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Found 12 results

  1. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] The Frog Festival

    Haven't posted on Eurobricks since I was a TFOL and realized it was supposed to be an AFOL only site, hehe. Nonetheless, here we are! All 15 currently produced frog colors are in the build as well, although really only one or two could be considered "hidden". Enjoy!
  2. "Ah, it feels good to be in a bear's natural habitat... a Studebaker" - Fozzie Bear Here is Fozzie's 1951 Studebaker Commander from the original Muppet movie in its original rusty condition. It should fit Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog, but I make no promises on the banjo fitting for the “Movin' Right Along” musical sequence. Sadly, the roof is very hard to remove (and this being reddish brown of unknown vintage) that I fear removing the roof to place the two figures inside will shatter parts. The Muppet CMF's my dad bought will thus just have to stand next to the car. (Its not like you can see inside the car to see them driving anyway!) Even if I could get the roof off, Kermit has to sit in the backseat as there isn't enough room up front for both side-by-side. In fact, they have to be centered in each row of seats to fit at all, due to arm constraints. In a show I saw about this film they mentioned the following factoid: The car seen in long-distance tracking shots was an identical second car, while the one with the closeups / scenes of Fozzie visibly driving had the steering re-connected to a wheel in the trunk, along with the relocated pedals and shifter. They also mounted a TV camera in the nose of the car, and a monitor in the trunk, so the driver could see where he was going. ...and that's all I've got. But before I go, I'll leave you with this: “Someday we'll find it, The LEGO Connection, The Designers, the MOC-ers and Me"
  3. BritishBrickBuilder

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Tiles

    Hey, I'm pretty new and have recently made a few purchases of the new Harry Potter sets. I got 10 of the new Chocolate Frog Tiles but unfortunately got doubles of Newt Scamander and Gold Dumbledore, I was just wondering what people are thinking of doing with their doubles; Keep them? MOCs? Sell them on another site like Brick Link? Nice to meet you all btw :)
  4. craigslegostuff

    HOW TO BUILD....A drinking fountain!

