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  1. Tim_AZ

    MOC: XSF-47 Experimental Starfighter

    Very unique build. It reminds me of something but I can't place it.
  2. Some really amazing builds and designs here. Well done.
  3. Tim_AZ


    Lots of great detail here. The map is beautifully done and the fountain with the globe is a nice touch.
  4. Cool truck. I'd love to see a set of the car/buggy they escaped the arena in.
  5. Tim_AZ

    Mars Jet Prototype

    I've been on a bit of a Mars binge lately and this is one of the projects I'm working on. The technology for this exists today but it is unlikely to develop until the resources on Mars can be processed locally. The engine is fueled by carbon dioxide and magnesium powder suspended in nitrogen gas. Once ignited the reaction strips the oxygen molecules from the CO2 leaving only magnesium oxide behind. Of course, with such a thin atmosphere you're going to need a lot more wing area this this has but let's not get too bogged down in details. https://imgur.com/CSIA168
  6. Tim_AZ


    This should have received way more attention. Awesome little build.
  7. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] Cargo Wasp Inc.

    Simply cool.
  8. Tim_AZ

    [MOC] B-Wing Starfighter

    The detailing here is superb. Everything looks like it has a purpose.
  9. Tim_AZ

    NCS Lunar Hopper

    Very clean design. Love the parts usage in the landing gear.
  10. Tim_AZ

    Aliens Colonial Marines MOD

    Glad this popped back up to the top or I would have missed it. Great pictures.
  11. Tim_AZ

    Olympus OM1

    Excellent work. Was really appreciated by my photographer friend.
  12. Tim_AZ

    [MOD] Lunar Base from 60227 Space Station

    Nice! I've been thinking of doing something similar. These sets really lend themselves to multiple uses.
  13. Besides the odd technic set here and there, it was Alien Conquest that brought me back to Lego and I purchased at least one of every set, The new city space sets are the only other sub theme I will have ever purchased at least one of each set and in some cases I'm up to 3 already. I would love to see the licensed themes take a very long break so we can get some in house stuff (more space and pirates) but you have to admit that Lego hits one out of the park now and then with what they do squeeze into the lineup.