box and fresh sticker sheet SOLD 8070 Super Car: with instructions and fresh sticker sheet, no box 8110 Unimog: complete with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet SOLD 8258 Crane Truck: complete with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet SOLD 8265 Front Loader: complete with instructions and fresh sticker sheet, no box 8275 Motorized Bulldozer: complete with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet 8285 Tow Truck: complete with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet SOLD 8295 Telescopic Handler: complete, with instructions and fresh sticker sheet, no box 8297 Off-Roader: complete, with instructions and fresh sticker sheet, no box Others: 8245+8202 Robots Revenge: 95% complete, additional elastic bands included from other sets. 8414 Mountain Rambler: complete with box and instructions SOLD 8428 Concept Car: complete with box and instructions (both booklets), CD missing 8460 Pneumatic Crane Truck: complete, with stickers, instructions and (slightly damaged) box 8462 Tow Truck: complete with stickers and instructions, no box 8829 Dune Buggy: complete, no box, no stickers 9395 Pick-up Tow Truck: with box, instructions and fresh sticker sheet
  6. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. Contacting me via eBay is the best way to ask a question. More pictures on eBay.
  7. Looking to sell my copy of this MOC. 1:8 Scale model of the legendary Lamborghini Countach by aefferen on Rebrickable. This model is absolutely massive and is definitely a great display piece. It features a 5+R gearbox, realistic suspension, pop up headlights, scissor doors, and a V12. I am looking to make shelf room for the new 42110 Defender as my supercar shelf is full and this thing takes up a lot of space! I have made some part substitutions here and there, mainly finding substitutes for the absurdly expensive red #44 connectors. I still have 4 of them in the model, but was able to avoid using any others without impacting the looks or functionality. There are probably other small substitutions in there as well that I cannot remember. Off the top of my head, I remember replacing the 14L soft axles with 12L (not visible), replacing some red thin liftarms with black ones, older curved panels with newer style ones, and replacing the red springs with yellow. I will happily help the buyer navigate these substitutions to make sure the model turns out great. Overall however, I'd say 95% of the MOC is built accurately to the Rebrickable parts list. Taking these substitutions into account, Bricklink gives a price of around $550 to build this entire MOC using a combination of used and new parts and shipping from all over the world. I will price it at $450. Feel free to message me for more details. I am very flexible on price and am willing to consider reasonable offers. I will not provide the instructions, they are the property of the designer. Looking for payment through Paypal so both buyer and seller have protection! This is a fantastic display piece and will contribute to any supercar collection! I am located in the U.S. in Illinois. Prefer U.S buyers, but can ship internationally! More images in the Spoiler
  8. Do you collect LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures? Are you a Star Wars army builder? Do you need some Star Wars gifts for the holiday season? ...well, keep reading! After many years of collecting, I have amassed an extraneous collection of Star Wars LEGO builds and minifigures. When I was younger, I had some friends that collected Star Wars sets and minifigures, so I got into it with them and sort of kept it up through college. I really do not have much LEGO time anymore and my LEGO-related interest is in building MOCs mostly in the Castle theme, so this Star Wars collection is for sale. Available are three groups: PREQUELS: Episodes I, II, III (Group Price = $3000, includes builds and minifigures) TRILOGY: Episodes IV, V, VI (Group Price = $2000, includes builds and minifigures) CLONEWARS: Clone Wars (Group Price = $1000, includes builds and minifigures) All currency is in USD or United States Dollars Shipping to continental USA will be free. I would prefer not to ship this order internationally, but I may be willing to consider it at buyer's cost. This image is the first landing image in the album. I have a set list on Rebrickable that covers most of this, though please keep in mind that it is not as good a reference as the pictures. There also may be some items on the Rebrickable list that are not included in the sale, as there are a few sets I plan to keep that are Star Wars related. At the time of this posting, Rebrickable values this collection around $7500 for a very loose reference. The pictures in this Flickr album cover everything offered. They are titled based on the group they fall under. All picture titles starting with "123" are in group PREQUELS All picture titles starting with "456" are in group TRILOGY All picture titles starting with "CW" are in group CLONEWARS Pictures are in a specific order, with an overall group photo of builds or minifigures followed by detail photos where needed. Builds are shown first for each group (no minifigures included in these pictures), and minifigures for each group come after the builds. Many of the instruction booklets will be included, though they are not pictured. If you want to know specifically about the availability and condition of instruction booklets, please ask in a PM. I also have quite a few boxes for these sets, though not nearly all of them. These will be included for their respective sets. Parts and minifigures will be shipped packed in the boxes to save on shipping space. If you want to know about the availability and condition of boxes, again please ask in a PM. The descriptions should be fairly distinct about condition, though I can safely say that these are all in excellent condition or good used condition. All old, marred, nicked, bitten, discolored, etc. parts have been removed (except the cracked slave Leia torso...). Some of the older parts were played with, but most of this entire lot is an adult collection that has been built, disassembled, and stored. Some parts and minifigures are from Bricklink/eBay purchases, but I have verified that all parts are in excellent/good condition. Please note that I took these pictures in May of 2016 with the intent to try to sell then. Life got busy, and I never posted the lot for sale. Since then, The Star Wars collection has been stored in plastic tubs in my basement in the same area as the rest of my LEGO collection. Please send me a PM with any questions/interest. Feel free to make any requests, though I really would rather sell these lots complete rather than parted down. If we work out a sale, I will send a money request through Paypal with the order total. I will NOT accept payment as a gift or money to family to avoid the Paypal fee. To make it simple for the buyer, I will pay the Paypal fee from the amount I receive rather than increasing the total on your end. I am on the Eurobricks' Straight Shooters list through a few small deals and trades, though this is really a leap of trust to verify a sale of this magnitude. If interested, I could make this a superlot for sale through Bricklink, but BL will charge an additional fee for the sale, so the price would be higher. Bonus offers: Total discount of $500 on any 2 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY = $4500, PREQUELS and CLONEWARS = $3500, TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $2500) Total discount of $1000 on all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000) Extra pieces, incomplete sets, and minifigure parts will be included if buying all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000) If you would like to make offers, reasonable offers may be considered, though I reserve the right to deny any offer for any reason. Please be reasonable and respectful with any offers (well, really with any communication, please). Now, the overall pictures: PREQUEL: TRILOGY: CLONEWARS: Thanks and have a great day, Slegengr
  9. Bricked1980

