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Found 8 results

  1. Sympatik Brick

    [Freebuild] Walt’s Journey

    The Brickscalibur event is over… and it was fun and interesting to see all these medievals builds. I was inspired by all 6 categories and choosed at the early beginning to make one submission for each… but I had no much time… and no much bricks left for my participation so I choosed to work on vignettes for 4 of the category. I decided to stage my sigfig Walt Herboï in a little adventure. Vignette - 12x12 (Walt’s journey 1/4) The riches that passed through the port of Barqa were numerous and accidents during unloading were not rare. The Varlyrian nobility also sometimes tended to dispose of objects that have become cumbersome directly in the port. That was enough to persuade Walt to visit. He crossed the Whiter Woods to reach Barqa and went for a swim as refreshing as it was lucrative. Rogues and Outlaws (Walt’s journey 2/4) Gold is good, but it's complicated to transport. Walt was forced to part with it at a second-hand dealer from Barqa. Dreaming of adventure, he exchanged it for a treasure map, which seems to indicate the presence of a cave guarded by a dragon not far from Marginea. As he recrosses the Whiter Woods, he comes face to face with elves ready to rid him of his riches. The old parchment in his hand does not make the elves pursue him too long ... it would have been quite the opposite if he still had his pockets full of gold coins. Monstrous Encounters (Walt’s Journey 3/4) The map Walt obtained at the port of Barqa indicates treasure hidden in the mountains south of Sionnach, allegedly guarded by a dragon. Thirsting for adventure, Walt climbs the mountain’s steepest side and comes upon a temple carved into the rock. It seems uninhabited but its contents shine brightly. With his foot on a gold coin, a terrible rumble resounds. Huggingy the wall, Walt feels the warm breath of the half-awakened dragon. Interior Architect (Walt’s Journey 4/4) In a defensive reflex, Walt grabbed a sword very close to him before to roll down the mountain. If his legs saved his life, this sword would change it ... his dream is finally coming true, he will be able to enter the throne room and offer his services at the same time as this sword to King Dagorn and thus follow the path of his late father. Thank you for your feedbacks… my rogues and outlaws participation is the least successful of the four builds but I’m happy with the elves!
  2. jtooker

