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Found 15 results

  1. Mitgardia is home to a diverse range of inhabitants, and each and every one of them has a place they call home. Whether that be dwarven halls, norse cottages, elaborate castles, orc strongholds, or any other personal dwelling. Dwellings of Mitgardia Community Build Open to all Mitgardians, here is a new community build to encourage the development of Mitgardian dwellings across our mighty guild. Task: - Build a home for your character, or another Mitgardian citizen - No minimum or maximum size - Any scale allowed (micro, minifigure, etc.) - Interiors are encouraged, but not required - There is no limit on the number of dwellings you can create - Post a link to your completed builds here Award: Each dwelling will be added to a illustrated index in this post to serve as inspiration for future Mitgardian builds, and also to give a good idea of the sorts of dwellings found in Mitgardia. Also, completing a dwelling will earn you the title of Citizen of Mitgardia. Example builds (from Book II): Index:
  2. Why did you choose your profile pic? Or why did you change it? Share your story here Just for fun
  3. I know it's being a long time since the last time I'm being in this forum, but there's a reason for it. For some reason, I find that the AFOL community starts to become harder to pleased with new sets release, like every new sets needs to be like a UCS, "High-End collector item", and "Well-built with complex build" or whatever. I know that these fans didn't represent the majority of the AFOL community, but is it really that the AFOL community has become harder and harder to pleases?
  4. nerdsforprez

    mocpages status

    I am well aware of the history and pros and cons of mocpages. So, lets avoid the fodder of discussing such regarding this post. This is not meant to be a post about discussing how poor, or great, mocpages is. My question is simply, does anyone have information regarding the status of I knnw it goes down somewhat often, but the latest unavailability has been longer than ever before. Also the error message one receives when trying to access the page is different than it has been in the past. Anyone have any information?
  5. I understand this post is better perhaps in the "Community" forum, but I already posted it there. Couple of responses..... little information so I am reposting it here. I know there are many who, (like me) rarely go to the community forum and therefore may never even see the post I placed there.... so forgive me if this is redundant.... Jim, if you want to delete I understand. But.... perhaps someone has some answers. But..... does anyone know the status of It has long had its fair share of problems, and please no responses regarding how much they hate or love the site, this post is not fur that purpose. But although it goes down frequently, this time it is down longer than ever before. In addition, the error message one receives when they try to visit the page is different than ever before. Does anyone know..... is the site down completely?
  6. Hi guys, I am still a tad new so I did not know where to post this. But this is the thing, I am building the Temple of Airjitzu and there is a tile which acts as a room seperator, kind of like a paper sheet. The issue is that it is a bit crumpled and I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how I could straighten this piece out. Here is a picture.' alt='24532799326_d299212a60_k.jpg'>Airjitzu tile by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] This is really bothering me and any help is deeply appreciated. Also if there is a specific forum subsection for this let me know. VIncent
  7. Hello everyone. Here is my third and final entry for the Revenge of the Sith Community Build: Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter. My previous entries can be found here and here. About a month ago, Jason C. Hand posted this: his own updated version of seniorgronk's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Interceptor, commonly known as the 'Jedi Starfighter'. Seeing that inspired me to have a go myself, and here is the result... I started with the stock JSF model that was seen piloted by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Attack of the Clones, and then modded it to make the version seen being used by Plo Koon in Revenge of the Sith. Unfortunately, and very sadly, the Jedi Master was shot down while flying this ship by his comrade Captain Jag, when Chancellor Palpatine commanded the execution of Order 66. I have, of course, made a few mods and recolours to the ship which I will post shortly, so stay tuned! LXF File (warning - due to some possible dodgy techniques according to LDD, the file is subject to slow performance and crashes) Please do not re-use the file or images without my permission. Thank you for looking. All comments are welcome.
  8. I'm new here and I want to know what the ranks are and how many posts you need for wash one
  9. nerdsforprez

