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Found 8 results

  1. I plan on using my version of the 2018 Marvel Comics 'infinity War" set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) for a 1920's-flavored steampunk take on a mad scientist trying to open a time doorway into the beginning of the universe. When the mad Scientist Dr. Floyd Parsons opened his doorway to the pre-big-bang time zone for the first time in 1914, he sent his wife Penny (wearing a makeshift gray pressure suit) into the portal and waited for her quick return. Unfortunately, something happened and the portal itself destabilized and shut down as a safety precaution on it's own. Eleven years pass for the Scientist, who becomes obsessed with reuniting with his lost love, delving every dime and ounce of energy into creating the rescue craft and fixing the portal machine onto said flying time-craft. He finishes it in the middle of the year 1925. An eternity passes for Penny, yet she does not age a day. She is taken in by the Brothers Three, whom she nicknames Alpha, Beta, and Omega. These strange alien beings are the sole inhabitants of the pre-big bang, being the sole survivors of a great war (they may have started it) and becoming almost omnipotent in the process of floating in the vast unending void of space. The Brothers Three ask only one thing of their kindness and helping keep her alive in the harsh environment: when rescue inevitably comes for Penny, let them come with her through the portal so they can help mankind achieve it's "destiny". Let her be their "herald", telling the governments of earth all about their amazing powers and how they can help serve man. So, will Dr. Parsons get his wife back? Will Penny allow the Brothers to follow her through the portal? And just what is this destiny these three are talking about? The choice is up to YOU! The front of the building, with the conservatory to the rear. The rear of the building has a ground-floor conservatory. The rearmost window on the bottom floor opens up 90 degrees to allow for figure placement in the conservatory. As a side note, the original Marvel model's exploding walls and drop-floors have been removed. The means from getting from one floor to another is a spiral staircase, and a small skylight has been added to the roof. The inside feature the following: The lower floor has a fireplace with clock on mantle, table with chair, and lamp on a side table. The middle floor features a marble bust on a safe, and a bed. The dark red thing in the greenish jar is a beating heart. The upper floor features a desk with some sort of electricity storage machinery, several flasks, two bookcases, time portal computer and microscope. The green car is a extremely modified Duesenberg SSJ model originally made by @tomnetherton1 (see it here on Flickr. ) I used the car Speed Champions wheel-wells, and gave it to the Mad Scientist as his personal vehicle. Here you can see the rear of the car with the spare tire and license plate. The models fits one figure in the drivers seat under the easily removable roof. The Brothers Three and Penny Parsons (in the gray pressure suit) The enigmatic Mad Scientist (on the right) is named Dr. Floyd Parsons. On the left is the Doctor's pet frog (named "Genesis" as he likes to talk about frogs taking over from humans... but he's quite harmless) in his mobile speech translator chair. I'm also working on turning Antman's vehicle from set 76109 (Quantum Realm Explorers) into a 1920's period time machine. The vehicle is 99% done in real life already, as I'm just waiting on the proper side-windscreen to arrive. (and to finish the rest of the building proper!) I'll also have to think of a place to park this model on or near the building... I fixed the rotating side engines, as these maddening objects are now (mostly) locked in the position shown but for the slight sideways (left / right) motion that I for the life of me can't seem to fix. Oh well, it just gets them closer to the main engine pod in the center, so no harm, no foul. EDIT 11/5/18: Added revised building type and updated pictures to this post. More new stuff coming soon!
  2. I was inspired to create this model from the 2018 Jurassic World set 75930, Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, with some design cues from set 10228, Haunted House. The dollhouse-style model was built from the set pictures, with the play features removed and opening rear sections added to match the front half. The model also features the round "time window" for the mad scientist's experiments, along with lightning rods on top of the house. (for powering his experiments) Here is the in-universe backstory for the house and the enigmatic Doctor Harold Wormwood: This badly-preserved photograph (from April 1st, 1926) is all that physically remains of the infamous Wormwood Estate, reportedly taken just two weeks ways before Dr. Harold Wormwood started his time-window device for the first / last time, which resulted in a massive flash of light, leveling the mansion and leaving a large crater in the middle of the surrounding Louisiana bayou. Nothing remained of the building, the machine, or the Doctor in the immediate area, and it seems no noise was made during the explosion. Some crackpot "experts" of the time believed that the time window caused the house and grounds to move out of time itself, moving either forwards or backwards depending on the machine's setting. Of course, the truth may never be known, as the sunken crater is now filled with water (and alligators) from the nearby bayou... ...and here is the same picture without the special Google Images filters. The rear of the mansion features a conservatory and the chimney flue. The house folds apart, with the rear section opening in quarters up to 90 degrees, while the conservatory opens up to 180 to allow for figure placement. (Technic pins hold the model shut for transport and ease of handling) The bottom floor features the living room, while the second floor is the bedroom, with bed and pipe organ, plus a beating the still-heart of Dr. Wormwood's beloved deceased wife, Myrtle. The third floor features more crazy experiments, plus the stairway to his greatest achievement, the time window! The right rear quarter features the conservatory and some furniture on the second and third floors. This section also has stairs from first to second floors. The left rear quarter features the fireplace and a frozen fly monster that is all that remains of his first teleportation window project. The stairs to the third floor are also on this side. This car was originally designed by Tom.Netherton1 from Flickr as his Mercedes-Benz SSK 'Count Trossi' (seen here ) I heavily modified it into the car seen here, and it still needs some work to match the online version. It is fitted it with a single driver's seat, spare tire, and a reddish brown paint scheme. The rear of the model features a spare tire and license plate, plus it fits a figure in the drivers seat. This concludes the post for now, as the real life house is on the to-build list, while the car is already (mostly) built in real bricks. As usual, comments questions and complaints are always welcome!
  3. The Mugbearer

