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Found 8 results

  1. Happy May the 4th everyone! Toady is a special day. That's why I'm releasing my first MOC: the Torment Imperial-II Star Destroyer. Made of 3,011 pieces, 25 inches long (79 studs), weighing 2,07kg, it's a medium-sized, modular Imperial-II Star Destroyer holding on a single Lego stand. It features all of the recognizable elements of the real studio model: turrets, antennas, hangars, bridge, neck, engines, with close attention to every detail and proportions of the original Imperial-II ship from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Designing took about 70 days, plus 15 days for building / testing, & another 15 days for making instructions and photos. More than 3 months of work. My goal was to build the most accurate SD as I could, in a limited scale - a moderately-sized build that could still easily fit on a desk or shelf, and be moved freely. This choice of scale made working on greeble and proportions a real challenge. Designing a single, secure stand was not an easy task either. But after all this work, I'm really happy with the result. ► The instructions for the Torment are available (762-page PDF). If you want to buy them, hit me up at All photos in my Flickr album. I plan to make more soon. Hope you guys enjoy it, and may the 4th be with you! FlyInSpace Flickr ♦ Instagram ♦ Rebrickable Extra pictures (dark mode disabled!) :
  2. Jerac

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    I might be not the most frequent poster of Eurobricks... but I believe I might have something which some of you might enjoy. Pardon for reusing mocpages description, but it seems to be pretty complete. I just hope there are some of you guys here who don't read mocpages too often... :) Let me present you the Chimaera, famous flagship of equally famous Grand Admiral Thrawn. A prime example of an Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II. The Star Destroyer might be very well the best looking sci-fi vessel in any franchise and for a good reason. Its design combines simple, clean lines with fine detailing where required, and the way bridge section arrogantly perches on top of the massive warship tells much about the Empire itself. Most people know that a Star Destroyer measures 1600 meters in length, but not many know that it is actually about 1000 metres wide! Building a huge Star Destroyer was my long lasting child dream, and by some luck I came across such time of my life when I can build it. Year earlier it would be impossible and given amount of money required, it might not have been possible in the future. First, some raw data. The model dimensions are 202x125x58 centimeters, or 252x156x72 studs. This alone makes it bigger in ANY dimension than ANY of my previous builds. The already large Titow Battlecruiser was probably a tiny bit longer than the Chimeaera Star Destroyer is high, but the SD might be a bit too low actually. Such dimensions naturally causes considerable heft of the construction and indeed - the model weights approximately 50 kilos. Approximately because it is impossible to lift it by one person so I cannot really check precise value. It is not the structural integrity which is limiting, the model is durable enough - it is the pure weight and dimensions. The Star Destroyer design process started in early November and actual build started just after Christmas, when first (...large...) batch of parts arrived. Since the model was meant to be featured on LUG exhibition in Swarzewo which was to start at 1st of July, 2014, it was also the deadline. The model was ultimately finished just few hours before the beginning, which is the reason why some little sections are unfinished.I also had no possibility of taking good quality photos, since when the model was encased in glass cabinet, sunlight and reflections made that almost impossible. The ship in its full glory, standing in the display cabinet. The stand itself is made of steel but does not enter the structure - model is simply lying on the stand which is profiled to match ship's anges. "Terraces" section of the vessel, also the highest concentation of greebles and sometimes difficult angles. While the whole ship is a SNOT-ly mess, the superstructure greebling