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Found 5 results

  1. Been having fun with my Nexo Knights, some knock-off Dinosaurs and Legend Beasts, some real Lego Legend Beasts and a random Mixel. I thought it'd be fun for each knight to have an animal steed instead of vehicles. What kind of things would you like to see in Nexo Knights? Anybody else found any cool knock offs online that you wish were part of the franchise?
  2. I really liked the Winter Village train station when it came out, but it it is so small, with no back wall / roof. I tried for many months and multiple design changes to get it to work, and then I recently stripped away most of the basic framework underneath to give it a cleaner foundation. This last attempt finally gave me the needed inspiration for the model as shown below. This is the result, with the LDD file available here at Bricksafe. I added a freight office, a bathroom (the toilet design was stolen from the Modular Pet Shop set but the sink is my idea) and a "stone" fireplace. Their is a loading dock for the freight section, and two detachable platforms for added track-side length. Most of the rear wall opens up 90 degrees to allow access to the inside, and the roof comes off for viewing the passenger section. The tower should have three of this clock print, while the reddish brown 1 x 4 tile on the rooftop-sign should have this "Mount Clutchmore" print. The rear features a small truck loading platform with sliding door for the freight depot, plus the fireplace. (By the way: the window closest to the staircase is the ticket seller's window.) Here you can see all the many details of this model, including the removable roof, left and right sections of platform, swing open wall and the station itself. This new station might be built at some point in the future to replace my other rural station, of which about 60% of the older one's parts will be use to built this newer model. Fun Fact: This is my first building designed for my own personal LEGO town to include a bathroom! As usual, comments, questions, suggestions and complaints are always welcome!
  3. This weekend I decided to make some video footage of me building a set. Therefore I needed a mount for one of my smartphones. So I built one. It's pretty simple, but does the job well. I already have ideas for a second version. Here it is: More details, information, pictures and link to LDD file are available on my Blog.
  4. Edit 7/15/2015: I've updated the file download link because that Dropbox link is long dead. It's now hosted on I bought myself a GoPro camera recently in order to gain full HD capabilities for my YouTube channel. At some point I want to mount it on a vehicle, so I spent some time today building a pan/tilt mount for it. In theory, this setup should be able to rotate 360 degrees and tilt about 30 degrees off horizontal both up and down. While it's nice to finally finish a project that I started, it has some flaws which are beyond me to solve at the moment: - The tilting action has a lot of backlash. - The rotation action will make the platform tilt, as the drive shaft for the tilting action passes through the center of the turntable. This will cause it to lock up and skip gears after about a half-rotation. The LDD file [from Dropbox Bricksafe]: Due to LDD being... special, the model itself is at a weird angle, and the worm gears aren't in place. On the right-hand model they've been colored to show which axle they should go on. The left-hand model is a cutaway to show only the drivetrain. Comments, criticism, and whatnot is all appreciated!
  5. To get that "first person" point of view in your action videos, do you have ideas on how to mount your video camera or iPod using Lego Technic pieces? This thread is meant to capture those ideas. I know that Sariel likes to mount his video camera on his MOCs, and sometimes he tows a trailer. What are your ideas? Here are two: Method 1: Use Lego Technic to secure your iPod to "Equip your RC Vehicle with a Remote Video Connection" ( by where44444) -- "It started as a useful modification for my RC tank so it could actually be useful in air soft wars. When your out where everyone can see you so that you can see where your driving the tank kind of defeats the purpose. You can now control it from a safe distance and be an active participant in the game through a wireless video connection." Method 2: "LEGO TECHNIC GoPro Mount" ( by Kyle Martin): "In this GoPro mounting tips and tricks video I show how to make a LEGO TECHNIC GoPro Mount. This can be used to mount a GoPro to any LEGO creation. The mount is low profile and will not destroy any of your LEGO. There is another video coming that will show how to mount using just good old LEGO."