    Folviken Fortress

    Folviken Fortress Folviken Fortress The Duke of Glannalt is brought to the Folviken. Abductees are always brought to the lake fortress for safe keeping until a ransom is paid. High profile persons, such as the duke, are always high stakes; sometimes our work just plays into the hands of an opportunistic usurper. But the rewards for the Wolfpack are too good to pass up. The Duke of Glannalt is Brought to the Lake Fortress I created this MOC for the Over water! category of the CCC XIX. I had been planning such a MOC for a while, especially after seeing Jonas Kramm’s Wolfholm. The submission was also very fitting for the Brickscalibur Rogues and Outlaws. The bridge to the main keep I had planned to use more wood and less stone, but enjoyed creating the rough stone wall textures. The whole process took longer than expected, but I’m satisfied with the result. The Roofs of the Fortress I had originally planned on a cheese slope roof, but could not work in the ‘wolf’ accents without very large roof rakes. So I went with a standard tile roof (with tiles half pushed down). Front Door of Folviken Fortress with Two Lanterns The lantern design is care of @ranghaal. Folviken Docks All three towers can be seen from the rear The Rear Tower Can be Seen when Viewed from the Right Box Windows Look out from the Second Floor The Front Façade Strikes Fear into Anyone Unlucky enough to get a Glimpse The Door to the Front Gatehouse Tower and Draw Bridge A Closeup of the Rear Tower
  3. Rich and the Poor The Rich In the morning merchants take their laden carts to the castle. The king and queen spend lavishly for their court. The remains are taken to market for the citizenry to pick over. The contrast between the rich and the poor has never been greater. My part of the “Rich and Poor” collaboration for Brickscalibur. My partner, LegoMocFan created Part 1: The Poor.
  4. The build: Hunting the blue woolly eel (Anguilla galidoris) The story: Every spring, baby blue woolly eels migrated up rivers from the ocean, a highly anticipated chance to catch the small delicacy. Its ocean breeding grounds had never been found, a mystery the mermaid Ciara and her ikateren friend, Weroti, were determined to solve. They tracked the elvers into the depths of the ocean, fending off shark and other predators of the deep. Eventually, they came across an ancient seamount, covered with corals, kelp and other life. As they drew close, the pair saw two of the monstrously large blue woolly eels, their gaping maws displaying circle after circle of razor sharp teeth. Could these be the original progenitors of the tiny delicacy? Ciara knew no one would believe them - unless they could bring back one of the eels as a trophy! The hunters: Ciara was a young mermaid, living in a commune off the southern coast of Avalonia. For work, she tended the kelp gardens and warded off the giant sea turtles that liked to uproot the plants. She was often seen riding the wake of the Varlyrian schooners that traded goods along the Avalonia coast. Weroti was a wiry ikateren, a tentacled race allied with the mermaids. Weroti was the spawn of the local chieftainess and recently earned his coming of age tattoo on his arm. He was eager to prove himself as a worthy heir to his mother despite it being almost unheard of for a male to lead an ikateren school. Ikaterens were bipedal creatures typically patterned in orange, red or green. They had fins on their legs and a long spiny tail that aided in swimming and balance. They had black eyes and two wattles around their mouths. Build notes:
  5. The build: Lord of the Flies Agaric The story: Mushrooms were big business in the Enchanted Forest and one of the best mushroom groomers was Flix. The pixie specialised in painting fly agaric mushrooms, making sure their white spots were vivid and perfectly round. While mushroom grooming was often a relaxing task, Flix was always wary of insect attacks and kept his rapier with him at all times. Build notes:
  6. Brethren! We have tried our best and had our most knowledgeable experts assess the situation, but despite their efforts the situation remains dire. The dark masters crack their whips. Little time remains to build worthy masterpieces! Hurry.. My entry for the 2021 Brickscalibur 12x12 Vignette category. Hope you like it Link to Flickr album:
  7. My entry for Brickscalibur 2021 - Rogues and Outlaws category. Hello everyone! Third MOC in the series of little Sarophas. This time arriving at Ravnsborg Castle, the stronghold of the Baroness and her henchmen. Far to long, these thugs have been taxing the local villagers to the breaking point, only to fill their coffers with their hard earned money, but no more! Heinrich and the Hatted Huntsmen are scaling the tower walls to gain access to the castle, in an attempt to 'liberate' the Baroness' treasure hoard. See the full album here Front Back
  8. I'm reposting my entry for Brickscalibur here, the Monarchic Minifigures category - photo, text and reading! The build: The story: Were-beast hierarchies were notoriously fickle; leaders changed with the moon phase: wax, wane or sickle. The Wulf-Tang Clan was one such curious case; led by Matriarch Wulf, firm grip on the royal mace. Rip, Fang and Wrinkle, her loyal sons three; keeping them in line? Certainly not free: Pay for the damage when Rip fought in bars; Pay off the victims whose tongues Fang kept in jars; Pay for the tools as Wrinkle read the moon and stars. A change in the guard, though, when the harvest moon come: as Runt took over as leader of the pack, with his running mate Ocker watching his back. Sweet Lily, too, had ambition for the peak; Trice already she’d eliminated the weak. A lick of charm, males ate from her mitten; Runt, especially, reduced to a kitten. What she couldn’t obtain with just feminine wiles, Lily removed with a drop from her poisoned vials. Regardless of whoever was leader day-by-day, everybeast knew don’t cross were-coon Fay. As den-mother, her power was wide; Get on her wrong side? Your tail was fried! But one thing was true across all the moon’s phases, the bottom of the heap was reserved for tree grazers; Were-beaver serfs – they might not be free, but leaders beware … they could still fell the family tree. The poet's reading: If you like to hear the bard's own reading of this story, there is a sound file available on the Brickscalibur Discord server here. I don't think I can upload to here directly (or to Flickr). Build notes: