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  1. With a pullback motor added to the Batmobile, set #76188, Batman will drag race the Joker in his Drag Brick built Jokemobile!
  2. LEGO set 76904, Dodge SRT Dragster and 1970 Challenger, modified with pullback motors! Watch em drag race down the strip at Drag Brick!
  3. The Drag Wars, episode one. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and a Clone Trooper drag race their custom built landspeeders at Drag Brick Speedway! Real Racing! Real Action!
  4. First drag bike race, four drag bikes compete on a 19’ drag strip! Real action with special effects and voices!
  5. Drag Bricks first tractor/truck pull competition where crazy custom dragsters battle to see who can pull the weight transferring sled the furthest! Also included is a special debut, and a Tug of War at the end of the pull contest! Check it out!
  6. Drag Brick Dragster Race #2. 16 Dragsters start, 1 will be champion!
  7. Drag Boat Inaugural Race. Fast racing action between 8 drag boats with pullback motors. Drag Brick is a drag racing series which includes dragsters, drag boats, drag bikes, dragtor pulls and more!
  8. Just trying to post a video. New at this stuff. I don’t think I know how.https://youtu.be/0R8c0yzypZQ all I can do is the link. D’oh!
  9. Drag Brick

    Hello, my name is Shawn

    LEGO is one of my favorite things to find at a yard sale, and I have collected quite a large amount. I’ve always wanted to build something. So I ended up building my first wheelie pulling dragster, then another one, then 14 more, and then a 19 foot drag strip, drag boats, bikes etc. What am I doing? I’m not sure, but I have some videos here on brick flicks. I just love the whole process of creating. I’ll be sharing some MOCs here as soon as I figure that part out. Please check out my videos if you get a chance, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks much, Shawn.