is actually built with common studs-up technique which allowed me to use some trans-clear plates. They will be required later on. Each of those engines took about 1,5 hours to assemble, and first one took about 1,5 weeks just to get the design right. Imagine you have to build a smooth 15-cm diameter bowl which is empty inside, stays straight and is durable enough to survive transport. In such a massive ship, every detail that can fall off during transport, will fall off during transport. Generally the bigger your MOC is, the more durable it has to be. Altough exact proportions of the Star Destroyer Mark II are an absolute mystery, I based them on known ISD-I proportions and common notion that the second ship was a bit more narrow than the original. Thus, while ISD-I would be 200x132 cm, mine is 202x125 cm. Either way, this is a stunningly wide ship which I have realised only when I started the build. Notice how the ship stays straight... while weighing around 50 kilos, measuring 2 meters long and having absolutely no steel or non-lego structural supports inside. LEGO and LEGO only! :) Bridge and terraces section close-up. The goal of greebling was not to recreate greebling of original ship, this would cost me too much time given the strict deadline. Most important features are included, though and greebling is easy to replace so maybe one day... :) As said before, the entire frame is made with LEGO pieces only, and consists of well over 1.000 technic bricks, out of which 700 are 1x14 or 1x16. There are also hundreds of plates, pins, liftarms and unimog suspension parts... yeah, no mistake here :) The ship is modular - it is too heavy to be moved around by two people safely, so entire top section can be taken away. Not only it makes it lighter, but allows easy access to the frame which is both required for maintenance and also offers good holding points. One who wants to pick it up by the frame needs to have good leather gloves or it will hurt. A lot. With blood. :D This little viginette shows how empty the model is inside. I wonder how heavy would it be if it had an interior... not that the interior would be interesting, considering that if a minifig was to-scale with the ship, it would be shorter than one plate's height. That's me :) Maybe tired a bit after another sleepless night but happy anyway. One of LEGO-related dreams fulfilled! Kris Kelvin, The Prime Judge of the association - friend who has helped me a lot during preparations to the exhibition and (mentally) during building. Plans for the future? The ship will stay at exhibition at Swarzewo in Poland for next three months, after that I will take it back and properly finish. Altough detailing is more or less done, some parts of the structure are not reinforced and are too fragile in long-term. I also plan to add fully working lightning, which you sneakly peek at here: That photo dates back to March or so when the ship was still under constructions, but shows how hangar lightning already works. And in the end, few more or less interesting facts: - There were more than 1500 used of each of: 1x2 plates, 1x1 bricks with headlight, 1x4 bricks and 1x1 tiles - all in light bluish grey. - Sensor globes on the bridge were actually designed to be 6-stud diameter, but one BL seller decided it would be fun to change splash terms at night and cancel my order - few days before the deadline. So I had to use whatever I had at hand... - The halfway-done ship was entirely dismantled near April because I found out it was less than 10 centimeters too shallow. - For quite a time it was impossible to pick the ship up, because its structure relies not only on the frame but external covering as well. If one side - either top or bottom - is missing, the other side won't stay attached to the frame. - Originally I have based the model dimensions on drawings taken from Essential Guide to Star Wars Vehicles, which was a bad decision. The model would be 200x100cm while it should be 200x125cm.... even bigger problem surfaced when I have realised that my car's trunk opening is actually only 110 cm wide. It would be ok for the ill-proportioned EGSWV design but not for the proper one. - For last two weeks the model was built in the dining room. I was testing if it would fit in the car after "cutting off" the edges (and it did!), but I found out that it is impossible to drag it back to 1st floor due to narrow staircase. It was hard enough to get it down. - Original estimate for 1x2 plates was 2000. By a mistake I have ordered that lot twice... which eventually proved to be beneficial, as there are over 4300 of them used in the final iteration of the model. 1x2 plates are by far the most common element used. - The model can be actally hung from the ceiling on some kind of a steel wire - the frame will easily support the weight. The problem to solve is in the ceiling itself, it would need three quite massive hooks.