    Hi everybody! I've decided to start sharing a few ideas and tips for building some of my own creations - starting with this minifig-scale drinking fountain. Why not have a go?! Uses less than 30 pcs.... (click this link, not the pic, for full instruction pics)
  5. I've been on a steampunk kick recently... here are the fruits of my digital labors. The building's a WIP in the real world, while the rest will come later. From a WHAM product brochure (circa late 1909): "Here at WHAM (Wayne Highly Advanced Mechanisms) we always have our eyes on the horizon of the future. From our humble beginnings designing our first line of industrial hyper-reactors, to our more recent ideas of regular rockets to the moon, we here at WHAM are always striving to make our world - and beyond - a better place for us, our children, and so on out into the great unknown of the distant future. I should know, because as son of founder of WHAM, Dr. Lucius Wayne, I, Floyd Wayne am here for YOU. Don't believe me? You can see inside this brochure of our upcoming products for 1910 and decide for yourself. If you have any questions or requests for specific machines, please write to our Marketing and Public Relations department as shown on the back page and I'll see your special needs are filled. Remember: Don't buy a scam, buy a WHAM!" Here are the models I've worked on / revised: the giant robot, frog translator chair, laboratory building, automobile, and personal rocket. Because why should you not have a steam-powered mobile translator device for your highly intelligent pet Frog? Oh, and the inventor of this and much more is Lord Floyd Wayne, an eccentric Victorian inventor with whom failure is not an option. (In case anyone couldn't tell I was listening to Pink Floyd songs while creating these as that's where the inventor's first name came from. Oh, and as a fun note, the frog's chair actually began life as Davros' (creator of the Daleks) chair from Doctor Who. ) This rocket (named the Golden Bullet) is designed for atmospheric travel only, as it does not have a complete canopy nor air tanks for outer space travel. (actually, it was inspired by LEGO Universe' steampunk rocket, but with more recent parts and several recolors) The ship is powered three smaller booster motors and one larger main engine. (The rocket's original inspiration was taken from the first LEGO MMO from 2010, LEGO Universe.) The Golden Bullet comes apart in three sections, with the nose cone, cockpit and engines all being removable from each other. (NOTE: This print is missing from the dark tan 1 x 6 tiles on the driver's compartment.) This giant robot (named the Brass Man) was created by Lord Floyd Wayne as an tool for outer space exploration. Everything the robot sees is transmitted back to it's home base via a hyperspace sub-channel to be recorded and viewed for scientific study. The Brass Man is powered by a experimental hyper-matter reactor, which gives off steam as a safe and harmless by-product. (The robot was originally inspired by @hachiroku's Iron Giant, seen here) The monocle seen here is supposed to have this print. as a sort of targeting computer for weapons and for long-distance magnified viewing. The robot's main weapon is this laser pistol that disintegrates on contact. Only Lord Floyd (it's inventor) knows how it works, as he doesn't want any Earth governments to discover it's dark secrets. This device is only to be used for self-preservation and at that only as a last resort. I plan on using my version of the 2018 Marvel Comics 'infinity War" set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) for a 1920's-flavored steampunk take on a mad scientist trying to open a time doorway into the beginning of the universe. What he doesn't know is that creatures from before our universe began were destroyed at that moment, so they will come through the doorway to the mid-1920's as a way of sheltering themselves from that fate. Unfortunately, being from that time frame, of course they want to end our Universe so they can live again in peace. As this takes place in my Adventure-verse, Johnny Thunder is tasked with shutting down the doorway before our universe sinks back to before the big bang... and Sam Sinister is trying to use the time / space doorway to achieve vast riches by robbing ancient cultures of their valuables using the Time Window, which draws the attention of the giant robot seen next to the building, leading to a cascading domino-like series of events that have not yet been written. The rear of the building has a ground-floor conservatory. The rearmost window on the bottom floor opens up 90 degrees to allow for figure placement in the conservatory. As a side note, the original Marvel model's exploding walls and drop-floors have been removed. The means from getting from one floor to another is a spiral staircase, and a small skylight has been added to the roof. The inside feature the following: The lower floor has a fireplace with clock on mantle, table with a pizza, and lamp on a side table. The middle floor features a marble bust on a printed safe, and a bed. The dark red thing in the greenish jar is a beating human heart. The upper floor features a desk with some sort of electricity storage machinery, several flasks, two bookcases, time portal computer and microscope. This early-1900's automobile was designed with the tan off-road model in set 76003 (Battle of Smallville) in mind, with a bit of 7628 (Peril in Peru) thrown in for good measure. I was aiming for continuing my Steampunk theme, but ran into a mental roadblock with regards to this car, and about four other prototypes that didn't make he cut. (Sadly, they were accidentally saved over and are now gone) The rear of the model with the spare tire, brake lights, and dual exhaust pipes. ...And that's it for now! Any questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  6. My Euripide's reimagine for Galidor Glinch Royale Competition on EuroBricks. And yeah, this is the Gorm's head. Galidor's new Netflix serial with R-rating looks great) Euripides - The Scholar of the Royal Court of Galidor. He is a large anthropomorphic frog called the Amphibib and is the last of his species. Euripides is Nicholas's advisor and capable of telekinesis with his staff and limited heat generation. In my headcanon there is a fly named Aristotle (more pholosophers names in Galidor!) living in his staff. Despite the fact that this is an ordinary fly, Euripides often talks to him and considers Aristotle his best friend.
  7. Starting from their house in Jameston, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his expedition had travelled into the inlands of Celestia. Their journey through the verdant and often humid jungles, up the mountains, had come with a lot of struggle. Fortunately, their company had been saved from harm of any sort, except some minor scratches from vines, or some bites from mosquitos. The trees had become smaller and smaller, and the jungles less dense and less wet, the higher they had come. That was somewhat relieving, and also gave great sight onto the lands around them and all the secrets they might be able to unveil. Yesterday they had followed some strange sounds, only to find that those were coming from two goats, running up and down the steepest rocks as if they were the most even grassland. Luca do Fignio raise from his daydreams and kept writing his report to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. "... must be the most astounding animals I have met in my entire life. I would tend to call them mountain goats but am afraid that simple name will not do their skills justice. A slope full of lose rocks may descent almost vertically, yet still those small runners will be able to just run it down, without ever doubting or without ever stumbling in the slightest. I do not see how a tiger, a jaguar or any other of the wild cats that are rumoured to wander the jungles of both Cascadia and Celestia - and rumoured I say because I will yet have to see one myself - might ever be able to catch pray on one of the mountain goats." "The small yellow frogs still leave me confused. I assume the first one I have seen must have been at a height of what I approximate to be roughly 2000 ft. above both Jameston and the sea level, not calculating the impacts circularity of Terra, which, for a rough estimation as mine, would not account for much anyway. The frequency in which we saw those frogs increased with increasing height, however we have never seen more than one in the same spot. Some of my companions have joked that it is the same frog following our ascent, but I highly doubt this. Neither does this frog make loud noises, nor did it show any other signs of special skills or treats, that would differentiate it from normal frogs. On my journey back I intend to catch one to continue my studies in further depths - whether those frogs carry poison, or excrete any fluids, and most specially why we have only seen them over a specific height - because I do not yet see any reason for this to be, except the fact that it is what we have witnessed. For now - with no further observations - I will continue and call this unknown species the Yellow Highland Frog, until I come up with a better name for its unique abilities, which I am most determined to unveil." And while Luca do Fignio kept writing his essays, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo was already planning the next steps of their voyage in his head.
  8. Siercon and Coral

