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  1. Sorry should have clarified it comes in waves with the buwizz app dont have controller with me to test with brick controller. Can still make a video if you are curious though
  2. Does buwizz 3.0 use current control or voltage control when used with brick controller? Rigged up 2 buwizz 3.0s in parallel and it works but the power comes in waves, I assume due to the output being current controlled
  3. Thanks it was a pain with my 3d printer as the holes need to be smaller than Lego standard to reduce play enough for the middle cylinder to move the same-ish distance as the outer 2
  4. I'm back baby Tried to get every angle but sure I missed some. Sry no pics of the baker valve gear it hit hard when I realized it would be to large so it got tossed asunder in favour of this. Wheels are custom but somewhere between xl and xxl i think - no binding on curves at all The limiter is not quite limiting enough so reverse is no so smooth easy fix but eFfOrT The 9f is done but digital only - the mechanism is one I purposed to get the 9f to beat the t1 (and mallard) if the yanks manage it; but seeing I lack 10 million pounds a model will have to do. How and why the 9f you ask find out in 6-8 months when I finally get around to ordering the many parts (60ish cm long) The running little 1/360 stud train set in a carriage is finished as has been for months but have been waiting as its probably my best Moc, people how have seen it think so at least (especially considering it has no modified pieces) Forgive the odd driven (not here) tender it's just for a basic train that can pull the small train carriage with no traction tires as the set is driven by the bogies.
  5. I just wanted to show you my truck, and he suggested I should leave the forum because I did a video instead of text. Thats what I was referring too, I called it the biggest because I believed it to be an accurate description no other reason - I don't get money from YouTube I post because when I was younger I watched zerobricks for hours and wanted to be just like him; when he comments it means the world to me. I thought I was happy here commenting and posting, but you actually made me cry I don't care if its poor English or what but you two really hurt me I just wanted people to have the same fun I used to get from watching zerobricks. I think I will stick to YouTube now just like you said.
  6. Some people prefer videos but will add text. You know of a bigger one cool; can you link a source? - Look I'm here for fun, Lego and nothing else can we stop with the non-Lego discourse it is against rules after all. That truck is narrower has smaller tires and is yet tube motorized, still cool though
  7. But the video has all the information + pics you could want; text seemed unnecessary.
  8. Finally got around to filming. This thing is absurd it gives some hobby grade Rc crawlers a bad name. 20221017_203011 by michael waterfield, on Flickr Minifigure is not quite to scale lol, you can also see the airlines for the locker 20221017_202949 by michael waterfield, on Flickr Body proportions aren't great but not terrible either not helped by the lack of conventional suspension and the hideous compressor 20221017_202755 by michael waterfield, on Flickr Here you can really get a sense of how much is going on, including the gears in the planetary hubs there are 86 gears in just the drive train. Traxxas tires use a strange bead, I assume for drm, which made it hard to make rims for. My solution is not perfect but works for the slow speed. The rims neck down internally to ride the jockey wheels on the hubs, this acts like a wheel Bearing and allows for these huge tires without them wobbling all over the place. Traxxas summit tires are some of the largest rock crawling Rc tires you can get but this might change as more people get into 1/6 crawlers (this truck is 1/12 and still bigger than some 1/6 trucks) If I use it more I will need to add some more metal bushings to the axle drop boxes, as I have already had one instance of pieces melting then fusing together. This still uses my home brew motors which have proven themselves to be reliable with only one failure on my direct drive buggy which has since gained a Cush drive to prevent it from happening again. The Cv joints are holding up well with only surface level erosion but I do keep them well lubricated. Hopefully I won't have to machine metal ones. Spinning all four wheels on tarmac is crazy for tires this big and gummy. Idk what else to say, enjoy the video (walkthrough and action shots) Pity I don't have a zeroes to compare it to though
  9. Will make sure to show all in the video - my old truck uses the same wheel connection, no turntables, a capped axle with a threaded nut holds on the wheel and idler wheels against the rim (try to) keep the wheels straight.
  10. A teaser, will probably be a week before I can borrow a good camera to film with and yes that is a Unimog tire lol. 20220912_231818[1] by michael waterfield, on Flickr
  11. Finished, with the tires it's by far my heaviest MOC and it dwarfs even my tank. Fitted air lockers that use a 3d printed selector fork, my cylinders are worn out from all my experiments and barely work but at current prices I don't care. The body looks great, for me anyway, and mostly uses parts from the 911 gt3 so orange. After fitting a the smaller track cog to the drop box the gearing is perfect - really did not think it would be that easy. Easily climbs 50 degree slope while popping Wheeles but the 2 buwizz 3.0 do have trouble keeping up with the 2 modified m motors. When filmed I will post in a separate topic as so much has changed, also fairly certain hat this is the world's biggest Lego Rc monster truck (perhaps the biggest truck period) and in the end it came to almost exactly 1/12 scale in body size and tire diameter (monstermax 2 although the tires are a little narrow)
  12. Without the increase in speed the drive shaft cv would not be able to take the torque (direct drive caused me to lose one of the long cv joints already after a single motor pulse) , the ones in the front hubs can take more as they spend most of the time at 0 degrees. The real truck uses a chain drop box and I wanted to include a realistic driveline. I was going to replace the ball part of the cv with a brass ball I could machined slots into, but I cant find the ones I have lying around and my steel balls come from bearings and just wont cut well, but if the new wheels + body weight cause them to fail I will order some. Ready to film once I get the tires, but they were listed as shadow stock so might have to wait for the heat death of the universe before they arrive.
  13. Finished the axles and they come in at a whooping 47 studs wide (3/4 the length of the zetros) and with the wheels fitted 51 studs. The rims have finished printing and are so large that large balloon tires can fit inside them. Just waiting on the other 2 tires to arrive, £35 for 2 but they are very claggy.
  14. My m motors with new internals running off buwizz 3 (2-one each) in my direct drive buggy would smoke these - looks to be twice as fast and powerslides on tarmac The problem i had was sheering the axles and after some abuse one of the motors planetary gearboxes exploded but since i extended the axles to provide a cush drive effect this has not been a problem. I have been wanting to film it for months but was scared of wearing out the motors before using them in the plane, but will probably just do it anyway bored of waiting. The buggy has front and rear anti roll bars (when disconected it just flips) brick built frount hubs and progresive suspension; to make up for the lack of dampers when doing jumps.
  15. Got back to this moc, proper large scale pick up body and much bigger tires 4" by 7" (twice the diamiter of normal balloon tires lol). After testing the axles can handle the extra force (with reposisioned links) but the steering needed a rebuild with twin racks. To take force away from the steering the pivot point will be in the middle of the tires, meening the axles have to get even longer - longer than most trucks themselves. Just need 3d filiment for the 3.8" rims.