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Found 9 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] 3741

    Had some grass stems out while deconstructing a MOC
  2. Hello everybody ! You want a perfect lawn ? to repair your lawn ? Use my grass seeding robot, the world’s first domestic robot that detects holes in the lawn and sows grass inside ! * The robot is autonomous, it has two modes of movement, a grid mode when it can come to bump against a fixed wall and canvass effectively with the gyroscope (this is the case in the video, zeroing at each contact with the terrace) or a random mode, basic vacuum cleaner style. * Bluetooth transmits an instant measure of lawn density in % (the 100% calibration being the dense lawn), the average density in % and the number of holes detected. At start-up the operator transmits a minimum hole size via bluetooth to be detected. (in % of the image size is 10 cm x 6 cm) * 3 Ev3 brains to do this project * It detects holes with a Pixy Cam 2 camera, scarifies (just for demo, not effectively, I didn’t equip it with metal spikes) and sows seeds in the hole. * In summary the final result, to discover in the video, is a robot with 6 motors: 4 motors of drive of the wheels mecanum, 1 motor for the control of the scarifier and a motor with endless screw for the distribution of seeds and 8 sensors: 1 gyrsocope, 2 ultrasonic, an IR, 2 contacts, 1 pixycam and a light detector for seed level.
  3. Godtshep

    MOC - Derelict House

    Based on visits to derelict buildings; not based on any building in particular.
  4. Location: H06 - Farmolis Tags: vehicle, land vehicle, exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --28 Septembrinali 3815-- Mr. LaRose called me back home to Farmolis to test a new toy speeder. The new model of the high speed Super Swiftsure! Zipping through the forests and plains of the Farmolis wilderness, I put the Mk. 2 through its paces. It’s not all that maneuverable really, but in a straight line on a chilly, low humidity day this speeder will approach 500 kph with a tail wind. While none of the Swiftsures—much less the “Super” models—have much in the way of cargo space for actual exploration gear and sensors, due to their range and speed, I told Jacques that the Super Swiftsure Mk. 2 ought to be standard issue for scouting missions on suitable planets to map potential points of interest for follow-up with more scientifically equipped explorers. --End-- C&C is always welcome!
  5. 3BrickFriends

    Lego Simpsons scenes (multiple MOCs)

    Hi, On hearing about the release of the Simpsons mini-figures a few months back, we set to work creating a series of scenes. Now we have all the figures, I'm releasing videos of each scene over the next few weeks. Some are 16x16 baseplate scenes based on a Simpsons episodes and some are 6x6 plates to show off a custom Simpsons mini-figure we've created. This has been a fairly large task, so I hope you like what we've been working on. Please comment if you like them. Silence may be golden, but its depressing after putting so much effort into something. This is the first video: Thanks for watching, Mike
  6. The Luctor is back! And it's back with a bang hitched to it. A €600, 2.5kg, 2500pcs, one year build-time bang. And the video is on YouTube. Check out a more elaborate review on http://www.mocpages....moc.php/414168. To give you a hint: this is the first ever forage wagon made out of Lego bricks that can actually pick up grass and dispose it when the cargo is full. It took over one year to build, the pickup system for the grass alone cost me a full-time week! A picture says more than a thousand words, click here to see them all on brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=556822 Watch the video here: More about the Luctor itself (this video has already sometime ago been posted here)
  7. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] On the Hunt

    My entry to Round 2 of The Tourney 2015 over on MOCpages. It would seem that the "wild boar" my character is chasing may not be as wild as he originally thought.
  8. Transparency for Effect

    Show me YOUR LEGO Town!

    Simply put, like many of those showing off topics, I thought it'd be a great idea to do that for everyone's individual LEGO towns if they have any, especially seeing as I can't seem to find that many in this sub-forum. I'm currently working on my own town, and it encompasses mostly Creator houses and City 8x16 buildings. How about yours?
  9. -Carson Haupt-

    Journey through the Plains

    During the Elemental Plague, the villagers and townspeople of Historica traveled across the land to the safety of the mystic refuges. Often, they took all they could carry with them. Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr I decided to see how much I could cram on a horse and rider after seeing this Moc: I'd also like to claim UoP credits for the following: -dense foliage