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  1. What happened to

    Well, usually this happens at the end of a month or end of quarter, but today is 2nd of october?
  2. Who knows what happened to All it says: " This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources."
  3. That would be the 3rd step. 2nd step should be to create correct inventories incl. alternates for all sets. Right now, at least 3 different variants for e.g. 7740 would result.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to switch the EB editor back to BBcode, so I cannot quote single sections from your answer. First of all - yes, right now, part #6 ends with the end of year 1980. Together with the introduction, this covers ~ 35% of the complete text, so many more parts will follow. The decoupler 7862 will be handled in the 1981 section. Buildings and conducting rails: Yes, I cannot see any logic in that. I do not consider the big stations 7822 as "simple" buildings . And in contrast, the crossing 7834 has middle rails, but I can't see anything advanced in this set. Remote controlled elements: The remote devices exist in (at least) 2 variants: First, the rear lower edge had no groove, and the contacts were visible as metal rings. Later on, the rear lower edge was modified with 2 studs groove, which makes it easier to remove the 2x8 plates underneath. Moreover, the second version has flat plastic covered holes and doesn't show the metal rings any more. The 12v switch baseplates from 7856, -58 and -59 also exist in 2 variants: first, they had 4 technic-style pins. As we all know, these pins often break when the switch motor is removed. Later version of the baseplate came without these technic-styled pins, just with normal studs. And the boxes got a major overhaul in 1989: styrofoam was omitted. Some boxes became smaller, while others grew bigger. The final version of 7864 even has a "1990" copyright on it... Moreover, when I checked my sets with BL inventories, I found out that BL was inconsistent, and that some parts were unknown to BL. Therefore, I made an approach to create a so-called "train parts master list", tha describes a) which part in which variants exist b) which years can be assigned to each part variant I discussed with many other collectors, but it was really hard - sometimes impossible - to get a consensus. It is really complex. Whoever wants to look at it and contribute, I uploaded a PDF version: Important: there are many blanks, many question marks, and lots of "best guesses". 3 different boxes for 7864: 1980 version ((c) 1980 on the instructions), black lever with open top, "big" instructions 1982 version ((c) 1982 on the instructions), black lever with closed top, "small" instructions 1990 version, bigger box
  5. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    Regarding the rear window of the cabin - what about using a 1x4 trans-clear brick without inner tubes? Imho, this wouldn't look too old-styled. Just the same one as it was used in set 7838:
  6. If this is true, then there is no hope. Playmobil dropped their train series at the end of 2015 - they (and the retailers) just sell the remains of the stock. "Brio" and "Märklin My world" seem to be the only competitors that have survived.
  7. Some weeks ago, I started an article series about the grey era for Promobricks. Until now, 6 parts have been released, many more will follow: It's written in german, so readers will be limited. But I will show some pictures and scans of catalogs, which most probably most people never have seen before. HoMa already knows the complete text and most of the pictures Besides Playmobil, there were 2 more remarkable companies: Fischertechnik introduced it's H0-sized "Bauspielbahn" (build & play train), but it was dropped only a few years later. And Faller overhauled it's previous "playtrain" system and introduced the "E-Train" in 1980: http://www.gunnar-grö It looks as if 1979-1980 was THE time to introduce a new toy train system...
  8. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    The greatest mystery is, why did they put a black 12v motor into 7865, when 4 of 5 upgradeable sets would require a red motor
  9. I thought abould building the engine from 7720 in white or yellow.
  10. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Well, at least in Europa, other toys operated with 12v (ore even more) still after 1991 until today. E.g. model train sets or slotcar tracks. And some of them are explicitly marked as "toy" (= suitable for kids 6+ or 8+ years), while other ones (imho the minor group) are marked as "modeling" (=suitable for kids 14+ years).
  11. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Well, for me it's doubtful because there are too many hints that speak against that: + many new 12V box designs in 1989 + new technic set in 1989 + the fact that the electric 9V System as such was in series since 1987, so they just had to adapt the train motor and the rails,and not to re-invent a complete new 9V system. Samsonite - afaik - did things and decisions on their own, imho that can't be representative for Lego headquarter in Denmark. And the color change - yes, it is natural that they flush old the old Colors in this case. But the color change was a huge thing and surely it was not business as usual, therefore not represenative either.
  12. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    How do we know that (sources)? I cannot think of any example for that - can you give some examples? That makes no sense. To do so, it would not have been necessary to create a new set. They could also have produced another batch of 8055.
  13. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    I don't think so, because of 2 reasons: In 1989, many boxes of the 12V supplemental line-up (rails, conducting rails, switches, motor, lights kits, even the station 7824) got a major overhaul. Styrofoam was dropped, and the sizes of the boxes were changed. These boxes can be identified because of a double copyright (1980, 1989) printed on them. Without any doubt, these changes caused costs. Maybe there were requirements we don't know, but I think no one would spend that money if you already made a decision to drop the complete system. Also in 1989, the Technic Universal series was renewed. Especially the set 8054 was introduced, and it still had an 4,5v-motor. In 1990, it had been replaced by 8064 with 9v-motor. I guess no one would introduce a new 4.5v technic universal set if there is already a decision to go for 9v in 1990. Instead, I'd continued 8055 for one year, or otherwise I'd go for 1989 without a technic universal motorized set and add this later in 1990. Imho, the complete switch to the 9v system must have happened rather short before 1990.
  14. Worst instructions

    Never had problems with older instructions that add many parts in one step. If I missed one part, I got back and added it. But I am annoyed by modern instructions - colors are sometimes hard to identify, and adding 1-2 pieces for each step is just a joke.
  15. Now at eBay. Topic can be closed.