    An Interesting Find

    Hi everyone Whilst out shopping earlier today I visited the Leicester UK branch of WH Smith. I was looking around the toy section and noticed they were selling some long retired lego sets. I took this photo showing three city sets that caught my eye. One of them is from the 2014 arctic range and I believe the other 2 are older than that - anyway they were all retired several years ago. Despite their age they were all still being sold at RRP and were actually on offer at buy one get one half price. I'm now kicking myself that I didn't actually buy any of them. It's not very often that you see sets this old still for sale in major high street stores.
  10. So I saw 42064 going out of stock on Walmart and Target. I kicked myself for not picking it up when it was for $95 for sale at Walmart a couple of weeks back. It's still available on Lego site for $119. So I decided I wanted it and drove to the Lego store to pick it up. Guess what! It's $95.99 on sale at Lego store (not online). I am not sure if this offer is valid at all locations, but you can check it out. Also got a Lego 40320 set free with it! All in all a good deal!
  11. JEB314 (James)

    BMR Discount Code

    Hi people, Over the next 24(ish) hours until midnight est there is an amazing opportunity to get EVERYTHING from the BMR (Brick Model Railroader) Shop at 10% off! The discount code is: BMRFLASH6318 Here is the link to their shop: (I have no vested interests in this, just thought I HAD to share such a rare opportunity to save money on such amazing stuff!)
  12. Legostone


