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  1. Lovely work! Really faithful.

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    Like other posters, I love that you stopped by the official dealer. Reviews on other sites (and occasionally here too,) can be a little pompous, but yours is full of the joy of building and sharing this set with the people who know the inspiration. Loved it.

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Sorry it took so long, and thank you to DragonM for the reminder! Here's a link to my blog entry about the Micro Space Classics. Skip to the end for the LDD file! Thanks again for your kind words and support. I used new grey throughout except for the Solar Power Transporter whose tailfins required the use of old grey. If anyone feels like improving them, they're most welcome to and I'd love to see what they do with it!
  4. Ah I see! Didn't realise some sets migrated. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Hiya, I'm assembling my 2 x 10027 Train Engine Sheds ready to sell and I've run into an odd problem. Brickset's inventory says it contains the new stone greys while Peeron says it's the old greys. I tried to narrow it down by assessing whether I had the correct baseplates, tracks and other unique parts in the right colours which lead me to believe Peeron is correct and this 2003 set was on the cusp of 'greygate' but if someone could check their set and confirm which greys it uses, I'd be very grateful. Were there any sets that contained a mix of both out of interest? Thanks, Alex

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Thanks everyone for the initial burst of support. It was rocketing along and then sort of plateaued. Real life got in the way for a while but I've finally finished the accompanying animation which takes the form of some comedy sketches. I hope you like! Let's see if this can bump things up to 1000 supporters (just 193 to go) and see if that earns me another 6 months to make 10k!
  7. Hello! I made this series of comedy sketches featuring my Microfighter versions of classic space sets, mainly to amuse, but also to practice some new animation techniques and try and encourage some more support on the Lego Ideas submission which is languishing below 1k. It's a mixture of practical and CGI models, some stop-motion, and in the case of the micro space monorail, pulling it along on a bit of thread! If it raises a giggle, or even just a smirk, I'd be grateful if you could support the project on Lego Ideas, the link is in my footer.

    MOC: It's Your Funeral & Butt Stuff

    Excellent. I always thought Bob's Burgers - its colours in particular - would lend itself to a good MOC. Nice to see it done so well. I hope there's room in the walls for Bob.

    Lego hair pieces

    Nice array! I am bald in real life so this is like torture. My favourite is the new Pete Venkman/12th Doctor Who hairpiece because you'd be surprised how many characters from film and TV have that receding hairline and haven't had a good approximation in Lego.

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    That's odd, I did post them on Flickr, what's the best way to bring it to the attention of the groups you suggest? Those are really good points, thanks Fuppylodders. I've got several updates to make to the submission (improved Battrax and Solar Power Transporter) and then will approach Bricks and Blocks and see if they're interested. I'm also partway through a painstaking stop-motion film to help spread the word. Just waiting for a flexible arm so I can make the ships fly!

    Classic Space speeder bike

    Really nice work. I know what -zenn means about the square back but I like it as it lends the model the look of a more traditional Lego set - much as I like the trend for organic and studless - the squared-off rear reminds you this is Lego. And love the instructions too, both as function and as photo backdrop.

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Thanks for the support! I'm working on a little animation to go with these and see if I can get some more support, in the meantime, please spread the word. I feel odd promoting it, as it started out as just a fun project, but like Stigge72, I never had all of these sets and it may turn out to be a cheaper way to get them. At any rate, I'll put up the LDD files at some point to help share the love!

    Should LEGO bring back a dedicated space theme?

    Yes, that storybuilding aspect is so crucial for me to a set's appeal. I'm much happier buying Lego sets as presents when they have a couple of craft/vehicles and characters to weave stories around. Star Wars stuff is great, and is full of play features but is still tied to an established narrative... and it's all so *grey!*

    Should LEGO bring back a dedicated space theme?

    I'm all for it, and while I adored Space Police III, I'd relish something with a bit of a wider brief than simply 'cowboys and indians in space'. I recognise that most sets now feature antagonistic factions but I think until Space Police came along it was all implied. Blacktron, when they were released, could have been space spies or space pirates but it wasn't explicit (although the colour scheme heavily flagged up a warning!) until they ended up in the SP slammer. There are some nice sets on Ideas of course - Alien Riders is a great concept - craft piggy-backing on space-going creatures: It'd probably be excessive humility if I didn't point out my own literal re-creation of Classic Space in my footer too!