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Found 13 results

  1. I always build my MOCs in Studio first, and time and time again I found myself wishing I had a Lego color chart that would not only be a reference to identify colors, but would also help me decide on colors for my designs by allowing me to try out different patterns, so I created this: (Click on it to see the full size. It shows colors as rendered in Studio with these settings: Asteroid, Intensity 1.) At the moment, it’s not possible to build it, because many colors don’t exist as 1x1 bricks or 1x4 tiles, but I would really like to have this made of real bricks, so I also submitted it on Lego Ideas. The cards could then be used like paint swatches, you could hold a card against a MOC you are building to see which color would look best for a certain part. And the 1x1 bricks (plus 1x2 tiles for transparent colors) would allow us to experiment with colors and try out different color patterns, like this: I also designed a little display stand to hold the cards: If Lego releases new colors, it would be easy to update the cards either by expanding them with a second plate or by replacing colors that you don’t use often with the new colors and keeping those that you rarely use on an extra plate that you store away. Lego could sell the parts you need to update your chart in the ‘Pick a Brick’ section. I have also considered the possibility that it might not be possible anymore to manufacture some of the older colors. If that is the case, my proposal would be to print a background as close as possible to the color it should be on white tiles and white bricks so you can still get a good idea of how it looks. You would then have the possibility to replace those printed bricks with already existing bricks of that color if you wish, which would be better than not having them at all. (But at the end of the day, Lego would decide which colors they want to include or not.) I know that only very few ideas have been approved by Lego lately, so if you can think of any improvement that you feel might give it a better chance of being approved by Lego, let me know. Here is the link if you would like to support it on Lego Ideas:
  2. I've been googling for an answer, and I can't find any. I'm fairly new to, so that might be part of the problem. The problem I have is that some LEGO colors don't show properly in Instructions mode. I worked on a mosaic design in, creating this Pink planet, and while I tried to make instructions for it (for my personal use), I couldn't get the colors right. Lavender (BL color ID 154) looks white in the top view. At the same time, the colors are shown properly in the angled view. I found a similar issue for another mosaic project in, and it's bothering me. I'm trying to make a mosaic as a gift and would be great to include the top view pictures as instructions. However, the colors again do not show properly. In this case, light nougat looks like tan. It's not a problem per se, as there are no tan parts, but I'd love to find out what I'm doing wrong. So if you know any tips on how to solve this, I'd be all ears. Thanks.
  3. Hello ! Please find my latest creation made for Lego ideas ART contest. Colors have senses (Les couleurs ont du sens) My idea was to make a caricatural head and develop a balance between senses and colors. Don't hesitate to leave a comment with your feeling about this creation. You can also visit and comment on Lego ideas page, this will help this one to go out from numerous art proposal : Lego ideas page for "Colors have Senses" Enjoy !