    Space Hopper

    One small leap for froggy, one giant leap for frog-kind. :)
  9. XBrickmonster


    Hello! Recently I have decided to enter a contest over on Flickr, the Colossal Battle Contest in the group LEGO War. One of the categories is Beasts of battle, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas/techniques of how to build cool animals that might fit that theme. I already have one entry done, but I still want to hear some ideas and learn some new techniques to apply in other builds as well. I hope this topic will help others too, because I know that animals and beasts are often rather difficult to realistically represent in LEGO brick form. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hi everybody, today I present you a series of small animals, which some of you might have seen on my flickr photostream already. The idea for these little mocs was born just by chance and I think especially younger kids will love it. By using less bricks I kept the models simple, but tried to capture the real things as effectively as possible. Here we go: That's it for the moment... don't know, if it's to be continued! Feel free to leave a comment and thanx for your interest! So long, Jens
  11. Dannylonglegs

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Croaker

    The Croaker, or, Bringer of Croaks, is a Frogan warship. Its sillhouette is feared by all member species of A.L.I.E.N. for the Frogans are a viscous slave-taking race... that is... if they leave any survivors of which to speak. While larger Frogan vessels may have cargo room for their slaves and ill-begotten loot, the Bringer of Croaks is simply designed for slaughter. Yes. This ship has no hold, as it is meant to carry up to five Frogans into glorious combat. Even the Scorpions of AG fear the mighty Frogan raiders and their brutal "Croaker" ships. It is wise to fear them, for should one let up one's guard around such a ship, it would certainly spell doom for that individual. Bringer of Croaks by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Croaker by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Comfortably fits 5 Frogans. see? 5 seats! Croaker by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Frogans hop aboard like so. Pretty chill that the hopping ramp doubles as part of the landing gear, right? The froggy face of death Croaker by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Here we have a Frogan taking one of these babies on a solo mission. He will bring croaks to his enemies! ________________ As you may be able to tell, this is my fallback build. my half-SHIP is still in the works and will be posted later as a weekly build. I'm really mediocre at meeting deadlines! Also I was definitely not 3 Gin and Tonics in when I had this awesome idea. Definitely not... Also you may be able to tell I follow Karfoolu on Flickr. That guy's the best! I also read (past tense. Haven't in a long while) Erfworld. You may be able to tell. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  12. Yatkuu

    FAPC : Froghead

    Hello everyone, here is my entry in the FAPC contest... the X-512 Starfighter, better known as "Froghead". Frogs in Space by Yatkuu, on Flickr I am a big fan of Karf Oohlu's "Froggies"... so this contest was the opportunity for me to try sending some of my own frogs into outer space. I didn't know if the fighter alone would be eligible for the contest since it's smaller than 16*16... so I also built a small moon base to go with it. Froghead fighter by Yatkuu, on Flickr Best of luck to all participants and thanks to the EB staff for the organization! *Edit* Re-ordered the pictures.