    Bid using this form - whatever you enter would be what you pay! Look at the auctions current prices here! it would be appreciated if you note that you bid on something right here! Auction closes Sunday, 20th May, at 23 GMT If you have vessels to add pm me! All mocced vessels are linked to their MOC - those without links are not mocced! _____________________ it had been a couple days since the ball in King's Harbour, and many of those visiting were still around - or had at least left a representative in the town. In the Harbour, a small Merchant vessel had arrived, showing a white flag. A Corlander guard approached the vessel. "Aye, I'm a ship broker! I've been tasked by various people to sell the vessels they captured and don't have a use for! As I couldn't get the vessels here, I've brought models and information about their location! You'll have to send someone to pick them up. I've heard many pirates promise not to attack those coming to pick up a prize, if, in turn, they weren't attacked either. And thus, a day later, the auction starts. First on the list - The Defiance! Captured carefully by Harrison Torn, she is now sitting together with The Athena on Baskers Island, just waiting to be picked up by the lucky winner! Next up - The Athena, same location, same seller. Terraversa also has something to sell! Their recently captured FTA The Gargoyle! This fine little vessel is located in Trador, just waiting! Now, for the Corries here - you might be glad to hear, the crew of the Lady Jacqueline is doing well! Captain Bluebeard, however, wants to work on his reputation - you get the crew with the ship! Together with the crew of the HMS Proserpine! However, we've heard of a massive fleet protecting the harbour - so don't just sail in to Calisto to pick her up without actually winning her in this auction! HMS Proserpine is also up for auction! Next - ships that have found their way to Tortuga! We have the Tuna King and Cotton Lady - both brought there by LeColeon! Beyond that - this wasn't all in Tortuga! We also have the Supreme here - Montroy brought it there. Lastly, we have a couple vessels where we didn't receive the models in time for the auctions. We wish that these sellers would be faster at this! Misfortune's Wrath - Alexport. Captured and sold by Romantica. Blood and Guts and Butcher - both captured by @Legostone and now located in Bardo! Ship stats for the captured vessels: Ships: Class Range Maneuver Guns Crew Cargo Hull Blood and Guts 4 4 3 4 3 1 3 Butcher 2 4 3 1 3 1 0 Cotton Lady 3 3 3 1 1 6 1 HMS Proserpine 5 5 4 6 4 0 2 Lady Jacqueline 4 4 5 1 1 5 2 Misfortune's Wrath 5 4 4 4 4 1 4 The Defiance 3 4 3 1 1 4 2 Tuna King 3 3 4 1 1 4 2 Supreme 3 3 3 2 1 5 1 The Athena 2 3 2 1 1 3 2 FTA the Gargoyle 3 4 6 0 0 4 1 Bid using this form - whatever you enter would be what you pay! Look at the auctions current prices here! it would be appreciated if you note that you bid on something right here!
  13. Hello all! I was able to get these early and im selling them on eBay if anyone is interested. You can PM me here if you would like to strike a deal before someone else bids on it! LINK: Thanks, -RailCo
  14. Hello All, I decided to say goodbye to some of my LEGOs, due to lack of space. Short list below, for serious interest, pictures, please PM me! They would be shipped assembled to ensure no not indicated part is missing. 8043 MOD, with 2 pcs of V2 receiver (!!); dusty, sorry... - 220 EUR: SOLD 42037 MOD, as pictured, with LDD model - 70 EUR; Mini off roader - in RED, without servo, without IR receiver, with MiniZip cable, weak front axle, with LDD model - 50 Euro: Project CORE - unfinished MOC, with LDD model - 90 EUR: Madoca FJ40 Crawler MOD, with IR (one is V2), MiniZip cable, 9V Ansmann accu - 360 EUR: Madoca V3 buggy in RED, without servo, without IR receiver, without battery box - 120 EUR, picture here: 42028, 42034, 42053, 70618, for request I am open to deliver various parts too - to deal. Location: Budapest, Hungary - shipping in EU is possible, as extra cost to be calculated. Thank You for attention! agrof
  15. In order to reduce my vast Lego collection I have decided to part from numerous sets in the Superheroes and Star Wars themes that I no longer feel as attatched too. I want to charge reasonable prices as would much rather sell on here than on the horror that is eBay and with this site feel that the people purchasing the Lego it will go to a real happy collector :) I will give a sensible price next to each of the sets but am happy to accept offers. There are a number of sets still in my wanted list that I would be very happy to trade for either new or complete with manual and box, I will list these towards the bottom. All my sets for sale come in good condition from a serious collector and all contain the manual and original box. Unfortunatley I am only willing to ship to the U.K and price of postage is not included in the price but am very happy to be given a sensible offer for postage rather than doing so on my own accord. I have a an eBay and paypal account I can use to verify myself with that has over 1200 positive feedback scores. All the best and hope all you Lego collectors are having a fantastic weekend :) Sets for sale or trade; - Lego Star Wars 7965 Millenium Falcon £80 - Lego Star Wars 7661 Hyperdrive and Booster Ring £45 - Lego Star Wars 75093 Final Duel £50 - Lego Star Wars 75082 Tie Advanced Prototype £30 - Lego Star Wars 750100 First Order Snowspeeder £20 - Lego Star Wars 75049 Snowspeeder £25 - Lego Star Wars 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank £20 - Lego Star Wars 75135 Obi Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter £15 - Lego Star Wars 75099 Rey's Speeder £10 - Lego Star Wars 75164 Rebel Battle Pack £6 - Lego Superheroes 76058 Ghost Rider & Spiderman Team Up £12 - Lego Superheroes 76021 Milano Spaceship Rescue £60 **REST HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD** Looking to Trade for any of the following; - Lego Batman Movie 70908 The Scuttler - Lego Batman Movie 70906 The Jokers Lowrider - Lego Batman Movie 70904 Clayface Splat Attack - Lego Star Wars 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter - Lego Superheroes 76080 Ayeshas Revenge - Lego Superheroes 76081 Milano VS. The Abilisk - Lego Star Wars 9526 Palpatines Arrest - Any of these BrickHeadz; Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man
  16. frodoguy

