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  1. Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Reza, it is time to disclose the solution
  2. convert 9v to power functions

    I wouldn't do it. PF is inferior compared to 9V. And 4563 + 4564 are hard to convert, because there is no space for the receiver and the power box.
  3. Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    My favorite train is already out of the race ;-)
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    Looks as if there are no train doors used... don't understand why the designers go this way.
  5. Instructions of the traffic light set 7860

    Do you remember our 7864 discussion? My 7864 instructions from 1980 also cover some other 78xx sets, so I guess it was a kind of generic instruction for multiple sets. Maybe it was included only in 7864, because the power supply was required for sure.
  6. Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Still have no clue, if it isn't visible on the top pages.
  7. Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    There's a difference at 7735. Your picture shows a track scheme with 2 straight sections in total. A peeron scan shows a title with a total of 4 straight sections, which I assume is wrong. Because 7730 and 7727 also come with only two sections.
  8. Unknow 9V set prototpye?

    yes, that's what I wanted to express.
  9. Unknow 9V set prototpye?

    In my collection of toy store catalogs, I searched for something different. But look what I found... catalog is from 1998, from german "Vedes" toy stores. Besides Znap and the technic 8432 car, there is 2150 (the red version of 4554) And there is amysterious train. At first, I thought it is 3225, but it isn't. It looks like an early prototype of 3225.
  10. 4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    This is why I think that PF is overrated and the worst train technology. You did a good job to hide the PF elements, but now there is no space left for the minifig anymore. And I guess, trying the same with set 4563 will cause greater problems.
  11. May favourites are somewhat older: 6399 Airport Shuttle from 1990 8094 Control Center from 1990 7745 Express Passenger Train from 1985 8846 Tow Truck from 1982
  12. Lost when coming back to Lego 30 years later

    In some interview, a Lego designer said that the studless design allows them to create more complex constructions. Because without the studs, the basic grid is quadrat in all 3 dimensions. That sounds reasonable to me, but I don't like studless anyway.
  13. 12v box redesigns in 1989, collectores pls help

    Yes, I removed the pictures because there seems to be no interest.
  14. Lost when coming back to Lego 30 years later

    Well, Lego Technic isn't really that what it was back in the 80s and 90s. The change to studless design has increased the number of parts (now, you need zillions of connectors) and decreased the stabiliy of the models. However, there is a book that fuides you thorugh both the old and the new Lego Technic world:
  15. Some old catalogs from my childhood

    Thank you very much, scanning old catalogs is always lots of work.