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Found 31 results

  1. Hello Eurobricks members! I’m aware. That there is another poll BUT it’s way outdated. So I decided to make a new poll. So…what is your favorite Modular Building so far?? And it an e more than one favorites!
  2. Bricked1980

    Homemade Road Plates

    Thought this might be of interest to anyone creating their own City layout or anyone who wants roads to go alongside their modular buildings or city vehicles. I decided to have a go at creating my own road plates as a substitute to the standard ones that Lego produce. You can find PDF patterns available online for printing roads but instead of using those I designed these myself as I wanted them to look pretty close to the real thing. I then used a high quality digital laser printer and printed them on to 400gsm card which is the same stuff often used by commercial printers for printing business cards. Each one is cut to the same size as a standard 32x32 base plate and I rounded the corners which helps to prevent them from getting bent or damaged. The finished roads are quite thick and sturdy but they are thin enough that the edges can be tucked under the base plates on Modulars and other buildings which helps to hold them in place. They can also be overlapped which is useful for fitting around awkward sized buildings that don't fit the standard 32x32 size. I produced quite a few of these and just like the official Lego road plates, they can be arranged in many ways to create different road layouts. They don't have quite the same appeal as the real thing but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. Considering the cost to make these was a tiny fraction of what Lego charge for real road plates, I think this is a good cheap alternative that works well for anyone who hasn't got the space for a large permanent layout. Below are some pictures of my printed roads being used on a small tabletop City layout. Let me know what you think. **EDIT** Please scroll to the bottom of page 1 to see my second attempts at creating a more realistic road design.
  3. Hi all Coming out of my dark ages, I was super keen to put together a lego city (being a big fan of Jang and his amazing city). Here's my first attempt, combining a number of themes spanning 40 years - Classic Town, City, Lego Ideas, Modulars and a few builds from the classic 6000 ideas book. Still very much a work in progress, but pretty happy with it! Second round will be to try to include trains, but that will be a challenge! IMG_7869 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7871 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7875 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7886 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7872 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7874 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7876 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7879 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7882 by Moz, on Flickr IMG_7883 by Moz, on Flickr Would love to hear any feedback or suggestions. cheers
  4. jus1973

    New xtra road tape - thoughts...

    Just been browsing the store and saw this. initially hopeful that this might have solved the issue of placing roads between modulars, but i think its going to be too narrow and repetitive skid marks and grass verge drawn into the road kinda ruin it. I’m interested in thoughts to persuade me differently.
  5. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Hey guys, I decided to create this topic and the main idea came from this and this post (so special thanks to @danth and @Digger of Bricks!). I would like to highlight three things before I start to post inspirational MOCs: I’ll post three staff picks everyday! Please feel free to post your favorite MOCs! Have fun admiring and taking inspiration from those great MOCs Top three MOC’s IMO in Baroque architecture: 1. This incredible Baroque Church by @Jellyeater! 2. This amazingly detailed MOC by @pj_bosman! 3. This greatly shaped modular by @cimddwc! Here are the three best Baroque MOC’s IMO! What do you think about them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG made? Here are the Steampunk ones: 1. This incredible layout made together by @castor-troy and @domino39 (they also made one MOD of the PR and the MS and two MOD’s of the CC included in this layout. But they look so different that they are more MOC then MOD). EB topic here and Flickr albums with more photos here, here, here and here. 2. These great Steampunk modulars by @adde51! 3. These very interesting modulars by @Zilmrud who as well made great MOD’s of the PC and the BB! Here are the three most gorgeous Steampunk MOC’s IMO! What do you think of them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG ever made?
  6. Hi Everyone I'd like to share my first MOC design which I've been working on over the past few weeks. I decided to set myself a challenge to see if I could create a Modular building using just the parts taken from 3 of my existing sets. All the parts I used were taken from the 3 Creator sets above, 31036, 31050 and 31065. The only extra thing I added was a green 16 x 32 baseplate but apart from that, everything else is taken from those 3 sets. So here is my very first MOC - The Modular Convenience Store As you can see the model is 16 studs wide and is designed to fit in with the Modular building series. There are 3 levels and although it's essentially one building, I wanted to give the impression from the outside that it consists of 2 narrow buildings side by side with the main shop on the left and the tall blue section to the right. Level 1 - The Convenience Store The first level of the building is the Convenience Store itself. Outside on the front we have a bench, street lamp, flower display and a fire hydrant. The main door at at the base of the blue tower gives access to the inside of the store. Inside the store there is a cash desk, fruit and vegetables and shelves with various items for sale. I also built a small shooping trolley for the minifigs to use with their shopping. A door at the back of the store gives access to the rear of the building. At the back is a staircase leading to the second level. Level 2 - Apartment On the middle level is an apartment / studio flat. On the outside is a large Bay window and a door with a Juliet balcony looking out on to the street below. The inside of the apartment is pretty small but I have managed to squeeze in a kithcen, TV, bed, lamp, shelves, table and stool. Level 3 and Roof Outside again the only way for the minifigs to reach the next level is via a ladder on the back of the building. The top level consists of a small building and a roof top garden. The roof top building is extremely small (6 x 4 studs) but the roof can be removed and inside is a table with binoculars, a lamp and a brick built sweeping brush hanging on the wall. A door from this small building leads out in to the roof top garden. Here we have a BBQ, seat, plants and a glass covered vegetable patch. Displaying the Model Here are a selection of pics showing the model on display alongside Parisian Restaurant and Assembly Square. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the model, feel free to let me know what you think. If you want to see more pics then head over to my Flickr page where I've added loads more.
  7. paupadros

