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  1. Tower of Lothern

  2. Tower of Lothern

    Lothern is the greatest city of Ulthuan. Situated within Eataine, Lothern is the political capital city. Human merchants are allowed to trade here and the city has been and is a busy centre of international trade. This tower one of countless outposts in the vicinty of Lothern. Every year a wanted to take part in CCC, but something always prevent me. This time I did it. As I'm faithful admirer of Dwarfs, it was hard emotionaly to build elvish MOC. But Art is stronger than war. As usual, inspired by Warhammer FB and a lot of cool arts from internet. Tower of Lothern by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr White Lion Bodyguard by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr Priestess by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr To the high by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr
  3. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Its from Mini Cooper 10242
  4. Ursus 912 Tractor

    As alive! Cool!
  5. na

    Very nice, but I would like to see more colours in technical parts of a model. All yellow isnt good
  6. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Thank you, guys!
  7. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    Very very cool! So realistic and detailed
  8. [MOC] My broken heart.

    I dont see photos. Are they from VK?
  9. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Three brave survivors (or maybe not so brave... or maybe not all af them, but nevermind) on the raft escape from ancient beast. After a sea battle with Imperial ship, Harry and Olaf were trap on a raft under leadership of old sea dog Bartholomew Gingerhead. While Harry blowing the sail, and Olaf work with a paddle, fearless captain throws harpoon after harpoon into the monster! It won't eat them! Or?.. Place your bets, Gentlemen!
  10. Thank you all! Yes, I agree that somthing isn't so good as it should be, but after I was looking and looking at it, I understood that its not legs are small, but head is big :(
  11. This time I tried myself in new genre. I've never done before big figures. So let me show you Rori Dulgisson. Surely he was inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. I tried to save style, proportions and sizes of warhammer dwarfs. He turned out quite big (52 cm, 2.5 kg), strong and full of pathos. Joints are movable (arms, hands, fingers and feet), but it doesn't help because the weight is too much for joints. But dwarf can stay without any support. Thanks to my wife for cape with runes, it makes Dwarf more realistic and "alive". Hope you like it. More photos on my Flickr
  12. Steampunk colonists

    Let me show you some MOCs that were built for my Steampunk Moon Colony. Unfortunately I cant show you City itself, because I should "keep it secret, keep it safe" for some months . Watchman inspired by Dishnored game. Also I very proud with streetlight. Colonial Watchman by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr Steam rocket works only on solid fuel (coal). Its a common transport for trips to the Earth and back again Steam Rocket. Pit stop. by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr Stagecoach will not appear in final version of Moon city, but I like the concept. Steampunk Stagecoach by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr
  13. Lugbulk problem

    Thank you for such "wide" answer. :-) Since that time, I've read some emails from TLG to our LUG, and had dialogue with them also (both Jan and Ana). And as a result I got an answer, that our delivery problem can be solved only at State level, and they will speak only with our ambssador, and not with me :D By the way, our ambassador is Ok, but sometimes he hasnt time for LUG. And his communication with TLG sometimes veeeery slow. So we tried the second variant, you talking about
  14. Oh, Dwarf-slayer is great! I should buy them for my dwarf army