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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! I just finished the last MOC of this year. I made a total of 41 MOCs in 2022. It was a productive year. I wanted to make an Abandoned Theme diorama/layout/Module that matches the quality of the LLMTC folks. It was the first time that I use MILS, it consumes a lot of non-visible parts, but it allowed me to set up this 1x0,75 meters layout in less than 5 minutes. I tried to make it as realistic as possible, it's based on some buildings/rail way in my country Portugal. I have no clue how many parts I use on this :P
  2. Hi guys! It's not a secret that I like trains , but probably most of you don't know that "Steam" is my least favorite thing related to trains, I'm more into 70's/80's European Electric stuffHowever, I like abandoned stuff so this was more a decorative thing that I build to be part of my first Lego train module (MILS)Lego bricks are glossy, so it was a huge challenge to choose colors and patterns that simulates rust.The locomotive is a 1:45 scale replica of the 2-8-4 CP 180 series, the Portuguese railway company CP Comboios de Portugal has one model preserved and running on the seasonal "Historico do Douro"
  3. Godtshep

    MOC - Derelict House

    Based on visits to derelict buildings; not based on any building in particular.
  4. Pretty sure this forum is the best fit. I was looking for a fall/Halloween moc idea and decided to use this picture as an inspiration: Here is the moc so far: I don't have a red wheel barrow yet so I need to get that. The gray part will be filled with trans blue studs for water. I may builda rusty tractor or something to sit in there.
  5. Next Chapter: The Tomb of Dar Askelohn Aeldric and Voraal usually took a circular patrol around the outskirts of Vanhorn, but this time they decided to take a different route. They traveled straight out west, on an old and forgotten road. They came across an old, ruined, and abandoned house which seemingly belonged to a Citizen of Avalonia. Though it wasn't necessarily abandoned, for the remains off the owner laid in a corner. Voraal peeked down a deep, dark hole in the flooring. He suggested to Aeldric that they explored it, for it seemed deep, and as if it held secrets down below. More Angles Below: The hole in the flooring: And the forests: I tried out a couple of different techniques for mini-trees here. The triple round 1x1 brick, and the dark-brown telescope.
  6. LegoJalex

    Caravan in snow

    When I was taking a walk one afternoon I saw this caravan on the side of the road, and got then inspired to build it in LEGO.
  7. Wedge09

    Abandoned Steelworks

    Hello all, this time I tried to build something from more modern times; I really like these large facilities, like steelworks, mining and other industrial plants, and searching on dA I found a lot of interesting photos of ruined/abandoned plant that dot the world, so I decided to build one. In particularly, this is a old and abandoned steelworks in which the workers are doing a survey in preparation for the requalification of the area. We can see the big Hopper with behind the tunnel for the conveyor belt and at the side the main shed with the rail for a overhead travelling crane. C&C are always welcome, so Enjoy!
  8. Sérgio

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    Hello My friends. I rest a little bit with trains and made my first modular build An Empty Abandoned Factory 32 x 64 Actually its still work in progress, just need some more details the ideia its just have a ugly abandoned build, rotten with time, hope you like it
  9. Captain Nemo

    Abandoned Tower

    Abandoned Tower Parts 1-2 Nocturnus Free Build Long ago… Along the Old Forest Road, three years ago, a trio of Falcons came upon a Tower…It watched the dark forest, protecting the nearby town from wolves…but had been abandoned when its foundations crumbled…Its original guards were long gone; and the Falcons would have passed it by without a thought, that is until the hunter returned. A hunter; from the nearby village; used the tower to spot out stag…he had climbed down to confirm his kill, only to discover the stag had escaped; and returned to find a trio of men with a strange crest. They were looking at the tower, and intending to climb it. Foolishly, the hunter greeted them with open arms, and offered his assistance. The Falcons declined, as they had only intended to discover the owner of the equipment above; to which the hunter stated was his. Foolishly, the hunter then offered to bring the Falcons to the nearby village, so that they may feast as guests and sleep. The Falcons agreed, and weapons at hand, followed the hunter through the forest. They went farther and farther into the wood, eventually coming upon the nearby village, as the hunter had said... ~Nemo
  10. Axle

    Pirates' Docks

    Hello again peoples Here's one of my latest MOC's, an island for the Pirates. Please excuse the poor quality lighting in the photos :c I built this inspired by the hideout of the Pirates in the Golden Medallion Comic, but i'm not sure if it has much resemblance to it, cos I wasn't looking at it at the time of creation :P Overall shot with the BSB: Without: It may not be as impressive as the other pirates islands on here, but for me, it does the trick of having a home for them. Here's a closer shot of the main area: It's kinda pointless, but I used the shield with the stud on it from the CMF and stuck it to the bottom of a barrel so that pirate could hold it upright. Just experimenting. Don't ask about the carrot Here's a view of the rooftop, armed: Shazzam! Bad image editing ahoy! If I had two more spare cannons, the roof would be completely armed in each "port". Once the lone Ranger sets come out, i'll buy the Army Builder set and build more cannons up from that, yay. The ever so un-occupied inside of the main building, I like to think that this was once a RedCoat Outpost that the pirates took over. Very lacking... Anyhoo, here's a scene outside the pub, in the Hula Dancer's hand is a gem, which was stolen off of the knight who's falling through the docks. Further along at the end of the docks are temporary stand-ins for Flashfork and his first mate. I've yet to properly make Flashfork Inside that building (in the attic) is the Cargo hold, full of the stolen treasures from around the world! (The adventurers stuff mainly) Kinda unfinished. But speaking of unfinished, take a look at the building on the other end of the docks. Blown up by a cannon! Or was it my cat? I'm not sure who did it, but that building is history now. At least the youngsters can do whatever it is young people in love do here in front of the ruins. There's a great view! But underneath the docks are abandoned RedCoat belongings, a cannon and a rowing boat. But further along you'll find more big ugly rock pieces! And a disgruntled native, the original inhabitant. Plotting revenge, and not catching a tan. Yikes! And to finish up, my favourite picture of the lot, Captain Redbeard, Will and Rummy boarding the Black Seas Barracuda, on a course for adventure! Hooray. Thanks for looking! Please let me know what you think of this humble home for not so humble people! In the summer, it'll be for brickfilms Ta-ta! Axle