  3. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    It has arrived: My UCS Moc of the Devastator. This is my largest and most accurate model to date, started off as a rebuild of my older model which was disproportional and poorly built in some places. The Model confines al the main features including a battery of 8 turbo lasers, 2 hangers with docking arms, underside tractor beam and swappable tractor beam targeting arrays that can change the ship between a Imperial I class destroyer to a Imperial II class destroyer. The model comes on a removable start and has no interior features, apart from storage for extra parts such as plugs to fill in the stand gaps in the hanger and the secondary Tractor beam array. The bridge and superstructure come in 2 removable parts to ease the weight of his heavy model. The two destroyer variants: Glory to the Empire! This is the topic for the build process, to see how it was done: Full album with additional photos here:
  4. Well, i was proud of it at the time, but i feel now that my ISD isn't sufficient enough. Numerous add ons and additions have made the model a bit unstable and the inaccuracies need to be addressed. The main issue however is the disproportional build! The bridge is too large and wide compared to the rest of the body, and it lacks the correct amount of hangers and indents in the panels. This is all a result of me following along the structure of set 6211, which focused on an interior, messing up the proportions. I talk about it in the original post: Now however i start from scratch, and you guys get to follow on and give out suggestions! It starts now with the gathering of extra parts and deconstructing the original destroyer. The plan is to make it bigger, more sturdy and more accurate. Got to gather up all available reference material for this beast... Last photo of it intact. Major sections now removed. I plan to keep the bridge the same, perhaps with some slight corrections. However the rest needs to be broken up and sorted... Now people can see the frame of the build, and the messy interior...
  5. Hey y'all I bought the lego imperial star destroyer a couple of months ago to display because I love to glaze at an Imperial star destroyer. After a while I realised that the set 6211 really lacks in detail. So I thought I would mod it to make it look better. So I started browsing some pictures of the imperial star destroyer to get some ideas. I then came across the UCS Imperial star destroyer and remembered it existed. I then realised that my 6211 SD would never look as epic as this one. So I went to rebrickable to see how many pieces I already had. I have 69% . But I didn't want to destroy my at-at 4483 so now I still have 67% I printed the parts list and started collecting the pieces I need and circled the ones I still have to buy from bricklink. I then realised I only have 1356 pieces. thats about 33%. So I have to buy a lot more. I made a wanted list from the pieces I need and started looking for the stores to buy the pieces from. The total cost is about 450€ which I will gladly pay for an epic star destroyer. I won't buy pieces that are 30€ per piece, so I just bought them in a different color and I will just paint them. That saved me a lot of money. I didn't buy the tan magnet holders because they are 20€ per piece and I need 14 of them, so I'll just buy a different kind of holder. I won't buy the pieces for the tantive IV, I'll just make it with the pieces I have. I now only have to pay some stores and then the waiting game can begin. Thanks for reading. (can somebody tell me how to upload a picture? )
  6. goatman461