    LEGO sharing sites

    Many apologies if this has already been posted. I did a search and I got an near infinite amount of responses, yet none with my topic of interest. There are many sites used to share LEGO creations. I am not just talking about forums, because we already kow which the best one of those are :) But actual sites that one can share his/her models. Here are few off the top of my head: mocpages, brickshelf, rebrickable, flickr, and a new one, bricksafe. What are the pros and cons of each? I have a mocpages account, and think that it is the best. I can belong to groups, rate and comment on others' work, and do much more. Brickshelf doesn't really have any of these properties, yet I know that it has a long and storied history, and it seems like more people have a brickshelf rather than mocpages account. Flickr is for pretty much anything... so I think this is an entirely different beast altogether. And.... the new bricksafe doesn't seem user-friendly at all. Everything is random, not really much in terms of being able to search or comment or anything but I see that many are turning to this. Thoughts? Comments? I see that many who are much more invovled and experienced than myself don't use mocpages..... just wondering why. BTW... seeing that another conversation just got removed from the Technic forum b/c it was too general.... I will just say this. I, too am really only interested in the opinions or thoughts of those that primarily build with Technic. I think the different themes have their own preference in terms of sites they use to share their stuff. That being said, if this still needs to be removed and placed elsewhere.....I completely understand.
  10. Yooha

    Community - LDD MOC

    Community I've found this series in this February accidentally on a LEGO forum (not here), when someone recommended it as an underestimated series. Community? I've never heard of it. It is not a very unique title, something that is easy to forget. But let's give it a try. And BOOM, my life has been changed! How come I never came across this pearl of a series for 5 years? It was nothing I've ever seen before! This series is insane, and cannot be compared to anything else. Everyone (okay, almost everyone) is like a cartoon figure in live action TV series. I cannot describe it, if you know it and love it, you know what I mean. I spent a wonderful 4 months watching the episodes (mostly only 1 episode a day, just to lengthen the joy as much as possible). Then I heard that the show has been cancelled after 5 years. It's rumored that it has a slight chance to survive on another channel, so let's hope. Six seasons and a movie! The study group. Another important announcement by the Dean. Not all these LEGO parts exist in these colors, sadly.
  11. --------------------------THE CAMPAIGN IS NOW ON STANDBYE awaiting new developments http://farm4.staticf..._52ca668221.jpg This is the official "Give your Ghostbusters Minifigs a better arm project" Since the Lego set minifigs don't have the logo printed in the right arm and it's 4 of them per set, I got the idea to have arms printed with the logo in the 3 colors (red, white and black tracing). This will be an enhancement for the Official Minifigures this is the post where the madness began. http://www.eurobrick...25#entry1830330 Now the way I see it in order to make it affordable, we need to pay as a group for the parts and the printing in order for the cost to come down. The alternative would be some kind of business model/venture like other customized pieces are sold in the specialized stores we all know about (the usual suspects). I'm thinking Europe only, but that could change. I have a printing team that can do it at Lego levels of quality (have samples on the way to make sure) The graphic work is free basically, it's everywhere, I mean it's the freaking Gbusters logo, right? So what I'd like to know is are YOU(EB members) interested in making this happen, is this something YOU want, and are willing to help it happen. I'm waiting on pricing and business arrangements to work themselves out, before I delve into the nitty gritty of it. As soon as I have something work out, I'll need: 1-To know how many people want them(a public list will be posted here) 2-Who is able and has the trust of the community to work as a distribution hub (basically you would coordinate within your area or Country) Let's call you the Helpers. 3-Pricing (it's 4 minifig arms, for bricks sake it shouldn't cost us an arm and a leg) 4-How will we Coordinate things.Delivery points or some kind of tree/grapevine system. 5-Other Printers that can do the job as well or better/cheapper etc. 6-Inter fan site Coordination (basically who is active on other sites that would share our objective) Now some questions, should this be a kickstarter type thing? Should we just Cuusoo the arm print, or petition Lego to make it (they could go for it, maybe??) Let me know bellow what you think, keep it concise if possible and let's try and aproach this as a wargame scenario, by objectives and go go go till we make it. Brick on peeps. ---------------------------------- UPDATE2: 22-02-2014 Flickr page: email: ("at") Right now just to see interest level (there is NO commitment until we have pricing) I'd like those interested to send an Email or PM with the following info: All personal data will be kept confidential ------------------------ First + Last Name City + Country If EB member - Forum name (and paste a link to your profile page - saves me the work) ----------------------- In the text put one of these options: 1- I want to have the lego arms printed with Ghostbusters (and tell us how many you need for yourself) 2- I want to help/join the project - Ghostbusters printed lego arm 3- I support the Ghostbusters printed lego arm logo campaign but not sure if I'll buy the official set yet ----------------------------------------- This will help check the interest levels and see how we can organize ourselves in groups by location. KEEP spreading the word it's working, and if anyone has a conduit to someone official at Lego besides the ambassador here let me know (PM me if you do or email)
  12. Hi all, The Classic-Castle forums have been down for the last several days because of a changeover from a failing server to a new server. Many thanks to Troy and Dave who did a lot of work on this. I'm posting this here because a lot of CC members are also Eurobricks members. If the Eurobricks admins feel this is inappropriate to post here, please move or delete with my apology. Bruce CC admin
  13. Ecclesiastes

