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Found 3 results

  1. This my version of the 2018 Marvel Comics 'infinity War" set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) for a 1920's-flavored steampunk take on a mad scientist trying to open a time doorway into the beginning of the universe using a time machine modeled after set 76109. (Quantum Realm Explorers) When the mad Scientist Dr. Floyd Hyde opened his doorway to the pre-big-bang time zone for the first time in 1914, he sent his wife Penny (wearing a makeshift gray pressure suit) into the open portal and waited for her quick return. Unfortunately, something happened and the portal itself destabilized and shut down as a safety precaution on it's own. Eleven years pass for the Scientist, who becomes obsessed with reuniting with his lost love, delving every dime and ounce of energy into creating the rescue craft and fixing the portal machine onto said flying time-craft. He finishes it in the middle of the year 1925. An eternity passes for Penny, yet she does not age a day. She is taken in by the Brothers Three, whom she nicknames Alpha, Beta, and Omega. These strange alien beings are the sole inhabitants of the pre-big bang, being the sole survivors of a great war (they may have started it) and becoming almost omnipotent in the process of floating in the vast unending void of space. The Brothers Three ask only one thing of their kindness and helping keep her alive in the harsh environment: when rescue inevitably comes for Penny, let them come with her through the portal so they can help mankind achieve it's "destiny". Let her be their "herald", telling the governments of earth all about their amazing powers and how they can help serve man. So, will Dr. Hyde get his wife back? Will Penny allow the Brothers to follow her through the portal? And just what is this destiny these three are talking about? The choice is up to YOU! L to R: Dr. Floyd Hyde, his wife Penny Hyde (in the gray pressure suit), and The Brothers Three (alien beings from before the big bang) The front of the building, with the conservatory to the rear. I replaced the center round window from the Sanctum Sanctorum with more regular windows to give the building a more average city building appearance instead of a superhero's one. The front of the building also features the year it was built: 1901. The rear of the building has a ground-floor conservatory. The rearmost window on the bottom floor opens up 90 degrees to allow for figure placement in the conservatory. As a side note, the original Marvel model's exploding walls and drop-floors have been removed. The means from getting from one floor to another is a spiral staircase, and a small skylight has been added to the roof. The inside feature's the following: The lower floor has a fireplace with clock on mantle, table with chair, oven, and lamp on a side table. The middle floor features a strange mask on a safe, curio cabinet and a bed, along with an ancient weapons display. The upper floor features a desk with some sort of electricity storage machinery, several flasks, two bookcases, and microscope. The dark red thing in the greenish jar is a beating human heart. This model was inspired by @hachiroku's Indiana Jones Desert Chase car, but remade to have a different color scheme for use with my Adventurer's mad scientist character. The doors to the passenger compartment can also open, and there are taillights on the rear of the car. The vehicle can seat one figure in the drivers seat, and one figure (or a small cargo container) can be placed behind that. Here is Antman's vehicle from set 76109 (Quantum Realm Explorers) as a 1920's-period time machine, as seen above in steampunk form. I fixed the rotating side engines, as these maddening objects are now (mostly) locked in the position shown but for the slight sideways (left / right) motion that I for the life of me can't seem to fix. Oh well, it just gets them closer to the main engine pod in the center, so no harm, no foul. EDIT: 3/5/19: Added new real world pictures and deleted the rest of the ldd screenshots. This project is now done.
  2. It's high noon! And you know what that means - it's time for a showdown! A Dorado Showdown to be exact. Dorado is a city that is located at the coast of Mexico and powered by giant ziggurat-like fusion plants and today is Festival de la Luz in Dorado, an annual celebration of the end of the Omnic Crisis, so let’s join the festivities! About Overwatch For those who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below for a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75972 Name: Dorado Showdown Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 419 Minifigs: 3 Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: The Box I am detecting a pattern with these Overwatch sets where the front box art has the wrong background and the back has the correct one. This set is no different as the background isn’t even from the right map. It’s from the Dorado Deathmatch map, not the Escort map that the set is based on. Close enough, I guess, but still a strange choice. We can see Soldier: 76 moving the payload through the first choke point from the Escort map while Reaper is trying to attack him and McCree seems to be hanging on for dear life in the back. A very colorful and action-packed image. As always, you got the white Lego Overwatch logo with Tracer up top, a Blizzard logo in the lower corner, and the set info written in the in-game font on the left. Sure enough, the back of the box features the correct Dorado map in the background, showing the bridge right where it should be. The art depicts the set from a different angle and shows the minifigs with name tags locked in what I can only describe as a Mexican stand-off (get it? ). What’s a bit strange, though, is that the picture is in portrait format and therefore sideways, resulting in the two tabs for opening the box being at the bottom. The top of the box features the set name in six different languages, an ad for the Lego Life app, and a line-up of the three minifigs at actual scale. On the bottom there is a bunch of choking hazard warnings in different languages. One side of the