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Found 11 results

  1. Here is my review on LEGO Scooby-Doo 75902 The Mystery Machine: THE GOOD: Looks great and captures what you would've seen in the show. Excellent minifigures and a great scooby-doo. THE NOT SO GOOD: Stickers are a bit of a hassle to apply. I'm glad I bought this when it was first released, back then I thought it was a bit expensive but well, looking at the after market price now, it wasn't that bad. The build itself is simple and also enjoyable except a few stickers that were a pain to apply, may be it was just me. Being a small set, it did a very good job to depict details within the van relative to the depicted mission. I found it interesting the while cover does not rotated, while the van can be pushed along, it also creates an illusion of the wheels not moving. Excellent minifigures and Scooby-Doo is extremely well done. Including an alternate head for Zombie would be even better but well, the back printing on the zombie head does it for me. It is a cool small set and highly recommended but it will be extremely pricey to buy this now.
  2. Hello, everyone on Eurobricks who is reading this, now i thought it's very sad that LEGO Scooby Doo retired, since Scooby was my childhood and i only have one set from the entire theme, so i thought we should get a wave two, or at least a CMF series. That idea got stuck in my mind and i wrote a list of minifigures i'd like to see, then scrapped some and this is how i think it would look like: 1. Vacation Scooby- Scooby (standing version) with a blue shirt on his body, face print would be: tongue sticking out, sunglasses, accessory is a camera 2. Disguise Shaggy- Shaggy wearing a sailor outfit with a new sailor hat-hair mold and a new, laughing face, no alternate expression, accessory is a tall 1X2 brick with a 'Scooby Snacks' print and a 1x2 tile on top of it 3. No Glasses Velma- Velma, the same as in the Mystery Mansion, except a new scared face without glasses, accessory would be a 2X1 clear transparent brick with a glasses print on it 4. Kidnapped Daphne- Daphne in her 'What's new Scooby-Doo' outfit, a double sided head with one side angry and the other side crying/scared, accessory is two chains 5. Hero Fred- Fred wearing his 'What's new Scooby-Doo' attire, one sided head with a confident winking smile, accessory would be a newspaper 6.Thorn- Thorn from 'The Witch's Ghost' with a one sided happy head, new hair mold, accessory would be a black guitar 7. Dusk- Dusk from 'The Witch's Ghost' with a two sided head with one side happy/singing and the other annoyed,new hair mold, her accessory are two drumsticks 8. Luna- The last Hex Girl, with a one sided happy head, new hair mold, no accessory 9. Hot Dog Water- Hot Dog Water from 'Mystery Incorporated', one sided worried head, accessory would be a computer 10. Charlie the Funland Robot- The Funland robot with a one sided head with his normal 'no emotion' face with glowing eyes, no accessory, if his hat doesn't count 11. Captain Cutler- A orange diver with glow-in-the dark seaweed printed on his torso, double sided head with one side being only green and the other would be the culprit unmasked,no accessory 12. Obliteratrix- A black striped costume with blond hair and a black head with two faces, one Obliteratrix's mask, the other being the culprit unmasked, accessory would be the new whip 13. Slime Monster- Green monster with a angry scary face, with skeleton covered in slime print all over his body, his accessory is a cone of Fruitmeir's dessert 14. The Werewolf- A grey werewolf in a dark green t-shirt and lime green vest and pants with brown hair and tow faces, one shouting/howling and the othe would be the culprit unmasked, no accessory 15. The Evil Clown- A red suited clown with new hair/circus hat combo with two faces, one evil smile, the other is the culprit unmasked, accessory would be his hypnotising coin 16. Aphrodite- A pink dress, grey skin tone, blonde messy hair, two sided head, one crazy happy and the other the culprit unmasked, accessory is a basket with some pink flowers 17. The Creeper- Dark green suit, light green skin tone, brown messy hair, two faces, one angry/confused and the other is the culprit unmasked, accessory is a bag and a golden tile 18. Frankenstein- Dark Purple jacket and pants, pink t-shirt, green skin tone one sided head with an unamused expression, accessory is a brand new Scrappy-Doo mold, which is tall a bit like the series 16's Babysitter's baby And, yeah, there should be 18 figures, like in the Disney Line. Tell me how you would like this and bye! Thanks for reading :)
  3. Alright, so there will be a new animated Scooby-Doo theatrical film next year in 2020. Here are some updates on it. I feel that LEGO could bring back Scooby-Doo (potentially under a Hanna-Barbera evergreen theme) to coincide with this upcoming movie. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. Hey, everyone. I'm planning to start a stop-motion brickfilming hobby, and there's one piece I am looking for. I need multiple copies of the minifigure torso & arms of Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. BrickLink - Part 973pb2063c01 - Velma Torso I'm having no luck finding any copies of this piece anywhere on the Internet, and the Velma minifigure tends to be very expensive. So I could use some help from you guys. If anyone has any Velma minifigures that include her torso & arms or the minifigure piece alone, please feel free to reply if you're interested in helping me and I'll Private Message you. Thanks!
  5. joeperry25