  4. I created a grey and silver reference for those that are interested: I'll post other colors as time permits. Enjoy.
  5. Hey Guys, since the last Update of LDD i am wondering:Is there a Way to modify LDD so the Colorpalette of existing Colors of each Part can be updated? It`s kinda tedious to copy the Partnumber or official Name into Google,Brickset or Bricklink and to see what Colors a certain Piece comes in,may it be a new Part from 2015/2016 or a Part which Colorpalette hasn`t been updated in a while...
  6. Since i see there are a member/people that don't know a BrickLink colors in LDD or used a color wrong. That's make me want to make a conversion. Conversion [HINT: Use Browser's search function (usually CTRL+F, or command+F for MAC) to search a colors] Light Aqua (BrickLink) = 323 - Aqua (LDD) Black (BrickLink) = 26 - Black (LDD) Tan (BrickLink) = 5 - Brick Yellow (LDD) Blue (BrickLink) = 23 - Bright Blue (LDD) Dark Turquoise (BrickLink) = 107 - Bright Bluish Green (LDD) Violet (BrickLink) = 110 - Bright Bluish Violet (LDD) Bright Green (BrickLink) = 37 - Bright Green (LDD) Orange (BrickLink) = 106 - Bright Orange (LDD) Dark Pink (BrickLink) = 221 - Bright Purple (LDD) Red (BrickLink) = 21 - Bright Red (LDD) Light Purple (BrickLink) = 198 - Bright Reddish Lilac (LDD) Magenta (BrickLink) = 124 - Bright Reddish Violet (LDD) Purple (BrickLink) = 104 - Bright Violet (LDD) Yellow (BrickLink) = 24 - Bright Yellow (LDD) Lime (BrickLink) = 119 - Bright Yellowish Green (LDD) Medium Orange (BrickLink) = 105 - Bright Yellowish Orange (LDD) Dark Flesh (BrickLink) = 217 - Brown (LDD) Pearl Light Gray (BrickLink) = 296 - Cool Silver (LDD) Metallic Silver (BrickLink) = 298 - Cool Silver, Drum Lacquered (LDD) Bright Light Yellow (BrickLink) = 226 - Cool Yellow (LDD) Salmon (BrickLink) = 123 - Bright Reddish Orange (LDD) Copper (BrickLink) = 139 - Copper (LDD) Speckle Black-Copper (BrickLink) = *306 - Defused Copper (LDD) Dark Yellow (BrickLink) = 180 - Curry (LDD) Dark Azure (BrickLink) = 321 - Dark Azur (LDD) Dark Brown (BrickLink) = 308 - Dark Brown (LDD) Green (BrickLink) = 28 - Dark Green (LDD) Dark Gray (BrickLink) = 27 - Dark Grey (LDD) Earth Orange (BrickLink) = 128 - Dark Nougat (LDD) Dark Orange (BrickLink) = 38 - Dark Orange (LDD) Dark Blue-Violet (BrickLink) = 196 - Dark Royal Blue (LDD) Dark Bluish Gray (BrickLink) = 199 - Dark Stone Grey (LDD) Sky Blue (BrickLink) = 232 - Dove Blue (LDD) Dark Blue (BrickLink) = 140 - Earth Blue (LDD) Dark Green (BrickLink) = 141 - Earth Green (LDD) Brown (BrickLink) = 25 - Earth Orange (LDD) Bright Light Orange (BrickLink) = 191 - Flame Yellowish Orange (LDD) Light Gray (BrickLink) = 2 - Grey (LDD) Lavender (BrickLink) = 325 - Lavender (LDD) Light Blue (BrickLink) = 45 - Light Blue (LDD) Aqua (BrickLink) = 118 - Light Bluish Green (LDD) Light Violet (BrickLink) = 39 - Light Bluish Violet (LDD) Light Green (BrickLink) = 6 - Light Green (LDD) Very Light Gray (BrickLink) = 103 - Light Grey (LDD) Light Flesh (BrickLink) = 283 - Light Nougat (LDD) Earth Orange (BrickLink) = 12 - Light Orange Brown (LDD) Bright Pink (BrickLink) = 222 - Light Purple (LDD) Pink (BrickLink) = 9 - Light Reddish Violet (LDD) Bright Light Blue (BrickLink) = 212 - Light Royal Blue (LDD) Very Light Bluish Gray (BrickLink) = 208 - Light Stone Grey (LDD) Light Yellow (BrickLink) = 3 - Light Yellow (LDD) Light Lime (BrickLink) = 120 - Light Yellowish Green (LDD) Medium Azure (BrickLink) = 322 - Medium Azur (LDD) Medium Blue (BrickLink) = 102 - Medium Blue (LDD) Light Turquoise (BrickLink) = 116 - Medium Bluish Green (LDD) Medium Violet (BrickLink) = 112 - Medium Bluish Violet (LDD) Medium Green (BrickLink) = 29 - Medium Green (LDD) Medium Lavender (BrickLink) = 324 - Medium Lavender (LDD) Dark Purple (BrickLink) = 268 - Medium Lilac (LDD) Medium Dark Flesh (BrickLink) = 312 - Medium Nougat (LDD) Dark Pink (BrickLink) = 22 - Medium Reddish Violet (LDD) Light Bluish Gray (BrickLink) = 194 - Medium Stone Grey (LDD) Chrome Gold (BrickLink) = 310 - Metalized Gold (LDD) Pearl Dark Gray (BrickLink) = 148 - Metallic Dark Grey (LDD) Metal Blue (BrickLink) = 145 - Metallic Sand Blue (LDD) Flat Dark Gold (BrickLink) = 147 - Metallic Sand Yellow (LDD) Pearl White (BrickLink) = 183 - Metallic White (LDD) Dark Red (BrickLink) = 154 - New Dark Red (LDD) Flesh (BrickLink) = 18 - Nougat (LDD) Olive Green (BrickLink) = 330 - Olive Green (LDD) Maersk Blue (BrickLink) = 11 - Pastel Blue (LDD) Glow In Dark Trans (BrickLink) = 294 - Phosphorescent Green (LDD) Glow In Dark Opaque (BrickLink) = 294 - Phosphorescent White (LDD) Reddish Brown (BrickLink) = 192 - Reddish Brown (LDD) Blue-Violet (BrickLink) = 195 - Royal Blue (LDD) Sand Blue (BrickLink) = 135 - Sand Blue (LDD) Sand Green (BrickLink) = 151 - Sand Green (LDD) Sand Red (BrickLink) = 153 - Sand Red (LDD) Sand Purple (BrickLink) = 136 - Sand Violet (LDD) Dark Tan (BrickLink) = 138 - Sand Yellow (LDD) Flat Silver (BrickLink) = 315 - Silver Metallic (LDD) Yellowish Green (BrickLink) = 326 - Spring Yellowish Green (LDD) Pearl Dark Gray (BrickLink) = 316 - Titanium Metallic (LDD) Trans-Clear (BrickLink) = 40 - Transparent (LDD) Trans-Dark Blue (BrickLink) = 43 - Transparent Blue (LDD) Glitter Trans-Purple (BrickLink) = 129 - Transparent Bluish Violet (Glitter) (LDD) Trans Purple (BrickLink) = 126 - Transparent Bright Bluish Violet (LDD) Trans-Bright Green (BrickLink) = 311 - Transparent Bright Green (LDD) Trans-Orange (BrickLink) = 182 - Transparent Bright Orange (LDD) Trans-Pink (BrickLink) = 230 - Transparent Bright Purple (LDD) Trans-Purple (BrickLink) = 236 - Transparent Bright Reddish Lilac (LDD) Trans-Bright Green (BrickLink) = 227 - Transparent Bright Yellowish Green (LDD) Trans-Black (BrickLink) = 111 - Transparent Brown (LDD) Trans-Light Orange (BrickLink) = 231 - Transparent Flame Yellowish Orange (LDD) Trans-Medium Blue (BrickLink) = 143 - Transparent Fluorescent Blue (LDD) Trans-Neon Green (BrickLink) = 49 - Transparent Fluorescent Green (LDD) Trans-Neon Orange (BrickLink) = 47 - Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange (LDD) Trans-Green (BrickLink) = 48 - Transparent Green (LDD) Trans-Light Blue (BrickLink) = 42 - Transparent Light Blue (LDD) Trans-Very Lt Blue (BrickLink) = 229 - Transparent Light Bluish Green (LDD) Trans-Dark Pink (BrickLink) = 113 - Transparent Medium Reddish Violet (LDD) Glitter Trans-Dark Pink (BrickLink) = 114 - Transparent Pink Glitter (LDD) Trans-Red (BrickLink) = 41 - Transparent Red (LDD) Trans-Light Purple (BrickLink) = 284 - Transparent Reddish Lilaq (LDD) Glitter Trans-Clear (BrickLink) = 117 - Transparent with Glitter (LDD) Trans-Yellow (BrickLink) = 44 - Transparent Yellow (LDD) Pearl Gold (BrickLink) = 297 - Warm Gold (LDD) Metallic Gold (BrickLink) = *299 - Lacquered Gold/Warm Gold (LDD) White (BrickLink) = 1 - White (LDD) Glow In Dark White (BrickLink) = 329 - White Glow (LDD) _Colors not show in the paint tool, but will show correctly if use LXFML colors edit. *Brick not show correctly, but description yes. This conversion is from Brickset and my research. This conversion is just for color that exist in both LDD and BrickLink.
  7. LegoMcBoss2004

