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Found 43 results

  1. Haunted A-Frame Cabin While I'm looking forward to the see my A-Frame Cabin on the shelves of the LEGO stores worldwide as it has been chosen as one of the next LEGO IDEAS sets (I still can't believe it...), I built a spooky variation of the rustic house based on the 2012 LEGO Monster Fighters series. It is a kind of tribute to the MF Haunted House released in 2012 by TLG. Size and shape are basically the same as the A-Frame Cabin, colors, details, setting and Minifigures are completely different. If you take a deeper look, you can spot many references and Easter eggs directly related to the LEGO horror theme. The gramophone, the trunk with the top hat, the glass dome with a bone inside are all objects from the MF set. The gate is also a clear tribute to the Haunted House. And take a look at the zombie heads above the gate columns, do you remember where they were in the MF set? Last but not least don't miss the magic Bat Moonstone of Lord Vampyre, the villain of the series. Enjoy and happy Hall🎃ween!
  2. Hi, I made a Lego stop motion trailer for a fake movie called "Patient Zero - Resurrection". It's about Jesus and Zombies... But have a look at your own ;-)
  3. Hello! I’m glad to show my model for [TC17] Technic contest: The model has 10 RC functions (14 power functions motors and three BuWizz receivers): - left and right tracks, - front blade height, - tail rotor pivot lifting and rotation, - main and tail rotors rotation, - cutters rotation, - wings folding, - cutting height adjustment. Watch the video to see the model in action (including zombie army killing :) Also the model contains power functions and old 9V lights: The Reaper contains 66 universal joints, total weight – 4,75 kg. You can find many photos in a Flickr album: Further you can see my initial WIP topic about model creation: Hi! I have very bad news for all survived - behind the Great Canyon new danger appeared. When we've found the first zombie, we just think that it's one more strange mutation. Last six months zombies appear more often. Sometimes they can walk, sometimes they are dead. But last week Farmer had found five walking zombies near the Canyon Gate. Vagrants say, that there is a secret laboratory behind the Canyon. Also they say, that army of zombies preparing to attack our colonies. Survived believe, the walls will protect us, but I don't think so. We must survive, so I'll create the machine to fight against zombies. First of all, I've disassembled my desert barge - it will be the chassis of my machine. Also, I've ordered new track adapters in the neighbor colony. Theirs Blacksmith can do anything. Of course, the payment was significant - 2l of fuel. But after I've found covered by sand gas station, I can allow it. Fuel and weapon - we have only two currencies. Nobody has weapon in our colony. But nobody knows, that I have one new AK-47 in my secret cellar. For bad times. To be continued...
  4. What’s in store for Steve and Alex next year? Let’s build discuss below. Sets based off of the latest update - Update Aquatic have been rumoured. What could these entail?
  5. Here is my second lego horror movie :
  6. Hello guys! Recently I've made a Stalker stop motion but it was in russian so finally I added English subs and now everyone can understand what is going on in my Stalker universe! So join the adventures! Part one is here!
  7. There had been countless Zombie attacks in the neighbourhood lately. Luckily, no brain-eating creatures were able to pass through the traps and defence the 4 orphaned brothers had set up to keep the zombies away from their new shelter. They had been fighting those mindless creatures for several months now since a chemical weapon attack infected millions of people in their hometown. They had been trying to survive since then. "I know that we'll be safe and sound," said one of the brothers. With all the gold that the brothers had found yesterday, they were able to barter new weapons and food from the nearest survivor outpost. It's only going to last for a few weeks but each passing day is a blessing. Until then, their shelter is the closest they can call home -- their only hope to survive and keep fighting. "Hey, Buddy you want some hotdog? It's been a long while since we had one." "Bro, I don't think our dog is hungry. He's probably afraid, thinking if he is going to be the next meal!"
  8. Legopard

    The Walking Dead Prison

    Hello, I recently finished the seventh season of The Walking Dead and thought it would be about time to build something related to the series. So I went with the iconic prison from season 3 and 4. Using nets for a fence is nothing new, so I made up a new technique for barbed wire that makes use of an old 12V wire and minifigure hands. I hope you like it! Like always you can find more and bigger pictures on Flickr and Instagram. Best Jonas
  9. I added some parts to set 5982 (Smash and Grab) and then decided on changing the color to dark gray to turn it back into a regular tow truck. I removed the flick-fire missiles, and played around with a couple of options for a driver figure, eventually settling on who you see here. "What happens when you vintage flying car runs out of plutonium, or you space limo engine gets too hot? How about if someone runs over the time on the parking meter and you need to park you hover bike? Never fear, the tow truck's here! Complete with sonic wrench and ultra-violet flashlight, this hauling machine will haul your (or someone else's!) problem away for a reasonable price. Yes sir! Just call Louis "Brains" McCoy to tow your problematic machine away... and remember, if in doubt on who to trust to tow your garage queen: Ask for the real McCoy!" The flick fire missiles used to come out of those orange globes on the front. I changed them into regular hazard lighting by securely attaching them to the frame. The ship can seat one figure in the cockpit. The rear of the ship features two engines and the crane arm. The driver of this tow truck is Louis "Brains" McCoy, brother to a famous doctor on a star-ship in another reality. A accident with a temperamental gravity-drive ship brought him to this reality and turned him into a living un-dead, though he retained all his knowledge and personality in the change. (Do NOT call him a zombie though, as it hurts his rather sensitive feelings.) The LDD file is available here if you want it. Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are always welcome!
  10. terryfay1983