    Walls of Valholl

    Hereby my addition to the Valholl Project! I didn't have much time so I did some simple things with minifigs, but I did pimped the standard wall a bit! Ejoy! Especially Kabel Corner Tower Wall part 1. Selling lifestock Wall part 2. Fountain. Wall part 3. The quack. Better photo's:
  14. ADHO15

    The Jedi Temple

    Hello everyone. It seems the inspiration for my Revenge of the Sith Community Build entry came far quicker than it did for The Phantom Menace Build, and it didn't come at all for the Attack of the Clones Build (), so I set to work straight away when the idea came to me last night. Over the past week I've been rebuilding and updating my Architecture sets for the Eurobricks Official Set LXF Index, and so I suppose I was still in that frame of mind whilst deciding on what I would build for this project. I therefore decided to combine two of my favourite LEGO themes: Star Wars and Architecture, and create the Jedi Temple in the style of a LEGO Architecture set. It is, of course, much bigger and less accurate () than any previously released Architecture sets, (though I'm pleased to say that I think it may be more accurate than some past Star Wars sets ), but I still think it fits the theme well enough. Even though it's a digital model and the Laws of Physics don't have to apply, I tried to build the model in a way that made it structually sound enough to be built with real parts, although many are not available in the colours I used anyway. The building is hollow with no interior, save for a few supports. A close-up of the top and spires. A close-up of the main entrance. -------------------- Front and plan views with part outlines. I spent a couple of hours last night and a few hours today making it, so it is a quick MOC, but hopefully not rushed and sloppy. It is comprised of 2424 parts (coincidentally 24 is my favourite number! ). I'm aware that the scale is not right in certain areas: the ziggurat is probably too tall for its width, and the towers on top are probably too large, and so I may modify it a little more before the deadline, so I'll consider it a WIP for the time being. LXF File Please do not use the file or images without my permission. Thank you for looking. All comments are welcome. PS. This model is now uploaded to LEGO Cuusoo here. Your support and comments are greatly appreciated!
  15. Hello everyone. Once again, I present to you my second entry for the Eurobricks Revenge Of The Sith Community Build, my first being the Jedi Temple. My entry is a mosaic of my favourite clone commander, Commander Gree; one of the not-so-many clone troopers to fail at executing Order 66, allowing Jedi Master Yoda to escape and flee Kashyyyk. A version without the part outlines and background... You may remember some other similar mosaics that I posted here a while ago of Phase I clone commanders. This new mosaic is twice the size and comprises of 5847 1x1 tiles... I just this would be another simple entry to the community build that's quite different to the other entries posted so far. LXF File Please do not use the file or images without my permission. Thank you for looking. All comments are welcome.