    [MOC] Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

    Hey guys, I had built a Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine and was hoping to get some opinions on it. Thanks guys!
  6. TheLazyChicken

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    This was posted on Brickset: "2: - A brand new franchise - so a whole bunch of themed sets. These haven't been seen before, and I've only got *really* sketchy details, but it'll be loosely a follow up/replacement/similar to Monster Fighters. I've been told it'll be a little retro and very kid friendly - and not very *Zombie*. I hope we don't get some kind of Chima/MF combination monstrosity." It seems like its a new action theme for summer 2015. It also comes from a reliable source from Brickset. EDIT: Pictures Added
  7. Hey, everyone! LEGO Scooby-Doo is getting a new direct-to-DVD movie! LEGO Scooby-Doo: Blowout Beach Bash coming to DVD & Blu-Ray on July 25, 2017 Who's excited?
  8. What do monsters dream of, when they take a little monster snooze? Happy Halloween everyone! Products received from Warner Bros. Consumer Products and LEGO for content creation purposes. Happy Halloween everyone! With the spookiest time of the year fast approaching, I figured it would be fun to do something from a "monster's" point of view, and since I already had the Monster Fighters Creature from the Brick Lagoon (I'm so dorky, right?) it was impossible to resist making this. It took a little longer than it should have - my printer was out of order for a while so I had to blue-screen some shots rather than shooting against a backdrop, to varying success - but I'm pleased with how it turned out. This will be my last Scooby-Doo project for a while. I have other ideas, but I'm stuck back into uni life, so I'm prioritising my MBU projects to work on in the little time I now have to animate. Rest assured, there's some more Scooby-Doo coming eventually, but it may not be for a while. Click here for the rest of my Scooby-Doo brickfilm series: Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  9. When the Mystery Machine breaks down in the middle of nowhere, what else could possibly go wrong? Products received from Warner Bros. Consumer Products and LEGO for content creation purposes. Cast Scooby-Doo - HarrysFiddlesticks Shaggy - Anden Persson Fred - Courtney Leacock Stay tuned for more Scooby-Doo adventures coming very soon! Thanks again to WB Kids and LEGO for making this video possible. Over August (and beyond!) I'll be putting together some more brickfilms with these sets, and I hope you'll enjoy them. These sets have been great fun to build and have given me a ton of brickfilm ideas. Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  10. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Scooby-Doo; 'Ruh Roh!'

    Ruh Roh! A Scooby-Doo Creation Oh dear God! What have you done! I didn’t see him! He just jumped out the bushes! I swear! Zoinks! Like man what are we going to do! Roof Roof Roof Roof Roof Roof! Shut up Scoob--Oh God! I’m too pretty for prison; I’ll never make it! Let’s split up! This is your fault Fred—you can’t keep your eyes on the road?! Jinkies! I’ve got it—Fed, Shaggy; get the shovel out of the back—Daphne, help me move him off the--Crap! There’s a car coming! Quick, Quick—get ‘im in the van, we’ll dump ‘im in Crystal Lake; it’s only a mile away! -- Enjoy! ~Nemo
  11. In the 1970s, Hanna-Barbera produced cartoons that a whole generation of kids enjoyed. One of these was Speed Buggy, and the characters from this show made a cross-over guest appearance on The New Scooby-Doo Movies, "The Weird Winds of Winona". Here's a LEGO purist version of Speed Buggy with no modified or painted bricks or elements. For the mouth, I used the printed 1x4 tile piece from the LEGO Cars 2 "Mack" model: LEGO Speed Buggy! Speedy's a little bigger than I wanted (I like smaller economical LEGO models), but I also wanted the whole crew to fit inside. It's kinda strange that Mark stands in the back, but this arrangement makes them look like the cartoon. It's difficult to see in the photo, but there's a walkie-talkie stowed underneath, near Debbie, that represents the remote control/radio that was used by Speedy's friends (and sometimes his antagonists). The back of Speed Buggy incorporates a cargo/engine compartment that holds an engine that Tinker can tinker with. I'm working on a way to incorporate a LEGO wind-up motor, but I'm afraid it'll compromise the design. I'm thinking maybe a pusher trailer attached to the back, maybe something disguised as a puff of wheel smoke? Any suggestions? Thanks for checking it out, and supporting it on LEGO Ideas.