    My Modular Buildings - Pau Padrós

    I've, for some time, been making modular buildings. But I feel they haven't ever been posted as a whole, so I thought, why not do it. I'll try to give to background information and all. This might be updated if I create more! Hope you enjoy! My Flickr, just in case!!: 1. Magic Shop Magic Shop was my very first trial at a modular building, believe it or not. If you take a closer look, the first floor could be the base for any other building above, that's because I had no idea what to build on top of that first floor. About a month later, (while in Ikea for some reason) I remembered a trip to the Black Forest, Germany and all its houses, and that's the result. This Magic Shop is absolutely perfect and that's what I love about it. In my first attempt, I nailed shape, proportions and colour. And that triangular roof is incredibly iconic. Such a wonderful modular! Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 Pieces: 2598 on a 32x32 baseplate 2. Italian Villa Oh, god this one's exciting! The Italian Villa (or better said: The Tuscan Villa - that doesn't sound as catchy, does it?) is an ode to the highly underused Flame Yellow colour. The design for this beast mostly comes from a scale model of a Vineyard Villa I own - shape and colourwise, but the detailing and the whole rooftop is absolutely original and wonderful. As a fact, I had this design stopped for some weeks as I didn't know how to make the windows on the middle floor right. While visiting a univeristy campus, I found the solution! This has to be one of my two favourite modular buildings of mine, as a funny note, on a Chinese Lego enthusiasts fan page they marked it as Spanish Villa. As I am techinically from Spain I found this rather funny. And Unikitty's tail in white at the roof! Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Jan 2016 - Feb 2016 Pieces: 2148 on a 32x32 baseplate 3. The Iron Horse My dear Iron Horse... I totally adore this modular. After two highly-successful modulars, this had to at least match the others' quality. Not only I think I managed it, but I also created (again) a very unique modular. By the time I designed this thing, I had all the tools and techniques mastered (no weird bricks showing and all) and I could make this trully the result of my imagination. Although its name and basic structure comes from a restaurant in PortAventura theme park, I translated it to Lego and made the façade even more striking than it was in real life. I also took Brick Bank's colour scheme and exploited it at the max. Not many people know this, at the porch's roofline there are rollerskates used in sand green. A detail I've kept for myself for a long time. Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Mar 2016 - May 2016 Pieces: 1886 on a 32x32 baseplate 4. Old Ben's Gallery Old Ben's Gallery, the Lego version of Barcelona's Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló is my most bizarre approach to a modular. I tried to make the best of Pet Shop's concept, and this was the result. Although a great looking modular without a doubt, it still is my least favourite of them all, there's so much competition though! This was my first trial at making custom printed pieces for completing totally the façade. This was also my first attempt at making smaller windows with porticos, if you look closer at my previous modulars, they all have insanely huge windows. It's good for a change! Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Aug 2016 - Nov 2016 Pieces: 3148 on two 16x16 baseplates 5. Sweets & Co. Oh my!! This absolutely beautiful 45-degree corner modular is the favourite of mine. So many nice shapes, nice colours, nice piece usages. You can tell I adore this thing, don't you? The idea of a 45-degree building came from seeing the corner buildings in Barcelona, where two houses share the corner. The one on the left is inspired by Casa Batlló's patio (see that gradient going up in Aqua against Royal Blue background, so cool right!?) The building on the right went under four rebuilds. Initially is was supposed to be Venice's Palazzo Ducale. When I noticed it didn't fit, I built a white thingy which looked terrible. Next some sort of castle-like thingy, also terrible (thanks brother for pointing out is was terrible!). And finally I created this pattern, so good! Btw, yes, on the pattern the darker blue is the sorta