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  1. Aerolight

    stringless three-section boom

    I take the main issue with the string is lack of tension retention rather than disconnecting entirely, Going the other way is a good choice; 1 string that extends both boom sections would not have the problem of tension and would lightly be simpler as you would not need to drive the sections down (thx gravity). With this method was able to get 3 moving boom sections before the friction became excessive and prevented the boom from extending/retracting unassisted.
  2. Unfortunately in cases like this lego really has no choice, if lego let people (don't at least try to stop) 'sell' items as lego not lego compatible their competitors can use this to 'downgrade' the trademark allowing them to do the same which is obviously bad. Every time you here about a brand doing this kind of thing for this purpose - not just a new employee having a bad idea but a requirement for protecting your brand not in the eyes of the people but in the eyes of the law. Precedence is everything in law.
  3. Aerolight

    strange ratchet mechanism

    I did not expect someone to make a whole diagram for it props to you. I could under stand if it was the locking of the carrier that disengages the ratchet but the creator says that it is just the movement of the section 2 studs past its locking point that releases it , meaning it should work no mater what was inside of it. I just finished my version of the stage carrier and managed to get one to work (in the exact same way as the diagram) in a 5x3 but with a slightly modified 2x1 that is free to move on the drive from the inner motor (although the longest single axle I know of is from the old tow truck; which is the one I'm using, and the Italian moc would need one far longer so it might use a second cable to trigger the carrier lock).
  4. On my crane topic a large moc from Spain was given as a possible guide, the part that was odd was the mechanism for looking the telescopic sections together (when at max extension) then releasing them if the section was moved past its max (allowing it to be fully retracted). I built a copy of this to test and I just cant see how its meant to work (carbon copy except from elastic band placement but it can only have one function at least I think) the original creator of the moc says it works but I cant find any pictures of the jib extended (pictures of it extended would also show how its meant to lock). Here's the link if you want to see a super impressive crane or decode the mechanism better than I have: IMG_0414 by michael waterfield, on Flickr Any thoughts on a such a ratchet or the reasoning behind the strange build of this one?
  5. Aerolight

    large scale telescopic crane

    wow that controller is S rank, the locking system is exactly the one I am trying to make thanks; not sure if I am going for an external ram or a more accurate internal ram (like the moc) as I would have to make the smallest sections larger to accommodate it. (shout out to google translate)
  6. Aerolight

    large scale telescopic crane

    (Sorry for old iPhone picture quality) only the tip is touching the wall. SIX FOOT FOUR and still fully telescopic with 8 tiers. IMG_0413 by michael waterfield, on Flickr
  7. Aerolight

    large scale telescopic crane

    Right at the beginning I said I was not making a 1200 tonne style crane well..... now its a 12000 style. I have added 2 more sections for a total of 8 (as after checking the largest crane has 8 not 7) and now the boom is 6 foot 4 when extended which it can do while being held horizontal from the bottom section alone. There are two reasons this is so strong when you would think it should be a limp noddle; 1 a track in every section that the next section engages witch reduces side to side movement to a minimum (you can even hold it a full extension sideways) and, 2 the design of the sections and the way they are supported makes them want to close up with force (from extension/load) so with the end of the next section being where that section want to close (about halfway down the section) the whole boom locks its self together; this is the primary reason for the increased overlap compared to earlier versions. It way sound ridicules but I want to make the sections longer, not just for the sake of length and strength (for a given extension) but because the biggest section just looks so out of anything even resembling scale, it needs to double in length to look reasonable I would say. But I'm afraid I don't have enough lego to make the sections any longer so will consult bricklink for aid and will focus on a super structure that can not only hold this beast (if I get the parts it will be north of TEN feet) but counterbalance it. will post a picture of the newest boom tomorrow (hopefully with a better camera)
  8. Aerolight