    [BRAINS] Cat D - Zombie Eradicators

    zombie killer squad by Terry Fay, on Flickr Member background: Ivy - Has major trust issues, back at the beginning of the Apocalypse she come home to catch her husband up to no good with their nanny, while downstairs a zombie had eaten their 2 kids. After killing them both she just started wandering the streets, slicing up all zombies she come across. Has never griefed yet for the loss of her children. DO NOT BREAK HER TRUST IF YOU GAIN wont end well. Franc - The Leader of the group, spent most of his life preparing for this moment. Has a weapon stash too start a small army and enough food stored away to last years. Lost his girlfriend before as she hated his obsession with survival. Has always been abit of a loner but asked the team to join him as he sees them as his family he never had even though he knows they are mainly there just to Survive and not for him. Alec - Living the Dream, just married, beautiful wife, just returned from their honeymoon back to their nice home to find out about the Apocalypse. Alec thought he would run to the shop and grab some supplies, on route he come face to face with his neighbour who had turned. He couldnt bring himself to kill him so just carried on running.. Upon returning home he had found his neighbour had eaten his wife. Now lives with this on his shoulders everyday. Is on the constant hunt for his neighbour for revenge. Struggles with the depression his lack of judgement has caused. Constantly drinking to numb the pain. John James - Car sales man for high end vehicles. loved the fact that when the world had gone to %$£* he could zoom off in the most expensive car and no one could tell him not too...he made it less than a mile before crashing. Saw himself as abit of a Rambo kinda a guy at the start..But once Franc had asked him to join the crew and he met Ivy he instantly became a 'TEAM' player....and has a MASSIVE crush on IVY. Has her back through thick and thin..only reason he's grown a beard is because he overheard her say to Sam he likes her men Grizzly looking. Sam - Was a cleaner at the National History museum and was bullied by the boss. Took great pleasure in slicing him down when he became a Zombie.. Picked up some Armour and weapons from the Knights of the round table section and his favourite Vikings Helmet and set out to get the Greatest Zombie kill zombieland was his favourite film.
  11. Lancethecat

    [BRAINS] Cat D - The Wild Bunch

    Howler's Gulch was once a booming coal town, but when the miners dug too deep, they released an unthinkable threat that spread through the desert like wildfire. Now the few remaining pockets of survivors roam the desert in search of water and shelter, their numbers diminishing every day. Charles Livingstone- Before the plague, he was a respected Civil War veteran, but his first encounter with the undead left him without his legs and his trachea. Thanks to the work of a brilliant doctor/mechanic from San Francisco, he now lives relatively comfortably as the leader of a ragtag group of survivors. His favorite tea is Earl Grey, and his hobby is mowing down zombies with his steam-powered wheelchair while laughing maniacally. The Man in Black- No one knows much about this character, other than that he's a man who wears black. He's a heck of a shot, and that's all that matters to the other survivors. Jack the Monkey- Jack was bitten by one of the undead while working as a trained coal hauler monkey, but rather than become undead himself, he turned into a fully sentient monkey/zombie hybrid. The same doctor who fixed up Livingstone fitted him with drills for arms, which he uses to tear through hordes of zombies like butter. Butch Grimlow- Jack's owner and a former coal miner, Butch now applies his pick-axing skills to zombies instead of rocks. He keeps the heads of his victims in a knapsack strapped to his back, and the others are afraid to ask him what he plans on doing with them. Calamity Ann- Ann is a tough-as-nails sniper and former train robber who lost all of the flesh on her right arm in a previous encounter. No one on the team has had the nerve to ask her how it happened, and she acts like she doesn't even notice it.
  12. In 1886, when a small Zombie plague broke out in London, the industrious Victorians didn't fear for their lives, they saw an opportunity for cheap labour, and within months the Zomabulator was born. Below is an extract from the first Zomambulator brochure; "The new about town transport for the discerning gentleman has arrived. Travel in style with the 3 gear zomambulator. Climb into the tasteful oxblood leather pilot's station, don your driving googles and you are away to your appointment! Relax as your own personnel zombie propels you to your destination driven by its unquenching thirst for flesh. And remember you are perfectly safe, your zombie is shackled to its wheel." Of course the reassurances of the manufactures did little calm the nerves of the more jumpy passenger whenever a mumble of "brraaaaiiins" drifted up from just behind their head.
  13. Guy smiley

