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Found 23 results

  1. sander1992

    Various Castle Builds

    Hi everyone, To make it easier for me, one topic for all my builds. Just a small overview of my builds of the past few years. To celebrate the anniversary of Knights Kingdom. My own version of the set Ghostly Hideout. And of course Forestmens' Hideout. A small confrontation between two wizards in the forest with the Forestmen watching from a short distance. The return of the Black Monarch to the western border of their lands. A small castle for the Black Crows. This was build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. Battle of the old ruins of Lyon's Keep. The Storage of Rayne the Red. This was also build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. On the road! The carriage of the Black Knights on the road. Be aware of the Wolfpack! My two new additions to the list. A small cart for the "Bear" Knights of the CMF series. And my own interpretation of the Dragon Wagon. For more pictures please look into my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome.
  2. Niku


    Ambush by Arfelan, en Flickr This is a build for Brickscalibur for the Rogues and Outlaws category. It depicts some outlaw troops ready to strike a massive blow at the unsuspecting Lion column in the forest. Thanks for watching.
  3. Niku

    African Savanna

    African savanna by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr The African savanna ecosystem is a tropical grassland with warm temperatures year-round and with its highest seasonal rainfall in the summer. The savanna is characterized by grasses and small or dispersed trees that do not form a closed canopy, allowing sunlight to reach the ground. The African savanna contains a diverse community of organisms that interact to form a complex food web. African ecosystem by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Africa has five main kinds of ecosystems: coastal environments, deserts and semideserts, mountain environments, savanna grasslands, and forests. Each ecosystem has its typical environment and climate. African lioness pride by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Prides are family units that may comprise anywhere from two to 40 lions—including up to to three or four males, a dozen or so females, and their young. All of a pride's lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age.
  4. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built animals

    Here are some pics of my brick built animals. Perhaps some day I will finish my custom Zoo to cage them. [MOC] Giraffe This is a remake of my old giraffe. This time I tried to give the giraffe a spot pattern. Head, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Lion I created this one in 2015. It uses a tan colored 1x2 plate with clip(s) for jaw which was not available yet at that time. Now it is thanks to BrickHeadz. Jaw, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Stork I created this one for the Polybag Competition at Place it on the roof of a LEGO house. [MOC] Baby elephant This one was also created for the Polybag Competition at It looks very cute next to a modded 10257 elephant or the 'rebuild the world' elephant.
  5. Pdaitabird

    The Man-Eaters of Tsavo

    I just finished the book and wanted to create a tribute in Lego form. For those who aren't familiar, it's the true story of Col. John Patterson, manager of the construction of a railway in British East Africa. In 1898, when a pair of lions began eating the workers, Patterson hunted down and killed the man-eaters. This MOC doesn't recreate a specific incident, but is meant to capture the main elements of the story. Thanks for looking - C & C welcome! Soli Deo Gloria
  6. Hello there! It's been a long time since my last post. Sharing my latest MOC~ Polar bear from Arctic & lion from Africa. I hope this Moc will make people care more about the issue of climate change on our earth. Hope you guys like it. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone recognize which set or source this shield is from? As far as I know it is a Lego store exclusive which is kinda strange to me. (This is not a sticker by the way) Either way I was really excited to see a new shield design from Lego and with such detail.
  9. Been having fun with my Nexo Knights, some knock-off Dinosaurs and Legend Beasts, some real Lego Legend Beasts and a random Mixel. I thought it'd be fun for each knight to have an animal steed instead of vehicles. What kind of things would you like to see in Nexo Knights? Anybody else found any cool knock offs online that you wish were part of the franchise?
  10. What a fantastic set! I picked up this set on the 23rd and completed it last night. I built one lion each night to extend the enjoyment! I decided to omit the stickers. Actually I decided to REMOVE the stickers after I already applied a few. Reason being is I watched a few episodes on YouTube this week and didn't see the numbers on the lions. I can't recall the details from 35 years ago, but I don't remember the lions being numbered. The episodes I watched didn't show numbered lions. Some of the press releases say the US version of the cartoon had numbered lions, but again it doesn't ring a bell. I'm curious as to what others are going to do, so feel free to share the following: What country are you from? Do you recall the lions being numbered? Will you number the lions or leave the stickers off?
  11. I have one of the minifigure-scale moulded leopards (pictured below) and wanted to get another one on the secondary market. So I ordered one from a reputable seller and got what looks like a minifigure-scale lioness, not a leopard. It's the same mould, but a different colour and doesn't have the same printing. Its face printing consists of blue eyes, a pink nose and a white muzzle. It has no body print. Also, it is dark tan, not tan like the leopard. It's definitely LEGO, not a clone or bootleg: it has the LEGO mark moulded inside the recess of the studs on its back and a printed code inside its front right paw just like the leopard's. I haven't been able to find a lioness in any of the sets, so I'm wondering what I have. I quite like it so will probably hang onto it. But can anyone shed light on this mysterious beast?
  12. Hi all, this is not sci-fi work, but as requirements in contest I post in this forum. So we got here Crusaders running to their fortress from the Undead scourge. They are trying to open doors with the key. Noone is inside, noone can help them. Will they get into fortress? Not many left alive... Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Crusaders run from Undead Scourge Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  13. makushima