discontinued Dark Turquoise <-Outdated!, why not!? On this modular, I snuck some nice part usages, for instance, Indy's whip as dragon tail on the right door's wrought iron fence. Also the dragon head is a discontinued piece from 2003 which only found its way in some Orient Expedition and Knights' Knigdom II sets! Btw, that fence is in copper, also a discontinued colour. I also got to experiment a lot with rooflines on this bad boy. The one on the right is directly inspired by Venice's Palazzo Ducale, a reference to what the building was supposed to be! I would love to build this thing one day, but you know it's hardly impossible with all the discontinued colours and non-exisiting parts in certain colours. Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Jan 2017 - Mar 2017 Pieces: 2994 on a 32x32 baseplate 6. Piazza San Marco Once I finished Sweets & Co., I went on a trip to Italy and one of the stops was Venice. The fact that I couldn't turn the Palazzo Ducale into a modular was still rattling my mind, so I set to build the most faithful recreation of the Campanile and the Palazzo in the modular form. Said and done. This is a huge over-the-top crazy piece of architecture. In fact the tower of the Campanile is 76'8 cm or 30' 2" tall! About the same as the Disney Castle for comparision. Although not my favourite modular it definetely is one of the dearest to my heart. All the details throughout the porch (something I'd wanted to revisit since I finished The Iron Horse, but with arches) are absolutely wonderful, in fact each capital is different from the other. As a reference to the original Italian Villa, the section inside the porch is Cool Yellow. Although hard to see in this picture, the whole façade is covered in a printed pattern (best seen in the section in-between the tower and the palace). Btw, two Sand Green gold ingots are there representing marble, so cool! The rooftop details are incredibly fun to build, surprisingly, and these were the best to build! Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Apr 2017 - May 2017 Pieces: 3700 on a 16x32 and a 32x32 baseplate (same as Assembly Square) 7. A Summer in Tuscany Summer holidays are long, the desire to build a model are high. But what? Something daring, interesting, but with a warm feel to it (the heat was striking hard then!). Heck, I like italian architecture (easy to say... erm... out of eight models, three are entirely dedicated to the country ). So off I went trying to build something in the lines of Assembly Square (that year's modular), but closer to my heart, and let's be honest, less of a mix-match. The model came together pretty quickly, but then DISASTER! While rendering, my computer stopped, and dumb me had not made a copy of the file! Summer was long gone then, but the high spirit made me plough on to finally have it all wrapped up by Februrary of 2018. Having to do the modular all over again obviously means I had extra time to snuck details even the most eagle-observers fans won't find. Has any of you seen a little statuette representing one of those little virigins on the streets? I bet not! (Checks if it's actually there in any of the pictures). Yes. Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Aug 2017 - Feb 2018 Pieces: 4434 on a 16x32 and a 32x32 baseplate (same as Assembly Square) 8. Klee Corner Klee Corner! Pop! A collage of hundreds of different buildings glued together by the man behind the keys (yup, me). If The Iron Horse was a result of my imagination over two years ago, this is me jumbling up together Berlin, Hundertwasser, Bilbao, Gaudí and the postmodern architects with him and U2. Can you turn music into architecture? Ermmm... Sure! No official 32x32 modular has ever had three buildings. Did that stop me? No. No official modular has ever had a curved façade. Did that stop me? Of course not! As a fun fact, I messed up the colouring of one brick of the model and realised the issue after rendering. I edited and covered it up in Photoshop. Can you even spot it? Very difficult, btw! Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Feb 2018 - May 2018 Pieces: 4481 on a 32x32 baseplate 9. Disco 2000 Vinyl Store It had never occurred to me that I hated how a model I made looked. After some hours of working on it, it would look wrong. This happened again and again and again. This was because the image in my mind of the final product kept on changing, an extremely dangerous thing to happen. I'm not sure if it's better than my two previous corner models, The Iron Horse and Sweets & Co., but I'm really happy that I managed to make three unique buildings (getting really tough after nine models and thirteen from Lego!) look awesome. I used some awesome colour combos, dark red and sand green; white, yellow and blue which are surprisingly unique. As for techniques, Disco 2000 is by a long shot the most complex model I've built. I have a library of techniques I might use (especially for cornices) and there's still many on the waiting list; one has been waiting for over half a year (didn't fit neither in KC nor in D2000) and I'm dying to use in a model. At least I have an exuse to start a new one Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Apr 2018 - Sep 2018 Pieces: 3743 on a 32x32 baseplate 10. Baseplate Alley The lack of physical time to build this model (it took me over a year to complete fully) was on one hand frustrating but at the same time inspiring. I have a visual dictionary in my mind of concepts and ideas I like and want to try out; one that was fed slowly but surely all those days without building. In the meantime, I discovered many inspiring designs and my inspiration became rougher, broader. Both a Rothko and Art Nouveau cornices would sit next to the sausage Lego piece as things I wanted to find a way for in in this model. I struggled quite a bit trying to find the layout of the building. The idea of the two angular façades poking out came to me in a Basque town near Bilbao. I already had the one in the right in place and was finding it hard to complete the model. I tried curved designs, not dissimilar to those in Klee Corner of Disco 2000 but just seemed to make the already-complete right building worse. It was around then that I realised I could use what I now call the "School of Athens" effect (surely other people call it different things). I could duplicate the existing design, keep the structure and change the details and colours. The same thing goes for Raphael's School of Athens: it's structurally symmetric (the architecture and the patterns on the floor marble are so) but the figures and the details on the façades differ. That's where the building on the left came from. You can see the different details differ between both façades. I'm very passionate about colour. I find it fascinating how two or more colours can transform one another to create strakingly different effects. Matisse is undobtedly a (or the) big name in the history of colour in art. His daring colour choices are extremely appealing to me. The orange-on-blue colour scheme is one I had wanted to use for a while and I'm glad that I found its home here; and on my tenth finished modular, something super special! Side note: when I began with Magic Shop in November of 2015 (jeez, 4 years ago) I thought I would completely run out of ideas before ariving here. Truth is, I've become a much more cultured man in the process of coming to where I am and all that knowledge I now have is what has allowed me not only to keep going but to bring real innovation to the table. I feel like I'm breaking new ground with every model. Ideas that I hope you'll want to further explore yourselves. I most of the times work from what my gut induces me to work in. I find it particularly interesting that thanks to this odd "mental visual dictionary", I barely look up actual architecture for inspiration. Most of what is shown here is a mix of the real-world architecture knowledge I've acquired over time and other arts: painting, filmmaking and music, among others. It's hard to explain; it feels like I'm building a façade I'm reminiscent of while looking at the building from a Fauvist point of veiw, for instance. Weird, I know. Anyway, I feel like I'm guided by something bizarre when designing. The eyes of experience, I guess. Eurobricks Topic: Building Period: Sep 2018 - Sep 2019 Pieces: 3581 on a 32x32 baseplate Why Am I Writing This? I've always wanted to have my modulars be seen as a unit, as something that one builds upon the other. They're on a Flickr album all together, but I want to use this space as more of a personal diary of what makes a design of mine come to life. Hope to hear from you guys! Leave your comments, please note this is the work of almost 4 years, so take this into consideration! Thanks!! Pau
  8. Bricked1980