    [Brains] Cat C - Zombie Trasher

    Hey everyone, here's my entry, the Zombie Trasher. During the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get, this trash truck is durable, big, and can double as a mobile home/base. It's been so long since I've been on Eurobricks, good thing I use the same password for everything... XD Zombie Trasher by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr "During the zombie apocalypse, not everyone can afford a motor home"
  14. Commander Turtle

    [Brains] Cat A - Last Bridge to Safety

    It was over. With a screech, we managed to stop the car going into the hole where the bridge used to be. There was no way of escaping, now. Karen jumped out of the car, saying, "there's no use sitting there!" I got out, and looked over the water - but there was nowhere to swim to without zombies. The helicopters had dropped supplies and flyers on getting to safety, but with no bridge and no car we weren't ever getting there. The groan got louder, as more zombies joined the horde before us. "I'm not going down without a fight," said Karen, and in that moment I loved her more than ever. I pulled the shovel out of the car, and braced myself. (Contest pic) Hey everyone, had a lot of fun making this. I have a silly number of zombies from another project - the board game Dead of Winter with Lego minifigs instead of standees. That made this contest a no-brainer, so I tried to make a 'classic' zombie scene where the "horde" aspect is in full force. That's how I came up with the broken bridge and the no-hope story. Also, I'm just really pleased with how the 4X4 came out. Full overview: Scene is 48x40.
  15. RC 1136

    [Brains] Cat A - Infected

    They are coming and nobody can tell where they come from or how to stop them from spreading ... Inside the plant, strange things happened and even stranger things are going to happen – soon, very soon. This little vignette doesn't need much explanation, I hope. The Braaiiinnnss-Contest was a great opportunity to finally use a few of the bright light orange half-cylinders, of which I still have dozens left in my boxes. Well, at least it feels like that, thanks to the LEGO event support. :D I also wanted to use my two hazmat guys again, and here we are: A terrified plant worker and his not-so-healthy-looking-but-nevertheless-moving collegue. What happened exactly to the two poor minifigs we are not going to find out today or in the near future I'm afraid. But there's still a hungry zombie, craving for some fresh and tasty ABS-Brains, so I hope you'll like it anyway. Let me know, what you think! ;) Have fun and keep running! Regards, RC
  16. Leonardo da Bricki

    [Brains] Cat. B: A Night Without Fear

    Journal entry #472: "It is the best day of my life! I was found by another group of Survivors, who offered me a place to live. Having lived alone in my truck for the last three years, this was unbelievable. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I cried from sheer happiness. I had given up on living when my truck broke down and I couldn't fix it again... Anyway, these people are wonderful, and we have been able to share our experiences and knowledge with each other, which has been both entertaining and helpful. Right now, I am alone in The Bunker, as they call it, while they headed out on a recon and resupply mission. The amount of trust they have in me is just incredible..." Bunker 1 Bunker 4 Well, this is my first of this post-apocalyptic style of building, I took some ideas from some of my space base MOCs for the door and ventilation duct. I was also experimenting with SNOT rockwork, so feel free to comment and/or critique anything I have done. (I am the first contestant! Woohoo! ) To the judges: the base is 16x16 studs, with about 1-1.5 studs overhang from the shrub on the front. If anything needs to change, leave a comment below. The weapons used in this MOC are available on the BrickArms website. And here is a bonus photo, for more, check out my Flickr. Thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  17. The Crew of the "Sky Terror" It is the Age of Steam! The Crew of the "SKY TERROR" are a wretched band of Zombie Pirates. Their Zeppelin rains parachuted torpedoes, bombs and death from above. Lead by their Nefarious Captain "Oberon Black" they are the scourge of the English Channel . They prey on the coal ship steamers which toil between England and France, consuming the brains of some of their captives while selling off the rest as cattle to their Undead compatriots. The Ships Brute – Kang Blessed with limited intellect but fearsome strength and appetite, Kang is forced to wear a divers helm to stop him from eating all the prey the crew capture. His eagerness to get at lunch makes him the perfect one man boarding party. He acts as leader of the Vanguard, although slow he is nigh on unstoppable! Gunner "Torpedo" Jim Jones. Consigned to the lower reaches of the "Sky Terror" Torpedo cuts a lonely and forlorn figure. He passes his spare time painting murals on the ships ordinance. He is only truly happy when is he let above deck to polish his prized deck guns or better still to let them loose upon the living. Captain Oberon Black The captain suffers from the malaise of airsickness, an affliction which leaves him with the most unpleasant of attitudes. A vile and treacherous individual, utterly ruthless, driven by a hatred of the living and a love of violence. Although he bears the scars from many battles he refuses to let Nurse Love assist him with the replacement of his missing limbs or eyeball. Instead he enjoys the extra malice that he can inflict with his saw hand and cast iron stomper leg. The Captain runs a tight ship and owns the most lucrative vessel in the meat trade. Nurse Love The mysterious Nurse Love was originally a prisoner aboard the "SKy Terror" she tried to tend the other prisoners when her ship was captured but alas she succumbed to a bite from one of her patients. Now in undeath she is tasked with the job of repairing and fixing up the crew of the "Sky Terror". sowing on a new digits here and there or back filling the holes in a sailors gut. A spinster in life she refuses to accept the same fate in death. She hopes to kindle a romance with the Captain. Seduced by the allure of his power and prestige, she has offered him her heart (and indeed several other peoples too) in an as yet unsuccessful attempt to woo him. Master-Bosun Zim Sarson. His eternal service to the Captain was forfeit after being tricked into signing a long term employment contract in life. Accursed are the department of Inhuman Pirate Resources! In death he seeks to replace the captain and put an end to his servitude. A troublesome crew member he is always undermining the captain and trying to put his oar in… ----------------------------------- Accessories are TLG with a dash of brickwarriors for good measure. Started many moons ago but only finished today as an entry to the Eurobricks zombie competition category D.
  18. Darkdragon

