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  1. For me, it is quite the opposite. No matter if used or MISB, ebay is always much cheaper than Bricklink. Of course, availability at Bricklink is better at eBay.
  2. Still waiting for the solution ;-) Which set misses it's wheels in the inventory, and why?
  3. They also sold the motor explicitely as an upgrade to the non-motorized and battery-operated trains. You can find these hints in every catalog.
  4. I guess you mean 7750... And there are many other mysteries... why did they sell a black 7865 motor, when 4 of 5 upgradeable sets (7710, 7715, 7722, 7810) would require a red one.
  5. Carrera124

    Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Oh that's funny. I stumbled upon these strange connectors when reading this topic: Even if the complete wire did not exist on Bricklink, the connectors were contained in set 5065. Maybe sellers forgot to check the instructions in detail and thought that the previous owners bought this service set to repair their 7745 wires.
  6. Carrera124

    Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Reza, it is time to disclose the solution
  7. Carrera124

    convert 9v to power functions

    I wouldn't do it. PF is inferior compared to 9V. And 4563 + 4564 are hard to convert, because there is no space for the receiver and the power box.
  8. Carrera124

    Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    My favorite train is already out of the race ;-)
  9. Carrera124

    2018 Lego Trains

    Looks as if there are no train doors used... don't understand why the designers go this way.
  10. Carrera124

    Instructions of the traffic light set 7860

    Do you remember our 7864 discussion? My 7864 instructions from 1980 also cover some other 78xx sets, so I guess it was a kind of generic instruction for multiple sets. Maybe it was included only in 7864, because the power supply was required for sure.
  11. Carrera124

    Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Still have no clue, if it isn't visible on the top pages.
  12. Carrera124

    Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    There's a difference at 7735. Your picture shows a track scheme with 2 straight sections in total. A peeron scan shows a title with a total of 4 straight sections, which I assume is wrong. Because 7730 and 7727 also come with only two sections.
  13. Carrera124

    Unknow 9V set prototpye?

    yes, that's what I wanted to express.
  14. Carrera124

    Unknow 9V set prototpye?

    In my collection of toy store catalogs, I searched for something different. But look what I found... catalog is from 1998, from german "Vedes" toy stores. Besides Znap and the technic 8432 car, there is 2150 (the red version of 4554) And there is amysterious train. At first, I thought it is 3225, but it isn't. It looks like an early prototype of 3225.