    Lego Heads

    With Cebelicamya making a thread for the hair pieces produced by TLG so why not do one for the heads. Yes I know, there are hundreds upon hundreds but why not it will help people out. Here we go: Yellow Male Both Eyes Clean Shavin' No Face Accessories Wow that is a lot of Lego Heads and that's just the first wave of them. I will keep posting from the Firestar Toys website and once done with those, start on Bricklink and the newer heads that have not been posted on the sites. For instance heads from Summer City sets and so on and so forth, happy building!
  8. As I have decided using just the exact real life brick colors (I mean combination of specific brick and color) I have quite a problem with LDD naming scheme as its color names in many (if not most) cases do not fit official LEGO colors naming. For example, which colors in LDD represents these as of now for me very crucial colors: Light Bluish Grey (I am using LDD color 208 - Light Stone Grey) Dark Bluish Grey (I am using LDD color 199 - Dark Stone Grey) Light Grey (I am using LDD color 2 - Grey) Yellow (I am using LDD color 24 - Bright Yellow) Dark Grey (I am using LDD color NO USABLE COLOR!) Flat Silver (I am using LDD color 298 - Cool Silver, Drum Lacq) Trans Purple (I am using LDD color 126 - Light Bright Bluish Violet) Trans Neon Orange (I am using LDD color 47 - Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange) Metal Blue (I am using LDD color 145 - Metallic Sand Blue) Can anyone participate and tell me if those are correct or there are some others that I should choose as their LDD equivalents (ehm, there are no others in LDD as a fact actually )? I am a bit lost and really really need help (as I have to be as much accurate as possible so my renders would represent real brick model rigorously)! Besides I really do not understand why they did chose such made up naming and not the ones from real existing LEGO brick color names, to me it is quite misleading and unnecessary mess.
  9. cimddwc

    MOC: Colorful Stairs

    Hello everyone, between all this sorting and slow continuation on the area around my train station, I got something I can present here - 25 colorful steps: Inspired by real colorful stairs such as in Istanbul during the protests there last year. And in case someone is wondering why there are Star Wars people walking around: There must be a big SW fan convention somewhere in town... So many colors, and there were still some left... wouldn't have been possible to build this in the 1980s. :) I forgot a sign on that bar at the bottom right - "use lakeside path at your own risk" or similar. » Flickr set
  10. "Speckle colours" are a fine bi-coloured pattern of opaque Lego colours, often a mix of a solid colour and a pearl colour to give a worn-out metal look. In the Peeron titles, the word "glitter" is used (they may be considered to be the opaque equivelent to the glitter-clear colours, although still quite different). I haven't been able to find any information on the production of these colours on the internet. I want to ask a few questions; How are speckle colours painted? How expensive are they to produce relative to a single solid colour? Compared to a pearl colour? There are 4 speckle colours that have appeared to date; Speckle Black-Silver: The first and most common. Introduced in 2005 in "Vikings" and "Knights Kingdom". I don't know which type of silver colour is used. Speckle Black-Gold: Exclusive to 4 "Atlantis" sets in 2010 & 2011. I don't know which type of gold is used. Speckle Black-Copper: Exclusive to 2006 "Knights Kingdom" sets. Speckle DBGray-Silver: Exclusive to 2006 "Knights Kingdom" sets, just like the above. These are the Bricklink titles, as there are no known official names (probably because they are a pattern of existing colours, and 3/4 of them are rare).
  11. Lt. de Martinet

    Color Chart

    This is my longest-running project, a color chart. I'm using 3001 2x4 bricks as the ideal base sample. At the moment I'm trying to avoid variations within a single color (Pearl Gold, I'm looking at you), unless they are markedly different or a prominent site distinguishes the two. I started with the Bricklink color chart, and added colors from the Peeron chart, BL color notes, and other places around the internet. Color Chart by eldeeem, on Flickr It's NOT complete, and may never be. Here are the colors I know I'm missing, off the top of my head: Red Pink (from Peeron's chart; Clikits only) Light Pink (The only BL color I'm missing) Transparent Bright Yellowish-Green (Similar to BL's Trans-Bright Green, pre-Atlantis) Titanium Metallic (I have this, but forgot to add it before taking photos) Pearl White (Clikits version) Duplo Ochre Yellowish color Please let me know if you know of any other colors, or if you want to trade some of the colors I'm missing! Anyone? Anyone? Aanchir? ;P Cheers! -Ryan H.
  12. Hi, What do you consider to be the most frequently used color for official lego parts of all themes, I am going to say 'black' (anything such as rubber black,shiny black,PC black, etc as long as it is generally black colored. but not trans black) but its hard to get an idea of this from bricklink What would you say is the most common color. Reason I ask is because when making MOCS it might be better to make something in a certain color since there is most parts for this color so more detail can be achieved.
  13. So I just downloaded LDD and went to start on something and immediately noticed something that is going to cause me problems. How can I make sure I only use the colors that the brick comes in? For example I was trying to place a road baseplate. I know it comes in green and grey, but what green and grey? It lets me choose red for it even. How can I make sure I use correct colors? Thanks.