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  1. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Any news about B and F?
  2. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Pop-up book disappeared from projects in review carousel at I wonder if it means something?
  3. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Which ones? The Brickset database has 63 BH entries, and only Nightmare is a new licence.
  4. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    I'm highly disappointed that rumored Nightmar Before Christmas will be realized as a Brickheadz. I was hoping that it will be "normal" set with marvelous minifigures. BH is like a weed - it's sucking life from other options.
  5. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Mee too, mee too!
  6. You are asking about Shakespeare?
  7. I think that it is not the place for such discussion, but I have nothing against Lego making Hindi/Islamist/Taoist/Jewish/Buddhist etc. sets. Avoiding religious themes is simply stupid - religion is part of life, such as firefighters are, policeman are, etc. I understand that there can be some problems with blasphemy accusations, so I don't ask about Jesus or Mahomet figures, but other, not strictly religious things - why not?
  8. Well, nobody's expecting Christ in Christmas minifigures... Santa is rather from Coca-Cola adverts than from religion. Gingerbread, Nutcrackers etc. - from fairy tales. It's hard to find something religious in nowadays Christmas toys...
  9. So Christmas, Easter or Chinese New Year Seasonals are OK, but minifigures not?
  10. Nutcrackers! Ok, you made it - I want this.
  11. Christmas series... What minifigures could be in it? Normal Santa, Vacation Santa, Mrs. Claus, Vacation Mrs. Claus, two or three elves and vacation versions of them. Reindeer Suit Guy, Christmas Tree Suit Guy, Christmas Decoration Suit Girl, and maybe finally SNOWMAN. Or at least snowman suit guy. Speaking of themed series - I'm waiting for something from Ancient Greece/Rome (mythological creatures, philosophers, warriors etc.).
  12. [MOC] Watch your eggs and beware of the bunny

    And Happy Carrot Day!
  13. [MOC] Watch your eggs and beware of the bunny

    I'll try to explain. This is a willow. And in polish we have a saying "gruszki na wierzbie" which literally means "pears on the willow" (something like "pie in the sky"). So here we have carrots on the willow.
  14. Easter bunnies are not so cute... And additional vignettes: Happy Easter and beware of the bunny!
  15. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Still nothing about B D F?