    Hi everyone I'd like to share with you my second MOC which I have been working on over the past few weeks. For this project I decided to tackle a subject very close to my heart - the Great British Pub! So without further ado... Grab yourself a pint and join me for a guided tour of The Queen Bricktoria! As you can see this is a modular style corner building with 3 floors built on a 32x32 base plate. The design is intended to be reminiscent of British town centre pubs or more specifically the style of pubs we'd see in London. The Minifigures There are 7 minifigs with the model. The 3 characters below are the pub workers. From left to right we have the Owner/Landlord and his daughter the barmaid. The guy with the guitar is a local singer who has been booked to play a gig at the pub. The 4 figures below are the pub regulars. The guy with the beard is the typical sort of old gent we find in many pubs propping up the bar and boring everyone to death with their stories of the good old days. The guy in the green top and the girl are boyfriend and girlfriend. Level 1 - The Bar Outside the building we have a busy street corner. I've included an iconic British red phone box and an outside covered seating area. There is also a sign board advertising events etc at the pub. The main entrance leads us in to the bar/lounge area. Inside we have a well stocked bar and a cozy fireplace. There are also tables and bar stool for the minifigs to sit and enjoy their drinks. Brown carrots make pretty good beer pump handles. At the back of the bar is a staircase leading us up to level 2. Level 2 - Pool and Darts Room On the second level is a games room featuring a Pool table and Dart board. There is also a pool cue rack and a shelf with trophies won by the resident darts team. At the back of the room is another staircase that leads to level 3. Level 3 - Live Music Room Level 3 has a stage for Live Music gigs and Karaoke. On the stage we have a keyboard, guitar, amps and microphone. Also on this level is more seating for the minifigs and a door that leads to a small balcony seating area. Oh dear!!! The singer seems to be a bit of a hit with the ladies. The Finished Model Here is a picture of the Queen Bricktoria next to my first MOC design, The Convenience store, as you can see my new MOC is much much bigger. Another picture below shows the pub next to one of the official modulars, to help give a sense of the size of the model. Thanks very much for reading and I hope you like my newest MOC. There are more pictures of it on my Flickr page so feel free to check them out and let me know what you think.
  9. Stephanix