    [Digital Render] Trace (Axiom Verge)

    Trace (Axiom Verge) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Trace is the main protagonist of the videogame Axiom Verge, a pixel-styled metroidvania that was created by a single person as a "love letter" to Super Metroid. Trace was a scientist in a laser lab stationed in New Mexico. One day some sort of malfunction occurred, bringing down the lab along with science team, including Trace. Next thing he knew, he awakened in a strange, alien place, to the voice of a stranger who introduced herself as Elsenova. Armed with nothing but a biomechanical Axiom Disruptor gun and Elsenova's voice, Trace must find his way back home... Shoutout to Demitsorou for post-processing the original render. They've knocked it out of the park lol.
  4. Erotema is facing a possible war with the countries of the Republic of Nations, but that does not prevent its citizens to have fun, for example at the cinema. 2 cine IMG_20170326_124405 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr However, there is always a news report before any movie starts… 3 cine con peli by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Everybody knows about the seizure of a Joint radar station by the Briolui forces and the subsequent attack by FILACE. After the movie, all the cinema users return to their normal life… This is Doctor Smith. A famous surgeon, he has developed many interesting techniques to prevent bleeding in traumatic wounds, such as caused by shrapnel or bullets. He opens his laptop and reads a message sent by the EROTEMA electronic administration. DOCTOR OK2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And he has a kind of revelation… doctorok by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The same happens with the surfer on the beach… SUFER BEACH by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The cook…well, he has to start a war with a spider in his pantry cook by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The other two are a scientist and an engineer. They have an R&D laboratory. The build everything to help their country. And they have finished another prototype… scientist engineer by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr All of them finally go to the recruitment station, and they are welcomed. RECR1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Everybody has something to offer recr2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr recr3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Pleased by the compromise showed by some citizens, the Officer informs that they will be contacted soon… RECR4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The end.
  5. Why did the skeleton cross the road?
  6. "It carries a bucket of water", Alberto da Pontelli exlaimed! (Some parts of his laboratory looked a bit sooty as results of the previous experiments...) "And the extract of rat liver is also working as a possible replacement for the Oleon wine! Both produce fine phlogiston when burning" "And the Royal Society has invited me to Arlinsport. This is so exciting. I need to build something bigger out of this!" And so he created the first Eslandolean airship, the "Spirit of Eslandola", which spent some time hovering above his house. (The cat was needed for balance purposes) In fact, it was just hovering and Alberto realized that he just could not tell the thing where to go. He was completely depending on the winds. No way he could make it to Arlinsport with the "Spirit of Eslandola". He would have to take a (normal) ship. "How shall I name my creation?" he pondered. It is lifted by two cotton balls and it hovers above the ground. "I shall name this invention a Ballhover" He had also added a new element (a Phlogiston-Catcher) to ensure that none of the created phlogiston would be missed. After having parked the ballhover, Alberto returned to his basement laboratory to complete his letter to the Royal Society. Alberto would debate with the monkey later to find ideas how to make a ballhover dirigible. C&C welcome. (and the pictures are much larger on flickr) Builder's comments: As for the photography, the reflections on these hemispheres are terrible... And the whole thing is utterly fragile and broke down and crashed several times .... (for those who want to try for themselves). Otherwise this was fun
  7. Kodan Black

    [O - F09] Realities

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // As a recent graduate of the Octan Science Academy (with honors!) I was excited to see my first assignment in the real world. I'd been sent to Arium Minor to work with Dr. Martenz. I hadn't been quite sure what I would be doing, but it felt good to finally be able to contribute and Dr. Martenz was well regarded within the company. Upon arrival at the Octan Corp ship on planet I introduced myself to Dr. Martenz and was a bit saddened by how little attention he seemed to pay to my arrival. He seemed distracted by his work and quite busy. He said that some of the local alien pathogens were fascinating and had a lot of potential in the biomass field. He then said he needed me to take a pair of monkeys from Medical down to the Lab. They had been exposed to some of the pathogens and he needed them monitored. I tried to tell him that while I minored in xenobiochemology that my primary field of expertise was robotics including drones and autonomous vehicles. He asked if I had taken the "REQUIRED clinicals" at the academy, to which I had to say I had. We were short staffed at the moment he explained and given that I knew the proper safety protocols and had a containment suit I would need to contribute to the needs of the company and not be as worried about my own desires. "There will be plenty of opportunities to play with your robots!" he said rather dismissively. Obviously he thought of himself as a true scientist and I was merely a boy playing with toys to him. But he was an important scientist and I didn't want to make a bad first impression so I complied. I had been a bit worried about his repeated warnings to keep my containment suit on and NOT let the monkeys escape. Plus it was disconcerting that he asked if all of my next of kin info had been filled out. The dart gun mounted near my seat seemed more for show than to actually be used. I made sure to drive very carefully and ensure my cargo made it to the Lab safely. It may not be how I pictured my post-Academy life, but it certainly isn't boring! Apologies for the bad pictures and quick build, I joined mid-week and thus was quite rushed. Hopefully churn out better stuff going forward! Go Octan!