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  1. Tim_AZ


    Fantastic model. You nailed the look and color scheme.
  2. Tim_AZ

    NCS Saberkitty

    This is such a fun build. Great job!
  3. Beautifully done. At first glance I thought I was looking at 007's Lotus.
  4. As mentioned before this will be the Saturn V all over again. Not really a limited release but they will be scarce enough to make it look that way, therefore encouraging the scalpers to buy them up when available and so on and so on. I've seen Lego make some really insane decisions over the last couple of years. It's no wonder they are in trouble.
  5. Tim_AZ

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I suggest letting them have it on Twitter or whatever form of social media you prefer.
  6. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] Portal Spaceship

    Simply amazing.
  7. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

    Excellent build.
  8. Tim_AZ

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Thanks. Odd that they weren't showing up and it figures that I already have one from both.
  9. Tim_AZ

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I checked both the UK and US stores but did not see any 2-packs. Do you have a link?
  10. Tim_AZ

    Alpha Centauri "Copernicus Base"

    This is an amazing build. Is that R5D4 hanging out on the main structure?
  11. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] The Road Runner

    I love it. Unique style and believable.
  12. Tim_AZ

    M-35 Mako (Mass Effect)

    Very cool. I've spent far too many hours bounding around in that thing.
  13. Tim_AZ


    This is very cool. For some reason it reminded me of the pods from the Matrix.
  14. Tim_AZ

    ADU Heavy Jetpack

    I've been daydreaming ("researching" when I'm at work) lately about a military equivalent of the Yves Rossy jetpack. I remembered the meager offering from the Alien Conquest line and decided my Space Marines could make use of an improved version. I'm not 100% set on the color scheme yet so I'll probably order parts for a couple variations on the theme. From this: To this:
  15. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] LDD Argus Class Electronic Warfare Ship

    Decided to be lazy today and push through to the end on this. I'm going to call it done. I'm not sure that I'll build it as it was more of a learning exercise than anything else.