    Hi My name is Stephan Niks from the Netherlands and new here. At the moment very busy. but in the near future I will post my designs here for discussion My interest: trains, modulars and LEGO ideas
  10. Dear Community, as I am rebuilding my city, and really like the Ninjago city & docks sets, I would like to integrate them.. Do you have any examples to share on how you combined these two universes? Here is my current work in progress layout with three distinguished areas: City, Amusement Park, Suburb. I will then add a sea side probably to include the Old Fishing Store, but for the moment my issue is how to best integrate the Ninjago sets.. Here is where I thought Ninjago sets could fit.. Actually, I have a couple of ideas.. One could be to have a river going into the city (insert a 16 wide river "lane" going through) and then add bridges (almost every city is built around water in real life), or having a lake in the middle.. but in any case for the moment they are in 2 different areas in my mind.. I would really appreciate to see how YOU integrated these elements with other modular buildings.. Or if you haven't, do you have any ideas? Merci in advance for your tips and advice!
  11. just_one

    Which set is better?

    Hi Since its 2xVIP points in Europe i decided to throw a challenge to my wife and gave her 3 sets to choose from to offer me (kinda like a surprise) Caroussel Ferris Wheel Ninjago City I love them all (although i think her favourite is the caroussel , she had this pretty cool idea of putting it a "square" surrounded by the other modulars we have) , i was wondering whats the general consenssus of which one is better? bare in mind we only have modulars (Parisian Restaurant , Pet Shop , Brick Bank , Detective´s Office , Assembly Square , Palace Cinema)
  12. Hey Guys, I have a list of things I want to buy over the next year (18 months) but don't want to miss out anything. My questions is what is the best order to buy things in (essentially what do I need to buy sooner rather than later). I am also included released and unreleased sets - I am new to this so I am playing some catch up! Here is the list of the planned purchases - Palace Cinema (Modular) Brink Bank (Modular) Assembly Square (Modular) Detective's Office (Modular) Big Ben Tower Bridge Friend's Catamaran (Inside joke for a friend) Old Fishing Hut (Fall) Birmingham Palace (Architecture) Potential New Architecture Sets Winter Village Addition - What order would you buy in? I want to pick up one big (Big Ben or Tower Bridge) or 2 Modular soon and then probably the same in May and then the Winter Village in the fall and maybe one more. I don't think I will be able to get them all this year but don't want to miss out (barely got Pet Shop before it was gone). So thoughts?
  13. Hey Guys, I have been working on a very small set-up that would both allow a number of modulars and some city prices as well as my TRAINS! While I have all the trains powered at this point many will not see any action but I am very happy with how it has turned out and already planning my next modular buy! Lego Train/Town Set Up by Ernie Darby, on Flickr Lego Train/Town Set Up (Left) by Ernie Darby, on Flickr Lego Train/Town Set Up (Right) by Ernie Darby, on Flickr
  14. denil85

    [MOC] The Horsemen Townsquare

    Hi there, I would like to share my latest Friends Theme MOC Creation MOC Title : The Horsemen Townsquare (Friends’s Theme) LOM Builder : Denil Oh [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---4 by denil oh, on Flickr (…/denil85/albums/72157672638294213) The Horsemen Townsquare finally completed! This is for the upcoming event in Malaysia, located in One Utama Shopping Mall. The LEGO Event “Build Your LEGO Christmas”. The Horsemen Townsquare will be display in Friends category. The overall built consist of 6 modulars size building, we have Cup Cake Shop Cafe, Supermarket, Fruits Shop, Musical Shop, Party Shop, and the last one is Flowers shop. The Centre of the Townsquare have a gold statue of a horseman with beautiful fountain surrounding to it. The town square connected the Horse Riding Camp, this is the place the historical horseman train up his riding skills, as a memory, the riding camp is well maintain until today :) Hope you enjoy the creation done by our local Malaysian's Builder - Denil Oh from LUG Of Malaysia (LOM) [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---1 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---2 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---3 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---5 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---10 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---7 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---8 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---9 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---11 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---16 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---18 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---19 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---17 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---20 by denil oh, on Flickr
  15. Dear EB Community, Do you know where is the best place to sell modular buildings? I still have a few, new sealed in box..: Green Grocer - 10185 Fire Brigade - 10197 Grand Emporium -10211 Pet Shop - 10218 Mini Modulars - 10230 Haunted House - 10228 Thanks a lot in advance for your help
  16. finnbricker

