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  1. Drag Brick

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    Turning a static display piece into a moving piece. Like the the new monster trucks LEGO came out with. My kids and my adult friends enjoy them much more. Totally just an opinion though.
  2. Drag Brick

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    I add early style pullbacks to all my speed champions. Be cool if LEGO started making pullback versions.
  3. Check out the “brick flicks and comics” section here on eurobricks. I have a video of my first edition drag rails racing. They have the older style pullback motors, but they are pretty fast and pull good wheelies!
  4. My favorite class. They sound and look awesome! I wasn’t born yet, but the 60’s looked to be good times along with good music and cool cars.
  5. BAD A$$ front engine Drag Brick dragster called “STINGER”! This dragster pulls a wheelie off the line and shoots down the drag strip super fast! Running a 6x5x3 spring powered LEGO motor, it’s hard to tame it at the start gate! Just got done filming it on the drag strip. I’ll be sure to post that video here as soon as it’s ready.
  6. Drag Brick

    [MOC] Airwolf

    String Fellow Hawk and Dom would be proud! What a great tv show, and what a great build!
  7. Drag Brick

    MOC 1966 Jokemobile

    This is the Joker’s “Jokemobile” Hot Rod from the 1966 Bat Man tv show. I built it with an old style pullback motor so it can drag down the strip!
  8. Modified Circle Track Racer built from set 42137 Formula E Porsche using most of the pieces, and using only the pieces supplied in the set. Has lever at rear to launch it! Powered by its two pullback motors.
  9. Drag Brick Wheelie Machines drag racing and music!
  10. Hmmm, no pic. Really confusing for me.
  11. LEGO Monster Jam Backflips & Mud bogs Truck Sets 42118 42119 42134 42135 Grave Digger El Toro Loco +
  12. With a pullback motor added to the Batmobile, set #76188, Batman will drag race the Joker in his Drag Brick built Jokemobile!
  13. LEGO set 76904, Dodge SRT Dragster and 1970 Challenger, modified with pullback motors! Watch em drag race down the strip at Drag Brick!
  14. The Drag Wars, episode one. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and a Clone Trooper drag race their custom built landspeeders at Drag Brick Speedway! Real Racing! Real Action!