    large scale telescopic crane

    just finished the y frame (ish), add some tension from the y frame and it can happily lift well over a kilo (without bending now) I was actually struggling to hold the boom up at that point (used it like a barge pole no base superstructure yet. No lego has broken and the boom is surprisingly stiff when the y frame cables are taught. But I still am struggling to motorise the extension so for this test (and pic) the boom is locked with easily removable pins and this, for the moment, is the plan for the full length version so manual extension but rc everything else. Will still try to motorise it but I just cant wait to make the full size jib! remember the full size one will be far stronger at the same length due to overlap and is meant for length not weight so only a few hundred grams at the tip would be a scale weight I think. IMG_0410 by michael waterfield, on Flickr
  9. Aerolight

    large scale telescopic crane

    With the mark ii style rigging it telescoped smooth but it still cant be driven from below due to friction (it can only extend/retract if held by the later sections) so not sure what to do. I could make it a manual function but would love to find a way to motorise it, I started to build a method like the real cranes (as was mentioned before) But I count not find a way of locking the sections when extended but I will keep trying. The actual cross section of the largest segment is 5x11 the panels are just for looks. IMG_0408 by michael waterfield, on Flickr IMG_0409 by michael waterfield, on Flickr
  10. Imagine the mark ii if its tires where Unimog style that's the scale I'm aiming for. Finally got to actually building and I started with the hardest part, the jib. Originally I wanted 7 tiers (to match the largest cranes irl) but with 6 the largest section is 7x11 (cross-section) which is big enough for the scale I want (think 500tonne rather than 1200tonne style) so I built a halve length section to gauge how plausible this was going to be as a functional MOC. The test section has 6 teirs that are 30 studs long and overlap 4 when extended for a total of 130 studs of raw extension (for perspective this test section is shorter than the main jib of the mark ii but extents to twice it's extended length). The jib is more than strong enough even without a y frame to lift several kilos at its tip (yeh I was shocked too given its length of almost 1.5 meters) so with a y frame I should be able to extend the sections to 60 studs each (fully extended almost 3 meters). But before extending them I started building with the halve size version and when I came to rigging the extension I found why scale crane enthusiasts hate this part. I must have spent 4 hours just trying to find a way to get the string just right to extend the jib, first I tried a single loop for simplicity but there was just too much friction (over a dozen U-turns) so now its uses the same method that the mark 2 uses.. just 4 times! all connected and all needing to be tight to work correctly. There is still a lot of friction but now its a more manageable amount , once I have the test jib mounted with y frame (and a big counterweight) I will update with pics. Oh and before it was rigged the boom made an excellent classic telescoping lightsabre. Update; Actually made an error with scaling, if I scale the lowest section correctly the highest section is way too spindly so new scale is each section 45 studs. With the new longer sections they want to close up in the middle causing flex but with a little more overlap this no longer occurs, so now the boom is just over 5 feet tall when extended with extra overlap (although this overlap makes it reasonable to add a seventh tier) the bellow picture is with the old overlap so is over SIX feet high; its not touching the wall at any point but the celling (a bit too flex for me but can still support its full length horizontal so vertical is no problem) IMG_0411 by michael waterfield, on Flickr
  11. Aerolight

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    When I used the 4L I just did some lego geometry to get as close to perfect as possible and found an L shape linkage to be closest, but in the end it was still out(still about 1/4 of a stud) and I did not have the diff problem probably due to no using one rather than a large improvement in geometry (this moc only lasted a few minutes before it was scraped so no pics) . But like I said in the end I just used a locked normal double wishbone system to make a solid axle.
  12. Aerolight

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    cool model, gives me hope about the capability's of heavy rc mocs. I just, also to use the new hubs, did a similar trick/exploit/satanic ritual where I permanently twisted the steering links to get a 90 degree connection (had to twist almost 700 degrees to get permanent twist). I say if its lego its legal however I made a similar axle and did not have this problem as the geometry was more wholesome (used 4l links then went up to achieve clearance if u want to try it) however another way is to just lock the normal double wishbone style although this might look odd it was what I went for in the end.
  13. Aerolight

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I remember getting the Unimog on release for less than lego direct from argos
  14. Aerolight

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    big t'chungus destroyer of bank accounts Looking at the part list it looks like a great source of parts for someone one does not have much resent technic (me).
  15. wow and I thought 8 xl was a lot, I surprised you need 8 with no gearing to the tracks - how much does it suffer with "only" 4.