    MOD: Detective's Office 10246 XL

    I completed this months ago and took the photos, but was too lazy to post them. Now is a good time to get this sorted before I start working on the BB. My Double Detective's Office includes the original modular and a mirrored version of it, both built together as one building and the mirror DO part using dark red bricks. Unfortunately, I don't have enough dark red brick-bricks, but maybe one day I'll substitute. (I do have a whole bunch of dark red 1x2s so this was a good way of using a part of them). No POOL sign on the dark red building, but the ground floor remains in its original form (save for it being a mirror image). The second newspaper machine is substituted by a soda machine from 31036. The Al's sign is in the middle of the enlarged barber shop. Two alleys, two water cisterns on the roof. The back side is as boring as in the original. Let's start from the top floor. The cookie kitchen is where it originally was. The rest of this floor is empty. There's only one staircase, so the mirrored room is larger than the original one. It might be a good idea to furnish it as a bedroom/livingroom, thus creating a real apartment on the top floor. This is my favourite floor. The lobby is double its original size, and with only one staircase there's ample room for a dark and dingy hallway where you don't want to wander all alone. There are now two toilet stalls and I was lucky to find out that the refrigerator door in Olivia's house 3315 is a mirror version of the DO toilet door, so by building the fridge as a mirror image, I could switch the doors and create a perfect mirrored toilet stall for the DO. The Detective's Office is in its original condition, nothing special here. The hallway is the scene of some very unpleasant action. A methhead is coming out of the stall, still holding his syringe in his hand. His mates are out in the hallway drinking and guarding the stolen ghettoblasters. But why did they choose this particular building to hang out in? Well, is it that hard to guess what's going on behing that closed door? Seems to me there's a meth lab. :laugh: The interior comes from DO and Research Institute 21110, including the minifig. She might be a little overdressed but maybe she got fired from her previous job as a chemist, yet still wants to maintain a professional look and feel in her new line of work. Would you like to get to know her customers a little better? The ground floor includes two pool halls. I should probably convert one of them into something else but I was just too lazy to do anything about it. The barber shop is twice its old size, which is a really good thing because the original is really cramped! Here's room for a cashier stand now, and two barber chairs. The secret passageway is still there, too. I hope you like it, and I hope you're not offended by my strange humour regarding the meth lab.
  17. We have just uploaded a video on Youtube of our Christmas Layout which includes Lego Modular buildings and Lionel trains. Hope you enjoy! EddieZ Austin, TX
  18. Chubbs

    Other coloured Grocers

    I was thinking of attempting to Bricklink/piece together the Green Grocer with my sons but obviously the price of the sand green bricks is somewhat offputting. I have seen a Sand Blue Grocer and I believe a Sand Yellow/Tan but am wondering if anyone has had success with other colours for their Grocer. Red? Bright Green (I know the 1 x 2 brick with groove doesn't come in bright green)? Dark Bley? If anyone has pictures of their mod could you post them so we can have a look at how the building looks? I have no idea how to use LDD to try and create/change a set so please don't suggest that. Thanks
  19. FactorXa

    New Kiwk-E-Mart

    Hi all, I am just getting out of my "dark ages" , everything because I went to by Duplo form my kids and got fascinated with the Modular series...I had the yellow castle from the 70's (still playable in my parents house!). I already missed a bunch of the retired ones, unfortunately...Any one already MOD the Kwik-E-Mart or is it too soon? I would love to catch up on the modulars but the price for retired ones are just CRAZY... Oh well, I am excited to start my new phase! All the best guys!
  20. MusicaRibelle

    looking for ideas: one floor modular

    Hello, I have nothing to present here, but I have a bit of bricker's block, same as writer's block but in front of tiny bins full of lego parts :) I have space left in my train+town layout for a 16 by 32 base and building, facing the main (and only) street of my town. I had an 'emergency services station' there, part police, part fire station, but I've just dismantled it: too tall. I want a short building -- max height should be 13 bricks from base plate. The back faces a straight railroad, the front faces a main street. The back needs to look good, because I'll be looking at that most of the time :) It has to be short, because of perspective : I want to be able to see well the façades and details of the modular buildings on the other side of the street. Next to it there's a station and a small freight loading dock, so no more of those :) Ideas? I saw the small 16x16 adorable toy store posted this week, it's really neat. I initially wanted to build a store / exposition center for speed champions cars, but they're really too large for the space. What would you build? A one story bank? A library? A rambler i.e. one story house? A post office?
  21. Here a video of my modified modulars, all together in one layout.
  22. TheLegGodt