    Zombie survivors

    Edit: Decided to submit some zombies for Cat D instead of the survivors. (Left to Right) Russell Taylor - the leader of the family, he takes security seriously and nobody ventures out alone. His ability to track seems to indicate some sort of investigative background, but nobody knows for sure. James Cole - previously a member of the military, he is amazing with navigation. He doesn't talk much about his before life, but his skill with mapping and direction have been invaluable to the group. He never seems to get lost, even in the dark or underground. Owen Brady - rescued by the group when he'd somehow managed to scramble onto the top of an armored car. He was surrounded by the dead with no way down. He had dropped his crutch, had no weapon, and was trying to fend them off with an antenna he found on the roof. Sandra Steel - in a former life she was a middle school teacher. As part of the new family, she has shown she can be just and fair when there are issues to resolve. She fights and protects as if all those around her have always been her family, showing no prejudice or malice to anyone but the dead. Aaren Walker - not much is known about him, he's one of the newest to the group. His combat skills are unmatched though, and he is a valuable asset. He prefers a blade or even blunt weapon over a gun and is surprisingly stealthy for his size. I had a really hard time trying to decide on survivors or zombies for this category. I actually already created a group of zombies but after finishing my human team, decided they might be a better way to go. I might change my mind though, who's to say. There are actually 7 on the team, but the rules only let me show you 5. All minifigure parts are official LEGO brand. Bloody weapons are from Brickarms a few years ago, not painted. Gun, I think is Brickarms. Crutch is Brickwarriors.
  19. kritch

    [Brains] Cat B - Snow Bunker

    No one remembers how it started. So many have died, but we have been lucky,,,so far. This bunker saved us, it's cold and dank, but secure. We have even managed to grow vegetables, it's almost becoming a home.
  20. Hi, this is my entry for categrory D: The Survivors and Undeads - Design and assemble a group of five Survivors or five Undeads. You can check more photos of those zombies/undeads on the diorama here -
  21. astig

    [MOC] -My Custom Big Figs

    Edit: Darkseid added :) MARVEL Thanos THANOS - Lego Big Fig MOC 1 by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Rhino Rhino by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Venom Venom Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Lizard Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Hulk Age of Ultron Hulk Big fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr DC Darkseid Darkseid Lego Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Bane BANE bigfig MOC (lego batman movie) by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Minecraft Mutant Zombie LEGO Minecraft MOC: Mutant Zombie by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Thanks for Looking! :)
  22. The Walking Dead lego stop motion step by step as in the TV show Season 1 episode 1 part 3
  23. Hi, fans of The Walking Dead! I've made a second part translation of my Lego stopmotion "The Walking Dead" The film is made step by step as in a real TV-show... So, this is my second part...
  24. Transparency for Effect

    Why is the Series 1 Zombie so expensive?

    Maybe it's because Series 1/2 of the minifigures were more limited than the rest, maybe it's because it was an army builder, but why is it that can't find one of these online without paying around £10?
  25. I have never defaced my lego before, but I really liked the idea of having a Zombie Parrot for the Zombie Pirate Captain... so I got my paints out and tried to have a go on one of the grey parrots... Maybe I should have practised a bit first but after I googled zombie parrots for inspiration, I decided to get on with painting and this is the result of my attempt, enjoy! ZombieParrot, on Flickr (I bought a few grey parrots for this purpose, so any comments or criticisms welcome as I would like to try again)