box has a render of the minifigs striking poses with their weapons while the other side just has the Overwatch and Lego Overwatch logos. Contents Inside the box you will find three numbered bags, a sticker sheet, and two instruction booklets - one for the fruit stand and truck and one for the building. Instructions The first pages of the instructions show you how to build the set using the numbered bag system and how to download digital building instructions using the Lego Life app. I've tried it, though, and it doesn't work as these sets aren't available on there yet. Here is a random instructions page. Like with all the Overwatch sets, the call-outs are pretty clear and the light blue background is pleasant. Notable Parts We get a few parts in rare colors in this set such as dark red and yellowish orange. We also get that new candle flame piece from the Wizarding World sets, a bunch of the 1-stud brackets, and the new gun mold that is used for many of the weapons in this theme in dark gray. The only part that is printed in this set unfortunately is the 1x1 trans-light-blue cylinder with a slanted red cross on it. Every other decal is a sticker, like the silver decoration on the grill of the truck (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the part before applying the sticker). The minifigs We get three minifigs in this set: Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree. It makes sense to include Soldier: 76 in a Dorado based set since he is seen serving as a vigilante in that city in the animated short “Hero”. Soldier: 76 a.k.a. Jack Morrison and Reaper a.k.a. Gabriel Reyes have quite a history together, so it also makes sense for them to appear in a set together. They were both turned into super soldiers by the soldier enhancement program, America’s initial answer to the Omnic Crisis. They joined Overwatch together and rivaled each other for the leadership of the team. After Overwatch’s headquarters got attacked and the team dismantled, the two were presumed dead, but later reemerged as the vigilante Soldier: 76 and Talon terrorist Reaper. During his time at Overwatch, Reyes also recruited outlaw Jesse McCree who was a member of the Deadlock Gang. I guess that’s why McCree is included here as the third hero. They all look pretty good, especially Soldier: 76 with his gunmetal jacket and pants. He gets a cool new ruffled hairpiece while McCree and Reaper each get a new type of cape to represent their poncho and trench coat respectively. The printing on their heads and torsos is nicely detailed, but McCree is the only one who has leg printing sadly. Soldier: 76's heavy pulse rifle and Reaper's Hellfire shotguns are brick-built while McCree comes with a standard revolver to represent his Peacekeeper. I don't mind these brick-built solutions at all, although Soldier: 76's rifle looks quite massive, even considering how big it is in the game. When compared to their video game counterparts, they hold up pretty well. It's unfortunate, though, that McCree doesn't have his signature cigar and belt buckle that reads "BAMF", but it's understandable that they wanted to make him more kid-friendly for the set. Also, Reaper's mask looks a bit scrunched and not as long as it should be, but I can see why they didn't want to create a new mold just because of that, so this is as good as they could do. However, I do like how the McCree minifig has one dark tan hand and one gray hand. That's good attention to detail. The figs look quite good from the back as well. Soldier: 76 has some nice back printing that shows his number and McCree's back has plenty of detail as well. Reaper's slim cape is probably as close as we will ever get to an official minifig trench coat, and it does the job fairly well, so I'm OK with that. Reaper has some back printing too. Here he is with McCree with their capes off to get a better view of their printing. None of the figs have an alternate face, but that's excusable. To make up for that and his missing cigar, McCree comes with a hairpiece for when he is not wearing his cowboy hat which is a nice bonus. While it may make sense for Reaper to appear alongside Soldier: 76 and McCree, it's still disappointing that he is in this set because he is exactly the same one that appears in the Watchpoint: Gibraltar set. Below you will see the full roster of playable characters that are currently available in the game. With so many to choose from, it's unfortunate that we already get a repeat in the first wave. For instance, Sombra would have made a better choice since she is from Dorado. Oh well. The Build The first bag contains the parts for the power generator, market stand, Reaper, McCree, and their capes in a separate box. These two builds are fairly simple and are finished pretty quick. Since we don't have a building to attach the string of lights to yet at this point, the instructions have connect them to the top of the power generator for now. That way the lights will have power until we can plug them into the building. The generator has SNOT plates all around it that not only look accurate, but keep it stable as well. I also like the little bull-shaped pinata and the way they used diamonds to represent low-poly light bulbs, although there are far too few lights on the chain. Like in the other location-based Overwatch sets, there is a small health pack included here even though there is none in this particular area of the map. Maybe TLG just wants to send a message to kids about how healthy fruit is. Either way, I'm always happy when these health packs are included. The fruit stand itself is pretty basic and the posts holding up the canopy are a tad flimsy, but it looks fairly accurate. The second bag contains Soldier: 76 and the parts for the truck. The truck is built around a couple of long Technic beams which keep it stable. Note the dark gray 1x2 plates with rail towards the front which are cleverly used to later hold the fenders in place without making the fenders look too thick. At the end of bag 2, the truck is finished and looks quite good with its mix of 1950's and futuristic aesthetics. I like how they used 1x6 tiles on the sides of the cabin to keep the back wall of it