    Mini Modulars wave 2

    Just wondering, has anyone heard whether TLG will release a second wave of 5 Mini Modulars just as they did for the first 5 modulars a number of years ago? I really enjoyed that set, almost as much as building their bigger brothers. Since we are now counting 10 modulars I can imagine the next 5 mini modulars are due...
  23. MusicaRibelle

    First MOC: Seattle Townhouse

    MOC of my townhouse in Seattle. Starting with pieces from set 31012, Family House, I attempted to build a modular replica of my own townhouse in Seattle. It's a three story attached house -- there would be another one to the right -- with a small front yard and entrance in back. While it's 16 studs wide, it's a little deeper than 'normal' modulars to allow some of the details to fit. I am still relatively new to this, so my use of space and ability to get details right is still basic. I also didn't take enough time and patience to get all the pieces in the right amount and color, so here and there you may spot some 'bold' (or 'studdy') corner and some unusual color transition. But I got to build something new with the starting set and I had lots of fun attempting to make a model of my own place. The ground floor has the entrance, the garage, and a lego room --through which one can access the front yard. The room centers around a lego train layout.. The garage with a hanging bike, storage, and a city car. In reality I don't have a sporty convertible, but this is "poetic license", right? The main floor is a single large room with kitchen, dining room and sitting room altogether. I ran out of brown tiles, or better I had lots of 4x1 but not much of anything shorter, and yet I wanted to emulate a hardwood floor. Bedroom upstairs, with fireplace (another poetic or builder license). I really suck at bedroom furniture in these tight spaces -- but it's a bit like real life, these townhouses have lots of windows for light, need space for stairs and doorways, and there's not much space for actual furniture. Bonus room. A computer room, a music studio, a place to relax or to pay bills, depending on the mood and time. Dinner is served. It's a cold winter outside, so let's stay in and drink some wine. More on my flickr stream, if you can stand the poor camera work :)
  24. Hello Townsfolk! We thought it would be nice to have a General Discussion topic. A topic where you can make suggestions to us, we can discuss things with you all, and where we can make small announcements relating to the Town Forum. This is where we'd love to hear about the things you like about the Town Forum, suggestions of things you'd like to see (or see more of), and where we can announce any changes to the Forum or give news about upcoming contests and events. We'd love to hear your thoughts! The Town Staff.
  25. Hello, and thanks for reading! This is my current home layout, built over various iterations in the last year. I started with nothing but the desire of getting back into trains and into Lego. Given I had limited space, I settled for a 4 ftx6 ft rectangle, or roughy 7 x 5 32-stud baseplates. Here's the BlueBrick diagram: Layout in BlueBrick, on Flickr And here's the first version, with green felt over the raw wood panel: Initial layout Here's a view from above -- it was not easy to take this picture :) Layout full view Modulars on 'main street' are temporarily with their top floors removed so we can see the whole railroad. This is a view from the other side: Layout from the back I am able to run two trains concurrently, and keep a third one on a side line, which has been good for a while. Now I want to build more, and I am again kind of out of space.. ..problem is, in the meantime I also got somewhat addicted to modular buildings.. so it's a constant struggle to use space as best as possible. I eventually opted for a 'custom' road between two rows of buildings, which saved me some space. I also wanted to have a feeling of a small but vibrant town, pedestrian and bike friendly. No private cars. The little smart-like cars mimic the 'car2go' shared cars we have in Seattle. The tunnel helped creating some more space for buildings: Tunnel The other good thing about the current layout is that it leaves enough space for a decent station: Train Station - Stazione Still a WIP, once I'm more satisfied with the interior I'll add more pictures and a post for that. I think I will now look for a different 'iteration' and different layout.. suggestions? I could possibly expand the available space by one baseplate in either (but not both!) direction. I would like to accommodate 4 or 5 trains, and at this point I don't care anymore to run several of them at the same time. I just want to build and display more trains :) Lastly, thanks for all of you who participate in the forum and keep it alive. This is my first year "back" in lego and I learned a lot from all of you and your great creations. Keep on building!