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  1. parsom

    [MOC] Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE!

    Should I feel honored, or rather robbed?
  2. parsom

    [MOC] Conqueror of the darkness

    Thanks! When I was so young and when I have such horse I was fighting rather with the image of the Toad from "The Wind in the Willows". I don't know why, but this animation was scaring me.
  3. parsom

    [MOC] Conqueror of the darkness

    OK, you convinced me:
  4. parsom

    [MOC] Conqueror of the darkness

    Thanks! I already have two active projects on Ideas (the Bicycle and the Wardrobe) I have to admit that I'm slowly getting tired by this platform...
  5. When you're sad and when you're lonely, and you haven't got a friend... Push the button and turn the crank! Here he comes - the conqueror of the darkness! And movie:
  6. parsom

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    What I don't like in this version of Ecto-1 and the 1989 Batmobile is the scale. They are too big, consume too much shelf space and, for me most importantly, they aren't comparable with the Creator Expert cars.
  7. parsom

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Hi, I'm doing second attempt for Narnia Wardrobe - the new submission is now on Ideas. Please support it! Share with friends!
  8. parsom

    [MOC] The Wardrobe (Narnia)

    Hi, I reuploaded in on Lego Ideas. Please support it! Share with friends!
  9. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yes, please! My children love this!
  10. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    For people with good sense of humor is Monty Python or things like 'Allo 'Allo! or everything written by Rene Goscinny.
  11. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Seinfeld? Another sitcom based diorama? Seriously? This is getting boring. What's next? Two and a half? They definitely should reduce the ratio of IP based sets. I still don't understand why the aquarium didn't pass, it is an essence of what Ideas should be. And the typewriter with only four hammers working and keys only for decorative purposes doesn't make much sense. But maybe they will improve it seriously.
  12. parsom

    [MOC] Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE!

    Thank you all!!! I'm glad that I haven't disappointed you.
  13. Systematic mix of a little dose of technic abilities, enthusiasm for biking, and wondering about the flow of time results in the permanent bicycling automaton. Time flows, seasons are changing, and the wheels of the bike go round and round: Turn the crank! It's time for the alliance of Lego system with Lego technic! Support on Lego Ideas! Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE!