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  1. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Phosphorus is not transparent?
  2. And where is this advent calendar thread?
  3. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Everything is awesome, but where is Mad Hatter?
  4. According to instagram leak - series 18 will have 17 minifigures. Next Mr Gold?
  5. Who has stolen last year of my life? My ideal Christmas tree? This one from my childhood pictures...
  6. Rag doll. Something like this: Or this:
  7. LEGO Seasonal 2017

    Are you kidding? It's beautiful!
  8. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Any speculations/rumors/estimations about price?
  9. [MOC] Mini Ferrari F40 (10s)

    Like it! And I still hope that LEGO will do mini F40 in red.
  10. CREATOR 2017

    Any rumors what it could be?
  11. CREATOR 2017

    Should we expect any Creator Expert car in 2017?
  12. LEGO Seasonal 2017

    @badbob001 I like your idea!
  13. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Isn't he sweet? https://shop.lego.com/en-PL/Batman-Minifigure-Plush-853652
  14. [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Really? Only 309 supporters? I don't understand humans...