    [MOC] Mini-Y-Wing & Mini-ISD

    I'm putting a Planet Series mobile back together for a Spring LUG event and decided to update my previous Y-Wing and add an ISB to the mix. There's a lot of inspiration from other builders in the Y-wing especially (from Miro Dudas in particular X-wing Y-Wing Redux by Miro78, on Flickr)I hope y'all like them. Please leave suggestions for improvements. Mini-Y-Wing by goatman461, on Flickr Mini-ISD by goatman461, on Flickr
  7. Elephant Knight

    FIGHT! 6211 ISD vs 75055 ISD

    So, in 2006, 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer was released. I really wanted it, and I was able to save up and get. 2014 rolls around, and TLG releases a second one. I was meh at first, as I already had one, but I caved in and bought. After I did, I just knew I had to build my old and and compare the two. and now you can too! prepare for lots of pictures (It's a review, what were you expecting?) Box fronts by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Let's start with the boxes. Very similar looks, though the styling is different. Since there is a 12 year gap between releases, that should be expected. 6211 has a longer box, but 75055 has a thicker box. Part count is very similar with them having 1339 and 1324 respectively (Though Bricklink doesn't take into account the minifigs) Box Backs by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr The back of the box shows various play features, but 6211 has the added bonus of showing alternate models. I give the nod to 6211 for better box, but it was close Instuctions by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr On to the instructions. 6211 has 2 sets of instructions, and 75055 has three. All the booklets are in the range of 70-80 pages, so 75055 has more steps, though it has less parts. 6211 also wins, just cause it takes up less space when storing. No pictures of the build, as I haven't had the time or desire to do it, but I will say that I enjoyed 6211's build more, but I was also really tired when I built 75055. So 6211 takes a 3-0 lead! ISDs front by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Looking at the two ships straight on, 6211 is definitely larger, though I will say right off the bat that it is weaker. 75055 is smaller, but much more solid. 75055 is also better proportioned. I give 75055 a point for head on view ISDs top by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr The view from above really shows off the size differential. Top view goes to 75055, as it has the notches in the proper amount and spaces. 6211 now leads 3-2. ISDs rear by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Rear view. Both ships are but ugly from this point of view, but 6211's engines look better proportionally. So 6211 now leads 4-2. Honestly, the engines are the ugliest part of 75055. They suck. ISDs bottom by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Bottom view. is this even a contest? 75055 wins hands down, though it is missing the hanger bay opening, which 6211 does have. 6211 leads 4-3 ISDs opened up by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Time to open them up! even though 6211 is prone to falling apart, I much prefer it's method. 75055 seems a bit awkward. And I just like the cute switch at the back to lock the top part of 6211 to lock it into place. And I don't like how the top part of 75055 isn't attached. it just sits there. 6211 leads 5-3. 6211 inside overview by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Ok, 6211's interior as a whole is pretty spacey. It contains an escape pod (I have no idea why...), a gun rack for some spare guns, Darth Vader's chamber (Which shouldn't be here, as it was on the Executor.) and a hologram of the Emperor with seat. 6311 bridge inside by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr There is also the tiny little bridge up top. 75055 bridge by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr 75055 shares a few of the same things, like the bridge, weapons rack, and hologram of the Emperor. 75055 Vader's chamber/ engineering? by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr It does not include an escape pod or Vader's Chamber, but it does have a small station with readouts of the Death Star. Going head to head on the interior, we have: Bridge: 75055 wins. more space, and looks like a ISD bridge Emperor Hologram: 75055. That hologram part is what made me buy this set. Seriously. I wanted that part. Weapons Rack: 6211. It's actually a pretty cool feature, even if it doesn't really look the best. 75055's is just boring. 6211's escape pod and Vader's chamber vs 75055's panel: I'm going with 75055. That panel has much uses in store for it. Escape pod and Chamber make no sense to be on an ISD. Our total is now tied 6-6 75055 guns by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Back outside, but for details! 6211 Only has 2 turbolasers on each side, whereas 75055 has the proper 4 on each side. No pictures of 6211's as I forgot, but an extra picture of 75055 to show a play feature. move the thing sticking out on the back, and all the guns (On the one side) move in unison. Guns go to 75055. 75055 spare ammo by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr A convenient spot flips up at the back to hide the extra bullets. 6211 and 75055 Minifigs by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Now for the figs! 6211 Minifigs by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr 6211 has 8 figs and the mouse droid. Two Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Tarkin, Two Imperial Guards, Imperial officer, and a black droid. 75055 Minifigs by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr 75055 has 6 and the mouse droid. Two Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, a Imperial technician, and two Imperial Officers. Stormtroopers by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr They both have two stormtroopers. I prefer the old style, though the new ones are growing on me. They also have faces and better guns. Stormtroopers go to 75055 Darth Vaders by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Darth Vader. 6211 is pretty much the original design, whereas 75055 has a new and unique design. Going to go with the classic one, as he has a chrome lightsaber handle and the new guy's head doesn't look like Vader. It was close, as I really like the new one's printing, but going to have to go with 6211 Imperial officers by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Imperial Officers. Grand Moff Tarkin and a very bland officer loose out to the new and more versatile officer and crewman of 75055 Other Minifigs by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Extra figs. I will never understand the inclusion of the Imperial Guards. The mouse droids are identical, the black R2 isn't the best black R2, and one can never have enough Imperials, even if they are technicians. 75055 wins, though it was close. The final votes are in, and 75055 wins 11 to 7! What do you think? Which Imperial Star Destroyer will rein supreme? EKnight
  8. Rook

    Mega Creation: ISD

    Mega Creation: ISD Go big or go home! ToroLUG goes BIG on a SHIP this weekend. LDC: Star Wars Days by RΟΟK, on Flickr LDC: Star Wars Days by RΟΟK, on Flickr LDC: Star Wars Days by RΟΟK, on Flickr LDC: Star Wars Days by RΟΟK, on Flickr LDC: Star Wars Days by RΟΟK, on Flickr