steady. The truck looks good from the back too, although it's missing its rear lights. I don't know what the regulations for hovertrucks are in the future, but I don't think this is up to standard. The flatbed of the truck has a 2x2 jumper plate that is used to easily mount the power generator at a 45 degree angle. The third and final bag contains the parts for the building. Lots of tan and gray here. Despite its size, this is a pretty simple build since it's mostly made out of large plates, bricks and wall elements, so I won't bore you with in-build shots of it. This is what it looks like when finished. It may be a simple building, but I do like how they used SNOT tiles to represent the archway and stepped window frames. The backside is open and completely empty aside from a single candle. There is no roof over the doorways on each side, making the roof look unfinished. While this hallway is empty in the game too, I think they could have at least included a few more candles. There are three stickers that you need to apply in this part of the build. One of them is on the right side of the building that depicts an ad for Lucio with graffiti over it and the old Overwatch poster that Alejandra removed in Hero, although it should have been on the inside of the bridge, not outside. Still, it's a nice reference. Instead, the inside of the bridge features a seal that reads "Justice" and "Jack Morrison" with a relief of Morrison in the center. There is no such seal in the game, but I guess they just wanted to add something to make these walls more interesting. Directly on the other side of the seal there is graffiti of Gabriel Reyes shrugging. The messy look of the graffiti provides a nice contrast to Morrison's nice and clean seal on the other side and fits Reyes' rogue personality. It hints at the idea that these two former leaders of Overwatch are in some ways two sides of the same coin. Pretty deep for a couple of stickers. Spare Parts The good news is that there are several of the usual small pieces left over after the build which include an extra candle flame, so at least you can add one more candle to the building if you have another white cylinder as well. The Completed Set Once you put it all together, you get quite a nice scene. It really looks like something straight out of the game. If you compare it to the image below from the game, they managed to capture the look of the Dorado marketplace and the payload very well. The truck is spot-on and is only missing its rear view mirrors. You can see the market stands in the back and the building with the archway on the left. If you look at the building in the screenshot above, you will notice some differences to the building in the set. There are no lanterns and instead there are some banners and street signs on its facade. That's because the building in the set seems to be based on the backside of the bridge rather than the market-facing side. As you can see in the screenshot below, the backside does have the lanterns and no banners, so if you compare the set to this image, it's pretty accurate, except for the missing plants and strings of light under the bridge. It's strange, though, that they chose to do this. Play Features Even though this is a playset, there aren't too many play features. The roof and windscreen of the truck are only attached by two studs, so they can easily be removed to seat a minifig inside. There's only one seat, so there's plenty of room to store the minifig's weapons. The truck has train wheels hidden underneath, so it can easily be rolled around, and the bridge has plenty of clearance for the truck to move through under it. I'd actually love to see a MOC of the entire map where the payload moves down its path on train tracks. Also, the shutters on the windows of the building can be lifted up so that the heroes can shoot out of the window. And... that's basically it. No trap doors, no flick-fire missiles, nada. I guess that's accurate to the game, but I was still expecting a bit more. Ratings Design: 4/5 - Visually, they pretty much nailed the look of Dorado. The truck is spot-on, the fruit stand is simple but serviceable, and the building, while based on the wrong side, looks accurate as well, although I wish they would have fleshed out the roof and back a bit more and included a few more candles and light bulbs. Build: 3/5 - Aside from a few good uses of SNOT, there is nothing too challenging in this build, but it's not bad. Minifigs: 4/5 - 3 Minifigs is a decent number, although only two of them are exclusive to the set. They look very close to the characters in the game, and while some minor details may be missing, the extra hairpiece for McCree makes up for it. Playability: 2/5 - You can roll around the truck and open the windows on the building. That's it. Not a whole lot of playability for such a decently sized PLAY-set. Parts: 4/5 - There is a good number of parts in rare colors. Price: 5/5 - At a mere 7.2 cents per piece, this might just have the best value for a licensed set I've ever seen! Overall: 4/5 - I think the designers did a good job recreating this part of the Dorado Escort map in such a fairly small set. You get a few good minifigs, some useful parts, and some decent looking scenery. There could have been more play features and details, and it would have been nice if they would have at least given Reaper a different skin or something to make him exclusive, but at such a ridiculously low price I can't even be mad. Even if you're not an Overwatch fan, the set is worth getting for the parts alone. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! Oh, and if you're an Overwatch player, shoot me a PM with your player name so that we can play some games together! Fun Fact: When there are two or more of the same hero on a team, it's referred to as a hero stack.
  3. Hello again Eurobricks! Today I have come to share my latest Lego stop-motion film "Desolate Jewel" it is a sequel to my film Desolate Sands, so I recommend that you watch that first: This sequel Take place immediately after the original, our Hero recollects his previous adventure and it's link to his current one: Please do share your thoughts and feedback on it :)