    [MOC] Lion

    Small lion Lego MOC - Lion Lego MOC - Lion Lego MOC - Lion
  14. Hi everybody, today I present you a series of small animals, which some of you might have seen on my flickr photostream already. The idea for these little mocs was born just by chance and I think especially younger kids will love it. By using less bricks I kept the models simple, but tried to capture the real things as effectively as possible. Here we go: That's it for the moment... don't know, if it's to be continued! Feel free to leave a comment and thanx for your interest! So long, Jens
  15. nine09nueve

    Elf Lion Chariot

    "I have seen the future and the future is green!" A wise elf augurs as she gazes into the faces of her allies and wonders. "Do we have anything that can answer this nefarious threat?" Silence. No one wants to catch her eye. Those that do, cannot hold her gaze. "But what of the Sky Reamer, my lady?" A voice from behind the group eventually calls out. A murmur of voices, a turning of heads, and a young Elf with hard eyes steps forward. "Let us attack them from the clouds. Let my Sky Hunters rain death from above... Please?" She pauses a moment, before turning towards the stone again. "Let me see, Kinsman. And let me think." For what seemed an age she stared into nothingness before pointing back across the group, uttering a single word in reply. "Go." That was less than an hour ago. Now the young Elf finds it is he who is lost in thought. It is a good job his dutiful beast knows the way to the Sky Hunters home better than he does. For years the Sky Reamer project was nothing but a dream. He lost count of the times he was told that it would never work. That the Giant Eagles wouldn't want any part of it. But now, they needed him. They needed his team. They needed him to be ready, But was he? A low growl brings him back to the present; The majestically beautiful white lion, telling him of their journey's end. "Nearly home, Princess," he calls out in return, "Nearly home." and 2016 Digital Design Contest physical version :D
  16. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Wildlife Encounters

    Living in Phoenix now make me miss grass and breeze very much. Thus, I built these animals to accompany me, to free me from the freaking hot weather. I also put this creation on the LEGO IDEAS If you like these cute animals, please give me some support!!! ======================================================================
  17. Peasantseverywhere

    Latest Chima Purchases ?

    Just saw the latest star wars buy topic and i decided to make one for chima , so yeah what was your latest chima buy ????? Mine was the scorms scorpion stinger , spinlyns cavern and the twin blade
  18. You may have heard about Chinese lion dance which is a festive activity of the Chinese lunar new year. Indeed, kirin dance is another option, though it is less popular. The LEGO community has also proved this -- perhaps I am the first guy to build this but quite a number have built lion dance (according to google ^^). For your informaton, kirin is a mythical creature. Asian people believe it can wipe out evil spirits and bring lucks. After all, [though you may not be Asians] happy lunar new year and wish you joyful and healthy all the time! Cheer!
  19. Hi .... I think this is the right section to post this as there is a pinned threat about official Chima sets. Anyway, Mods please feel free to move if it should go elsewhere (e.g. Sci-Fi). I wanted to try and build a bipedal mech using pieces from the 70123 Chima Lion Beast set. But turned out rather uninspired ... and the arms look weak. If anyone has tried to do something similar, please let me know? I would love to know how you used the set's pieces. Thanks. Here is my attempt:
  20. Hey guys, I recently bought all 5 Legend Beasts and discovered cards to unlock each beast in Legends of Chima Online (iOS). Does anyone know what button I need to press to scan them? Please post a screenshot... Thanks! legozebra
  21. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    I have seen others recreating the sets from the 2013 Castle line. Here is my take on "Forest Ambush." I made a small recreation of it. Unfortunately, in mine, there is no gold cart, puppy, and the bad guys win And here is a link to my FLICKR to see the first picture in the photostream: There is also a story attached to this in my FLICKR, as it is a build for my character Silas in the Lands of Classic Castle found at I tried to incorporate new tree techniques and small foliage in ways I had not totally seen yet. I would appreciate any comments or criticism on the build itself.
  22. Basiliscus

    Tigelfáh Abbey

    I am very lucky to be partaking in part of a collaboration at STEAM 2013 along with 7 other fantastic British builders. We are building a medieval village, circa early 14th century. James has already posted his castle. My section is an abbey, loosely based on Tintern Abbey in Wales. Below is a selection of photos (I will add more after the show): Ashes to Ashes by Cuahchic, on Flickr Nicholas fitz Theodoric by Cuahchic, on Flickr Monks Procession by Cuahchic, on Flickr ********************************* I would encourage anyone based in the UK to make it along to Swindon this year to see the whole display (>14 metres squared).
  23. When I first saw the Legends of Chima theme I wasn't sure what I think about it, the minifigs are beautifully detailed and good-looking but the vehicles looked somewhat silly to me. Now I dug deeper in the wrld of Chima and I came to really like it, so I decided to ge my first set and bring you a review. Theme: Legends of Chima Set Name: Lennox' Lion Attack Set Number: 70002 Year of release: 2013 Minifigs: 2 Pieces: 230 Price: 17.99 GBP / 24.99 USD / 19,99 EUR / 5990 HUF Set Description: Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI with Lennox’s Lion Attack! Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he came from! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon. Includes 2 minifigures: Crug and Lennox and a weapon Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front and rapid-fire disc shooter Includes Crug’s standard weapon Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive! Shoot the rapid-fire discs! Fire the two flick missiles! Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI! Measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 6" (16cm) wide Box: Front The box is from the smaller category but to my biggest surprise it's very stiff and heavy. It sports the usual design with the Lego and Chima logo. In the right corner we can see Lennox's head, I really like how TLG make every box unique with the current hero's face. The main image shows the lion vehicle in action (spitting mentos), chasing the bad croc guy who stole Chi from the lions on a dusty road, surrounded by forest/jungle. On the left we can see some info about the set but this being the europian version there isn't much. And finally we can see the minfigis on the low left corner, namely Crug form the crocodile tribe and Lennox from the Lion tribe. Their association to the bad/good side is easily recognizable, Crug has red background, while Lennox has blue. Back On the backside of the box we can see the play functions of the set through a little story where Crug is trying to steal the Chi, but Lennox with his Lion car is defeating him and takes it back. The functions are described in 6 different languages and we can see the guys arguing in the upper right corner (Give it to me! - No, you give it to me!) The content of the box We get 4 unnumbered bags, 2 Chi tubes, 2 Building instructions, 4 rims and a Sticker sheet. Interesting parts In this set there are beautiful new and/or rare Flame Yellowish Orange parts, some old parts in reddish brown, the new tooth pieces (which are made of rubbery, very soft plastic) in both white and reddish brown and the black technic piece for suspension. Last but not the least we have the new Chi part and the 2x3 plate with holder in trans lightblue. Building instructions I haven't inserted a pic about the front because it's the same as the box. The BI has a light blue background which makes the colors easier to recognize. There are 2 booklets and they are surprisingly long (wich is very good) and in the first booklet you can find a picture of all the figures from the first wave in the middle of the building, which is quite odd. The steps are easy to follow and there is little repetition. Sticker sheet There are stickers yes, but there is not much and they just add to the overall look of the set. Minifigs: The set contains two minifigs, for me Crug was the selling point in this set, he is my favorite Chima minifigure. Crug: According to he is Cragger's loyal muscleman, if he needs raw force to get things done, then Crug is the one he hires for the job (Like taking the new refrigerator up to the 7th floor...). The minifigure looks beautiful, he is the brown croc in the theme. The paint job is spot on with all small details like the steel jaw with a screw in it and the fangs on his belt, with the ripped clothes, this figure is freakin' awesome! His head is dark brown while the body is reddish brown. We get a double-sided head with a calm killer's look and with a surprised/frightened look on the other side. Lennox: Lennox is the vehicle-pro guy of the lion tribe, a cool, careless young lion with hidden potential to do great things. Tha paint is beautiful here as well, the little details makes him perfect, like the lion head shaped knee-armor, the detailed belt and the greekish looking skirt. He has a double-sided head too with a shy smile on one and a fierce/angry look on the other. Unfortunately his only weapon is the Lion car, at least he could have a saber or something... The completed set: I'am very satisfied with the result, the vehicle is very sturdy and it rolls easily. The Lion head on the front looks great, but it somewhat resembles a cub more than an adult lion's frightening look, anyway I like the design. (Next time I'll have a walk with my vacuum cleaner before making a review ) The tubes connected to the claws makes the feel that there is really something flowing in to them, I really like these parts. The contras of this set is that the rear part of the car is almost empty, there is a curvy back with stickers, a little place to stand for Lennox (a real cockpit would've been better) and the Chi holder, which is very simple, the cannons cover some area but if you look from behind it's still a bit naked. The play functions: Now that's where the set stands out! First there is the disk shooting mechanism wich works fantasticly, the disks fly a long distance before they hit anybodys eyeballs . You have to load them up into a hole at the back of the lionhead and you pull the trans blue plate at the back which loads a disk in to the rail, then release the plate and Bang!!! Then we have suspension for the wheels which is not common out of the world of Technic. For flick-fire lovers I have good news, but I don't think there is actually somebody who loves them (I hope TLG readsthis). Moreover the cannons can rotate up/down and left/right. Rating the set Design 8/10 The designers captured the lion-ish look very well, the great choice of colors make it mor authentic. The 2 minus points are for the naked back. Build 10/10: It was really fun and took a surprisingly long time. The BI is easy to follow with good color differentation (In spite of this I managed to miss a step ) and with little repetition. Parts: 9/10 There are tons of parts here in rare/new color, which can be useful for MOCers, I myself can't complain. Minifigs: 9/10: Both figures are excellent (especially Crug ), with beautiful paint job all over them but it's a shame that Lennox doesn't have a weapon. Price: 8/10: Its a bit high but you get Crug (he only appears in a polybag and in a big set of the summer wave) and a fun little vehicle with great play features. Overall: 44/50 I'am very satisfied with this set, a few weeks ago I couldn't have imagined that I'll be buying this but here I am and happy with my Chima set Great play functions, beautiful figs, nice lion looking vehicle, tons of fun. I hope you enjoyed my review and it help you decide whether to buy this or not. End of story.