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  1. So these aren't brand new, but they are my most recent builds. Sufjan Stevens is an indie artist who makes all kinds of awesome music, here are some of his album covers in Lego: Clicking on the photos should take you to the flickr album :) Here is Asthmatic Kitty, his record label, tweeting about them
  2. Fithboy

    Been a while

    Hey guys, I'm Fithboy. I joined Eurobricks years ago but I've never really frequented here much, as I was active on the CABG forums. Since that site died I've not been building much but I'd like to change that and get back in to the Lego online community, as it's tons of fun. A bit about me: I live in Liverpool, UK; I play many musical instruments including banjo, trumpet, tuba and guitar; I listen to Sufjan Stevens' discography on repeat; and I have multiple pairs of toe socks. See you around guys!
  3. Fithboy

    Sonic Screwdriver Mark V

    Thanks for the comments :)!
  4. Fithboy

    Sonic Screwdriver Mark V

    Doctor Who's infamous all purpose tool, recreated in Lego. This version was used by the ninth and tenth Doctors More photos on my Flickr: Enjoy :)
  5. Fithboy

    Avatar Aang

    Watched this series over the past couple of weeks, it was a fantastic show. Here is Aang, the protagonist, in his series three attire. My Flickr Enjoy :)
  6. The scene from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, recreated in Lego! I'm quite proud of the animation in this one, it's pretty smooth. Enjoy :)
  7. The famous scene when Rose joins the TARDIS, recreated in Lego! Enjoy :)
  8. Fithboy


    New updated version:
  9. Fithboy


    I made a lightsaber hilt inspired by this: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/11147 Enjoy :)
  10. This the project I've spent my Summer on. Part one of my Lego Doctor Who Animation on 23rd November! If you are confused, this is the Dark Eyes version of the Eighth Doctor, who can be seen here:
  11. Fithboy

    [MOC] CIS Leech Droid

    I'm going to go with Scorpix's idea, as it is very cool and fits with the CIS theme. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone else. For readers beyond this point who are confused about the previous posts: The original title of this thread was 'Eurobricks, I need a name for my SHIP!'. I am awful at making names so I left it up to the good people of this site to decide. EDIT: Eurobricks noob here, I can't edit the title of topics :P.
  12. Fithboy

    [MOC] CIS Leech Droid

    I like this a lot. Great thinking indeed.
  13. Fithboy

    [MOC] CIS Leech Droid

    The SHIP is a land Super Battle Droid transport, which you can see in this picture:
  14. Fithboy

    [MOC] CIS Leech Droid

    CIS Leech Droid Thank you Scorpix for the awesome name! So my brother and I made our SHIPtember SHIP in 17 hours over 3 days. The one thing we couldn't think of is a name. More photos at the top of my Photostream
  15. I will join as a Stormtrooper with my current avatar please.