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  1. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Has anyone here tried to remove the "dirt stains" from JB's wave 1 angry face? It only took a regular rubber erasor for me and I think it's much more useful now (sorry for the fingers and the vertical photo)
  2. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Yes, my bad. It actually does say worker and not firefighter, I just assumed it was a firefighter, because to me it looked like one. Well, we got only Jack in 2019 and now El Fuego and subway worker in 2020. I was kinda looking forward to getting the pizza delivery guy and especially biker girl as I don't plan on getting the stunt truck or shrimp shack soon
  3. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So I finally got the second issue of the magazine here in the Czech Republic. It came with El Fuego and the next issue will come with a possessed firefighter. Why did they skip so many minifigs?
  4. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Ok, so if the theme ends, I won't be that surprised, but I seriously wish for a ghost CMF series that could contain Mamali, The Bawa, the grandma and grandpa ghosts, Belulah Demonay and more of the minifig ghosts, since the bigfig ghosts sadly seem pretty unlikely to me.
  5. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So I'm gonna have to wait for the pictures to make up my mind, but the submarine sounds super interesting, I already want the abandoned prison and if the castle has Lady E and/or a bigfig boss ghost, I'm all in for it
  6. This is a thread for fans of the Hidden Side theme to discuss what they'd like to see in the upcoming waves of sets/the app/the shorts For example, I'd like to see: Minifigures: JB with her goggles down, Parker and Jack with no headgear, a different eye print for Spencer. More ghost minifigs, especially the boss ghosts (Lady E, Mamali, the Bawa and Tragico would be the most possible, as they're the most minifigure-like). For the other boss ghost, definetly bigfigs for Mr Nibs, Dr Drewell and Captain Archibald Sets: Maybe a haunted bank that shoots money with gloombie thieves, more sets taking place in the Hidden Side itself... Feel free to share your hopes/wishlists!
  7. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Do you guys think it's possible that the actual ghosts (like the ones in the Portal set) will appear in more sets? I think they're gonna be very useful for the stop-motion folks out there (including me). And it would be even better if some of the boss ghosts (namely Lady E, Mamali, Dr Drewell...) got mini/bigfigs Maybe since Lady E can get caught now, the ghost hunters will fight against the big Evil, that's behind all of Newbury's haunting and thus the boss ghosts might appear in physical form
  8. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Is it just me or are there no soul artifacts in the 2020 sets?
  9. Fifulin

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019 It's in Czech, so you probably won't understand. This says, that there are only four issues coming, the first one in January, the second one in April, the third one July, the fourth in October, all in 2020
  10. Fifulin

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I've read on a website that this magazine will only have four issues in total. That's probably just Europe, as America always has more then us
  11. Fifulin

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So, I absolutely love the new parts for the minifigs. Both Parker and Jack get new hairpieces and all three main heroes, including JB, get new faces? Let's compare this to Chima and Nexo Knights, where the main characters barely ever got new facial expressions. That's what leads me to believing this theme won't end so soon. Also, the new gloom/slime pieces. I also think we're gonna get more sets actually taking place in the Hidden Side, with Hidden Side versions of Parker and JB and hopefully a minifig (or bigfig) Lady E. For the sets, I like the portal and the subway, love the lighthouse.
  12. Fifulin

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    The orangish ruffle shirt with a blue jacket over it and khaki jeans she wears to Steve's party are pretty recognizable in my opinion. And for faces she could have a sad one as she's left lone by the pool and a scared one without her glasses, which she took off in the Upside Down. Still, I kinda doubt it now. Whenever she gets merch it is somewhat exclusive, because companies know fans like her
  13. Fifulin

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    I don't think Barb will stay exclusive to the SDCC figure. The figure yes, but not the character. I think she'll be in another set but with new faceprints and a new outfit, the only thing the figure would share would be the hairpiece (unless they choose a different one). If she doesn't appear in another set, I'll be pretty disappointed, because I really do not want to pay so much money for one figure
  14. Does anybody know if a custom version of Batman's super long white cape is able to be bought somewhere? It doesn't have to be fluffy like in the movie, but I would really love a long white Batman cape for Bat-chelor Batman