    Prototyoe from Lego

    topic can be closed
  17. Hi all :) I have these Fabuland items for anyone interested. What you see is what you get. William Walrus is unfortunately unable to stand and it's all wobbly. I will ship via tracked post with proper packing. I will trade with Technic parts, City sets or pretty much anything as a matter of fact. If you don't want to trade, you may through Paypal. Just make an offer :) Thanks for looking and have a nice summer! (Those who are on the northern part of our planet, others should enjoy the snow!)
  18. Dear all, I'm selling the Red cargo train (3677) + Switches. Everything is in super condition and the train is complete (including the minifigures). Only the original box is missing. If you are interested, please drop me a note. Regards, Hans Odenthal
  19. PhantomDesigner

    Rare Items For Sale

    Hi, I have two very rare developer brick that I'm currently selling on eBay. These bricks are only given to members of Traveler's Tales after a project is complete and will never be sold commercially. They have never been displayed since I received them. These are really hard to get a hold of and a lot of the staff that worked on these titles will never part with them. They'd make a great collectors item. Han Solo: [snap] Ultron: [snap]
  20. I'm selling: 76053 Lego Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase - SOLD 70901 The Lego Batman Movie: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack - SOLD 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone All are brand new in their factory sealed boxes/polybag. All are from a smoke-free, pet-free, mould-free, odour-free home. You can buy them separately or combined. Free UK P&P. 76053 and 70901 are £16 each (including UK P&P). 30522 is £5 (including UK P&P). And some parted out Nexo Knights vehicles and minifigures. They've never been touched. Interested in any of the above? Please PM me.
  21. pcvando


  22. I'm selling a brand new parted out Nexo Knights Lance's Twin Jouster (70348). For sale are: all the parts for the twin jouster vehicle Lance minifigure Lance's Nexo power (shield) the sticker sheet the instructions. Basically, everything in this picture plus the instructions: The parts have never been assembled or even touched though I did flip through the instructions. I can also provide the box but as I may need it for shipping, I can't guarantee its condition. Everything will come from a pet-free, smoke-free, mould-free environment. This sale does NOT include: Rogul (baddie) minifigure Rogul's staff weapon and lightning bolt Lance Bot minifigure Lance Bot weapon (short spear) I'm looking for offers in the region of £9/$11 plus postage at cost by Royal Mail from the United Kingdom. I only accept payment by Paypal (or £ cash for an in person transaction in the London/Surrey area with no postage charge). I will only send to the following countries: UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Monaco, Czech Republic, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Interested? Please PM me. Any questions? Please post below or PM me. Thanks.
  23. Im having a summer clearance in my store and its now 30 % off on the whole store.No minimum order. Check it out at http://www.bricklink...e.asp?p=Bizzy78
  24. Dear EB Community, Do you know where is the best place to sell modular buildings? I still have a few, new sealed in box..: Green Grocer - 10185 Fire Brigade - 10197 Grand Emporium -10211 Pet Shop - 10218 Mini Modulars - 10230 Haunted House - 10228 Thanks a lot in advance for your help