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  1. DwalinF

    [MOC] Chumaks in a khutir

    I used plates connectedd by joints and hinges. Along the plates there are bars and hoses, and technic axles connect to them by part 48729b, so its possible to change angle of every stalk.
  2. DwalinF

    [MOC] Chumaks in a khutir

    @zoth33, @deraven, @Aine, @pantelis Thank you! @RyszardBosiak, @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thank you. Usually people use tan bars 4L with axles on top, but as for me such construction is too high in comparison with minifigure. In real life stalks not so tall. But also my construction needs to level up the ground at least for 3 plates
  3. Every nation has it own historical features like architecture style, wear, traditions, professions and so on. And I want you to introduce Ukrainian traders - chumaks. They travelled long distances on a wagons pulled by oxen, and transport a lot of goods. But the main was salt.
  4. DwalinF

    Rotting Leviathan

    Yeah, I like it! Nice concept!
  5. DwalinF

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    Yeah. Why not?
  6. DwalinF

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    So, here is the third type of my Glactic virus (first, second). I think it should be the last one, but who knows... As my previous space viruses this one based on real bacteriopage. Prototype for this one was family Tectiviridae. AP-32 is the most common type of construction units used for building and servicing P-bases (Petri-bases). It has 12 manipulators that may transform to different types according to the functions performed. The pilot is so strange not because he is highly complicated sentient DNA-form, but because I haven't any dark purple parts to build something better :(
  7. Wow! :( We met last year on Floating Bricks. Very-very sad
  8. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    Yeah, exactly this kind of ships from early 1900 inspired me for this shape. Just for me "soviet times" is associated with 60'-70' years
  9. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    Hi, unfortunately no. "Soviet touch" - wow! It is interesting point of view :) Thank you
  10. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    Unfortunately it hasn't. The construction of some elements, such as portholes takes a lot of inner space and there is too small space left for interior. So I decided not to do it.
  11. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    That was a goal :) I think it's closer to dieasselpunk, but let be true - it is a whole new style of "something-punk" @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @Reaper, @sander1992 thank you very much!
  12. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    Thank you! Yeah, the stern must be suported, because it's too heavy. @kieran @ExeSandbox Thank you :)
  13. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    I wanted to build it for next Shiptember, but its impossible to wait if an idea in your head doesn't want to leave it 24/7. For sure its not 100 studs long but also not so small. I try to realize similarity with early battleships of XX century, added a big headlight like in steam locomotive, some other elements I took from art, I found in internet. And as a result we have this: the corvette bearing the number 04. It is one of Iron-class spaceships from Morgrim squadron. His captain is fearless Quark Quasarsson. I don't know why but I've invented the crew also. There is no space inside the ship to put them in, so they can only stand on the deck. But I just like them. Funny characters with cool names. On the group photo you can see the Captain itself, his helper boatswain Wimp Fuorsson, cannoneers squad an their Corporal Blazar HI, techintians and First engineer Pulsar Higgs. Some details
  14. DwalinF

    [MOC] M11 Phage

    Yeah, I didn't know how to make interesting pilot and there is no place for cockpit :)
  15. DwalinF

    [MOC] M11 Phage

    The second type of my Galactic Viruses (The first one is here I decided to continue the Universe with this self-contained transport starship. After invasion and enslavement of a host organism this type of phages serves for copiyng and transportation of genetic information for improvement and construction of the Strain-colonies. I was waiting for several years to use these tipper beds and finaly I've got the idea. Hope you like it. I also have some thoughts about the one more type of galactic virus but don't know if I could be able to realize it. Maybe next year...