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  1. Some things I noticed: Next to the red bevel gear, there looks to be a 1 stage planetary gearbox half what is found in the existing motors, the bevel gears (and existing norms) mean side outputs but there are odd structures that could be a rear pass-through that would be better for awd mocs (though it could just be for LEDs 7 and 8) At the other end of the drive motors, there is a piece on the spindle that locks to be for encoding Internally the steering motor assembly looks to be somewhat separate so expect a tank-specific hub without steering in the future Not sure why but the bevel gears are off-axis compared to the motors so perhaps not planetary reduction? Not what I had hoped for but better than nothing, I had lots of fun when I was younger with the power functions era version of this (until the battery pannel clips broke)
  2. If Lego produce significantly mor powerful RC they would most lightly shift to self-contained gearboxes and differentials, while Lego can be made somewhat dangerous now significantly more powerful motors would make exposed gears untenable both for safety and longevity (from Legos perspective at least). My guess (if it has good power) would be a combined motor and bevel box (and hubs) with proprietary outputs so they cannot; without non Lego parts, be connected to current technic drivelines. Probably just 0.x increase in voltage though.
  3. I used 4 small cylinders with water for a l gauge "steam" train, 2 pushing the rods and 2 driven by a motor I hoped it would move realistically but was jittery even after removing all the air I think the problem was the rubber hoses, would like give it another go but I am out of cylinders
  4. Surprised the suspension is not realistic, the whole build seems week too the whole front end flexes with steering (bad mechanical limits). The whole hybrid system is a simple motor charged operation idk why. I guess its all on Legos next supercar flagship now (fingers crossed for realistic duel clutch now they have the elements)
  5. Seeing it in detail is genuinely making me sad, what could have been... I does look very unfinished and the design of the weights seems intentionally limiting (hard to integrate in something that spins) my hope for the new supercar is markedly lower now
  6. The new hubs are weaker in some situations than the old ones as they do not allow for an axle passthrough. The shorter axle has been in my MOCs for years lol. The problem of braking parts has been reduced lots but still is a problem for fast rc, but the plastic melting is becoming a limiting factor now even with grease. I hope Lego adds elements featuring bearings in the next few years...
  7. Been waiting for a system like this since duplo cant wait to see it in action. Just found the your YouTube, is this representative of the final product or still prototype. The motor seams comparable to a buggy motor on buwizz.
  8. You really need two cylinders in series if you using pneumatics, pneumatics work with force unlike hydraulic which work with distance so the pressure would have to be constantly varying on both sides for stable steering without about 100 times a second adjustment it jitters all over the place and uses a ton of air. With two cylinders you can get a stable left right and centre for most mocs, if you can put up with 3 steering positions I managed to get a single cylinder system to work with a mechanical system that linked the steering servo and steering position driving the pneumatic switch, it worked well with a variable backlash but required an unrealistically large volume of air to work. I also tried linking two cylinders hydraulicly and driving one to drive the other but even a slight leak ruined the whole mechanism. There is a third party hydraulic pump you can get and is the best solution if a bit expensive
  9. Almost identical MOC if you want to see the functions in action LEGO Technic PERSEVERANCE Mars 2020 Rover + INGENUITY Helicopter - YouTube
  10. great scale love the choice of steering over drive, a case where a lack of realistic function is a good thing gears and shafts over servos. This set would be 10/10 if good price the wheel mounts don't flex too much and the tires are rubber, but I suspect the tires will be plastic due to there limited potential use + realism. If you where willing to bend the visuals It would not be too hard to give the wheels drive via shafts, but motorisation would lightly be too heavy for the structure as it is now
  11. When I first saw it I though you had linked pics for a star trek moc by mistake, looks great like a cross between a bird of prey and an sr 71, all models should first be built in harlequin first i think there is some law. Hope it is successful
  12. thanks they do sound a lot more impressive than then numbers suggest, super disappointed I could not get to 3k though even with a pre EU ban vacuum cleaner
  13. can u link a video? they do sound like they run far faster than they do its a real disappointment when you measure it to me at least Sry did not mean to sound disparaging of other peoples mocs people have built ones far more impressive than mine just mine is optimised for rpm
  14. Have finally improved my engine and the design now peaks at over 2800 rpm (almost 50 revolutions per second) and best of all it is a ridiculous mechanism, no simple slide valves and has 3 cylinders. For the video on it I want to make a sort of speed run history sort of video, where I go through the process of how I got to this engine. But I want to try to make sure that 2800 rpm is the highest currently obtained, has anyone seen an engine that revs higher, I have tried to keep a look out but mostly find videos vastly overclaiming rpm i.e. 8000rpm where the design is good for 1200rpm Excluding turbines, they can rev to over 10K rpm I know this is a fringe interest so sorry for asking such a specific question
  15. Sorry should have clarified it comes in waves with the buwizz app dont have controller with me to test with brick controller. Can still make a video if you are curious though